The 12 Days of SWTOR: Daily Cartel Market Sales for the Next 12 Days

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BioWare will be doing 12 days for sales on the cartel market tarting from Dec 18 to Dec 29. The Cartel Market will be updated at 11:am CT each day. Check ingame or here on our website for details one each sale. Below is the official word The 12 Days of SWTOR | 12.17.2014, 08:06 PM Happy holidays everyone! Beginning tomorrow, the Cartel Market will have daily surprise sales for the next 12 days (12/18/2014 – 12/29/2014). You can find out what’s on sale in game, but we will also be posting here and on social media the items going on the Market that day. The Market will be updated at 11:00am CT each day. Day 1: (Dec 18): For the first day, we will be putting the Crime Lord and Blockade Runner’s Cartel Packs back onto the market! They are available both as single packs (250 CC) and Hypercrates (5400 CC). Day 2: Coming Soon Day 3: Coming Soon Day 4: Coming Soon Day 5: Coming Soon Day 6: Coming Soon Day 7: Coming Soon Day 8: Coming Soon Day 9: Coming Soon Day 10: Coming Soon Day 11: Coming...

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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Imperial and Republic Essentials Bundles

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The SWTOR Cartel Market updated this past month with some new bundles and items for both Imperial and Republic essentials. Check them out in full detail below. Imperial Essentials Bundle (500 CC): 1x Imperial Dignitary’s Rug 1x Imperial Wall Sconce 1x Imperial Worktable (Alert Status) 1x Imperial Supply Locker 1x Imperial Crate Pallet 1x Imperial Medical Bed Republic Essentials Bundle (500 CC): 1x Engineering Access Panel 1x Republic Crate Pallet 1x Republic Supply Locker 1x Republic Wall Sconce 1x Ornate Merchant’s Rug 1x Republic Starship Couch Unlock: Inventory Module (140 CC) – 20 % OFF Going Places Basic Bundle (250 CC) – 60% OFF Major XP boost (270 CC) – 25% OFF Additional Char Slot (540 CC) – 10% OFF Dye Module Kit (150 C) – 25%...

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SWOTR 14,500 Cartel Coins + Exclusive Item

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Star Wars The Old Republic 14,500 Cartel Coins + Exclusive Item [Online Game Code] If you are looking to get some cartel coins, it’s always better to buy in bulk. Now EA has put out a deal that you don’t want to miss. It was just released at the end of September and we don’t know if it will be permanent or something they only offer for a short time but it does come with a cool, unique, exclusive in-game item. 2400 coins is $19.99 5500 is $39.99 So this special deal for 14,500 coins is $99.99. $100 is a lot to spend in a game but think of all you can get or do with those Cartel Coins + the special item! Unfortunately, it’s US only (unless you have a work-around) and it’s a digital code only and there is no gifting option. Online Code: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address. Note: Gifting is not available for this item. ASIN: B00NFZZN18 Release Date: September 25, 2014 From...

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Check Out Cool Items from Gatekeeper’s Pack – Videos

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Are you curious about what’s in Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Packs? You would not be alone, as many SWTOR fans want to know what cool stuff they can get from these packs. Here is a compilation of videos from Dulfy herself showing us some of the cool stuff you can get if you are willing to dig through the cards (the drop rates, as usual, are not super great). Mounts Walkhar Auspiece (new model with a neat animation)   Tobus Cruiser (new model)   Weapons Blaster pistol   Blaster Rifle     Sniper rifle   Decorations Grand Statue of the Emperor (centerpiece):     Statue of the Spearman (centerpiece):   Misc Regen/emotes:...

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TOR TV: Opening 24x Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Packs

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The first in a series of Galactic Stronghold cartel packs have arrived… with more items AND they’re even cheaper than they used to be. With decorations now included in these packs, can Charlie find something worth keeping? We love these videos and articles where people open their packs for us and show us what they get. It’s a lot of fun getting caught up in the opening, hoping they will find something rare or at very least, some cool and useful stuff so the purchase is not unfounded. In addition to being fun to watch (although he’s slow), there is also a chance to win some packs for yourself so check it out and find out how. The verdict from this and prior experiences? Don’t open packs if you are looking for something specific unless you are planning to open 50+ of them. So we have the opening of 24 new Gatekeeper’s Stronghold packs. Check it out for yourself:   Video from KranitokoGames Thanks to Ian for helping make the intro. This was...

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