Bioware Austin is Hiring

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SWTOR Community Manager Eric Musco also shared it on the SWTOR forums. Their web team is looking for a Front End Web Developer to work on SWTOR in the Austin studio. They say they are looking for someone who is passionate about SWTOR and wanting to work on some cool new things. The job listing says you’d be working on “the customer-facing web applications and the web site” for SWTOR.

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BioWare Austin working on “several unannounced projects”

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According to a job listing posted by BioWare Austin this week, we now know that the company is working on several new  unannounced projects. This is pretty interesting news, since BioWare Austin was born to make SWTOR. Original the staff were brought together in 2006 explicitly to make that game, and since its release five years later they’ve done nothing else but run its operations, reconfigure its systems for free-to-play, and develop its expansions… Or so we thought… According the the new job listing,  BioWare’s call for a Senior Software Engineer. The job listing says: BioWare Austin is home to the critically acclaimed and award winning Star Wars®: The Old Republic™ MMO. After the hugely successful addition of its Free 2 Play option and the highly praised launch of space PVP with the Galactic Starfighter expansion, the Austin team continues driving forward with SW:TOR and is also hard at work on several unannounced projects. Apply today and learn about the exciting...

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Mass Effect 4 Next Release From Bioware?

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Since the recent release of photos depicting the Mass Effect development team as a part of the annual N7 Day Celebrations, gamers haven’t stopped talking about the upcoming game. The game itself is still in the development stage and there isn’t very much definitive information about it yet, but that hasn’t stopped these photos from sparking excitement and speculation all over the internet. People are analyzing and attempting to enhance the photos in order to learn more information, pouring over the tweets that accompanied the photos for hidden clues, and are searching through any information they can find in order to create an accurate picture of what is to come. But the fact is, there’s just not a lot of confirmed information at this point. Little can be seen in the shots that were tweeted; they were shots that were meant to tease, meant to make people speculate. And they have succeeded. A New Game Regardless of the lack of concrete information, it is obviously confirmed that there...

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BioWare Austin is Looking for Local Testers

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One thing I love about living in/near Austin is the opportunities like this that come up. Once again, as happens often from time to time, Bioware has put out an ad that they are looking for local testers. I’ve also seen these ads before in comic shops, in the paper, on their website and of course, online job boards. I’ve yet to do one of them because I have a full time job of my own but I have some friends who have done it and it can be a lot of fun if you love the game.

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Bioware has Delivered Nearly Everything from May 2012 Survey

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Some of you might remember that back in May 2012, there was a rumor about a survey going around. You can actually see one of the old threads about it here on the official forums that has now been revived. The reason being that while it was called a fake, Bioware has now delivered nearly everything that was in that survey over a year ago. Let’s take a look. Possible Expansion? From Swtor Survey Star Wars: The Old Republic: Makeb Mission introduces an explosive new conflict threatening the future of the galaxy. The Hutt Empire has risen from the underworld to challenge the Republic and Sith Empire for control of the galaxy, unleashing never-before-seen droids and monstrous battle stations to serve as powerful weapons of destruction. As a player, you will be forced to take a side in this sudden uprising by The Hutt Empire. Is this a manifestation of an isolated power play or is it the first move in a bigger plot to take over control of the galaxy? Join the battle to thwart the...

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