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Star Wars Rebels started out as a rather inconspicuous little cartoon anchored in the Star Wars universe of which few people expected much upon launch. Now 7 episodes old, the Series keeps delivering pleasant surprises week after week, and it is increasingly looking like we have something seriously entertaining on our hands in it. Its last Episode, titled “Empire Day”, introduced a concept the previous 6 episodes hadn’t dabbled in yet: that of a multi-episode storyline. While this will remind some Star Wars fans of The Clone Wars storylines, each of which unfolded over 3-4 episodes, a practice which grew quite irksome towards the end, in Rebels, this facet of storytelling will apparently not be abused.

Empire Day was a wonderfully entertaining bit, not too long or short, and featuring just about enough action for one episode. The parade, no one really wanted to be at, organized to honor the Empire, was an obvious target for the ragtag group of rebels the Series are centered on. Plot-wise, this time it was Ezra again who took center stage, a week after we learned a thing or two about Sabine. Apparently, there are quite a few things Ezra does not know about his parents, something which sets the stage nicely for upcoming plot twists. Tseebo, whose presence in the episode was a bit reminiscent of Jar Jar Binks, will apparently play a role in uncovering the story of Ezra’s parents as well.

The action sequences were once again plentiful and well put-together. The villains, in this case the imperial troops and combat drivers, were more than mere décor plot-wise. One of them turned out to be unusually capable and tenacious, causing the crew all sorts of problems until Kanan’s light-saber finally took care of him.

The bottom line: the story of Empire Day was not finished off in a rush, as it has been the case in some of the previous episodes. This is a welcome twist indeed, one that fans of the Series certainly appreciate.

Philip Thalberg works for Gosugamers, the site behind the recently launched gosumedia, an operation aiming to provide top-notch e-sports consultancy and services.

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SWTOR is 12th Most Played PC Game in October According to Raptr; Up from 15th in September http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/swtor-is-12th-most-played-pc-game-in-october-according-to-raptr-up-from-15th-in-september.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/swtor-is-12th-most-played-pc-game-in-october-according-to-raptr-up-from-15th-in-september.html#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2014 19:04:17 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=14127 The Official Raptr Blog has published another update on the most played PC games of October and you might be a little surprised at the results. First, SWTOR is up in the rankings from 15th to 12th (perhaps people getting prepared for the new content) but in addition to this, we see some games no longer in the top rankings at all.


As you can see from the chart, Wildstar and ESO are not even on the chart anymore and GW2 has dropped below SWTOR. TF2 is still in the top 20 but just barely, after dropping two ranks. We have two new entries on the list with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Another entry in the top five that I’ve personally decided to check out is ArchAge. Battlefield 4 and Minecraft are in the top 10. WoW really picked things up (with their new expansion out now, it’s no surprise) but they still didn’t come close to taking the lead from League of Legions, reigning the top spot with a playtime increase of 2.78% compared to September. WoW was, however, up 16.32% in October versus last month.

All of that said, there are some things to note of significance about the findings by Raptr. For one, games connected to Steam and Blizzard’s Battle.net get a boost to their reported play time with Raptr, since it automatically integrates into those two services. Games not using Battlenet or Steam would have to be logged manually to track time. While some worry that the numbers might be skewed a bit, it does still seem to be a fairly accurate measure of the ups and downs of the various games as well as how popular they are with PC gamers.

What are your thoughts?


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SWTOR Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Sentinel + Marauder http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/swtor-game-update-3-0-class-changes-sentinel-marauder.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/swtor-game-update-3-0-class-changes-sentinel-marauder.html#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2014 13:56:21 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=14130 Today from the SWTOR Developer Blogssentinel_854x480

we have yet another 3.0 Game Update class changes post. In this one, Sentinel and Marauder. If you play a Jedi Knight, it’s time to learn about the changes coming in the 3.0 update. Here’s a blurb from the blog that you really need to read for yourself to ensure you don’t miss anything.

We’ve put together this blog to inform Jedi Knights of the major changes that are coming in the 3.0 update. Just a couple of disclaimers before we jump in: this blog is not a comprehensive list of every single Jedi Knight change. Also, please note that the content described in this blog is still under development, so anything mentioned throughout this blog is still subject to change (especially any exact numbers or percentages that may be mentioned). Okay, let’s get started!

In 3.0, the most significant change found in the Jedi Knight base class is the absence of Riposte. This ability has not gone away completely, but it has undergone some changes in functionality and has become specific to the Guardian advanced class. We will cover this change in more detail when we get to the Guardian section, but first, we will cover what is new for Sentinels in the 3.0 update.

From here we learn more about what Sentinels and Watchmen and how combat and concentration will change. We learn about utilities and then they go into the Marauder changes for us.

We’ve put together this blog to inform Sith Warriors of the major changes that are coming in the 3.0 update. Just a couple of disclaimers before we jump in: this blog is not a comprehensive list of every single Sith Warrior change. Also, please note that the content described in this blog is still under development, so anything mentioned throughout this blog is still subject to change (especially any exact numbers or percentages that may be mentioned). Okay, let’s get started!

In 3.0, the most significant change found in the Sith Warrior base class is the absence of Retaliation. This ability has not gone away completely, but it has undergone some changes in functionality and has become specific to the Juggernaut advanced class. We will cover this change in more detail when we get to the Juggernaut section, but first, we will cover what is new for Marauders in the 3.0 update.

Again, it’s well worth reading the entire thing because it’s going to cover all the details of what is changing with this class in the upcoming game update. For example:

In addition to these changes, all Marauders will have access to the following two passive abilities:

Enraged Slash: Vicious Slash, Sweeping Slash, Vicious Throw, Massacre, Annihilate, and Furious Strike refund 1 rage when used. In addition, Battering Assault beats down its target for 45 seconds. Beat Down targets take 5% more damage from melee attacks.
Short Fuse: Increases the amount of Fury built by 2 when activating abilities that consume rage, and reduces the cooldown of Frenzy by 30 seconds.

Go ahead and give it a full read and let us know. If you play these classes, how do you feel about the changes? Will it change how you choose to play?

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Inquisitor/Consular SWTOR 3.0 Changes – Livestream Notes http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/inquisitorconsular-swtor-3-0-changes-livestream-notes.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/inquisitorconsular-swtor-3-0-changes-livestream-notes.html#comments Tue, 18 Nov 2014 16:35:45 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=14115 Inquisitor  Consular

What changes will we see to Inquisitor/Consular with Game Update 3.0? Well, now we have some information to help us answer this question. Most of the livestream went over utilities and disciplines and Dulfy has a great breakdown of the whole thing for us.

You can see SWTOR Disciplines Calculator built by swtor_miner. This calculator currently only displays Classes and Disciplines that have been shown on Official Livestreams. See it here.



  • Overload now heals a max of 8 targets. It is a smart heal (picks the lowest HP % targets to heal).
  • There is a trait now to allow Cloud Mind to increase your damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
  • Bubble stun is now an utility and available to all sorcs.
  • Lighting Barrier – increases your Force Barrier amount by 10% only (down from 20%).


  • Roaming Mend is the new Corruption ability and grant 3% internal and elemental damage reduction
  • Dark Infusion is now in the discipline path for corruptions so DPS sorcs no longer get them.
  • Resurgence will give the target an armor buff
  • Force Surge now reduces activation time of Revification by 0.25s (down from 0.33s) for the first two charges or make it activate instantly with three charges
  • Will consumption trigger Roaming Mend? It does not since technically you are spending health and not taking damage.


  • Lighting Flash, new ability at level 41
  • Lightning Bolt, new ability at level 57. Replacement for Lightning Strike and slows the target by 30%
  • Burst damage spec, it is suppose to do lower overall damage than Madness but not down to our target values yet.
  • Thundering Blast casts a bit faster now with base cast of 1.5s.
  • Applies Vulnerable debuff with Crushing Darkness – make target take 5% more force damage for 45s.
  • If you are casting Lighting Bolt and get interrupted and locked out. Will you also get locked out of Lightning Strike? No you will not get locked out of Lighting Strike.


  • Force Leech is the new ability for Madness at level 41
  • Demolish is the new ability for Madness at level 57 and replaces Crushing Darkness. Also applies Vulnerable debuff that make target take 5% more force damage for 45s.
  • Death Field heals you now for 10% of the damage dealt, affects 8 targets max (up from 5 targets on live).
  • Wrath now requires 4 stacks to make Lighting Strike/Demolish/Crushing Darkness instant cast.
  • Creeping Terror no longer has a cooldown but cannot immobilize your target more than once every 9s.


  • What armor you wearing?
  • Is overload 360 or still a cone?
    • Still a cone
  • Death Field charges still go off on other player’s DoTs?
    • Only on other sorc’s DoTs. We want to make it go off on your DoTs only but don’t have the techchology to do it for 3.0.
  • Why is Wrath increased to 4 ticks from 3 ticks?
    • We don’t like people to clip. Force Lightning is only a 2s channel now for Madness so you get your 4 stacks a lot faster.
  • Is vulnerable debuff cleanseable?
    • Yes if you can cleanse force debuffs. Also purgeable (i.e. force shroud, evasion).
  • Revifification/Salvation heals too little
    • We will probably make a change so where the first 8 people that goes into it get a HoT and it disappears. It has to heal for less because it is too effective.
    • The healers are healing too effective and it trivialize the content in both PvP and PvE.
    • Some healing need to come down a bit maybe, not sure if Revification/Salvation will get reduced even further.
  • Roaming mend – whole raid gets hit by an AoE, what happens?
    • 5s delay everytime it lands on a target. A single AoE hitting the raid will only cause it to travel one time.
    • There is also a travel time in addition to the 0.5s delay. It takes at least 3s for all the heal ticks from Roaming Mend to land.


  • Mass Mind Control is a now a detaunt if you are not in tank spec.
    • Madness Assassins deleted off the game. Hatred Assassin is the new name


  • Electric Bindings, the trait that allow Overload to immobilize targets is now available to assassins (previously sorcs only)
  • All assassins can now get the Assassin’s shelter as an utility which increase healing done by 5% for those standing within 5 meters of the phase walk.


  • Thrash and Lacerate now afflicts Trauma on its targets. Lacerate now costs the same as Thrash so you can use it as part of your rotation without eating all your force.
  • Wither causes Weakened debuff on your target, causing them to deal 5% less melee and ranged damage. This is the second raid debuff assassins get after trauma.
  • Recklessness now grant 30% shield absorption for 20 seconds while Dark Charge is active.
  • Depredating Volts is the new ability at 57 that replaces Force Lightning.


  • Deception generally remains the same from pre 3.0 with some small rotation changes.
  • Discharge applies the Vulnerable debuff for 45s which cause targets to take 5% more force damage. This is the first raid debuff that deception assassins get.
  • Maul will sunder targets and sundered targets have their armor reduced by 20%. This is the second raid debuff.
  • Ball Lighting is a new ability granted at level 57 that replaces Shock.
  • Deception assassin have a target DPS of 4125 in 198 gear.


  • If you have Creeping Terror on a target and you spread it via Death Field, will the immobilize component of Creeping Terror also spread or just the damage? Just the damage
  • Force Leech and Demolish are the new abilities at level 41 and 57. They have identical animations to the Madness sorc abilities.
  • Hatred has two raid debuffs. Death Field places Overwhelm, and there is also the Vulnerable debuff.






Kinetic Combat



  • Serenity Strike new ability at level 41.
  • Vanquish at level 57 replaces Mind Crush
  • These have the same animations as the Balance Sage


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Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Sage + Sorcerer http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/game-update-3-0-class-changes-sage-sorcerer.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/game-update-3-0-class-changes-sage-sorcerer.html#comments Tue, 18 Nov 2014 13:28:49 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=14106 swtor Sorcerer

The latest update from the SWTOR blog gives us news about some Game Update 3.0 class changes to Sage and Sorcerer. It’s not surprising that this update will bring changes to the various classes in the game but previously, we were not sure what those would be. Now, as we draw closer to the date, we get more information on just what we can expect.

For the base Class changes, please see the Shadow blog here.

As for Sage, here is a snippet from the post:

Sages have seen some changes to their baseline ability package. Deliverance is now only accessible to Seer Sages, but all Sages now have Rejuvenate. Force Studies now increases the Sage’s maximum Force pool up to 600, rolling in the extra 100 Force from the now cut Mental Longevity skill. All Sages can now train the following passive ability:

Inner Strength: Reduces the Force consumed by Force abilities by 10%.

And as part of the operation group utility being added to all classes in the 3.0 game update, Sages also gain the following new active ability:

Force Empowerment: Increases Strength, Presence, Aim, Cunning, Endurance, and Willpower for you and your Operation group members within 40 meters by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.

And then if you read down further and get all the details, you’ll also see an overview of the Sorcerer changes.Here is a snippet:

Sorcerers have seen some changes to their baseline ability package. Dark Infusion is now only accessible to Corruption Sorcerers, but all Sorcerers now have Resurgence. Force Attunement now increases the Sorcerer’s maximum Force pool up to 600, rolling in the extra 100 Force from the now cut Reserves skill.

All Sorcerers can now train the following passive ability:

Electric Induction: Reduces the Force consumed by Force abilities by 10%.

And as part of the operation group utility being added to all classes in the 3.0 game update, Sorcerers also gain the following new active ability:

Unlimited Power: Increases Strength, Presence, Aim, Cunning, Endurance, and Willpower for you and your Operation group members within 40 meters by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.

For the base Class changes, please see the Assassin blog here.

Again, be sure to read the full page for all of the changes that will take place with Game Update 3.0.

swtor sage

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Maintenance: November 18th, 2014 – Patch 2.10.3a http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/maintenance-november-18th-2014-patch-2-10-3a.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/maintenance-november-18th-2014-patch-2-10-3a.html#comments Mon, 17 Nov 2014 21:10:25 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=14111 sith

BioWare will be taking the servers offline tomorrow in order to apply Patch 2.10.3a. This patch will address an issue that could, in certain cases, cause area unresponsiveness. Below are the

DATE: Tuesday, November 18th 2014
TIME: 3 AM PST (1100 GMT) – 5 AM PST (1300 GMT)

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SWTOR Quests To Do before the Revan Expansion http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/swtor-quests-to-do-before-the-revan-expansion.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/swtor-quests-to-do-before-the-revan-expansion.html#comments Mon, 17 Nov 2014 17:55:32 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=13684 swtor quests

It’s almost time for the much anticipated Revan expansion for SWTOR. With it only a short time away, it makes sense that fans will be preparing, enjoying the game or preparing their game and characters for this expansion. If you’re looking for something to do before the ex-pac, you might want to read this post from Larry Everett over at Hyperspace Beacon. He has eight quests you need to do in SWTOR before the expansion and he explains why.

So if you have not yet done these quests, then you may want to take some time before December and get this done. Let’s take a look at a snippet from the article:

The Maelstrom Prison continues the adventure of Taral V. Players now lead a strike team into the Imperial base itself to rescue the Jedi prisoner, who we later find out is Revan.

If you’re on the Imperial side and never player Republic, I suggest playing through this one not only to find out about Revan but to learn what happened to Grand Moff Kilran.

An interesting thing to note is what Revan says just after he’s rescued. He says that he can no longer feel the Emperor and that he was the only thing keeping the Emperor in check. In the same vein, Meetra Surik also says that Revan is weakening, and he would have to be separated.

I would also like to mention that Surik actually arranged the whole rescue. Oteg didn’t even know whom they were rescuing. That might might be a clue for what happens later.

And Maelstrom Prison is not the only one on the list, of course. You will also find reasons why you should do the Revanite Questline, Taral V, Boarding Party, The Foundry, Forged Alliance and the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior stories. If there are any of these you have not done yet, we agree with Larry that you should give them a try before the expansion comes out.

If you’ve already done them all, then let us know if you’re ready for the expansion. It’s only a couple more weeks away!


[Image source]

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Las Vegas Community Cantina Flash Drive Contents http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/las-vegas-community-cantina-flash-drive-contents.html http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2014/11/las-vegas-community-cantina-flash-drive-contents.html#comments Sun, 16 Nov 2014 18:00:18 +0000 http://www.swtorstrategies.com/?p=14103 swtor las vegas cantina

The SWTOR Las Vegas Cantina Tory is over. As always, attendance got a nice flashdrive full of nice new images. It looks like the new revanite armor is unsurprisingly less dread guardy and more revany. The mount looks cool. The giant Massassi looks like an Ops boss, and those twin walkers look like the old twin tanks from EC.

Check it out below:

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