Possible new SWTOR Warzone- The Voidstar!

A German magazine recently revealed a possible new warzone called The Voidstar, as mentioned in a SWTOR post on the official forums. The article says, “Warzones, these are the PvP Battlegrounds translated in The Old Republic. So far, only one was known and that the civil war on Alderaan (more on page 18), but now Bioware still the PvP battlefield “The Voidstar” announced that will offer a Conquest mode. More will follow as we lead designer told PvP month, Gabe. (Google Translate).” Hmm… does anyone reading speak German? Perhaps you can give us a better translation. It was then covered on the official forums in a post by Elboc and opened up for discussion. The information found on a SWTOR forum post cannot all be verified as fact so before you read, be aware that much of this is speculation. There might also be some translation issues since the post…

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Warzones, Aren’t They Grand?

Instead of capturing your enemies flag to rack up points, in this battle ground you take control of massive cannons that you use to destroy enemy aircraft.  The more you attack your enemy with the cannon supporting your allies fighting in close combat the more you drive enemy to retreat from said battle field.  But remember don’t leave one guy with cannon alone or some sneaky scoundrel will take a shot at his head and you will be the ones running for the hills.  More on this by Rich McCormick over at PC gamer. Here is a snip: The Old Republic’s warzones are the game’s PvP arenas. When you and your buddies elect to bash some fellow humans, you’ll hop into a warzone from your current location; once complete, you’ll zip back to where you were, resplendent in your new and useful gear. So far, so MMO, but The Old Republic…

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SWTOR’s Lead PvP Designer talks about warzones and PvP

With every Star Wars fan eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic from BioWare, Ten Ton Hammer’s own Jeff “Ethec” Woleslagle traveled to BioWare’s favorite spaceport cantina to learn more about the PvP aspects of the game. Quaffing a few bottles of Tusken Banthan Sweat with Gabe Amatangelo, lead PvP designer, he learned some interesting tidbits about the Alderaan warzone and PvP in general. Gabe Amatangelo: The major thing is that it’s an immersive experience and that the Alderaan war zone has a visceral mechanic or it has a visceral coding to every MMOG mechanic. You’re seeing ships go down, you’re seeing damage to the ship, you’re retargeting guns. I’m holding that philosophy to PvP in general in The Old Republic. Learn more about PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic in TTH’s interview with Gabe Amatangelo.

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