SWTOR Game Update 5.0 Known Issues


We all know how it goes, with a new game patch comes new bugs. Here are a list of knows issues with Game update 5.0 in Star Wars The: Old Republic – Knights of the eternal throne: Crew Skills are missing from the Crew Skills UI. Workaround: Open the Crew Skills window with the hotkey (“B” by default) and they will repopulate. Legacy Abilities are missing. Workaround: Relog and they will reappear. Join the forum discussion on this post

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Patch notes: Game Update 5.0: Knights of the Eternal Throne Early Access


Here are the SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.0 Knights of the Eternal Throne that will become available tomorrow for subscribers: Game Update 5.0: Knights of the Eternal Throne Early Access Highlights New Storyline: Knights of the Eternal Throne! Knights of the Eternal Throne continues the Outlander’s epic conflict against the evil Eternal Empire with nine new Chapters. New Planet: Iokath! A mysterious and unexplored alien world, built around a star to harness its energy. New Planet: Nathema! The forgotten homeworld of Valkorion, ravaged by a dark ritual and barren of life. All classes can now reach Level 70! New System! Dark vs. Light! Players can now toggle whether they are fighting for the dark or light side of the Force™. Players contribute dark and light points to their server’s alignment. New System: Galactic Command! Adventure throughout the galaxy and earn progress towards the most powerful gear regardless of what…

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KOTET Q&A/Wrap up Developer Livestream Coverage


Dulfy posted a Q&A wrap up from the developer livestream yesterday. If you didn’t see the livestream like me ( they are on pretty late, and I am in Europe) you can check it out below: General Notes Agenda Community Topics KOTET New Class Ability Animations 5 Year Anniversary Community Topics/Promotions Character Transfers – Sale will run from Nov 29 to Jan 18. 90CC transfers. 150 CC for cross-region transfers Rapid Recon Walker – Be a subscriber on Nov 27 KOTET early access – Be a subscriber from October 25 to Nov 27. No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne. They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this. Black Friday Sale Collection Unlocks are 50% OFF Friday – 50% off armor sets (except the Nathema Zealot) Saturday – 50% off all…

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A Mother’s Hope – SWTOR Story Blog


If there is one thing BioWare is good at, it is story. Actually I’ll go as far as saying that it is the best story creating video game creating company in the industry. Here is the prove. a short story on Vaylin and Senya written by our main man Drew Karpyshyn. Senya braced herself as she began her descent; the polluted atmosphere of Ord Mantell made turbulence common. Tightening her grip on the controls, she fought to stabilize the shuttle as it rattled and bucked. A sharp, high pitched beep rose from the back of the ship, the various machines hooked up to Arcann’s unconscious body in the makeshift med-bay signaling in protest as they were jostled by the rough ride. She was coming in fast and steep, making the turbulence worse. But the longer she stayed airborne, the greater the chance sensors from the surface would pick her up. The…

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SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne – ‘Rule The Galaxy’ Teaser


BioWare posted a short new teaser for them upcoming expansion for Star Wars Knight of the old republic, named “Knights of the Eternal Throne”. The teaser is quite interesting as it has some footage ofan expected fight betweeen the Outland and Vaylin.   Seize your destiny in the upcoming STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ Expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. Watch the new ‘Rule the Galaxy’ teaser and prepare to face a life-or-death battle for the throne on December 2! A dark empress stands in your way to the throne, and her army is ready to hunt you – The Outlander – and your Alliance to the edge of the galaxy. If you’re going to survive the battles to come, you’ll need loyal friends at your side and the help of unlikely new allies. But when the battle turns desperate, are you willing to put your fate in the hands of the former…

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How SWTOR Could Compromise on Galactic Command


Are you sick and tired of the game of chance lottery that is the Galactic Command system? You won’t be alone in this thinking because many fans of the game have spoken out about how this system frustrates them. While we know it’s not likely they are going to change it at all, our pal Xam Xam from Xam Xam Says has an idea about how they could compromise. While we don’t expect them to do it, it can be fun to talk about the possibilities and who knows? Maybe Bioware is listening and will decide to give it a try! You can read the full post here but here’s the basic idea from Xam Xam: “If SWTOR brought back Commendation/Crystal vendors into the game but kept the Galactic Command system as it is, would that be acceptable? Reduce how many Commendations we earn a little but still have them as a…

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Star Wars Hoth Uprisings Developer Live Stream


If you wanted to learn more about Star WarsHhoth Uprising, there was a developer life stream on November 10th that cleared up a lot of things for us. The hosts, community manager Eric Musco and the 2 hosts from The Bad Feeling Podcast show – Chuck and Brian, used this lives stream event to show a live playthrough on a test server of Firefrost. Firefrost is one of the new Uprisings, found on Hoth. They mixed up the format a bit from what we are used to in resent producer live streams and it worked out well. There wasn’t a lot of especially new info or details released but it’s a great overview for anyone who hasn’t been following along, and the game play is always fun to look at. Here are some highlights or takeaways from the event: We saw one of the new non mod-able 242 item level…

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SWTOR Game Update 4.7.3 Patch Notes


Here are the patch notes for game update 4.7.3. Patch is scheduled to arrive tomorrow October 25 after maintenance (5 AM to 9 am PDT). Highlights Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins November 24th at 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT and ends Dec 1st at 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT. General The citizenry has laid down their arms and the galaxy is no longer filled with Training Vibrosword wielding NPCs. Player weapons are now scaling correctly and are no longer oversized. The oversized weapons are no longer needed in the cold war against the Training Vibrosword wielding NPCs. Fixed an issue that caused the rifle scope effect in Cinematics to be at an unintended angle. The “Tree: Rishi Palm” Decoration now has the correct subcategory in the Decorations UI. Cartel Market The following Cartel Market Passes are now Bind on Legacy: Weekly Pass: Flashpoints Weekly Pass: Operations Weekly…

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Important Information Abut Cartel Market Passes in SWTOR


Eric Musco had another update on the official forums today, as he just infomed the community that that all cartel market passes will be bound on legacy from tomorrows patch 4.7.3, and removed with 5.0.   Important Information About Cartel Market Passes | 10.24.2016, 08:03 AM Hey folks, One of the things that we have talked about last week is our new Galactic Command system, only accessible to subscribers at Level 70. Galactic Command will serve as the single point of access for subscribers to earn rewards playing endgame content such as Operations and Warzones. As of the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne, rewards from this gameplay is gained via Galactic Command, therefore passes are no longer viable. For example, a preferred player with a Weekly Pass: Operations would be able to play an Operation, but would not earn any rewards for doing so. Due to this change, we…

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SWTOR Warzone Commendation Grants in 4.7.3


Eric Musco just informed the SWTOR community that Warzone commendations will be bound on pick up from game update 4.7.3 that is coming tomorrow October 25. Warzone Commendation Grants in 4.7.3 | 10.24.2016, 08:03 AM Hey folks, I wanted to give you a heads up on a change included with Game Update 4.7.3 on Tuesday. As we discussed last week, we are making changes to how gearing works in our upcoming expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. In support of our new Galactic Command system, we will be removing Warzone Commendations from the game on November 29th when Knights of the Eternal Throne Early Access opens. As a result, any new Warzone Commendation Grants will become bound and will Bind on Pickup starting on Tuesday, with Game Update 4.7.3. If you have a desire to move Warzone Commendations around or have a stockpile of Warzone Commendation Grants, please ensure they are on…

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