SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection

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DorjeeVajra started a SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection, over at the official forums. If you’re new and need help this is a good source of information. The hopes for the spreadsheet is that we work together as a community to: Create new Spreadsheets that are helpful to the community. Add helpful spreadsheets you have come across giving credit to the creator and providing a link of the source on the table of contents. Help add Links to Helpful Guides on the appropriate Guide Link Spreadsheets. Help add missing information to existing Spreadsheets. Help correct errors found on the existing Spreadsheets. Most importantly use the spreadsheets people have made to further enjoy the game. What’s in the Spreadsheet Collection so far: Clickable links to the spreadsheets below: Table of Contents. Links to Other Spreadsheet Collections Class Guide Links. Crew Skill Guide Links. NPC Stats. New added 12/28/14 Companion Likes, Gift List, Affection Power Level Guide....

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ESA Lands on Comet 67P

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A space probe just landing on a moving comet. They say it is like hitting a golf ball and having it land on the moon. This is a very rare and interesting event indeed. It took 10 years for the probe to reach the comment. Then it also had to achieve the difficult task of actually remaining on the comet. The event will hold a place in the history books for sure. The Washington Post used an Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars to compare the comet’s size. Way to get people into the story and current events by reaching them with nerd humor! I like that Washington Post uses an Imperial Star Destroyer to show the size of the comet Philae landed on! @StarWars pic.twitter.com/IrtThqIaTI — Amy Ratcliffe (@amy_geek) November 12, 2014     This is pretty cool: Comet 67P, to be visited by Rosetta/Philea. Approximately 6 km total length, long axis ASTEN Space Settlement, designed by Eric Yam. 1.7km high, 1km diameter   Super Star Destroyer, 19.0km (Official), Please see...

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More Cancelled Star Wars Games

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In the land of Star Wars games, many never make it to be played and enjoyed. It’s a cold, hard truth of the industry and one that we have seen happen time and time again, to the frustration of many onlooking fans. We experienced this with Star Wars 1313 and now you can add a cancelled, complete Rogue Squadron game for the Wii to the list. A recent interview on IGN’s podcast “Nintendo Voice Chat” we hear from Julian Eggebrecht, President of Factor 5 (now defunct) about where his team was at working on different Star Wars games for multiple platforms. In this interview, Eggebrecht says, “As you might remember, it leaked from LucasArts that we were working on a trilogy compilation, and that was actually for the [original] Xbox.” This trilogy was to contain: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike The team had done close to 50% of the work on this trilogy that was to be one massive collection of all three...

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Update on Project Revan

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Project Revan is still going strong! Most of you will remember the updates we brought you not so long ago about Project Revan and the Kickstarter campaign that was going to help support the project. Project Revan is a fan film based off of, the science fiction novel, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Revan by Drew Karpyshyn, produced by diehard fans. It was fully funded on Kickstarter and the filming is underway now. However, you can still support the team and their project by making donations directly through their website. If you were a donator/supporter, you can keep up to date on what is happening with the project and the filming via their Facebook page and website. Steven Shulgach, Director and DP has an update on the status of the project: “We are making are way through the trials and tribulations of the film project with strength. We are getting closer to wrapping the production process this coming month, and are ALL very excited to get the post-production, the creative...

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New Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion “Galactic Strongholds” announced

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You heard that right folk’s. BioWare just announced the next expansion for SWTOR titled “Galactic Strongholds”. This new expansion brings customizable player housing known as strongholds to the game, as well as Guild capital ships! You will be able to acquire multiple Strongholds on different planets and customize them yourself. To start you’ll have options to set up on your faction’s capital world, the gambling planet Nar Shaddaa, or both. Decorating your crib can get you Prestige score, which can rise you to the top of the Stronghold Directory. Aside from the benefits of living stylishly, having a stronghold will let you transport friends directly to it so you can kick back and socialize. Guilds will also be able to launch Flagships when the expansion officially releases, though that functionality won’t be enabled for the early access. Here’s the official blurb: In Galactic Strongholds, players can live on multiple planets and customize their...

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