SWTOR patch 3.1 Datamined – Prinawe Mounts comming soon?

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swtor_potato have discovered Several Prinawe mounts in SWTOR, while Datamining patch 3.1. It’s not completely certain how they will be added to the game, but dataminers say it might be a reward for future cantina tours. Here are what they found in the latest patch: String Changes GOM Changes File Changes Class, Converation, MTX and Codex changes New MTX Images: New Soundtracks: Many of you probably missed my second lot of MTX images in my previous post, so check it out (includes black-silver crystal picture) The cooldown of shoulder cannon is 1.5 seconds, not 1. The cooldown value was being casted to an integer when it shouldn’t of been. I don’t know how long the Soundtrack video will last, YouTubes content ID system matched one of the tracks against one of the prequel tracks. Things of note: Black silver crystal replaced by Black Purple Striated crystal. Jetpack mount being worked on, but is incomplete currently. Several variants of Prinawe mounts added, labeled to be used for Cantina events. Several new soundtracks added. Prinawe Mounts: Prinawe Congregate Prinawe Junction Prinawe Collective Prinawe Aggregate Prinawe Union This is the best images (the inventory images) I have of these...

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Swtor-mined: 2.9 PTS Patch #4

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SWTOR_Miner have already been hard at work, datamining the latest patch on Star Wars: The old Republic test servers. Here is what is found inside the patch. Now Please don’t go and get yourself banned by posting/dicussing any information datamined here, the Official SWTOR Forums. Here’s the raw changes. Working on the rest New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements New/Changed/Removed Collection Entries New/Changed/Removed Decorations New/Changed/Removed GOM_Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed Cartel Market Entries New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed String Tables New/Changed/Removed Stongholds New Cartel Market/Collections Images:   Stronghold Decoration Spreadsheet Updated! Conquest Events Spreadsheet Updated! Changes of Note: Stronghold Max Occupancy and Max Hook counts increased by 50-100 across the board. Galactic Datacron Master Achievement now grants one of each of the Datacron table decorations for your Stronghold. New Tutorial text: As the war effort evolves, Conquest Events provide you with a new set of shifting objectives every week. The current conquest event can be viewed by opening your Mission Log and clicking on the CONQUEST tab. Complete objectives to earn conquest points and meet your personal point target before the end of the event to unlock exclusive rewards. Your conquests points are reset each week so pay close attention to the countdown timer! You don’t need to be in a guild to participate in conquest events, but it’s a good idea to join one. During each conquest event, several planets will be contested. If your guild owns a flagship, you may choose to invade a planet, which provides bonus points to conquest objectives and pits your guild against others on that planet’s leaderboard for the duration of the event. Whichever guild places first on the leaderboard takes control of the planet when the next event begins! If your guild places on the leaderboard for a planet, every guild member who met his or her contribution target will be granted special guild rewards. Each guild member’s contribution can be viewed in the guild window. If you join or leave a guild, your contribution will be reset. Conquering planets unlocks special priveleges, including temporary access to the special Command Walker mount, increased potency of flagship orbital support, achievements, and more! Conquest Events Spreadsheet has been updated with Conquest Objectives. There are two lists of objectives, which I’ll have to figure out why that is. Each objective is a grouping of sub-objectives (and a planetary bonus modifier which isn’t shown). Here’s an example: The Balance of Power Political struggles are mounting in the hearts of key worlds. The seats of power on Alderaan and Makeb may soon be changing hands. Personal Goal: 35000 Republic Active Planets: Alderaan – Voss – Makeb Imperial Active Planets: Alderaan – Voss – Makeb First Objectives List: Warzones: Critical Missions – Warzones: The Killing Fields – Warzones: Total Domination Starfighter: Conquer the Skies – Starfighter: Critical Missions Group Finder: Operations – Group Finder: Flashpoints Crafting: War Supplies Critical Missions: Makeb Critical Missions: Galactic Flashpoints Alderaan: Heroic Missions Makeb: Heroic Missions Second Objectives List: Crafting: Invasion Force Alderaan: Infiltrating the Republic – Alderaan: Ulgo Siegebreaker – Alderaan: Infiltrating the Empire – Alderaan: Rampage Makeb: Attacking the Empire – Makeb: Raiding the Republic – Makeb: Rampage Operation: Toborro’s Courtyard Destroy Enemy Commanders Remember you can follow Swtor_Miner on Twitter, @swtor_miner, and on Twitch.tv/swtorminer. He don’t have a regular streaming schedule...

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Swtor-mined: 2.7 PTS Patch #5 | 3/13/2014

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Here is the newest datamined info from swtor_miner. We are going to jump over the raw output and go right to the juicy stuff. Unannounced Class Changes Operative/Scoundrel Jarring Strike/K.O. – Old PTS – “…and make your Backstab/Back Blast no longer require you to be behind the target to activate for 5 seconds.” New PTS – “…and allow your next Backstab/Back Blast to be activated while face-to-face with your enemy target.” Quickening/Scurry – Old PTS – “..In addition, when you activate Exfiltrate/Scamper, you have a 15/30% chance to gain Quickening/Scurry..” New PTS – “..In addition, when you activate Exfiltrate/Scamper, you have a 50/100% chance to gain Quickening/Scurry..” Surgical Precision/Emergent Emergencies – Old PTS – “…In addition, Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac immediately re-grants Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand when used on targets below 30% max health. This effect can only occur once every 6 seconds.” New PTS – “…In addition, Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac immediately re-grants Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand once every 10 seconds.” Sorcerer/Sage Subversion/Concentration Old PTS – “Reduces the pushback suffered while activating…and Thundering Blast/Turbulence by 35/70%…” New PTS – “Reduces the pushback suffered while activating…and Thundering Blast/Turbulence by 50/100%…” Lightning Storm/Tidal Force Reverted previous PTS changes to Live state. Now 100% proc chance, and no stacks. Operation Changes The Dread Council Siphon Energy bug has been fixed. Siphon Energy now has a 0 second cooldown. GSF Changes Some unidentified stat changes. Cartel Market Stronghold seems to be the name of the Cartel Market Packs New direct-sale dyes: Deep Pink and White White and Deep Pink Secondary Deep Pink Deep Pink and Black Deep Pink and Deep Gray Black and Deep Pink Deep Gray and Deep Pink Primary Deep Pink New Loading Screens New Cartel Market Images New...

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Swtor-mined: 2.6 PTS Patch | 1/21/13

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SWTOR-miner have been playing around with game update 2.6 witch is currently being test on the public tests servers. There’s a bug with some of the ship component listings, but there’s some good stuff in there. One of them looks like being a Manaan flashpoint! New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements New/Changed/Removed Areas New/Changed/Removed Codex Entries New/Changed/Removed Collections New/Changed/Removed Companions New/Changed/Removed GOM Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed MtxStoreFront Entries New/Changed/Removed Npcs New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed Ships New/Changed/Removed Talents Looks like the NovaDive/S-12 Blackbolt got some love with the new EMP Field Component: Causes and electromagnetic pulse around your ship that will damage and disable all hostile mines and drones in a 3000m radius for 15 seconds. Hostile ships caught in the pulse will have their accuracy reduced by 10%, their sensor and communication range reduced by 5000m, and their system ability disabled for 15 seconds. Some nice upgrades to it as well that can disable missile locking for a short duration on allies, and engine/shield abilities on enemies. Definitely going to be a fairly strong Scout vs Bombers. Not too many new Cartel Market/Collections item pictures, but I did find some nice new loading screen/tutorial pictures. Looks like the F-T2 Quell/FT-6 Pike got some love as well:...

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Swtor-mined: 2.5.2? PTS Patch | 1/9/2014

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SWTOR-Miner has been playing around with PTS patch 2.5.2, and found alot of new interesting stuff. First off smugglers and agents seem to get some fairly hefty changes: Smugglers/Imperial Agents: Upper Hand/Tactical Advantage’s buff duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds. Shoot First/Hidden Strike had their energy cost decreased by 2, cooldown increased by 1.5 seconds, and had their damage increased by ~14%. Gunslinger/Sniper PvP 2pc/4pc Set Bonuses got swapped. XS Freighter Flyby/Orbital Strike is now a 2.5 second cast that costs 10 Energy with a 45 second cooldown. It’s coefficient also got reduced by ~62%. Also Troopers and Bounty hunters are getting some changes that haven’t’been announced yet. This is pretty much the end of the hybrid DPS: Troopers/Bounty Hunters: Pulse Generator/Prototype Flame Thrower talent now requires High Energy Cell/High Energy Gas Cylinder Here are the images found in the patch: Lot’s of new stuff for Galactic Starfighter is also in the patch. Here’s what pops out: Shield Bypass and Crit Chance has been reduced across the board with the companion ability Bypass getting hit the hardest. (35%->16%) Missile range boosting component upgrades were doubled in efficacy. Ships got new stats that I’ll have to figure out what they do. Here’s a pastebin extraction of a string table (stb) that has some interesting new GSF stuff in it. Most notably: … 3346836085539209,Cargo Pickups 3346836085539210,The total amount of cargo you picked up during the battle. 3346836085539211,Cargo Deliveries 3346836085539212,The total amount of cargo you successfully delivered during the battle. … 3346836085539217,Cargo Carrier Kill/Assist Points 3346836085539218,Earnings for all of your kills/assists of cargo carrying players during Cargo Run battles. It seems there’ll be a Team Deathmatch mode, and 4 power-ups! I’m not sure if all 4 will be available in all match types. Gained all 4 power ups at once in a Galactic Starfighter match. Got 5 power-ups in a “Team Death Match” Galactic Starfighter match. The power-ups are: Damage Overcharge Engine Overcharge Shield Overcharge Weapon...

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