Claudia Adams-Esgrow Former Social Advisor for Bioware Passes Away

Claudia Adams-Esgrow

The game industry suffered a sad and unexpected loss this month. EA social advisor Claudia Adams-Esgrow has passed away. Claudia’s wife, Julia Adams-Esgrow, shared the news in a post on Facebook, Claudia and Julia had only been married a few weeks prior. Claudia started out as an in-game support representative for Blizzard (World of Warcraft) but worked on several games throughout her career, including Star Wars The Old Republic, where she helped manage the community. She even had a stint at Trion Worlds. We’re written about the importance of community management here quite often and as someone who has experience in that field, I tend to take these kinds of roles and the people who fill them, personally. Claudia worked hard for SWTOR and the fans and she was an all-around great person. Described by friends and family as a great food lover and a passionate political activist, she was someone who cared about…

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SWTOR Class Changes Coming with Patch 4.5

SWTOR Class Changes Coming with patch 4_5

BioWare will be making a long list of class changes in SWTOR with Game update 4.5 coming in next month. Hey folks, Below you will find the current list of Class changes which are coming with Game Update 4.5. These changes will not be going on PTS so we wanted to give you a heads up on what was coming. Please feel free to read over the changes and provide your feedback in this thread, I will pass it on to the Combat team. Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Dark Heal now has a base cost of 70 Force (up from 55 Force) and heals for slightly more (.49%). Resurgence now has a base cost of 40 Force (up from 30 Force) and heals for a bit more (4.94% for the instant heal, and 3.70% for the heal over time.). Static Barrier now has a base cost of 45 Force (up from…

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Bioware Story (Documentary)

Star Wars The Old Republic - The Bioware Story (Documentary)

We talk a lot about SWTOR here. The entire site was built upon it back in our early days as we awaited the release of the game. So it’s fun then to see things like this short documentary about the making of SWTOR. This BioWare Story from Complex introduces us to the brains behind the game. We hear from the directors, writers and other key players of BioWare’s SWTOR team and they tell us about how they were first interested in Star Wars and what impact it had on their world. This then, helps us to see the impact this had on SWTOR. There’s a nod to Knights of the Old Republic, then they explain how they go in their own direction from SWTOR. Some of this might be info you already knew if you’re a big nerd who followed this game from the beginning but other parts will definitely…

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“True Stories of BioWare Heartbreak” Will Give You the Feels


There is one thing BioWare is very well known for: their great storytelling. We’re talking about the kinds of stories that really make you feel. If you’ve ever played a BioWare game, you know just how easy it is to get emotionally invested. For some people, it’s books. For some, it’s movies or television shows. But for some of us, it’s a great video game with an emotion-filled story. This is what makes an excellent game stand out from an ordinary game. This is what defines the game for a lot of people. When you want to get lost in the story and feel like you are your character, this is the kind of feeling we’re talking about. Not all games can do that. Of course, the non-story-based games have their place too. Some gamers enjoy both. But when a game’s story reels you in and makes you feel like…

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BioWare’s Next IP Was Hiding in Plain Sight: On a T-shirt


Bioware’s Alistair McNally had an interesting tweet this week after the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Diego last week. He says he wore a t-shirt to the conference that referenced Bioware’s new IP and it appears no one even noticed. Sneaky! Also it was fun to walk around GDC2016 in a t-shirt with our new IP on it and no one batted an eyelid. — Alistair McNally (@Al_McNally) March 18, 2016 So of course, this got the Twitterverse in a tizzy as people realized their miss and some frantically searched for pictures from the event to try to see this shirt in action. There have been articles written about it, forum threads posted on it, social media dialogue and even debate over it, but still we don’t know what the new game is, or what was on his shirt. And it looks like we might be waiting awhile for…

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Curious How BioWare Created SWTOR Classes?

swtor classes

If you’ve ever wanted to know how BioWare created the SWTOR classes, you’re in luck. There is a special guest post series on from SWTOR lead designer, Michael Backus that tells you all about it. You can see Part 1 here, which talks about the Republic. Blakus has been on the SWTOR team for seven years now and if you’ve ever had any interaction with him, you know that he is really passionate about what he does and it shows. So it’s great to see that he is the one doing this guest post series because I’m sure it’s going to be good. Here’s a snippet from part 1: “So I’m going to do just that. I’m going to talk about the different classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but more importantly, about each class’s story arc. And by this, I don’t mean spoilers about their plots, but really, what…

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BioWare is Hiring for a New Game

BioWare Corp

BioWare is putting out the call once again for a new IP. Could it be a new MMO? We don’t know for sure yet but it is exciting news. It’s always great news when BioWare is planning a new game but from the sound of this one, it might be an MMO which would be good for fans. Here is what the job listing had to say about this particular project. The job description says, “BioWare is seeking a qualified Senior Lead Server Engineer for a new, unannounced BioWare IP. This role will direct a team of software engineers to create the backend systems that will drive online play for this exciting new game. The successful candidate will have expert knowledge of and experience in the design, implementation, and continuing support of large scale real-time client/server applications using primarily C++. Extensive experience with and knowledge of multi-tier client/server architectures as…

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Drew Karpyshyn Returns to Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Drew Karpyshyn interview

I can honestly say I never thought I’d be writing this post after Drew left SWTOR but he has recently posted some very big news on his blog. In true Drew fashion, he packed THREE big updates in this one post and if you don’t follow him or managed to miss this, here is the part you might be most interested in: Speaking of full circle, here’s the second piece of big news: as of this past week, I am back working at BioWare again! For those who don’t know, I spent over a decade with BioWare working on many award winning and fan-beloved games like Mass Effect 1&2, Knights of the Old Republic and the Star Wars: The Old Republic Online MMO. A few years ago I left BioWare to focus on my Chaos Born novels, but now that the trilogy is finished, I’ve decided to come back into the…

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GGW Part 1 for swtorstrategies

  This is a Part 1 of a 3 episodes miniseries by Vulkk, explaining everything there is to know about The Great Galactic War, one of the most significant events in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The war is seriously embedded also into Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). For the narrations Jason or as everyone knows him Teo from OotiniCast has made yet another appearance on a Lore video by Vulkk to do the narrations. Here’s the intro in a written form. The rest you can hear and see in the video, attached in the bottom. The Great Galactic War, known as the Great War during the conflict and in the years afterward, was a war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic between 3681 BBY and 3653 BBY, lasting for a total of 28 years. Also known as the Republic–Sith War, the conflict was ultimately the culmination of…

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BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

swtor Gay Romances

BioWare’s lead writer and developer for Mass Effect and Dragon Age, David Gaider, has decided to address the popular topic of sexual diversity in video games. Gaider is a 16-year veteran of the RPG studio and he recently wrote for Dragon Age: Inquisition. He began his interview by going over his reaction after he learned that BioWare’s 2005 RPG Jade Empire would allow gamers to have gay romances. “I remember hearing about when they made that decision to put it in and I was floored,” Gaider told Video Game Sophistry. “I mean, I’m gay myself, so I felt it kind of odd when I heard about it, how shocked I was because I just never thought that part of my life had a role to play in work. Like I said, it just wasn’t done. I didn’t even really consider the idea, so when they made that decision it was…

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