SWTOR Combat Animations Compilation … so far!

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Youtuber logun24x7 has created a awesome compilation video of all the combat animations we have seen in Star Wars: The old republic so far. It’s interesting to see how the animations have developed over the last few years – as Logun also points out: We often see people criticize the animations in SWTOR and true, some of the earlier animation still needed work however I think we have seen a continued improvement over the last year’n a half. What seems to fly under the radar is the sheer amount of animations in this game. Never mind the cinematics, and just looking at the combat Bioware has shown we have seen a huge number of animations, and I mean real animations not just a reused generic sword swings with a different colored particle effect attached. For my own amusement I pieced together every combat animation I could find into one video. Most of you likely have seen the majority of these but I was surprised by a few I didn’t notice before I started this...

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James Ohlen reveals a few secrets in the new Star Wars Insider

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In the Recent Star Wars Insider Magazine #121, James Ohlen revealed a lot about almost every aspect of Star Wars: The Old republic. For hard-core followers of the game, there isn’t much new information, but there is a few interesting statement, concerning casual content: “A lot of people are scared of massively multiplayer games because a lot of MMOs can become a grind… We’ve chosen to avoid that. We always give the player a story to drive the game forward. One of the more Interesting part of the Article is where Ohlen is speaking about the Sith Storyline. He explains about one of the first tasks that need to be done will be to kill your master. When that is done you need to locate a jedi and corrupt him. Furthermore he is outlining how the decisions you make affect the story you experience but also effect your character customization. If you’re familiar Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the things that we showed was how the dark side started to corrupt you. Your...

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Advanced Classes

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  A few days ago we reported about the new advanced class details that was given to us during Gamescom. Although alot of detail was still vague, the official SWTOR website has now updated us with the latest. The main goal of the Advanced Class System is to allow you to customize your character according to your play style. So far, we’ve announced the Advanced Classes for the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight. Today we’re letting you in on the names and specializations of the remaining Advanced Classes! Please be aware that since the specific class details are still under development, the information provided below may be subject to change. We’ll, be updating the class pages with more information in the months to come, so be sure to check back for our future Friday updates. Trooper Commando Heavy Blaster Cannon Grenades Ranged DPS Vanguard Blaster Rifle Energy Shields and Defense Tank Smuggler Scoundrel Blaster ‘Shot Gun’ Stealth / Medicine Burst ranged damage or Healing Gunslinger...

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Star Wars: The old republic GAMESCOM Day 1

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Today is press day at Gamescom 2010 and tons of new information have been reviled. Darth Hater reports the names of all the advanced classes were revealed and they are: Republic: Jedi Consular – Shadow (double-bladed lightsaber) and Wizard (healing / single lightsaber) Trooper – Commando and Vanguard Sith: Imperial Agent – Operative and Sniper Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer and Assassin Bounty Hunter – Powertech and Mercenary The German Fan Site (they have an English translation button) swtor-station.com had a good 15 min. of playtime today, were they gathered heaps of information. Amongst a detailed list of stuff, they confirmed that the Zabrak trooper was seen as a playable race. Here is a list of what they gathered: 36 people can play at the booth at the same time. The Jedi classes are not playable yet, but the remaining six classes are. Character creation could not be seen, there are predefined characters. We saw a Zabrak trooper. It looks like this species will also be available for...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Exclusive Hands-On – Bounty Hunter, Trooper, Imperial Agent, Smuggler, Sith Inquisitor, and Sith Warrior

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It’s starting! Today Gamespot published a long article, which does not only talkt about gameplay impressions, but also announces two playable species: Twi’lek and Chiss. In addition to 4 brand new screenshots, they reveal lots of combat – here is a snippet The Republic trooper and the smuggler professions begin their lives in the same area under different circumstances. As a trooper, we started our career as the newest member of the elite Republic commando unit known as Havoc squad–a handsome human soldier riding on the inside of a giant walker into a war zone on the planet of Ord Mantell. The planet is a Republic world torn apart by a civil war waged by separatist rebels. As a smuggler, we played as a Twi’lek, which is the humanoid Star Wars race that has long tentacles down either side of their heads, similar to the Bib Fortuna character in Return of the Jedi. Yes, the Twi’lek are playable, and this one was a Han Solo-like ship captain who lands her Millennium Falcon-esque...

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