Facebook Image of The Week #17

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It’s the next best day of the week. The day were BioWare spoils us with a new screenshot of the game. This image was published on their Facebook page earliere today. Jawas, notorious tinkerers and collectors of discarded desert junk, carefully inspect an astromech droid at one of Anchorhead’s many trading posts.

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E3: More gameplay footage

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E3 is almost over, but we still see tons of interviews, previews and gameplay videos coming in. Here is a list of today’s gameplay videos. jedivenn – Tatooine Gameplay (no audio) thekioskzone – Tatooine Gameplay MLG – Tatooine Gameplay [ Sith Warrior (Marauder)] TORWars – Tatooine Gameplay [ Sith Inquisitor...

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E3: Tatooine Developer Walkthrough

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So far E3 has been an explosion of new information where SWTOR is concerned, and it just doesn’t stop, thanks to this excellent walk-through video from SWTOR Director of Production Dallas Dickinson. The video takes us through the “blazing deserts of Tatooine”, following a group of archeologists as they look for a lost research facility – and features gameplay from the level 25 point of the game. It’s exciting enough to get a glimpse of some of the story-arc, but even more so to see an early look at in-game footage of the Sith Sorceror character, as well as gameplay opportunities like personal vehicle use and the dynamics of the map. Additionally the video shows how in-mission co-op play will work in practice, as well as several of the ranged attacks available to the Sorceror and the awesome-looking ability to seeth and replenisg lost health from the Dark Side. All very exciting. All in all, the 11 minute video is a great showcase for some exciting bits...

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E3: New SWTOR Screenshots just released

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BioWare released a dozen of new screenshots at this years E3 conference. The screenshots features Tatooine, new player vehicles and what looks like a new Raid operation named Ulgo. Check them out below: Ulgo: player vehicles...

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Planets of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Tatooine

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Tatooine (pronounced tætu’in) was a desert world in a binary star system in the Arkanis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was inhabited by poor locals who mostly farmed moisture for a living. Other activities included used equipment retailing and scrap dealing. The planet was on the 5709-DC Shipping Lane, a spur of the Triellus Trade Route, which itself connected to the Sisar Run. The planet was not far from the Corellian Run. It had its own navigation system. However, it would still play a role in galactic events, serving as the home of Anakin Skywalker. It was here that Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn recognized Anakin’s potential to become a Jedi and where he introduced him to Obi-Wan Kenobi, his future master and mentor. Tatooine was also the home of Anakin’s son, Luke, where he lived until his early adulthood. The planet built up a very bad reputation, often being viewed as the cesspool of the galaxy due to the high-level of criminals who could be found onworld....

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