SWTOR Cosplay Comicbook

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It’s time for another feature of SWTOR Cosplay swagger! This one is a special treat that has been out there for a while but most of us never even knew about it. It’s short, so take your time appreciating all the work that went into it, from costume design, backdrop, photography, post-production effects, etc, etc. In my opinion this is total genius and something to learn from for all Cosplayers. With that being said … We present you Issue One of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Arandani Comic: First Encounter, by Arandani Studios. But before all that, we flashback to Captain Kadd Aradan doing a drop on Ord Mantell moments right before the ambush. That’s all for now. A very enticing introduction, with blasters, double bladed lightsabers , Cathers, Sith Inquisitors and Scoundrels. What more can you ask for? More issues? Hell yeah! I really hope they make more, because this first one definitely leaves you wanting more. I know I want to see entire series of just...

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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Leveling Build For 1.5

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In this post we are going to give you a leveling build for the Sith Inquisitor and the advanced class of Sorcerer for the new 1.5 patch. We will give you the build and then we will give you some rotations that you can use with the build as well:   SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Leveling Build For 1.5: 10 – 11: Reserves 2/2 12 – 14: Electric Induction 3/3 15 – 16: Subversion 2/2 17 – 19: Convection 3/3 20: Chain Lightning 1/1 21 – 22: Lightning Barrage 2/2 23 – 24: Exsanguinate 2/2 25: Lightning Storm 1/1 26 – 27: Lightning Effusion 2/2 28: Lightning Spire 1/1 29: Lightning Barrier 1/2 30 – 32: Forked Lightning 3/3 33: Conduction 1/1 34: Polarity Shift 1/1 35 – 39: Reverberating Force 5/5 40: Thundering Blast 1/1 41 – 43: Seeping Darkness 3/3 44 – 45: Will of the Sith 2/2 46 – 48: Calcify 3/3 49 – 50: Disintegration 2/2   Recommended Companion: Khem Val Stat Priority: Willpower = Power/Force Power...

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TOR TV: My Sith is a Jerk #9

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TheDrunkAndThePwned is back with a new installment of “My Sith is a Jerk”. As always they are funny as hell. I’m pretty sure my next alt will be a sith inquisitor – because damn! they got some funny one liners.  It’s also nice to see how the production quality from TheDrunkAndThePwned is improving. Anyways, check out the video below and learn to deal…

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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Assassin PVP Build – Need Help Getting Started With The Sith Assassin?

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If you are new to warzones and PVP and you need help with the Sith Assassin then this build should help you and it comes courtesy of www.swtorsavior.com Firstly if you are brand new to the game it can help to know how to use the Sith Assassin in PVP and the easiest way to explain is to compare the game to WOW! (I know that might be a gripe with some people!) but the Assassin is essentially a Rogue! Your job on the warzones is to sneak in, get to the back and take out the healers and the squishy DPS and then get out again without taking too much damage. So this build is a solid DPS build that will help you do just that! SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Assassin PVP Build: Here are some notes on how to use this build: Basically a fight will go like this: Sneak up and use Spike, and then follow up with Maul and Discharge then you will want to follow up with 2 Voltaic Slashes and then Shock to finish off. NOTE: That this is a level 50 PVP build but the video shows you how to allocate the points...

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Sith Inquisitor Assassin Build For PVE/Leveling – Level By Level With Rotations

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We haven’t been posting any SWTOR builds for a while, but here is a new one from. from swtorsavior.com. This time we take a look at a Sith Inquisitor Assassin Build For PVE/Leveling. The build is a good mix of damage and survivorbility as well. so check it out below. As always I I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available right...

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