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Is There a Point to SWTOR Being Fully Voiced?

One big selling point of SWTOR by BioWare is that it is fully voices and highly story-based. But is the whole “fully voiced” thing a bit overrated? Others have said it before but MMOCrunch published an interesting story on the very same topic recently.  The author points out, “While it seems to be a giant step forward in terms of immersing players into the game and story-line, one quickly realizes that it’s probably going to be pointless in the long run.” Could there be some truth to this? I think the idea and the concept behind total voice acting sounds awesome but is it really going to make that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things?  The MMOCrunch article goes on to say, “I know for me, unless there’s vital info in the quest description, I’m not going to read it.” Well, this isn’t the case for…

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James Arnold Taylor’s One Man Show

James Arnold Taylor is an amazing voice impersonator and voice-over actor who has a long and talented career. You can take a look at the “Talking to Myself” video he did (Obi-Wan & Beyond“.) when performing at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2011, to see for yourself just how talented he is. It’s amazing how he can be the voice of so many well-known characters and sound so different. If you’re not familiar with the name James Taylor, you’re sure to recognize many of the voices he portrays. Throughout his career, he was the voice of many favorite cartoon characters such as Fred Flintstone and Johnny Test but his talent stretches far beyond cartoons. He is the voice you hear on many commercials and video games and you might not even know it. He is the voice of the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. One of the most well known…

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