UCF Jedi Knight vs Westboro Baptist Church

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Here is a true Jedi doing good in the world. If you’re not familiar with this man in robes, he is known as the “UCF Jedi” and he made national news when he combated the Westboro Baptist Church at their demonstration at the University of Central Florida. The story says he dresses up as a Jedi and speaks out against hate and intolerance using the wise words of the Jedi Order.  Here is a video of him doing just that against the protesters from Westboro but this wasn’t the only time he had done so. We already give him cool points for dressing up like a Jedi but doing so to spread messages of kindness and peace makes him all the more awesome. *Regardless of where you stand on moral and religious issues, WBC have a reputation of spreading hate and intolerance, picketing funerals of children and preaching their extreme ideologies at inappropriate times and...

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Stormtroopers in Chicago Want George Lucas Museum

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How much do you love Star Wars? What would you do if a George Lucas museum was potentially being built near you? Would you go out of your way to do whatever it takes to make this museum happen? Well, this is exactly what is happening in Chicago. There is the potential for a museum to be built and Star Wars fans and coming together to try to make sure it happens. Local Stormtroopers are falling into line behind Chicago’s bid to become the site of a museum devoted to the work of “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas. The Chicago Tribune reports: Chicago-area members of the 501st Legion — a 6,600-member international organization of Star Wars fans who dress in the white body armor of the Galactic Empire — are hoping to make a show of force Wednesday at a public hearing of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Lucas Museum Task Force at the Chicago Cultural Center, said Brian Troyan, a Near West Side resident and commanding officer of the 501st Legion’s Chicago-based Midwest Garrison. Emanuel last week...

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Wookieepedia What?

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So if you are a follower of Wookieepedia you may have already run across from hilarious, witty or downright cute entries on the Star Wars themed database. It’s one of the reasons we like it so much. That and the fact that we love Star Wars. I mean where else can you find such a complete database of Star Wars characters, story, canon and more? What is Wookiepedia? (for those rare few in our audience who may not know yet) The Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone can edit.            Warning: this wiki contains spoilers. So anyway, let’s go back to those funny entries we were talking about. We’ve found some really good ones lately. For example, have you seen The Emperor’s New Clothes or Order 66 Cookie? Or here is an entire page just about breasts… “Breasts were the mammary glands of mammalian species and some reptomammals, and were normally a distinguishing feature of the female of the species. Males did have breasts, but they were far less developed than their female counterparts due to...

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Interesting Star Wars Data

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  We love Star Wars. We bet you do as well. That’s probably why you are here. But how do other stories compare to Star Wars if you asked a large group of Sci-Fi fans? Well, someone set out to do that and we find the results really interesting. This comes from Jedi News: Star Wars Data: How Does Star Wars Fare? What do you get when you take 2000 sci-fi fans and ask them a range of questions about a variety of sci-fi and comic series? You get Star Wars rising, like the cream it is, to the top. Please tick your top three favourite series out of the following list: The Star Trek series: 46.40% (928) The Star Wars series: 53.20% (1064) Battlestar Galactica serie: 17.00%(340) Dc Comics: 19.00% (380) Marvel Comics: 35.40% (708) Dr Who series: 39.25% (785) None of the above: 9.05% (181) In your opinion what are the most-overrated fantasy/ Sci-Fi series ever? The Avengers: 15.40% (308) The Matrix: 26.05% (521) Avatar: 27.10% (542) Watchmen: 18.45% (369) Star Wars: 13.05% (261) Star Trek:...

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MythBusters: “Star Wars: Revenge Of The Myth”

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If you are a fan of the show MythBusters, you may have caught the most recent episode where they tackle some myths about Star Wars. But if you’re also a Star Wars fan, you may have skipped right over that episode, not wanting them to burst the bubble of your childhood dreams. We don’t need anyone to prove to us that Star Wars scenes aren’t plausible. Part of the beauty of it all was the wonder, the fantasy, the dream! But if you are curious and didn’t see it, A.V. Club  has a little write-up about this episode of MythBusters. For starters, the show stays appropriately grounded in scientific fact (or at least conjecture), so lightsabers, TIE fighters, hyperspace, and the Force are left to the sort of “could it ever happen?” conjecture of a Doctor Who special —leaving the hosts (and their trio of less-interesting underlings) to cast their skeptical peepers upon three, more physics-based stunts from the original trilogy. (The prequels are never mentioned—perhaps because “could...

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