New Dev Post – Update on Win-Trading in Season 5

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  Eric Musco just posted on the official SWTOR forums regarding Season 5 PvP Win Trading. Apparently this practice  saw a 90% decrease in win trading activity and 50% decrease in trolls. Update on Win-Trading in Season 5 | 05.21.2015, 07:22 PM Hey folks, I am here to give an update on win-trading and ranked “trolls” for Season 5. As of earlier this week we sent out another round of warnings and action against players who were participating in win-trading or being trolly in ranked play. I did want to provide some additional information besides just letting you know timing of action going out. Many of you requested that we be more up front about the action we were taking against players, and you were right in asking for that! Our aggressive action against these players along with being up front and transparent about has led to a fairly substantial change, let me give you some numbers: Since we started communicating about win-trading and the actions we were going to take, nearly...

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SWTOR Game Update 3.2.1 Patch Notes

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  Here is an early draft of the SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 3.2.1 scheduled to deploy next week on May 27 after maintenance. These notes are not final and are subject to change. Check it out below: Highlights Nar Shaddaa Nightlife makes a glorious return! Head to Nar Shaddaa between June 9th, 2015 at 12GMT and August 25th, 2015 at 12GMT to test your luck on Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty slot machines to earn unique prizes! General Right-clicking selected Utilities before resetting them no longer displays an incorrect number of available Utility Points. Dye Module Tooltips for the Outfit Designer now appear properly in German clients. The typo in the Season 4 Top 96 titles has been corrected. Emergency Fleet Pass and Quick Travel cooldowns for Preferred players now match the Subscriber cooldowns as intended. Modifying a Dye in an Outfit Slot now clears the slot’s Color Unification setting. Clarified Outfit Designer Color Unification by adding error messaging for when...

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Cartel Coins vs Credits – A Guide to Unlocking Efficiently

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You’ve probably noticed before that there is a disparity between the amount of credits and the number of cartel coins that are needed for unlocks. You could waste a lot of coins and credits trying to get unlocks but there is a very handy resource that makes it easier for you to unlock efficiently, making the most of your coins and credits. This one is coming at you from SWTOR Network and this guide is the updated version of the same from last year. Here is an introduction to the guide from the creator: “In order to compare the cost of legacy unlocks easily, I’m using ‘Credits per Coin’ which is simply the credit cost of each unlock, divided by the number of cartel coins the unlock costs. The higher the number, the more I’d recommend unlocking using Cartel Coins. Whether you should unlock an item with Cartel Coins or Credits will depend largely on which currency is more limited for you, i.e. if you have hundreds of millions of credits, you might as well save your coins for...

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SWTOR Basics – Gearing for Leveling, Basic Comms Usage, Fleet Vendors

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SWTOR Basics guide for newer players. How to use the Basic Commendatinos, Gearing tips for leveling, Fleet Vendors location and contents, 12x vs Normal Leveling plus many more Tips and Tricks to help and guide you through your journey. Since this is a “Basics” video most of the things you will see and hear may be familiar to the veteran players. However, if you have a few minutes, stay around, watch and listen. You may discover a fact or trick you didn’t know or perhaps add to the information I shared. Some of the bullet-points covered in the video are: ♦ Location of the Basic Comms vendors on both fleets ♦ Vendor names and changes in Patch 3.2 ♦ How to best use basic comms for gearing with and without 12x ♦ Difference between orange shells and normal gear. How and what to use ♦ Crafted gear vs vewndor mods ♦ Leveling after Corelia A Special Note: I worked for quite some time on this. Not because it is the most special of my videos, but because I made a special...

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Harassment of SWTOR Developers

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Stop. Just stop for a minute. We like to have fun here. Sometimes we even like to push the boundaries. We are not strangers to controversy. That said, I read something incredibly disturbing today and we need to take some time to discuss it. This isn’t something that is entirely new. It’s a topic we’ve talked about before. It’s related to another topic I’ve talked about on a gamer podcast in recent months: swatting. It’s something we (the SWTOR community) need to talk about. This post on the SWTOR forums talks about recent harassment of SWTOR developers: Hey folks, I feel the need to make this post after some things happened yesterday. Yesterday, John made some posts communicating our views, and looking for feedback, around the state of Sentinels and Marauders. We knew going in that some of what we were going to say might not be what players wanted to hear, but the Combat team felt it was very important that you understood how we view things from...

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