Concealment / Scrapper Proposed Survivability Changes

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  The below 2 posts are posts by a developer, not suggestions by players.: Hey Folks, This is the list I’m looking at to put in, mostly based on the feedback y’all have given here (using Imperial names because that’s what I have in my notes, don’t hate!) Add an Interrupt to Jarring Strikes 50%/100% chance to activate (So you can interupt an active cast with Hidden Strike) Add 10%/20% DMG Reduction to Revitalizers to the duration of Stim Boost (this is IN ADDITION to the healing) Add 15%/30% AOE Damage Reduction to Shadow Op Elite Hit me with your feedback based on this list! Original Dev Post: Hey Gang, So something we want to do in 2.8 is see if we can’t add a bit of survivabilty into the Concealment/Scrapper trees, with possibly a focus on events happening as you exit stealth. We’ve got a couple ideas, but nothing concrete yet so we want to see what y’all would like. Things to keep in mind as we discuss: No Brand New Abilities: At this...

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SWTOR Sith Warrior Juggernaut Leveling Build For 2.5

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CJ from  from send over a new leveling build. This time it’s for the Sith Warrior Juggernaut. For players who prefer to jump into a fight head first and with reckless abandon, then perhaps the Sith Warrior is the class for them. Quick, powerful and ruthless, the Sith Warrior is a flurry of lightsaber slashes and stabs, leaving a trail of bodies behind him. The Juggernaut advanced class can withstand any attack unleashed upon him. In this article, we will look into the Juggernaut advanced class and explore his various skill trees, abilities and everything in between.   You can also see how your build should look when set up here: Here are some rotations you can use: Single Target: Sundering Assault > Obliterate > Smash > Force Crush > Force Choke > Vicious Throw > Force Scream > Ravage > Saber Throw Try and use Saber Throw or Assault if you fall below 7 rage. You can use...

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SWTOR Sith Warrior Juggernaut PVP Build

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  Here we are again with a build from and this time they have bought us an Sith Warrior Juggernaut PVP Build. The Sith Warrior Juggernaut PVP builds listed below, focus on talents and abilities with potential for either sustained or burst DPS in combination with utility and adaptability. These Sith Juggernaut builds perform best in a Warzone or other group PVP setting. Build  3/3 Malice 2/2 Decimate 2/2 Battle Cry 2/2 Strangulate 2/2 Overpower 1/1 Brutality 2/2 Saber Strength 2/2 Oppressor 1/1 Obliterate 2/2 Dominate 3/3 Shockwave 1/1 Force Jump 2/2 Shi-Cho Mastery 1/1 Force Lash 1/1 Gravity Manipulation 3/3 Dark Resonance 2/2 Force Resistance 3/3 Cascading Power 1/1 Force Crush 3/3 Single Saber Mastery 2/2 Improved Sundering Assault 2/2 Enraged Sunder 2/2 Ravanger 1/2 Dreadnaught Stat Priority Expertise > Strength >  Power > Surge  > Crit As always I I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all amazing...

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Sith Warrior Class Changes in RotHC

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Jedi Knights ain’t the only class that get some attention today.  Senior Designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic Austin Peckenpaugh continues his hyper activity, explaining the Sith Warrior Class Changes in Rise of the Hutt Cartel.  Read the full blog post over at the official site here, or check out the copy paste below. If you missed any of the other class updates posted this week, you can check the out here: Smuggler Class Changes in RotHC Imperial Agent Class Changes in RotHC Jedi Knight Class Changes in RotHC Sith Warrior Class Changes in RotHC Trooper Class Changes in RotHC Bounty Hunter Class Changes in RotHC Now to the actual story: Hello everyone. My name is Austin Peckenpaugh, and I’m a Senior Designer on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, responsible for class design and combat systems. As such, I’m here to shed some light on the changes to the Sith Warrior class in Game Update 2.0. We’ll be writing about recent class changes coming to The Old Republic, but this time...

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SWTOR Sith Warrior Marauder Leveling Build 2.0

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Here is a new build from the guys. This is a leveling build for the Marauder advanced class in SWTOR.  The Sith Warrior Marauder leveling builds listed below, focus on talents and abilities with potential for burst and utility and/or talents that augment Rage generation. These talent builds perform best with both instant and channeled abilities.This should  set you off on the right foot and I have used this one with great results. First up here is how you allocate the points: 3/3 Enraged Slash 2/2 Cloak Of Aniliation 2/2 Short Fuse 3/3 Juyo Mastery 2/2 Bleedout 2/2 Seeping Wounds 2/2 Hungering 2/2 Blurred Speed 1/1 Deadly Saber 2/2 Enraged Charge 2/2 Subjagation 1/1 Deep Wound 3/3 Pulverise 2/2 Phantom 2/2 Agonizing Sabers 2/2 Close Quarters 3/3 Hemorage 2/2 Blood Lust 2/2 Blood Ward 1/1 Indefitable Onsalught 1/1 Aniliatye 2/2 Decimate 2/3 Narrowed Hatred As always I I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all amazing...

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