Pax east 2011: Taral V Developer Walkthrough

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BioWare continued its presentation of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) at PAX East 2011 today with the release the Taral V Developer Walkthrough video. Taral V is a mid-level Flashpoint aimed at a four player group. The video offers a look at the gameplay and story of the Flashpoint from the view of several different classes and narrated by SWTOR’s Director of Production Dallas Dickinson. If you’re curious to know how these Flashpoints will play out and see some new SWTOR...

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Imperial Agent Gameplay Compilation

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Redrancor has put together yet another excellent SWTOR gameplay compilation video. This time, the video features the Imperial Agent class showcasing his unique stealth and ranged capabilities. Check it out below, and remember to visit Redrancor and Hi5 him....

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Bounty Hunter Class Video

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Bounty Hunters rock.. OK…. they ROCK! IGN has the sneak peek at the latest class video for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Properly the BioWare update tomorrow. The Bounty hunter was actually one of the first classes that BioWare revealed almost two years ago, and they are still amazing. These guys  makes their own law, and enforces it with a wide array of gadgets and weaponry, including a jet pack, grapple cord, flame thrower, missiles, and our personal favorite: carbonite thrower. See it in action in the Bounty Hunter class trailer below and  check out the IGN interview about the kick ass class...

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SW:TOR Graphics Evolution & Comparison

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A few weeks ago, we posted the SWTOR Combat Animations Compilation created by logun24x7. It was a great video showing the graphic development in the beta stages of Star Wars: The old republic the last few years. SWTOR, has some unique challenges to overcome in the character graphics department, not only do they need to look good from a standard MMO third person perspective, they also need to stand up for the close-up cinematic cut scenes. Not a lot of MMO’s have had to face this challenge. Now Logun have posted a new video on his youtube channel, Showing SWTOR’s graphic evolution from 2009 to 2011 with a comparison of other MMO’s and a look at their graphic approach. Hopefully this video will keep the trolls quite for a while. More comparison screenshots: PAX 2009 Vs. PAX 2010 World of Warcraft Vs. SWTOR Age of Conan Vs. SWTOR Aion Vs. SWTOR Rift Vs. SWTOR Guild Wars 2 Vs....

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SWTOR Combat Animations Compilation … so far!

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Youtuber logun24x7 has created a awesome compilation video of all the combat animations we have seen in Star Wars: The old republic so far. It’s interesting to see how the animations have developed over the last few years – as Logun also points out: We often see people criticize the animations in SWTOR and true, some of the earlier animation still needed work however I think we have seen a continued improvement over the last year’n a half. What seems to fly under the radar is the sheer amount of animations in this game. Never mind the cinematics, and just looking at the combat Bioware has shown we have seen a huge number of animations, and I mean real animations not just a reused generic sword swings with a different colored particle effect attached. For my own amusement I pieced together every combat animation I could find into one video. Most of you likely have seen the majority of these but I was surprised by a few I didn’t notice before I started this...

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