Developer Blog: Fallen Empire Core World Changes

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BioWare posted a bew blog post detailing the changes to core worlds with the Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out: Drawing inspiration from the success of last year’s 12x XP boost and the more recent Epic Story XP Boost, in Fallen Empire we’ve altered the core leveling experience from 1-60 for all players, making it quicker and more story-centric. Our goal is to create a tighter leveling experience that alleviates the fatigue associated with having to complete dozens of Missions per planet and that allows players to focus on the core storylines of their characters and companions amid the backdrop of the Great Galactic War. To accomplish this we’ve established a new critical path, reducing the number of Missions players are required to complete in order to progress along with an adjusted experience curve. Additionally we’ve made a number of changes to Heroic Missions and re-classified Missions not considered part of the critical path as Exploration Missions. Here is some more information on those Mission types: Critical Path: Should you choose, these are the only Missions you need to do in order to level from 1-60 without falling behind or getting too far ahead of the curve. These are also the Missions we consider most critical to the story of The Old Republic from level 1-60. All Class Missions and the core story arcs for each planet are part of the critical path and we’ve updated these Missions to be easily recognizable on the map due to their purple triangle icon. They also have a purple display name in your Mission Log. Additional Missions on the critical path will retain the classic gold triangle icon and Mission log text. Heroic Missions: On all planets up through Makeb the existing Heroic Missions have been revised in several ways in order to make them more accessible to all players: All repeatable missions, including Heroic Missions, now have their own Mission icon: a gold triangle with arrows on it. Heroic Missions have been adjusted to be completed by groups of 2+. This means that former [Heroic 4] missions have had their difficulties reduced. Barring a few special exceptions, Heroic Missions no longer need to be turned in at an NPC or Mission Dropbox. On completion of the final step of a Heroic Mission, the Mission completion dialog will appear immediately in the field. The first step of each Heroic Mission should give you a Heroic Transport item. Using this item (from your Mission Items inventory or the icon next to the task in the tracker) will transport you to a safe location near the site of the Mission. While Heroic Missions may still be acquired from NPC’s in the field, you will also find a new Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal just outside of the spaceports of all planets up through Makeb. Accessing this terminal will allow you to easily acquire all the Heroic Missions for that planet. Heroic Missions are now repeatable weekly and feature all new rewards! Exploration Missions: Rather than cutting the missions that are neither Heroic, nor part of the critical path, we’ve created a new category of Exploration Missions. The ability to see or obtain these missions is disabled by default, but can be toggled on via a check box on the Map screen. These Missions are represented by a triangle with a star next to it. Once activated Exploration Missions will still provide the same kinds of credit, experience, and item rewards you’re used to getting, allowing you to augment your leveling experience if you want too. With our new level sync  you can even choose to do these Missions later without feeling vastly overpowered. New Mission Iconography Quick Reference: Purple Triangle: These are critical path story Missions: your class Missions, planet story arcs, certain Flashpoint story intros, and more, including the new Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapters. Gold Triangle: These are critical path side Missions along with additional ones such as the Missions to unlock Flashpoints. Arrow Triangle: These are repeatable Missions including Heroics. Star Triangle: These are the Exploration Missions, optional Missions on each planet that can be completed at any level. Access can be toggled on via a check box on the Map screen. Our goal with these changes was to allow you to level up in The Old Republic quickly, and by only requiring you to see the main story content from your Class and each Planet. Of course, if you want to level through group content such as Warzones, that option is still there too. We hope you all enjoy all of the changes we have made throughout The Old Republic on your journey from levels 1 to 60. Brian Audette Senior Content Designer Source:...

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New SWTOR Story dev blog: Brothers

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BioWare published a new story blog on the swtor website details Thexan and Arcann. These a the two guys from the Fallen Empire trailer. Check it out below: Brothers Today, I watched my face burn. The skin cracked and curled as fire seared away the moisture. Charred flesh retreated from the heat and shriveled into a huddled black mass. One blue eye, identical to my own, held me in place–made me watch. In an instant, it was the face of a stranger. And we were no longer twins. The memory tugged at my hand, pulled it to my cheek. I was startled by the smoothness that met the pads of my fingertips. My brother’s phantom grip still clutched my arm. I felt the bones beneath his skin reach out, try to escape the pain, and fail. Arcann had writhed for hours before sleep granted him mercy. My own bed remained empty. The sheets were tight and immaculate against the mattress. Though not opulent, the bed seemed inappropriate. Its sleek, simple design was an insult to the war that raged outside. I grabbed the top sheet and rubbed it across my eyes, forehead, and mouth, staining it with sweat and sand. The soiled, white fabric brought bile to my throat. I crumpled it into a ball and threw it back onto the mattress. My quarters–a glorified tent–provided a false sense of security. It drowned out the wind and the screams of our injured, but I knew the fighting continued. Darth Atroxa would not die easily. Her forces were loyal and ambitious, with a strong will to live. But she would fall. Arcann would see to that. I heard the Knight’s steps before she knocked on my door. “Come in.” “Your Highness.” She kneeled upon entering and waited to be spoken to. A tiresome dance enforced by Father. Using the Force, I pulled a chair from the corner of the room and sat. “Tell me of my brother.” “Prince Arcann is stable.” Her face was hidden beneath the traditional helm of a Zakuul Knight. Father changed our guards regularly to prevent attachment. The Knights of Zakuul were our servants, but his followers and subjects. He was their god, we only represented an extension of his will. “He has not awoken.” She hesitated. “No, my Prince.” Her unease was vexing. “It wasn’t a question. I would feel if he was awake.” “I–yes, Your Highness.” Her gaze locked to the floor. It was easy to toy with the Knights. Their blind devotion to Father made them susceptible targets. As children, Arcann and I would switch clothes and play pranks on our guards. But I was too old for such games now. I could smell the grime beneath her armor. This Knight had fought with us today, and for that, she deserved my respect. “Forgive me.” I sighed. “I’m tired. Will that be all?” “The Immortal Emperor Valkorion, Slayer of Izax, requires an update.” The titles were spoken barely above a whisper. As if my father would strike her down for uttering them too boldly. “I shall speak to him alone. Thank you.” I waved her away. “As you wish, my Prince,” she answered and stepped back out of the tent. I listened to her retreating footsteps, then activated my holocom. Father’s silhouette filled the tent. He stood tall with his hands behind his back. I kneeled. “Report.” “Our healers tried to save Arcann’s arm, but were unsuccessful. He was fitted with a cybernetic replacement in the field. As for the burns on his face–” “A report on the planet, Thexan.” My head snapped upward. “Father?” “Your brother made his choice. I told him to stay on Zakuul. He paid the price for defiance.” His voice chilled the air. “This campaign was his vision,” I pressed. “We were meant to topple the Core Worlds together. In your name.” “His vision is narrow. Perhaps losing an eye will open his mind.” There was neither warmth nor malice in his tone. “Now, report.” My muscles tightened. I was thankful Arcann was not awake. His patience with Father grew thinner with each interaction. I tried to explain that this was just his way–that Father only pushed us to be stronger, but it was becoming harder to placate Arcann’s anger. I cleared my throat and obeyed. “Acceptable casualties, on our side. Darth Atroxa remains a threat, but I’m confident she will be neutralized. With her downfall, victory will be ours.” “Do not underestimate the Sith,” Father warned, “Though quaint, they will do whatever it takes to survive. And, unlike the Jedi, they are not held back by lofty ideals or false morality.” Without waiting for my response, he turned and cut the transmission. I sighed. Fatigue was catching up to me. There would be another battle tomorrow. My brother’s presence pulled at my attention. I hurried to the adjoining tent. Three droids and two healers stood over Arcann. I winced at the shrill sound of drilling. Arcann’s remaining fist clenched the sheets as they fitted him with a durasteel mask. “Finished, Your Highness.” My brother stared at the ceiling. The mask covered more than half of his face and wrapped around the back of his skull. There was nothing human about its design–it was meant to intimidate as Arcann demanded. Scorched skin peeked from the edges, a testament to the ruined visage beneath. “Leave us,” I ordered. The droids and healers bowed, then scurried away. Alone, Arcann relaxed. His exposed left brow knotted in pain as he looked down at the cybernetic arm. My stomach churned, as we both assessed the day’s losses. “A man can have anything, if he’s willing to sacrifice.” Father’s teachings were like poison on Arcann’s tongue. His modulated voice sounded foreign. “You have sacrificed enough,” I assured him. “No, Thexan.” His eye met mine. “This is only the first payment. There will be more.” Time slowed and yet the world spun around us as I felt my brother slip away from me. On Zakuul,...

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SWTOR Dev Blog – Vacation

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BioWare posted a new short story called Vacation and features the upcoming companion Nico Okarr: Vacation Even by Outer Rim standards, the Sarlacc and Loaded cantina was considered the end of the line. Smoke sullied by the stench of bodily fluids and putrid food assaulted the nostrils. Except for a flickering sign above the bar, it was dark and muggy. Sand carpeted the floors and seats. Customers didn’t frequent the Sarlacc–only regulars–the same five sorry slobs who sat in the same chairs, drinking the same drinks, and mumbling the same woes day in and day out. Under normal circumstances, a man like Seamus Kaldo wouldn’t send his servants to such an establishment, much less visit himself. But the trail had led him here and Seamus was in too deep to stop now. No one had looked up when they entered. Unless provoked, the Sarlacc’s finest were content to keep their faces nose deep in unwashed glasses. “You’re sure this is the place?” Seamus double-checked with Vhonu, his bodyguard, as they breathed in the ripe air. “Matches the description we received from the Hutt.” Vhonu was around the same age as Seamus, but his features were weathered, coarse, and he stood a foot taller than the Valahari noble. “Your man should be here, Master Kaldo.” Seamus took a deep breath and stepped towards the Molavaran bartender. “I’m looking for someone.” “Wrong place.” The Molavaran sighed and poked at a fresh pile of sand that had settled on the bar. “All we got here are nobodies.” Vhonu placed a few credits on the counter and slid them towards the bartender, leaving a trail in the sand. “The Snare. Where is he?” The Molavaran examined the credits, then shrugged and pointed over his shoulder. “In the back.” Seamus led the way as Vhonu kept a wary eye. “The back” was a small, decrepit room with a table and four chairs, one of which was broken. It was occupied by a single man who sat casually, feet on the table, brown wide-brimmed hat pulled low to cover his face. Seamus wrinkled his nose—the man smelled stronger than whatever was in the unlabeled bottle on the table. The Hutt had described a bounty hunter beyond comparison, but all he saw before him was a bum. Seamus was ready to return to the bar until he saw the man’s blasters—one hung from his belt, while the other rested next to the half-drunken bottle. Seamus clenched his sweaty fists and tried to sound confident. “I’m looking for the Snare. Is that you?” “Sure,” a gravelly voice answered. A gloved hand idly flipped a single credit with an audible ring. The coin’s golden glint somersaulted through the air and tugged at Seamus’ attention. Vhonu nudged his arm, encouraging him to continue. “My name’s Seamus Kaldo. I’ve a job for you.” “Sorry.” The Snare’s words were bored, slurred. “On vacation.” “Chose quite the spot,” Vhonu chimed in, eyes narrowing. “Molavar’s got its charms.” The Snare nodded towards the bottle. Seamus pulled out one of the two remaining chairs at the table. Vhonu took the other. “I think you’ll find the credits I’m offering more than charming.” “I’m not strapped for funds at the moment. Just a good time.” “This isn’t an ordinary job,” Seamus pressed. “It never is.” The Snare yawned. His thumb once again launched the coin upward. “Have you heard the name Nico Okarr before?” The Snare’s hand jerked upward to grab the credit mid-toss. His fist lingered for a moment, gripping the coin before he slipped the currency into his overcoat pocket. Beneath the worn rim of his hat, the hunter let a smile slip. “Once or twice. What’s he to you?” Seamus’ brow hardened. “A thief. One I’d like apprehended. I’m told you’re the best at finding people who don’t wish to be found.” The Snare swung his feet off the table and leaned forward to take a swig from the bottle. “People, sure, but you’re looking for a legend. When it comes to Nico Okarr–hard to decipher what’s truth or fiction.” “What he stole from my family was real enough.” Seamus dug his index finger into the table. Vhonu’s leg bounced. Rubbing the stubble on his chin, the Snare pursed his lips. “It’s personal then.” “It’s a job. That’s all you need to know,” Vhonu snapped. Seamus shot Vhonu a look. Smarmy as the Snare might be, they needed him. For months they’d chased the ghost of Nico Okarr with no luck. Vhonu was a capable bodyguard, but they needed a tracker–and someone willing to keep the job hush-hush. “Okarr would be an old-timer now, but as you said, he’s a legend. Think of what this could mean for your reputation.” “Oh, I am.” The Snare chuckled. “Then you’ll do it?” Dust scattered as Seamus jerked forward, palms flat on the tabletop. “Hold on now.” The Snare held up both hands and leaned back in his chair. “Let’s discuss the particulars. Not sure what you’ve heard about me, but I’m no assassin. You want Nico dead, I’m not your man.” Vhonu rolled his eyes. “He said, ‘apprehended.’ Your ‘morality’ is safe.” “Just making sure. Wouldn’t want an unhappy customer.” The Snare produced a wooden toothpick from behind his ear, plopped it into his mouth, and began chewing gingerly. “How much is this guy worth to you?” Seamus relaxed–credits was a topic he was comfortable with. “I know your standard rate. I’m willing to double it.” “I’m willing to accept that.” Vhonu snorted and crossed his arms. “I’m sure you are.” Ignoring the jab, the Snare transferred the toothpick to the other side of his mouth. “So. I deliver Nico into your custody. Alive and well. Then–” “It’s a simple deal.” Vhonu cut in. “You bring us Nico Okarr, get paid, and leave.” The Snare spit the mangled toothpick to the ground, where it was swallowed up by the sand. “You have the credits on you?” Seamus hesitated and cast a quick glance at Vhonu....

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SWTOR Developer Blog – The Epic Story XP Boost

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Community Manager for Star Wars: The old Republic Eric Musco, posted a developer blog about the new The Epic Story XP Boost. This XP boost is a subscriber only bonus, that will let you run through level 1-50 doing only your class quests. Check it out:   Hello everyone, let’s talk about the Epic Story XP Boost and how it’s an improvement over our 12x boost that we gave prior to Shadow of Revan. Our Epic Story XP Boost allows all subscribers to level from 1-50 by playing only their Class Missions and from 50-55 on Makeb by playing only the Rise of the Hutt Cartel main storyline. This Boost does not affect Shadow of Revan as it was already designed to be a more streamlined leveling experience. If you have never played the original 8 Class stories, there has never been a better time to dive in! With the Epic Story XP Boost we have made some exciting improvements over our initial 12x offering from last fall.  These improvements include travel, itemization, and quality of life changes.  Here are the details on some of those changes: All Class Missions now reward a lot more Basic Commendations than before, allowing you to stay geared as you level. Also, Modifications for your gear have had their Commendation costs reduced. All Taxi Destinations are unlocked for all players. Allowing you to get around on each planet much easier. Quick Travel Bind points are now automatically unlocked whenever you reveal that region. No longer will you miss a Bind point. The cooldown on the Quick Travel ability has been reduced. If you are a subscriber with all 3 Legacy unlocks, you can get the Quick Travel cooldown all the way to 0. We put the “Quick” back into Quick Travel. The cooldown on Emergency Fleet Pass and Transport: Personal Starship have also been reduced. Just like Quick Travel for subscribers, if you have all 3 levels of Legacy unlock you can get those cooldowns all the way down to 0. As you can see, the Epic Story XP Boost not only brings a huge boost to the experience you gain from Class Missions, it provides big improvements to how you travel around the Galaxy. With great quality of life improvements to both travel and staying geared while leveling, the Epic Story XP Boost is the best time ever to play through all of our great Class stories. If you are the type of player that wants to play through without an experience boost, to not accelerate your leveling experience through the Epic Story XP Boost, there is an option for that as well. Simply visit your Faction’s respective fleet and purchase the White Acute Module (it costs 0 credits). Upon using this consumable, it will suppress the effects of the Epic Story XP Boost for 8 hours. You can simply right click the White Acute Module “buff” at any time during the 8 hours to turn it off. The Epic Story XP Boost will be live for all Subscribers as of Monday, May 4th. This boost will remain active for all subs into this Fall. Eric Musco Community Manager Forum updates: Source Post #1 EricMusco When does the 12X start? | 05.04.2015, 10:10 AM Hey folks! I am seeing the same thing you are, the Epic Story XP Boost is not yet live. We are actively checking with the dev team to see what the status is. I will give you updates as soon as I have them. -eric Post #2 Source @SWTOR The Epic Story XP Boost is currently offline, and we are investigating. We will update as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience! 11:22 AM – 4 May 2015 · Details Post #3 Source EricMusco When does the 12X start? | 05.04.2015, 10:26 AM Hey folks, In order to turn on our Epic Story XP Boost, we are running a script which will activate it for all subscribers. In total the script will take approximately 90 minutes to hit all subscribers. Once the script has hit you, you will need to log out and log back in for it to be active. I will post in this thread once the script has been completed. All subscribers should have the Epic Story XP Boost by 10AM PDT. Thank you for your patience. I will continue giving updates as I have them. -eric Post #4 Source EricMusco When does the 12X start? | 05.04.2015, 10:32 AM Quote: Originally Posted by lucelent_umbra I wonder if it has to do with the fact the the “White Acute Module” to deactivate it says that i am not a subscriber, when the website itself says i am. Maybe you need to be a super subscriber to get it to work. This is just a bug since the script I mentioned hasn’t hit you. That message will disappear once the Epic Story XP Boost has hit you. -eric Post #5 Source EricMusco When does the 12X start? | 05.04.2015, 10:34 AM Quote: Originally Posted by SWGEvictee Will we need to just log out to character screen or out of the game completely? Unfortunately, you have to log completely out of the game. Keep in mind if you want to wait I will message as soon all subscribers have had it activated. Thanks -eric Post #6 Source EricMusco When does the 12X start? | 05.04.2015, 10:36 AM Quote: Originally Posted by TdubSI So how do we know when the script has “hit us”?? There is no way to know that it has hit you without logging off and back in to see if the Boost is turned on. I will keep you informed with updates as I have them! -eric Source EricMusco When does the 12X start? | 05.04.2015, 11:36 AM Hey folks, The script has been run to completion. Please completely close your game and reopen it, all active subscribers should have the Epic Story XP Boost!...

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New SWTOR Story blog: The Sixth Line: Part One

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BioWare just posted a new  SWTOR story blog. This one is focusing on the Sixth Line of Jedi and their leader Master Surro The Sixth Line: Part One The once-ripe fields of Balmorra lay barren, pockmarked by heavy artillery. The defaced bedrock was the handiwork of not only the Sith Empire but the Balmorran Resistance. One would hope each side might be more careful with the object they were fighting for. The desperate do not possess gentle hands… and these were truly desperate times. Master Surro stared across the open land from the relative safety of her makeshift mountain encampment. Her eyes were sharp, catching even the faintest movement of charred grass in the afternoon breeze. The air was dry and warm. A sheen of sweat covered Surro’s skin beneath her heavy armor. Three Jedi waited with Surro on the overlook. Garault, her second in command, was tall and broad shouldered. An angry scar marred his chin — a present from the Imps. Landai, a Mirialan, paced behind them, arms crossed. Her short red hair was plastered to her forehead from the heat. Farther back, a Twi’lek named Onok sat quietly, his eyes closed in meditation. All four had traded their traditional robes for heavy combat gear. “Any word?” Garault asked. Surro shook her head. “He should be back by now.” “Give him another hour.” Garault tried to sound reassuring. “Danak’s never late.” “She’s right,” Landai chimed in. “We’ve already waited too long.” Garault clenched his jaw. After Grand Marshall Cheketta’s failure to protect the Balmorran Arms Factory, the Republic had tiptoed around the situation, unwilling to raise the ire of the Empire. While politicians and generals argued about public opinion on Coruscant, Darth Lachris was taking full advantage of her seemingly unlimited weapons supply to strengthen her grasp and strangle the Resistance. Master Surro’s team was the Order’s response. Their mission: buy time until the Senate got their act together. Not even the Supreme Chancellor knew they were here. And it had to stay that way. If Danak was captured and revealed to be a Jedi, the entire operation was at risk. “We need his information on the Balmorran Arms Factory,” Garault finally said. “Assuming he wasn’t captured or killed before he reached it,” Landai pointed out. “The information is valuable enough to check the situation.” Garault’s voice was tense, breaking his usual placid composure. Catching his tone, Landai shrugged. “It’s risky.” Garault turned his attention to Surro. “I won’t abandon him.” “There is no contemplation, there is only duty,” Surro replied, placing a steady hand on Garault’s shoulder. His eyes wavered and the air in his lungs deflated as if the words had punched him in the chest. “Remember the mission.” Garault lowered his gaze and nodded. “What’s the plan?” Onok asked, dusting off his gear. Master Surro turned back to the scorched field. The sky was tinged pink. Night would be upon them soon. Setting her jaw, she steeled herself for what was to come. *** The Imps were constantly setting up and breaking down camps along the premises of the Balmorran Arms Factory. This strategy was meant to keep the Resistance guessing, yet Surro noticed the guard schedule remained the same across all outposts. Although efficient, their strict, regulated timetables were a weakness. Anyone with simple observational skills could track shift changes as well as who would be on guard duty at what time. After watching the Imps for months, Surro could recite the schedule in her sleep and knew when the laziest soldiers would be on post. Cloaking themselves in the darkness of the night, Surro’s team scouted four outposts before spotting Danak. Lying flat on their bellies, they watched from a nearby ledge as Danak, bruised and bloody, was dragged to the center of the camp. “Think they know?” Landai asked. “If they thought he was a Jedi, they’d be more cautious. Full restraints,” Surro whispered. She pushed a stray dreadlock from her forehead. Even in the dead of night, the heat was oppressive. “He didn’t resist.” Garault’s brows knitted together. “Didn’t want to blow his cover.” Surro recognized the Imperial officer “escorting” Danak from previous recon missions. Captain Bowenn was a nasty piece of work. He enjoyed inflicting pain more than any Sith she had encountered. A small crowd of soldiers gathered, cheering as Bowenn kicked Danak in the teeth. “They’re going to execute him,” Onok stated. Surro felt the tense silence hard against her throat. She licked her chapped lips and tasted the saltiness of sweat. It was her call. There is no contemplation, there is only duty. “If we charge in and wipe out the camp, Darth Lachris will know and we tip the Republic’s hand.” Her voice held no emotion, but she found the words difficult to say. “So we leave him?” Garault asked, struggling to keep his voice down. “He knew the risk.” She met his eyes. “There is only duty…” Garault’s breath was strained. “What about to our squad?” “Our duty is to the Order. Do not confuse that with your attachment to Danak.” It wasn’t meant to be a threat, but a reminder from an old friend. “The mission comes first. If there was another way…” A loud crack, then another, pulled their attention back towards the camp. Bowenn slammed the butt of his blaster against the side of Danak’s face. Garault sucked in warm air with a hiss. His pupils narrowed to a point. Bowenn circled Danak’s crumpled form like a ravenous nexu. The man was practically salivating in anticipation of the kill. Garault pushed himself to his knees, ready to attack, when Surro’s firm hand held him in place. Bowenn raised his blaster to rest against Danak’s temples and shouted, “Glory to the Empire!” before pulling the trigger. The soldiers roared in satisfaction as Danak’s body fell to ground. Garault was as still as Danak’s lifeless corpse, his eyes glossy and unfocused. Surro removed her hand from Garault’s arm, afraid that even the softest...

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