swtor patch notes

SWTOR: Game Update 5.5a

Here are the patch notes for game update 5.5a: Game Update 5.5a General Corrected various typos in the United Forces Achievements. The Command Experience (CXP) rewarded for the following planetary [Weekly] Missions have been greatly increased: Iokath now rewards 10,000 CXP Oricon now rewards 6,750 CXP Makeb now rewards 8,000 CXP Yavin 4 now rewards 9,000 CXP Black Hole now rewards 6,750 CXP Section X now rewards 6,750 CXP CZ-198 now rewards 5,625 CXP Ziost now rewards 5,625 CXP The Conquest reset now happens six hours later than it did previously, the new reset time is 6PM (1800) UTC.   Join the forum discussion on this post

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SWTOR Patch Notes 8/16/2011 Posted on Reddit

Yesterday a user over on Reddit posted SWTOR Patch Notes (with possible spoilers) for readers to enjoy.  It’s pretty interesting and something you won’t see unless you’re in the beta (or have a friend inside) but it gives us some good little tidbits about the game. The post reads as follows: Welcome to Star Wars: The Old RepublicEvent 8/18: Space CombatOn Thursday at 7:00PM CDT, head to your personal starship and try out Space Combat!  Watch for in-game Sever Admin messages during the event for further instructions. We’re looking forward to your Space Combat feedback on the Testing Forums! Notice: This server is now a PvP Server.Weekly Focus This week, we’re looking for specific feedback regarding: Companion roles and UI Space CombatPatch Notes 8/16/2011 General Several server and area stability improvements have been implemented. Classes and Combat  Alacrity rating now properly decreases activation and channeling times. This is reflected on…

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