Go to San Diego Cantina Tour and get 30 days sub and some cartel coins

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Attendees in the daytime event, at San Diego cantina tour, Will get 30 days sub and some cartel coins: The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in San Diego, California! | 07.09.2015, 07:32 PM Hey folks! I wanted to let you know about a promotion we will be running during our San Diego Cantina. If you stop by anytime during the day, log into one of the laptops we have there, and show us that you have an account and are opted in to receive emails we will claim a code for you on the spot which will add 30 days of sub time and some Cartel Coins. Just a little something extra for those of you come to visit us during Comic-Con. Note that you will need to log into your account (so if you have a security key, make sure to bring it along), we will only have this during the day, and it will not be available during the nighttime event. Thanks everyone, see you in San Diego!...

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Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday June 09 –16. 2015

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  Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for the week of June 02 – June 09 2015. All items take from reddit.   New Items Price Helpful links HYPERCRATE: MID RIM EXPLORER’S PACKS 5400 MID RIM EXPLORER’S PACK 250 APPEARANCE OPTION: UNDERCUT 50 Price Change Old Price New Price Percent Change Normal Price Helpful links APPEARANCE OPTION: PIGTAILS 100 50 –50% 100 CYBER ASSAULT CANNON 600 300 –50% 480 STRONGHOLD LUXURY DECORATION BUNDLE 1632 1020 –38% 1326 R-30017 AIKION BLASTER 400 200 –50% 400 CAVERN VARACTYL 1200 2400 +100% 2400 Information from TOR FASHION UNLOCK: GUILD BANK ACCESS 300 600 +100% 600 VINDICATOR’S LIGHTSABER 200 400 +100% 400 Information from TOR FASHION GOING PLACES BASIC BUNDLE 250 375 +50% 375 VINDICATOR’S SABERSTAFF 200 400 +100% 400 Information from TOR FASHION...

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SWTOR Basics – Gearing for Leveling, Basic Comms Usage, Fleet Vendors

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SWTOR Basics guide for newer players. How to use the Basic Commendatinos, Gearing tips for leveling, Fleet Vendors location and contents, 12x vs Normal Leveling plus many more Tips and Tricks to help and guide you through your journey. Since this is a “Basics” video most of the things you will see and hear may be familiar to the veteran players. However, if you have a few minutes, stay around, watch and listen. You may discover a fact or trick you didn’t know or perhaps add to the information I shared. Some of the bullet-points covered in the video are: ♦ Location of the Basic Comms vendors on both fleets ♦ Vendor names and changes in Patch 3.2 ♦ How to best use basic comms for gearing with and without 12x ♦ Difference between orange shells and normal gear. How and what to use ♦ Crafted gear vs vewndor mods ♦ Leveling after Corelia A Special Note: I worked for quite some time on this. Not because it is the most special of my videos, but because I made a special miniseries to accompany it – “Creating a YouTube Video – The Full Process). If you are interested in this kind of a video, check the link for the playlist. First one will be published on 19.05.2015: Creating a YouTube Video – The Full Process...

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Anaheim Cantina attendee-only rewards just went out

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BioWare just send out the Anaheim Cantina attendee-only rewards. All attendees get 450 Cartel Coins! Hello <username>, We would like to start off by thanking you for pre-registering and attending the STAR WARS™ Celebration Cantina in Anaheim. It was a great event and all of us here at BioWare are thankful that so many of you could join us. As we mentioned on the pre-registration page, pre-registrants that attended the event would receive a special bonus. Below, you will find a code that you can redeem on your account page via www.swtor.com. Once redeemed, that code will grant you 450 Cartel Coins for you to use as you see fit! Your code: <code>, Again, thank you so much for joining us in Anaheim, we hope you had a great time! If you are interested in giving us feedback on how we might improve our Cantinas, feel free to fill out this survey: <link> Thanks, Eric Musco Community Manager – STAR WARS™: The Old...

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SWTOR Basics – F2P vs Preferred vs Subscriber vs Expansion Purchase Explained in Details

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  This video will explain to you the most important differences in the different models for SWTOR. What the limitations of F2p are, how you change form one mode to another. What is included in Subscription, in Expansions, deals and bundles. How referral links work, what do players win when using it. And much more.

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