All Subscribers get 500 free Cartel coins to spend on hourly deals this friday

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BioWare just posted Facebook update, saying all subscribers will get 500 bonus cartels coins to use on upcoming hourly deals on the Cartel market this Friday (April 5). We will keep you posted as soon as we know more Post by Star Wars: The Old...

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TOR TV: Opening 24x Space Jockey’s Starfighter Packs

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We haven’t seen anything from KranitokoGames for a while, but alas, the Space Jockey’s Starfighter pack is here, with new gear, more reputation and some sweet mounts. This pack was released yesterday on April 1, 2014, and is available on a cartel market near you! Check out the opening of 24x Space Jockey’s Starfighter Packs in the below video: Below is a bunch of videos created by that takes acloser look of all the stuff that can be found in the packs: Armor sets (full): Daring Rogue’s Armor Set, Dashing Hero’s Armor Set, Saul Karath’s Armor Set , Scout Trooper Armor Set, Interceptor Armor Set, Ancient Infernal Armor Set. Mounts: Razalon FC-1, Tion SY-3, Korrealis Count, Armored Grassland Varactyl, Meirm Iguana. Weapons (Visual&Sound): Indomitable Vanquisher’s Lightsaber, Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Cresh, Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Cresh, Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Cresh. Both new...

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TOR TV: Opening 24x Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Packs

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Remember that video with the guy opening 24x Dogfighter’s Starfighter Packs? Well, the guy have done it again. This time he opens 24x Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Packs. What goodies will Kranitoko find inside the Galactic Ace’s packs? Check it out in the video below: If you are interested in the new emotes and items found in this new Cartel Pack. Dulfy got your covered. Check out her latest videos showing All emotes and moods from Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack...

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PSA: Shipment 1 Cartel Packs Hypercrate leaving the Cartel Market today

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Cory Butler posted a tweet confirming that the Hypercrate of Shipment 1 Cartel Packs will be removed from the Cartel Market today. The Hypercrate contains 6 Crime Lord’s, 6 Blockade Runner’s, 6 Skip Tracer’s, and 6 Space Pirate’s packs and has the hefty price of 7680 Cartel Coins. Below is the tweet from Cory: Shipment 1 Hypercrate going away tomorrow. @SWTOR #CartelMarket — Cory Butler (@BlazeofCory) February 10, 2014 Later he confirmed it will be back some other time: @Jakkeez @SWTOR it’ll be back… one day. No time soon though. — Cory Butler (@BlazeofCory) February 11, 2014 For older players this should mean the respective crates will become more valuable on the market for a...

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Cartel Market sales: week 05 2014

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Here are this weeks bargains and good deals on the cartel market: Sales Ashfall Tauntaun (3,600 CC 2,400 CC 20% off) TZ-24 Enforcer (1,800 CC 1,440 CC 20% off) TZ-24 Gladiator (1,800 CC 1,440 CC 20% off) MA-25 Forward Ops Chestplate (150 CC 50 CC 66% off) Vintage Republic Military Armor Set (1,200 CC 600 CC 50% off) Stalward Protector Armor Set 1,440 CC 576 CC 60% off) 5-Pack: Major Starfigher Experience Boost (240 CC 180 CC 25% off) Hypercrates Wont be on this list unless they have more than a 10% discount.  Apparently bundles also don’t change sale prices so they wont be on the list.  If I there is a sale that’s not on this list please let me know and I will add it. New Items VX-9 Mailoc (1,800 CC) - Gunship for the Imperials VX-9 Redeemer (1,800 CC) - Gunship for the Republic Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack (320 CC) - New Cartel Pack Hypercrate: Dogfigher’s Starfighter Packs (6,912 CC) - Contains 24 Dogfigher’s Starfighter Packs Wingman’s...

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