The Guild sphere: Army of Yonuss

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  This week I sat down with Jono from “Army of Yonuss”, for a quick question and answer session about The guild.  Army of Yonuss plays  SITH on the Tarro Blood server, and currently recruiting. Check out the interview below, while you are downloading patch 1.2 Where did your guilds name come from? Our guild is named after the username our good friend used to use for every one of his RPG characters, Yonuss. He passed away just before TOR was released, but was very active in beta. He had been planning to co-found the guild with us for months, so when he passed away we decided it would be a nice way to honor him. Can you give me a quick 2-3 sentance description of your guild? Army of Yonuss is laid back and open to members of all sorts, however we are still very organized. We run weekly operations– usually EV on Fridays and KP on Saturdays. We like to take the time to enjoy playing and have fun, while still accomplishing as much as we can. How did your guild come about? The...

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The Guild Sphere: Valor

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Sorry for the lack of guild interviews the last few month. But today we are back with a new interview, this time with the republic guild Valor is a RP/PVP guild active on the Ajunta Pall server. Currently the guild is looking for non 50’s who are looking to level up and do some PVP with them. They are a friendly and mature guild looking for members to fill out our roster and have some fun with. They offer Ventrilo and Forums as well as RP sessions, a well organized group and once we hit 20 regular members they will start doing podcasts! If you’re interested please go to the forums and post an application in the apps thread. Checfk out the interview below: Where did your guilds name come from? We actually wanted to call it Omen from a guild I’d been in back in World of Warcraft, but that apparently was taken somewhere. So we talked 1 word names for awhile and one of our council members said “Valor” and we were all like “Yeah...

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The Guild Sphere: Imperium

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Today I had the chance to talk with Council Member Kirai from the guild Imperium. Imperium is a hardcore guild that does pve and pvp very frequently – pritty much all week. Currently The guild is close to 300 members and have been around since pre-release on the Krath-US West server. The guild Have an awesomely designed guild site ( and are currently working on getting an podcast running. Check out the interview below: Where did your guilds name come from?Latin for Power to command Can you give me a quick 2-3 sentance description of your guild?Large, pantless, hardcore raiding guild, we run 3 raid groups almost every day of the week and have a pvp squad as well. Were laid back when not raiding but while raiding its no-bull shit zone and meaningless stuff isn’t tolerated. Otherwise were a fun entertaining guild all above 18+ one of the prequistis to entering guild. Have a fully function built from scratch guild site ( We play on the Krath-US...

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The Guild Sphere: Republic Misfits

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Today I had the chance to interview Judgepayne and Tali from the republic guild “Republic Misfits”. The guild plays on the U.S. East Mind Trick – PvE server.  Right now the guild are looking to expand their roster with more 50s for Operations and PvP. They are in need of: two level 50 tanks (Vanguards), four 50 RDPS, and two 50 healers. Check out the interview below: Where did your guilds name come from?Battlefield 3 I think, it was a brainchild of Asst. GM mf-jones. What is a 2-3 sentence description of the guild?I’d describe us as a laid back, but serious guild that’s just looking to have a good time. We have the devotion of helping others in the guild rank up/get better gear, along with focusing on our weekly raids and hardmodes. How did your guild come about?.We started as a group of real life friends who formed Forsaken Legion, a WoW guild on the Stormrage server. This core chartered and helped grow the Republic Misfits from a small...

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The Guild Sphere: Relapse

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Starting off this week, we have a new guild itnerview for you. This time I had the chance to speak with Audentia from the guild Relapse that plays Republic on the EU server Kai-Kan. Relapse is PVE guild and has more or less down the hole game. Check out the interview below:  Where did your guilds name come from?Relapse: To fall or slide back into a former state. To regress after partial recovery from illness. To slip back into bad ways; backslide. All our members are ex-raiders from other mmo’s. We believe it’s an appropriate name because hardcore raiding, and the game in general, feels like we are slipping back into bad (but very engaging and enjoyable) habits. Can you give me a quick 2-3 sentence description of your guild?Relapse is a (semi-)hardcore raiding guild on Kai-Kan EU. Even though we play on a server that was opened during early access we are not a premade guild. So far we cleared all content on all three difficulties and 8man and will venture into...

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