New Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion “Galactic Strongholds” announced

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You heard that right folk’s. BioWare just announced the next expansion for SWTOR titled “Galactic Strongholds”. This new expansion brings customizable player housing known as strongholds to the game, as well as Guild capital ships! You will be able to acquire multiple Strongholds on different planets and customize them yourself. To start you’ll have options to set up on your faction’s capital world, the gambling planet Nar Shaddaa, or both. Decorating your crib can get you Prestige score, which can rise you to the top of the Stronghold Directory. Aside from the benefits of living stylishly, having a stronghold will let you transport friends directly to it so you can kick back and socialize. Guilds will also be able to launch Flagships when the expansion officially releases, though that functionality won’t be enabled for the early access. Here’s the official blurb: In Galactic Strongholds, players can live on multiple planets and customize their...

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Announcing End Season 1 Rewards

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BioWare have announced the rewards for Season 1. The end of Season 1 will come with Game Update 2.7 and your rating when the servers come down for the update will determine which Tier you are in and what rewards you gain. The higher your Tier the better your rewards! This is really well done by BioWare. None of that “limited-use finisher and a dolyak pet” crap you get in GuildWars2, but really awesome stuff Well played BioWare! Bellow is the official annuncement from BioWare and forum update by Eric Musco. Check it out: Announcing End Season 1 Rewards 02.19.2014 Greetings PvPers! With the culmination of Season 1 quickly approaching, we know there is a lot of interest in what this season’s rewards will entail. Firstly, the end of Season 1 will come with Game Update 2.7 and your rating when the servers come down for the update will determine which Tier you are in and what rewards you gain! The higher your Tier the better your rewards! One important note before we get to the...

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Will the Competition Be Held off By SWTOR’s 2014 Roadmap?

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The plan for the future of 2014 is out. So how will this affect the competition in the MMORPG market? If you ask around the SWTOR community, you will find that people are very split on how they feel about these changes and upcoming plans. Some players are really happy about it while others have their own ideas of how certain aspects of gameplay and other details should go. The diversity is one thing that makes the gaming community so unique and broad and we do know from experience that BioWare listens to what the players have to say about certain things like this. But when we look outside of the community, how can we expect these changes to affect the competition that SWTOR has now and in the future? Elite Monster has done a write-up on this that pretty much echoes my thoughts on the matter. The first point is content and some players seem happy with the content listed in the Road Map where others feel it’s just going to be lagging behind what other games might be offering. Then we...

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The Annals of Star Wars: Pre-Republic Era

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13,000,000,000 BBY: The Big Bang, the galaxy is formed. According to most sources, the galaxy was 120,000 light years across, and had a supermassive black hole at its core. The galaxy was orbited by 7 satellite galaxies (Aurek, Besh, Cresh, Dorn, Esk, Forn, and Grek), most being described as having ancient, metal-rich remnants of stars but little life. A hyperspace disturbance on the perimeter of the galaxy prevented hyperspace travel into extra-galatic space. 5,000,000,000 – 2,000,000 BBY: Life emerges In this period of time, over 180 billion stars had formed planets that could support life. 10% eventually developed life, while intelligent life formed on 1/1,000 of these worlds. It was estimated that only 1 billion systems were eventually populated. These populations consisted of a wide array of creatures such as the Gorothites, Chevin, pre-arboreal Wookiees and many many others. 2,000,000 BBY: The Oracle is built on the world of Pelgrin An ancient and mysterious construct,...

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SWTOR Players can be Great Casino Players

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Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a huge global multiplayer role-playing game based on the Star Wars universe. Players connect together online from all over the globe to compete against each other. The game was developed by BioWare and launched in 2011. Players join in the game as either of two main factions: the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic. The leader of each faction could be good or bad and the game is structured so that each player can have a morality set anywhere along the spectrum. In order to be successful in the game, players must make the right decision at the right time, and they must manage their resources efficiently. Players only have a certain amount of weapons and money and must use them in the most effective way to level up and gain power. Many of the characteristics of a good SWTOR player can actually be transferred intoonline casino games. Many of the same characteristics can lead to success in both areas. One of the main characteristics of a good...

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