Commando/Mercenary Top 3 Answers

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Eric Musco started a new “top 3 Answers” thread on the official forums. This time about Commando/Mercenary. Here is a Summary made by bstr413: 1: Sustained DPS for Gunnery Assault. Gunnery/Assault will get a (small) boost to its sustained damage after all AC’s have at least 1 good sustained damage spec. (Commando/Mercs have Assault Specialist/Pyrotech already.) Devs are looking for feedback on how to do this. Being able to heal should not decrease DPS. Many off-healer DPS specs are able to do great sustained DPS. 2: Defense in PvP. No new “emergency defense” move for Commandos/Mercs. Instead, current defensive moves will be improved. Devs are asking for inputs on how this should be done. Devs are looking to make Commandos/Mercs better in Ranked Arenas. 3: Assault Specialist / Pyrotech suggestions. Thank you for your suggestions for changing Assault Specialist / Pyrotech. We do not want to do the first few due to the reasons given. Sweltering Heat’s duration may increase. Some talents may slightly increase AOE damage for this spec. Alacrity reducing internal cooldowns might happen in the future. Combustible Gas Cylinder / Plasma Cell has a 6-second cooldown on purpose. There is a bug with the tooltip in that it does not state this. And here is the official post: EricMusco Commando/Mercenary Top 3 Answers | 04.03.2014, 09:21 AM Hey folks, Here are your top 3 answers, returned from the Combat Team! Question #1 PvE: Overall, Commando is in a pretty good place in PvE right now, and is at least viable at most levels of content. However, Gunnery is under performing in comparison to the other turret-based ranged DPS classes by a significant, but not enormous, margin. Testing on PTS has shown that this performance gap will still exist even after the changes to Gunnery in 2.7. Most often, I see the developers hold up Commando’s ability to off-heal as some kind of reasoning as to why it might possible have lower output. The idea of this is absurd, as using global cooldowns on healing abilities rather than DPS in PvE is only going to further reduce DPS output, at the cost of a marginal-at-best benefit to the group. If a class is lacking in its primary role, it will be ruled out in most cases, regardless of what its secondary strengths might be. It is the community’s belief that this lack of DPS in Gunnery spec is likely tied to the ammo cost of High Impact Bolt. Several ideas were brainstormed, but it is widely believed that returning HIB to the 0 ammo cost it possessed pre-2.0 would allow Gunnery to compete against the other ranged turret DPS classes. Are the devs aware that Gunnery is lagging behind other ranged turret DPS specs, and have they considered the possible methods of bringing Gunnery up to a place where it is competitive with the other ranged turret DPS specs? We are aware that Gunnery/Arsenal is lagging a bit behind some of the other “ranged turret”, damage-dealing skill trees and bringing its sustained damage up to match that of Assault Specialist/Pyrotech Commandos/Mercenaries is on our “to-do” list. That said, giving Vanguards/Powertechs and Shadows/Assassins at least one skill tree each to provide competitive sustained damage in Operations is currently much higher on our “to-do” list, because Commandos/Mercenaries already have one skill tree that puts out excellent sustained damage in Operations. We are slowly developing away from the idea that off-healing capabilities should lower the sustained damage output of skill trees that focus on dealing damage. For example, you can currently observe that Scrapper/Concealment Scoundrels/Operatives and Assault Specialist/Pyrotech Commandos/Mercenaries put out some of the best sustained damage in the game, and as you already know, both of these classes can heal. This also goes for classes that can off-tank as well, and an example of that can be seen in the improvements given to Vigilance/Vengeance Guardians/Juggernauts not too long ago. We will not guarantee that High Impact Bolt/Rail Shot will become free for Gunnery/Arsenal Commandos/Mercenaries (but we might further reduce its cost – possibly to the point of making it free or nearly free). Please feel free to make other suggestions for how you might like to see this gain in Gunnery/Arsenal sustained damage implemented – we will be reading and considering your suggestions. Question #2 PvP: There are many people that believe that Commando is in a terrible place for PvP, especially at a higher level. While I believe that the situation is not nearly as bad as that, it is far from ideal. One of the reasons for this belief is Commando’s lack of any real “OH S**T”/”get out of dodge” defensive ability. The recent changes to Sniper/Slinger defensive cooldowns prompted this response from one of the devs: Quote: Gang, One of the changes that has generated the most vocal feedback is the change to the Sniper and ‘Slingers defensive cooldown, Evasion/Dodge. We firmly believe that these Classes are lacking in a distinct emergency survive button, something that each other Advanced Class has (either via escapes like a Vanish, or more brute force mans like an Undying Rage) It is clear that the design intent is to provide particularly vulnerable classes with means to either quickly extricate themselves from dangerous situations, or to straight up mitigate a crap-ton of damage for a few precious seconds. With this statement in mind, Commando has no such ability. Heavy Armor does not provide anywhere near as significant as an advantage as past devs have claimed, and Commando has a very limited set of tools to escape from sustained pressure. Hold the Line appears to make an attempt to fill that role, but it fails to provide the ability to quickly out-distance opponents who are in hot pursuit. Based on this, it is my belief that Commando would benefit from a ‘disengage’ type ability. Similar to Gunslinger’s ‘High Tail It’, the idea would be to quickly create distance between the Commando and his/her opponents. A tool such as a disengage would round out Commando’s set of...

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Commando / Mercenary Changes Coming in 2.7

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Eric Musco have been updating the community on the official forums, about the changes that are coming to Commando’s and Mercenary  in game update 2.7.  And I have to say this is great changes. Evening out the Full auto ticks was something I’ve wanted for so long too! I never understood how you open up with full auto and have shot probably 15 bolts at the target already and no damage has registered! If I had it my way (and I know this isn’t Burger King), I would have it do damage every .5 seconds so that even if you get interrupted in any way, you get as much damage possible on the target up to the moment you get interrupted. Hopefully this brings us up to par with the new shiny assault spec. Check out the full announcement below: Commando Source EricMusco Commando Changes Coming in 2.7 | 02.26.2014, 10:03 AM Hey folks, Here is a list of the currently planned changes for the Commando in 2.7: General Tech Override now has a base cooldown of 60 seconds. Full Auto will now deal 4 ticks of damage instead of 3, with the first tick of damage occurring at ability activation. The total damage of the ability is unchanged, so each new tick of damage will do slightly less than before. Combat Medic Combat Shields is now a Tier 2 Skill. Efficient Conversions is now a Tier 3 Skill. Gunnery Overclock now reduces the cooldown of Tech Override by 7.5/15. Steadied Aim now prevents 50%/100% of pushbacks towards Full Auto, Charged Bolts and Grav Rounds. Curtain of Fire now has a 33%/67%/100% chance to occur when using Grav Round or Charged Bolts. Special Munitions will now reduce the cost of High Impact Bolt by 3/6/9 Heat/Ammo while in Armor Piercing Cell. Thanks everyone, see you on PTS! -eric Mercenary Source EricMusco Mercenary Changes Coming in 2.7 | 02.26.2014, 10:03 AM Hey folks, Here is a list of the currently planned changes for the Mercenary in 2.7: General Power Surge now has a base cooldown of 60 seconds. Unload will now deal 4 ticks of damage instead of 3, with the first tick of damage occurring at ability activation. The total damage of the ability is unchanged, so each new tick of damage will do slightly less than before. Bodyguard Power Shields is now a Tier 2 Skill. Heat Dampening is now a Tier 3 Skill. Arsenal Power Overrides now reduces the cooldown of Power Surge/Tech Override by 7.5/15. Stabilizers now prevents 50%/100% of pushbacks towards Unload, Power Shots and Tracer Missiles. Barrage now has a 33%/67%/100% chance to occur when using Tracer Missile or Power Shot. Upgraded Arsenal will now reduce the cost of Rail Shot by 3/6/9 Heat while in High Velocity Gas Cylinder. Thanks everyone, see you on PTS!...

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SWTOR Trooper Vanguard Leveling Build 2.0

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In this post we have another build from and this time we are focusing on the Trooper and the Vanguard advanced class that makes an excellent tank! A SWTOR Vanguard is one tough SOB.  His main purpose is to soak up damage and dish it back out.  The SWTOR Vanguard makes an awesome tank because he has a nice mix of single target and AOE attacks to help him keep aggro on multiple mobs. His primary stats are Aim for offense (threat) and Endurance for Defense (health pool), along with Defense Rating, Shield Rating and Absorption Rating.  These are super important because you will be taking the most direct hits of anyone in your party so you need the health pool to stay alive and you need the mitigating stats to reduce the number of hits you take and the amount of damage they do when you are hit.  So don’t just stack endurance. A good balance of the other mitigation stats is essential to staying alive. Check out the build below: 3/3 Ionized Ignition 2/2 Heavy Stock 3/3 Superheated Plasma 2/2 Sweltering Heat 2/2 Paralytic Combat Stims 2/2 High Friction Bolts 2/2 Electro Shield 1/1 Incendiary Round 1/1 Ionic Accelerator 2/2 Assault Frame 2/2 Hyper Assault Cell 3/3 Rain of Fire 2/2 Assault Trooper 3/3 Burnout 2/2 Degauss 2/2 Rapid Recharge 1/1 Riot Augs 1/1 Assault Plastique 3/3 Focused Impact 2/2 Demolition 2/2 Brutal Impact 3/3 Steely Resolve Stat Priority: Aim > Accuracy (110%) > Power > Surge (75%) > Crit (30%) Single Target: High Impact Bolt > Incendiary Round > Mortar Volley > Pulse Cannon > Stockstrike > Ion Pulse > Hammer Shot Try and max ammo regen by staying above 8 ammo as much as you can. Use High Impact Bolt on each cool down. Multiple Target AoE Rotation: Mortar Volley > Pulse Cannon > Sticky Grenade Survival Options: Reactive Shield Adrenaline Rush Tenacity If you play a different class and are after builds for all playstyles such as fast leveling, PVP, raids etc… then you should check out It is the top SWTOR guide and it also includes a leveling guide that should get you to level 55 well before the Patch 2.1 so you are all up to date with the best...

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SWTOR Trooper Commando Leveling Build For 2.0

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Today we have another build from and this one is a leveling  build for the Trooper Commando. It is a DPS build and you can actually play as either DPS or healing as a Trooper but we are told that a healing build will follow shortly! Here is the build: SWTOR Trooper Commando Build: 3/3 Ironsights 2/2 Havoc Rounds 2/2 Steadied Aim 3/3 Special Munitions 2/2 Heavy Trooper 2/2 Charged Barrier 1/1 Grav Round 2/2 Deadly Cannon 1/1 Charged Barrel 2/2 Cell Charger 2/2 Tenacious Defence 1/1 Rotary Cannon 1/1 Gravity Surge 1/1 Advance The Line 3/3 Curtain Of Fire 2/2 Overclock 3/3 Charged Launcher 2/2 Reflexive Shields 1/1 Demolition Round 3/3 Field Training 2/2 Cell Capacitor 3/3 Target Lock 2/2 Weapon Calibrations If you play a different class and are after builds for all playstyles such as fast leveling, PVP, raids etc… then you should check out It is the top SWTOR guide and it also includes a leveling guide that should get you to level 50 well before the Patch 2.1 so you are all up to date with the best...

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Trooper Class Changes in RotHC

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BioWare continue there developer blog updates on class changes in Star Wars: The old republic – Rise of the Hutt cartel. You can read the whole article over at the official SWTOR Website or continue reading below. If you missed any of the other class updates posted this week, you can check the out here: Smuggler Class Changes in RotHC Imperial Agent Class Changes in RotHC Jedi Knight Class Changes in RotHC Sith Warrior Class Changes in RotHC Trooper Class Changes in RotHC Bounty Hunter Class Changes in RotHC Hello everyone. My name is Austin Peckenpaugh, and I’m a Senior Designer on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, responsible for class design and combat systems. As such, I’m here to shed some light on the changes to the Trooper class in Game Update 2.0. We’ll be writing about recent class changes coming to The Old Republic, but this time we’re going a little more in depth and taking on one class (for both factions) at a time. If we haven’t covered your class yet, do not despair; it will be covered in the coming days. Combat Systems Alacrity Improvements: One of the big changes to combat systems is the way that Alacrity works. Prior to this update, Alacrity came with a tradeoff for some classes, and it was nearly useless to other classes. The faster you attacked, the more resources you would spend, and that only worked if you had channeled abilities or abilities with activation times. Now, Alacrity will increase the activation speed of all abilities, including instants. We haven’t just shortened the global cooldown, either. When activating any ability quicker, its animation will also play quicker. This makes some attacks look and sound very cool. Furthermore, Alacrity increases resource regeneration by the same rate, helping you to recuperate resources more quickly as you spend them more quickly. Now more Alacrity is strictly a good thing. DoT Improvements: We’ve changed the way we evaluate damage over time effects, so it should now be less costly to keep your DoTs up and to spread them around. Shield Improvements: We’ve changed the way shields work to allow them to absorb any incoming kinetic or energy damage regardless of the source (melee, ranged, Force, tech – doesn’t matter). This has significantly increased the importance of shields, and the game has been rebalanced to account for such a major adjustment. Accuracy Matters: In 2.0, all Elite (gold star) and tougher enemies will have additional defense chances against Force and tech attacks. As a result, Accuracy Rating will play a pivotal role in optimizing your sustained damage in boss fights. Prior to 2.0, Accuracy Rating was valued very differently from class to class (or even spec to spec), and while it’s still different for each class or spec, that difference is now much smaller. In effect, all damage-dealing roles will find Accuracy Rating much more useful than before. Trooper A big “behind the scenes” change for Troopers in 2.0 is the new resource system, which effectively puts Troopers on the same “energy system” as Bounty Hunters. Prior to 2.0, the Trooper’s resources functioned similarly to and effectively emulated the Bounty Hunter’s heat, mechanically speaking, but they were functionally quite different. Now in 2.0, the Trooper’s energy cells are on a 100-point scale instead of a 12-point scale. You will notice that your abilities have new, higher costs, but do not despair – they are proportionately the same as before! What this new system has done (aside from making development on the Trooper a lot simpler for us) is to finally put the Trooper and Bounty Hunter on the same scale, affording both classes the same level of granularity. Hopefully you won’t notice a difference as players, but the new system will require Trooper players to think of their resource costs on a different scale. Hold the Line for Everyone!: Hold the Line is now trainable at level 26 for all Troopers. This ability grants immunity to slows, immobilizes, and knockbacks and increases movement speed by 30%. Lasts 6 seconds. Diversion for Everyone!: Diversion is now trainable at level 30 for all Troopers. This ability reduces the Trooper’s threat to all enemies that he or she is currently engaged in combat with. New Adrenaline Rush: Adrenaline Rush has been redesigned. We want this ability to be a powerful survivability tool and give Troopers something totally unique. The previous Adrenaline Rush just wasn’t doing it, so we’ve changed it. Now when you use this ability, you get Fired Up for 1 minute. While Fired Up is active, when your health is reduced to 30% or less, Fired Up is replaced by Adrenaline Rush, which rapidly heals you up to 30% health but will not heal you above 30% health. Once Adrenaline Rush is triggered, you become very difficult to kill for its duration. The Adrenaline Rush healing effect lasts 8 seconds once triggered. Commando We have a few simple goals for Commandos in 2.0. From a PVE perspective, we want to ensure their rotations are fun and effective. Beyond rotations, we want Commandos to have better group support and self survivability. These goals translate into PVP as well, where we also want Commandos to be more mobile and have better utility. In short, we’ve heard your complaints, and there are a lot of new goodies in store for Commandos. Kolto Bomb for All Commandos!: This ability is now trainable for all Commandos at level 20. Kolto Bomb is no longer restricted to the Combat Medic skill tree (although Combat Medics can improve it with unique skills). Mortar Salvo: This is a new passive ability gained at level 10 upon becoming a Commando. When Commandos fire Explosive Round, two rounds are fired for a combined increase in damage. This increase in damage is not enough to make Explosive Round alter anyone’s rotation, but it will now serve as a much more effective on-the-run utility skill. Also, double knockdown against weak and standard enemies is neat. Charged Bolts: This ability now has a 1.5-second activation speed. Armor Piercing Cell: Now additionally...

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