While we wait

While we wait for The Old Republic: Star Wars Reign of the Fallen

Reign of the Fallen is a Star Wars fanfilm directed and written by David McLeavy, and originally released in March 2006. In the times since great wars laid waste to Prias, its people have learned to embrace a simple life, away from the perils of technology and war. As the mighty Sith army spreads across the galaxy, subjugating every planet in its path, all the people of Prias can do is wait, their world protected by an energy planetary shield held in place by ancient towers. While the people wait in fear, one Jedi trained by Master Oram Bren will be chosen to be the future leader of Prias, a title decided by a vote of the entire population of the planet. But little do they know that one Jedi’s dark secret could spell their doom.     Reign of the Fallen is an independently produced film based on the…

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While we wait for The Old Republic: Star Wars – Revelations

Star Wars: Revelations is a fan film released on April 17 2005, created by fans of George Lucas’s Star Wars saga. As Lucasfilm has generally turned a blind eye to the creation of many not-for-profit derivative works, Revelations is one of many fan-produced Star Wars creations. (See The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards for further examples.) Revelations is noteworthy for being both significantly longer (with a running time of 47 minutes, 13 seconds) and substantially more expensive than the average fan film, with a final budget ranging somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000. It takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The film intended to give a reason for why the Jedi Order was extinct in the original trilogy. Summary The destruction of the Jedi Temple was devastating. Accusing the now-defunct Confederacy of Independent Systems of the attack, Emperor Palpatine declares martial law on Coruscant. As…

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