Sith Warrior

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Warrior Video

Bioware have leaked a recruitment video for the Sith Warrior. So far it has only been available in low quality at gamespot, but I manage to snitch a high quality version and uploaded it to youtube: As nail-biting as the trailer is, that is not all. Notice at 1:15 of this exciting video trailer, the Sith Warrior is driving a speeder bike. What does this mean? Are players going to have vehicles in SWTOR? We do not have the answer, but given the footage in this trailer, the answer looks positive.

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Star Wars: The old Republic – Species and Specializations

Aparently there have been a press event hosted in the UK over the last few days on Star Wars: The Old Republic ( Damn I would have liked to be invited). And today the embargo on the information reveals is lifted, as Sean Dahlberg notes: Star Wars: The Old Republic participated in the EA UK Press Event in London over these last few days. Starting 9am UTC/GMT tomorrow [That’s 2am PDT, 4am CDT, 5am EDT], the embargo on this event will be lifted and you’ll begin to see various updates across the web pertaining to this. Feel free to post and discuss articles you find in this thread and I’ll update the first post as often as possible. reports on the Sith Warrior class and it’s specializations Marodeur and Juggernaut. While the Juggernaut is going to be the typical tank, the marodeur focuses on dealing damage to his enemies….

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