Star Wars Battlefront Won’t “Feel Like or Play Like” Battlefield, Discusses Space Combat

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Some Star Wars fans have been concerned that Star Wars: Battlefront will be no more than Battlefield with a Star Wars theme. According to DICE producer Jesper Nielsen, this is not the case at all. Mr. Nielsen goes by “TheBikingViking” on Reddit. Nielsen responded to Star Wars fans on Reddit about the concerns over similarities between games. He stated that they may share some similarities, but they will stand out alone from each other well. Nielsen addressed a concern from a gamer who felt he was “robbed” by purchasing Battlefield Hardline. “I simply don’t get the Battlefield re-skin comment; from what we’ve shown, in what way does it look like Battlefield? Are you seeing tanks, lots of destruction, etc? This will not feel like or play like Battlefield. That’s never been our intention. Its fine you’re disappointed. Ok, so from what you’ve heard and seen, the game is not what you want. I can’t do anything now to change your mind on that. We’ll see if you change your mind once the game...

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What Will Star Wars Be Like Without Jedi?

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You’ve probably been reading a lot about The Force Awakens, but there’s another movie in the works that may have stayed off of your radar. It’s called Rogue One, and it’s the first of the standalone Star Wars movies promised by Disney, which are now going under the collective title of Star Wars Anthology. The movie focuses on a Rebel team who sets out to steal the Death Star plans. We know that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is attached to direct, and that Felicity Jones (Theory of Everything) will play a main character. Both Riz Ahmed (who played in Nightcrawler opposite Jake Gyllenhall) and Sam Claflin (Finnick from the Hunger Games movies) are rumored to be under consideration for male leads. That’s really all we know so far. At the end of Star Wars Celebration 2015, where we saw the debut of the second trailer for The Force Awakens, we also got to see a quick teaser for Rogue One. It doesn’t give much away about the movie, but there’s a pretty...

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R2-D2 Measuring Cups from Review

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Of all the products we got from the very generous ThinkGeek to review, this one is the one I was most excited about. Before I even knew we were going to get it to review, my friend had shared it on my Facebook wall and I knew I wanted to get it. She knows I’m a Star Wars fan and often tags me in all things Star Wars themed. I don’t mind, of course. But this one stood out to me more than others and I’m not even that big of a cook, really. In fact, if you’re not big on kitchen duty, this might even inspire you to spend some more time in there mixing and measuring things up. My thoughts? It looks really cool and I will probably display it more than I use it. However, if you do plan to use it, it works great. Just don’t microwave it and don’t put it in the dishwasher. You’re going to need to take care of R2-D2 by hand to keep him in good condition. It’s easy to use and easy to disassemble. They also measure up (tee hee) in terms of sizing....

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Government is ready to set online gambling.You believe!!

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Online gambling appears in the cards for the Canadian after the government-run gaming monopoly launched a tender for a technology provider. In January, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commissiion (AGLC) said the concept of a government-run online gambling site was “actively under review” after determining there were “expectations from consumers that be available to Alberta players.” Alberta could soon join most provinces in having government-run online gambling sites.If the plan goes ahead will be able to play the slot games from home.Bill Robinson, the CEO of the Gaming and Liquor Commission , spoke with the Calgary Eyeopener’s David Gray about the plan to bring government-run online gaming to make popular.CEO Bill Robinson said the AGLC was “going out into the market place to see what types of programs exist and would be best for us.” Assuming they see something they like, provincial finance minister Robin Campbell would make the final call. He noted that people in Alberta are...

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SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection

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DorjeeVajra started a SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection, over at the official forums. If you’re new and need help this is a good source of information. The hopes for the spreadsheet is that we work together as a community to: Create new Spreadsheets that are helpful to the community. Add helpful spreadsheets you have come across giving credit to the creator and providing a link of the source on the table of contents. Help add Links to Helpful Guides on the appropriate Guide Link Spreadsheets. Help add missing information to existing Spreadsheets. Help correct errors found on the existing Spreadsheets. Most importantly use the spreadsheets people have made to further enjoy the game. What’s in the Spreadsheet Collection so far: Clickable links to the spreadsheets below: Table of Contents. Links to Other Spreadsheet Collections Class Guide Links. Crew Skill Guide Links. NPC Stats. New added 12/28/14 Companion Likes, Gift List, Affection Power Level Guide....

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