Star Wars Casinos

star wars swtor casinos

  Casinos are a place where individuals can come together to gamble. This is not a new concept in the Star Wars world. We saw gambling mentioned in the original films in a variety of ways. It’s been a part of Star Wars canon all along. It’s not a surprise that there will be some crossover in people who like Star Wars and people who enjoy gambling and the casinos. We’ve talked before about how it would be cool to see more Star Wars gambling or casino games worked into our favorite Star Wars video games but with Disney at the helm now, that’s even less likely to happen. Disney seems to think that gambling (even virtual or just for fun) sends a non-family-friendly message that they don’t want to be associated with the franchise. So for now, if you want to enjoy some of your favorite casino games, you’re…

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Star Wars Battlefront Discounted On All Platforms Over This Week

Star Wars Battlefront

If you have been waiting to pick up your own copy of Star Wars Battlefront, this week is the perfect time because the game is getting price-slashed across all platforms this week. If you didn’t want to drop the full price on the game in the beginning but you have been wanting to check it out for yourself, now is a great time to snag a deal. If you have a friend or family member you want to bring in to play with you? This could be a great time to get a friend in on the fun. This would also make a good gift for a gamer friend if you want to surprise them and then invite them in to play with you. Check out the deals on each platform here: PlayStation 4 On sale until 2/10/2016, 4 AM Star Wars Battlefront 50 % 0ff – $ 29.99 Star…

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Episode VII Stormtrooper in EA Battlefront Files?

star wars battlefront

Here’s a rumor (or possible hoax) for you regarding Star Wars Battlefront. Someone claims to have found game files that indicate there might be First Order Stormtroopers in the game. He created a video for it showing these models/files. AngryEchidna says, “In the workshop for SFM i noticed a file that had models from Starwars Battlefront (The third main one) and among the files uploaded is a highly detailed New Order Stormtrooper. I put some of the other models from Battlefront in the video so you can compare the level of detail for yourself.” See the video here: So what do you think? People are skeptical, and rightly so. So far, no one else has been able to replicate it so it’s really looking like it might just be a hoax. When you add in the fact that the video came out just after the game was launched, there’s a very…

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4 Star Wars Tabletop Role-Playing Games You Should Try


If you like The Old Republic or Knights of the Old Republic, it’s probably because you enjoy getting immersed in the Star Wars universe in a way that other games like Battlefront and Bounty Hunter just don’t give you. If you want to really dive into the universe, though, tabletop role-playing games are the way to go. Not familiar with tabletop RPGs? If you’ve heard of Dungeons & Dragons, Fate, or Pathfinder, you’ve heard of tabletop RPGs—these are some of the biggest names in the business. They combine social interaction, storytelling, dice rolling, miniatures, and an immersive experience that’s tough to replicate. In addition to those big names, there are a number of cool Star Wars RPGs out there. Here are four that you should check out! Star Wars: Edge of the Empire One of my favorite game companies, Fantasy Flight Games, publishes Edge of the Empire, a game that immerses you in the world of smugglers, bounty hunters, thieves, and…

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Upcoming Stream Plan for SWTOR

Upcoming Stream Plan for SWTOR

Bioware are planning to do two livestreams each month this year.  One with a producer’s livestream and another one focusing on the story. Eric posted Upcoming Stream Plan | 01.07.2016, 08:12 PM Hey folks, One of the things we intend to do more regularly this year are livestreams. First off, our next livestream still be next week on Thursday, January 14th from 4 – 4:30 PM CST. This will be a Producer Livestream with Ben Irving to talk about what is going on in the game, and what is coming up. Later this month we will then do a story focused stream with Charles Boyd. This stream will occur on Thursday, January 28th from 4 – 4:30PM CST. This stream will talk about where the story of Fallen Empire is currently, and where it is going. Our plan for the next few months will follow this format. A Producer Livestream with…

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Let C-3PO Be Your Copilot with the Latest Waze Update (Plus Movie Ticket Giveaway!)


Want to add some Star Wars flair your drive to work in the morning? Why not take C-3PO on as your copilot? 3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 can now be a part of your drive with Waze, the social driving app. Your own personal protocol droid will give you directions, warn you of hazards, and occasionally surprise you with a hilarious line. For example, when I was driving this morning, Waze detected a hazard, and 3PO came on over my radio: “Hazard reported ahead. We’ll be destroyed for sure . . . this is madness!” I laughed out loud. In my car. By myself. When I got home, C-3PO gave me his opinion on my apartment complex in his signature British accent: “My . . . what a desolate place this is.” I had to smile at that one. But he doesn’t just talk when he has something to tell you. He’ll also give you…

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The Darkside of Fairy Tales

Winsen factory workers

Who doesn’t love Star Wars toys? I have loved them all my life, since as far back as I can remember. Even in my college years and post-college years; after eras of student/community organizing, after reporting in a war torn region, after starting my own business, after living with my lover, deep in the dark forest of adulthood, I still couldn’t resist going to the toy section of any department store chain, just to see what Star Wars was up to. And I wasn’t alone. We have all seen someone from generation X, standing there just to see the Star Wars toys with the occasional child also checking out the magic. In the mid 90’s and late 90’s I read disturbing accounts of Disney abusing overseas workers and even children to make their products. I never bought those products as presents for family members and friends in fear of supporting…

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Google Invites You to Choose Your Side


The crew at Google are big fans of Star Wars just like the rest of us. VP of Product Management, Clay Bavor made a great post today on the Google Blog telling us his own personal story of becoming a Star Wars fan. He goes on to tell us a little about the Star Wars fans behind the scenes at Google offices, and then he tells us about something really cool from Google, teamed up with Lucasfilm and Disney. You can find it at google.com/starwars. It’s a place for fans, by fans, and starting today you can choose the light or the dark side, and then watch your favorite Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and many more transform to reflect your path. Here’s a snippet from today’s blog: It probably isn’t a surprise that there are tons of Star Wars fans like me here at Google. You can…

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New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Photos in EW Exclusive


If you are just itching to see more of The Force Awakens while we await the actual release of the movie, you’re going to love this exclusive from Entertainment Weekly. While we’ve seen one or two of these in the trailers already, most of the imagery is new, giving us another little taste of what we can expect from the film. The Marketing for The Force Awakens is in full swing and from now until the big reveal day, we can expect to see many more little goodies released. In these exclusive images, we see some amazing scenes from the film. There’s a Resistance X-Wing flying overhead as two Stormtroopers are met with demise. “We had women in stormtrooper costumes in the movie,” Abrams says, so audiences will be seeing a mixed gender fighting force from The First Order whether they realize it or not. (The armor isn’t form-fitting, of course.) We see some amazing scenes…

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‘Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company’ Review: The Story The Game Forgot

Star Wars Battlefront Twilight Company

If you’re reading this review, then we are sure that you are impatiently waiting until you are able to play Star Wars: Battlefront on your console or PC. You might also be aware that while Battlefront looks like an online multiplayers dream, the game will not have much of a story. Instead of going the traditional route where creators weave a classic Star Wars story into an amazing game, Battlefront is happy enough with its multiplayer hook and no original plot or characters to speak of. Well that may not be entirely true, because Battlefront does have an actual story, it’s just actually playable. In the new book, Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company, the author, Alexander Freed, gives life to the war that is happening between the Empire and the Rebellion by focusing on the 61st Mobile Infantry unit, while it battles for freedom against Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, and Star…

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