Episode 4 of SWTOR News

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  This is a special episode of SWTOR news focusing in the current subscription numbers released by EA and what they really mean. There is a lot of talk about SWTOR, how it compares to WoW, and how it compares to other MMORPGs. This brings up the age-old question of whether or not it can be accurately compared to other games. We’ve talked about it before here on the site but I think what it really comes down to is the sheer fact that while you can compare certain elements of SWTOR to certain elements of other games, it simply isn’t accurate at all to compare the entire game package itself to another game because there has yet to ever be another game just like SWTOR. Since it stands alone in its genre for how and what content in presented, it wouldn’t be fair to make an overall comparison- positive or negative- of SWTOR versus another MMORPG. Anyway, here we have episode 4 of SWTOR News which brings up some stats and points about SWTOR subscription base and numbers. It’s worth...

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TGN SWTOR Video Update and Announcements

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  There are some changes happening at TGN SWTOR but don’t worry, they are changes for the better! Some highlights: more PvP videos/content, open recruitment is shutting down (but you WILL be answered if you already have an email out), new open recruitment likely to come in May. Weekly news show coming back revamped and with a new partner! See the video to learn more: Awesome! We’re excited for the new additions and new direction of TGN SWTOR and we will continue to bring you updates on what they’re doing. Want to learn more about TGN?   ★ TGN Social http://tgn.tv ★ What is TGN?...

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New BioWare video: A Look At Star Wars: The Old Republic

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BioWare have just released a brand new video entitled ” A Look At The Old Republic” This video is properly meant to be used for marketing purposes more then for giving game updates for the players. It’s still a fun view, even though it doesn’t contain any new information for veteran players. Check it out below: Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has been an incredible hit, becoming the fastest-selling MMO of all time with over a million players starting their own Star Wars™ saga in the first 24 hours! See for yourself what just a few of these players have to say about their experiences with the game in this new...

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Escapist Magazine Zero Punctuation Reviews SWTOR

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Star Wars: The Old Republic. Escapist Magazine did not have nice things to say about SWTOR. It’s a 5-minute, fast-paced rant about how much SWTOR sucks (in short) but self-admittedly is nothing more than a “preview” as he doesn’t spend enough time actually playing the game to give it a real review.  Ben “YAHTZEE” Croshaw is notorious for not liking MMOs. In fact, his criticism was somewhat mild considering his distaste for the genre. It’s amusing, I’ll give him that, but I really don’t think he gave SWTOR enough of a chance. Since he doesn’t like MMOs, it feels like he just went into the game wanting to hate it and where do you get with an attitude like that, really? You get just what you ask for.  Yahtzee chose a Smuggler as his class but doesn’t seem too impressed with it. My Smuggler is only 10 but hubby has a level 38 Smuggler and I’ve watched him play. He doesn’t seem to agree with Yahtzee’s observations of the Smuggler...

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New Video for what’s to come in SWTOR over the coming months!

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It’s just about time to pay up for another month of SWTOR subscription, and BioWare has started teasing us  with what we have to look forwarder to in upcoming patches. Personally I’m impressed, it all looks really really promising.  Check it out below: See what the future holds for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ in this brand new video which showcases some of the new game content and game systems that we will release in the coming months. In it, you will be able to take your first look at upcoming game content, including new Warzones and Flashpoints. You will also have the chance to get a sneak peek at the expanded Legacy system that’s coming to the game, UI customization, as well as new Guild...

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