Sith Inquisitor Class Details Released

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Yesterdays update to the Star Wars: The Old Republic site is the full reveal of the Sith Inquisitor class. Sith are not shy about their conquest for power and few pursue that goal as aggressively as the Sith Inquisitor. In this week’s update from BioWare, the Sith Inquisitor shows the limitless power that the Force can offer to those who aggressively pursue it. Check out this week’s new video and update to learn more about the Sith Inquisitor, their ships and the sleeping monster and devourer of Jedi known as Khem Val. Inquisitors, the dark geniuses of the Empire, are masters of treachery and dark Force power. Feared as much on the battlefield as they are by prisoners and political enemies, they will stop at nothing to earn themselves more power. The paths to power are many, though. Is your Inquisitor an Assassin, striking down enemies from the shadows with cunning tactics and a skilled blade? Or are you a Sorcerer, a triumph of the dark side, smoldering with ambition and uncovering dark secrets of the Force to destroy your enemies?Find out more about these dangerous Sith: Meet Khem Val, an ancient, deadly Dashade with an insatiable hunger Explore the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor, the Inquisitor’s personal starship Witness the terrifying power of a Sith Inquisitor in the new class video Read more...

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New Facebook Image

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BioWare reached an incredible milestone today, as the facebook page for Star Wars: The old Republic reached 300.000 likes. This is very impressing since the game is not even out yet. To celebrate and to show their appreciation, BioWare have posted a new screenshot of a Sith Assassin preparing himself for a fight by readying his double-bladed Lightsaber.

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SWTOR Combat Animations Compilation … so far!

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Youtuber logun24x7 has created a awesome compilation video of all the combat animations we have seen in Star Wars: The old republic so far. It’s interesting to see how the animations have developed over the last few years – as Logun also points out: We often see people criticize the animations in SWTOR and true, some of the earlier animation still needed work however I think we have seen a continued improvement over the last year’n a half. What seems to fly under the radar is the sheer amount of animations in this game. Never mind the cinematics, and just looking at the combat Bioware has shown we have seen a huge number of animations, and I mean real animations not just a reused generic sword swings with a different colored particle effect attached. For my own amusement I pieced together every combat animation I could find into one video. Most of you likely have seen the majority of these but I was surprised by a few I didn’t notice before I started this project. Thanks to swtor-uk for this amazing...

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James Ohlen reveals a few secrets in the new Star Wars Insider

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In the Recent Star Wars Insider Magazine #121, James Ohlen revealed a lot about almost every aspect of Star Wars: The Old republic. For hard-core followers of the game, there isn’t much new information, but there is a few interesting statement, concerning casual content: “A lot of people are scared of massively multiplayer games because a lot of MMOs can become a grind… We’ve chosen to avoid that. We always give the player a story to drive the game forward. One of the more Interesting part of the Article is where Ohlen is speaking about the Sith Storyline. He explains about one of the first tasks that need to be done will be to kill your master. When that is done you need to locate a jedi and corrupt him. Furthermore he is outlining how the decisions you make affect the story you experience but also effect your character customization. If you’re familiar Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the things that we showed was how the dark side started to corrupt you. Your appearance started to change, your flesh started to age and become more like Palpatine from the movies, and your abilities started to change as well. This also occurs in The Old Republic. Another thing that I found interesting was his comments about combat: It’s a rule-based system, so you don’t have to have good hand-eye coordination or anything like that. I really hope it won’t be as bad as World of Warcraft, but it is not a major issue for me. You can also pick up the new issue digitally over at...

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Advanced Classes

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  A few days ago we reported about the new advanced class details that was given to us during Gamescom. Although alot of detail was still vague, the official SWTOR website has now updated us with the latest. The main goal of the Advanced Class System is to allow you to customize your character according to your play style. So far, we’ve announced the Advanced Classes for the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight. Today we’re letting you in on the names and specializations of the remaining Advanced Classes! Please be aware that since the specific class details are still under development, the information provided below may be subject to change. We’ll, be updating the class pages with more information in the months to come, so be sure to check back for our future Friday updates. Trooper Commando Heavy Blaster Cannon Grenades Ranged DPS Vanguard Blaster Rifle Energy Shields and Defense Tank Smuggler Scoundrel Blaster ‘Shot Gun’ Stealth / Medicine Burst ranged damage or Healing Gunslinger Dual Pistols Quickdraw / Fast Attacks Ranged DPS Jedi Knight Jedi Sentinel Dual Wield Saber Saber fighting specialist Melee DPS Jedi Guardian Single Saber / Heavy Armor Leadership / Party Buffs Tank Jedi Consular Jedi Shadow Double Bladed Saber Stealth Burst melee damage Jedi Wizard Single Saber Powerful Telekinesis / Healing Ranged Control / Damage or Healing Bounty Hunter Powertech Flamethrower Defense / Energy Shields Tank Mercenary Dual Wield Guns Missiles Ranged DPS Sith Warrior Sith Juggernaut Single Saber / Heavy Armor Fear and Darkside Auras Tank Sith Marauder Dual Wield Sabers / Armor Saber fighting specialist Melee DPS Imperial Agent Operative Blaster Rifle / Energy Blade Stealth Burst Ranged damage Sniper Sniper Rifle Cover, Ambush, Orbital Strikes Ranged DPS Sith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer Single Saber Force Lightning / Force Drain Ranged DPS or Healer Sith Assassin Double Bladed Saber Stealth Burst Melee DPS To say that people are unhappy with some of the names is an understatement. Particular “Jedi Wizard” is drawing a lot of fire. In fact the first thing anyone who sees that list tends to say can be best summed up as “WTF, Wizard? Are they serious?” Of all the names listed everyone I’ve talked to (without mentioning anything in advance) singles out “Wizard” is seeming an extremely poor fit. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that they think that it’s the best possible name; the closest anyone defending BioWare here will come is saying something like “it’s just a name”. It might be just a name, but it’s a name that anyone who wants to play the class will be referred to for as long as they play the game. It seems so incredibly ill-fitting for Star Wars (and in particular for Jedi) that all it can do is constantly sour the experience playing. It does the exact opposite of making you feel like a Jedi and instead calls to mind settings like Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, casting fireballs and teleporting and turning people into sheep. In fact, ever since the announcement of that name I’ve got this recurring thought of Luke waking up in Ben Kenobi’s cave with the old man hovering over him saying “you’re a wizard, Luke”. He then goes off to the school for Jedis and Wizardry under the tutelage of Professor Yodalore where, together with his friends Herleiame and Han Weaslo he fights the evil Lord Volpatine and his Darth Eaters. And don’t get me started on Chewbacca in this nightmare. Wizard indeed. Those defending the name say that the word “wizard” has actually been used in the movies and thus is part of canon. They’re referring to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in which Uncle Own says “That wizard is just a crazy old man” about Old Ben Kenobi. People have already pointed out that this is said in derision, but I think it’s more than that. To me that sentence shows Owen’s complete and utter ignorance as to what a Jedi is by calling Obi-Wan something he’s exactly not. The rest of the movie then lifts Luke out of the ignorance of his upbringing (represented by his aunt and uncle) as he discovers what a Jedi really is. It would be utter irony if BioWare’s designers show such utter ignorance as to what a Jedi is by adopting that exact name. And that’s rather worrying for the rest of the game as well; if they get this so incredibly wrong then what else, something that’s possibly of much larger consequence, will they get wrong? The only ray of hope here is, as the news article mentions: “Please be aware that since the specific class details are still under development, the information provided below may be subject to change.” If there’s any chance at all of BioWare ever listening to the reactions of its fanbase, then they will indeed revise the name as the rage on the forums over this is quite strong. If they don’t listen to this, then I don’t think they’ll ever listen to anything the community says. And numerous suggestions for a better name have been made (my personal favorites being “Sage” and “Mystic”), though at this point pretty much anything is better. And though I’m singling out Wizard as, by far, the worst offender in non Star Wars sounding names it’s certainly not the only one. Other that have drawn ire include Sorcerer (though, while I’m not enthusiastic about it, I think there might be a bit more precedent for it being used by certain Sith), Shadow (yeah, Consulars are definitely getting the short end of the stick name-wise) and Powertech (which indeed sounds also absolutely ridiculous). The fear I have here as well, next to these names appearing in SWTOR, is that with these names apparently being approved for use it’s just a step away from them becoming officially part of the lore. Thus letting the Star Wars franchise slip even further into mediocrity. Star Wars has always...

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