Republic Datacron Hunt [iconographics]

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Are you looking for a great visual guide to help you on your Datacron hunt? This guide for the Republic is very detailed and useful. You can save it to your computer, print it out or open it in your browser and use it to find the datacrons on the Republic side. It tells you what you get with each one and also gives you a class breakdown of stats so you can know just what you’re going for. New players and seasoned vets alike can all benefit from this useful guide. It goes all the way up to Makeb, level 55 and also covers the Republic Fleet. Check out the full sized image for yourself here: It is also added to our Datacron guide together with a imperial version of the iconographics Do you know of any useful guides and graphics just like this one? We want to hear about it so we can share it with all of our readers. Leave us a comment, email us or post to our Facebook...

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TOR TV: Makeb Endurance Datacron, just say no

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Here is a little tale of a SWTOR Player trying to get the endurance Datacon on Mekeb: Actually it’s a nightmare first time but once you know the way it’s easy, you just have to be careful and not rush it. First time I failed 10 times or so, now for the alts I get it on first or second try and it’s actually fun to do. Best thing is when you do it in group and watch the others fall. If you haven’t found them all yet, we have a comprehensive datacron list here. I suggest getting most of them as you level, just because I find it easier, personally. However, there are a few that you’ll have to make a trip back during the planet’s bonus series or later. Nar Shaddaa has some in the bonus area and can be a pain to get at during your first trip there, and one on Hoth requires punching a high level robot. Also, one in Alderaan is in a bonus area heroic area (so level 40ish, when you’re usually under level 30 to do Alderaan’s main story). But for...

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TOR TV: How to Assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic (Republic Guide)

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  Yesterday we posted the Empire guide on How to Assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic, so it’s obvius we would post the Republic guide soon. This also conclude our complete datacron guide. So without further ado I present to you “How to Assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic (Republic Guide)” by  Ruin. Click on the timers below to go straight to the part that you want. 0:24 How to get to the Lost Assembly Vault 0:45 Assembling a Matrix Cube 1:55 Disassembling a Matrix Cube   TIER 2 (Level 15) RBY — 18 Str, 8 End (M2-W3) BYG — 11 Str, 14 End (M2-W0) RBG — 15 Aim, 10 End RYG — 8 End, 18 Will (M2-W1) TIER 3 (Level 24) RYY — 19 Str, 24 End (M3-O1) BYY — 19 Aim, 24 End (M3-J1) GYY — 28 Cun, 14 End (M3-L1) RBB — 19 Will, 24 End (M3-V2) YBB — 19 Str, 24 End (M3-J2) GBB — 28 Aim, 14 End (M3-A2) TIER 4 (Level 32) YRR — 29 Str, 33 End (M4-O2) BRR — 33 End, 29 Will (M4-V1) GRR — 39 Aim, 23 End (M4-B2) RGG — 39 Cun, 23 End (M4-B1) YGG — Bugged,...

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TOR TV: How to Assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic (Empire)

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This is more a guide then a fun swtor machinima. It’s quite interesting though and we haven’t covered this part in our extensive Datacron Guide. This is the Empire Guide. Remember all the coloured matrix shards you’ve been picking up while datacron hunting? THIS is what you do with them. You can use to construct a Matrix Cube (Relic) to be put in the Relic slots on your Character Sheet. Click on the timers below to go straight to the part that you want. 0:23 How to get to the Ancient Assembly Chamber 0:48 Assembling a Matrix Cube 1:51 Disassembling a Matrix Cube   Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old...

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Voss Datacron Locations

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Voss was a planet located within the Voss system of the Outer Rim Territories. It was inhabited by Gormak and a less numerous species, who were named Voss like the planet. The two were engaged in warfare for many years circa 3,653 BBY. The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire discovered the planet shortly after the signature of the Treaty of Coruscant. For centuries, the two native sentient species of Voss—the Voss and the Gormak—were at war with each other. Following the Treaty of Coruscant that ended the Great Galactic War in 3,653 BBY, Voss was accidentally discovered by the larger galaxy. It was invaded by the Sith Empire, and the Galactic Republic moved to defend the world against the Sith by occupying it themselves. However, the Voss were able to out-maneuver both factions due to the visions of their Force-using tradition, the Voss Mystics. In the aftermath of the battle, the Sith were defeated, a fleet had vanished, and both governments established embassies in Voss-Ka to...

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