SWTOR patch 3.1 Datamined – Prinawe Mounts comming soon?

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swtor_potato have discovered Several Prinawe mounts in SWTOR, while Datamining patch 3.1. It’s not completely certain how they will be added to the game, but dataminers say it might be a reward for future cantina tours. Here are what they found in the latest patch: String Changes GOM Changes File Changes Class, Converation, MTX and Codex changes New MTX Images: New Soundtracks: Many of you probably missed my second lot of MTX images in my previous post, so check it out (includes black-silver crystal picture) The cooldown of shoulder cannon is 1.5 seconds, not 1. The cooldown value was being casted to an integer when it shouldn’t of been. I don’t know how long the Soundtrack video will last, YouTubes content ID system matched one of the tracks against one of the prequel tracks. Things of note: Black silver crystal replaced by Black Purple Striated crystal. Jetpack mount being worked on, but is incomplete currently. Several variants of Prinawe mounts added, labeled to...

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Swtor-mined: 2.9 PTS Patch #4

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SWTOR_Miner have already been hard at work, datamining the latest patch on Star Wars: The old Republic test servers. Here is what is found inside the patch. Now Please don’t go and get yourself banned by posting/dicussing any information datamined here, the Official SWTOR Forums. Here’s the raw changes. Working on the rest New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements New/Changed/Removed Collection Entries New/Changed/Removed Decorations New/Changed/Removed GOM_Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed Cartel Market Entries New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed String Tables New/Changed/Removed Stongholds New Cartel Market/Collections Images:   Stronghold Decoration Spreadsheet Updated! Conquest Events Spreadsheet Updated! Changes of Note: Stronghold Max Occupancy and Max Hook counts increased by 50-100 across the board. Galactic Datacron Master Achievement now grants one of each of the Datacron table decorations for your...

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Swtor-mined: 2.7 PTS Patch #5 | 3/13/2014

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Here is the newest datamined info from swtor_miner. We are going to jump over the raw output and go right to the juicy stuff. Unannounced Class Changes Operative/Scoundrel Jarring Strike/K.O. – Old PTS – “…and make your Backstab/Back Blast no longer require you to be behind the target to activate for 5 seconds.” New PTS – “…and allow your next Backstab/Back Blast to be activated while face-to-face with your enemy target.” Quickening/Scurry – Old PTS – “..In addition, when you activate Exfiltrate/Scamper, you have a 15/30% chance to gain Quickening/Scurry..” New PTS – “..In addition, when you activate Exfiltrate/Scamper, you have a 50/100% chance to gain Quickening/Scurry..” Surgical Precision/Emergent Emergencies – Old PTS – “…In addition, Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac immediately re-grants Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand when used on targets below 30% max health....

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Swtor-mined: 2.6 PTS Patch | 1/21/13

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SWTOR-miner have been playing around with game update 2.6 witch is currently being test on the public tests servers. There’s a bug with some of the ship component listings, but there’s some good stuff in there. One of them looks like being a Manaan flashpoint! New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements New/Changed/Removed Areas New/Changed/Removed Codex Entries New/Changed/Removed Collections New/Changed/Removed Companions New/Changed/Removed GOM Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed MtxStoreFront Entries New/Changed/Removed Npcs New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed Ships New/Changed/Removed Talents Looks like the NovaDive/S-12 Blackbolt got some love with the new EMP Field Component: Causes and electromagnetic pulse around your ship that will damage and disable all hostile mines and drones in a 3000m radius for 15 seconds. Hostile ships caught in the pulse will have their accuracy reduced by 10%, their sensor and communication...

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Swtor-mined: 2.5.2? PTS Patch | 1/9/2014

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SWTOR-Miner has been playing around with PTS patch 2.5.2, and found alot of new interesting stuff. First off smugglers and agents seem to get some fairly hefty changes: Smugglers/Imperial Agents: Upper Hand/Tactical Advantage’s buff duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds. Shoot First/Hidden Strike had their energy cost decreased by 2, cooldown increased by 1.5 seconds, and had their damage increased by ~14%. Gunslinger/Sniper PvP 2pc/4pc Set Bonuses got swapped. XS Freighter Flyby/Orbital Strike is now a 2.5 second cast that costs 10 Energy with a 45 second cooldown. It’s coefficient also got reduced by ~62%. Also Troopers and Bounty hunters are getting some changes that haven’t’been announced yet. This is pretty much the end of the hybrid DPS: Troopers/Bounty Hunters: Pulse Generator/Prototype Flame Thrower talent now requires High Energy Cell/High Energy Gas Cylinder Here are the images found in the patch: Lot’s of new stuff for Galactic Starfighter...

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