SWTOR Game Update 4.7.3 Patch Notes


Here are the patch notes for game update 4.7.3. Patch is scheduled to arrive tomorrow October 25 after maintenance (5 AM to 9 am PDT). Highlights Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins November 24th at 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT and ends Dec 1st at 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT. General The citizenry has laid down their arms and the galaxy is no longer filled with Training Vibrosword wielding NPCs. Player weapons are now scaling correctly and are no longer oversized. The oversized weapons are no longer needed in the cold war against the Training Vibrosword wielding NPCs. Fixed an issue that caused the rifle scope effect in Cinematics to be at an unintended angle. The “Tree: Rishi Palm” Decoration now has the correct subcategory in the Decorations UI. Cartel Market The following Cartel Market Passes are now Bind on Legacy: Weekly Pass: Flashpoints Weekly Pass: Operations Weekly…

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Important Information Abut Cartel Market Passes in SWTOR


Eric Musco had another update on the official forums today, as he just infomed the community that that all cartel market passes will be bound on legacy from tomorrows patch 4.7.3, and removed with 5.0.   Important Information About Cartel Market Passes | 10.24.2016, 08:03 AM Hey folks, One of the things that we have talked about last week is our new Galactic Command system, only accessible to subscribers at Level 70. Galactic Command will serve as the single point of access for subscribers to earn rewards playing endgame content such as Operations and Warzones. As of the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne, rewards from this gameplay is gained via Galactic Command, therefore passes are no longer viable. For example, a preferred player with a Weekly Pass: Operations would be able to play an Operation, but would not earn any rewards for doing so. Due to this change, we…

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SWTOR Warzone Commendation Grants in 4.7.3


Eric Musco just informed the SWTOR community that Warzone commendations will be bound on pick up from game update 4.7.3 that is coming tomorrow October 25. Warzone Commendation Grants in 4.7.3 | 10.24.2016, 08:03 AM Hey folks, I wanted to give you a heads up on a change included with Game Update 4.7.3 on Tuesday. As we discussed last week, we are making changes to how gearing works in our upcoming expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. In support of our new Galactic Command system, we will be removing Warzone Commendations from the game on November 29th when Knights of the Eternal Throne Early Access opens. As a result, any new Warzone Commendation Grants will become bound and will Bind on Pickup starting on Tuesday, with Game Update 4.7.3. If you have a desire to move Warzone Commendations around or have a stockpile of Warzone Commendation Grants, please ensure they are on…

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SWTOR Galactic Command Dark Vs Light Overview


The guys at Bioware Austin published a new blog post a few days ago regarding the Dark vs Light system of the Galactic Command feature coming with game update 5.0 in Star Wars: The old Republic. Check it out: Galactic Command – Dark vs Light An exciting new feature of Knights of the Eternal Throne is the Galactic Command system which gives you the ability to impact the balance of the Force™ in the ongoing dark vs. light war. Starting from your first moments in the game, you’ll be able to choose whether to fight for the dark or light side of the Force™. If you change your allegiance, it’s no problem – changing sides can be done at any time. Plus, all of your actions, including killing enemies, completing Missions, and making choices throughout your story will determine your character’s alignment. Everything you do as part of your gameplay…

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SWTOR Galactic Command Overview


The SWTOR devs has posted an lengthy overview of the Galactic Command system coming with game update 5.0. Knights of the Eternal Throne: Galactic Command Overview Galactic Command is a brand new progression system coming in Star Wars™: The Old Republic’s™ newest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. Premium players (subscribers) who have reached Level 70 can access Galactic Command from anywhere! This system puts everything in the universe at your fingertips, accessible through one interface. With every battle you face, including Warzones, Operations, new erupting action-packed Uprisings, you earn Command Rank, unlocking increasingly more powerful rewards and impacting the balance between light and dark side forces galaxy-wide. Galactic Command – Power at Your Fingertips To access the Galactic Command interface, simply press CTRL+G by default, or you can click the Galactic Command icon which is located at the top of your screen.  With the interface open, you will see that you…

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Gearing Changes in Knights of the Eternal Throne


BioWare is making some some big gear changes to Star Wars: The old REpublic with the launch of the next expansion: Gearing Changes in Eternal Throne | 10.17.2016, 03:44 PM Hey folks, One of the things we talked a bit about on the stream is that there are gearing changes happening with Knights of the Eternal Throne. This thread is meant to give you a few more details on some of the things that will be happening in KOTET, along with being a place that I can address questions or concerns you have with these changes. First, here are the details on how gearing will work at level 70: Once you hit level 70, the source of end-game gear will be Command Crates from Galactic Command. Most activities in the game will earn Command Experience Points (CXP), which will earn you Command Ranks. Each time your Command Rank increases, you…

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SWTOR Hailed Better than Many Star Wars Movies


The new trailer for SWTOR is getting a lot of attention.When we say a lot of attention, we mean a lot. People are saying this 6-minute short are better than many Star Wars movies. Bioware has been known in the past to really capture attention with their story and their attention to detail. No other MMO has story like this and no other Star Wars game has this incredibly story and dedication to the original source material. It’s no surprise then, that people are excited for the latest expansion and excited about this trailer. Even if you have no intention of playing the game, you should still see the trailer. It’s great as a standalone short, and the Internet is taking notice. It was trending on Facebook and many news stations are talking about it. As Star Wars fans await the release of Rogue One, they have a little something to hold them over…

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Guide: How to Run SWTOR on OS X Using Wine


How to run Star Wars: The Old Republic on OS X using Wine. (Works with release 4.7.1) – here is a fan tutorial that some of you may find useful. There will be some knowledge of programming necessary for those who want to make use of this hack. This is a very detailed description of exactly how to do it, step by step. A Reddit user by the name of AgentRG has done a huge favor to people on OS X using Wine who want to play SWTOR. If you don’t use Wine, then feel free to skip over this post or pass it along to a friend who does. He explains the project here: “As we are all well aware, gaming on a Mac machine is very limited currently, and Apple isn’t planning on addressing this in the foreseeable future. Currently OS X users are provided with three possible solutions when…

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Galactic Command Overview Livestream October 17


On monday, October 17th at 2PM Pacific (4PM Central), Bioware will be doing a Galactic Command Overview livestream . Check out the announcement below: Galactic Command Overview Livestream | 10.13.2016, 06:18 PM Hey folks, We are going to be hosting our first KOTET livestream on Monday, October 17th at 2PM Pacific (4PM Central). We will talking through the recent Eternal Throne announcement, going through an overview of the new Galactic Command system, and more. Join Ben, Charles, and myself as we kick off our first Eternal Throne livestream. When: Monday, October 17th When: 2PM Pacific (4PM Central) Where: https://www.twitch.tv/swtor -eric Join the forum discussion on this post

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