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SWTOR: Introducing Weapon Tunings


BioWare posted a new blogpost on a new feature in the game: Weapon Tunings. This can be used to customize your weaponry, creating a brilliant visual flair on the weapon itself! If you want to equip a Weapon Tuning the first thing you’ll need is a weapon with an available Tuning Slot. Weapons that have a Tuning Slot come from many different sources including the Cartel Market, PvP, Operations, Reputation Vendors, Flashpoints, Heroics Missions, and Crafting Recipes. Be sure to check if your Weapon has a Tuning Slot! Next, you’ll need a Weapon Tuning. They are currently only found in Cartel Market Packs. The first Weapon Tuning, Lightning, is available in the Plunderer Pack which launches alongside Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder. Once you’ve got a weapon with an open Tuning Slot and a Weapon Tuning, combining the two is as simple as making any other modification to your weapon. First, CTRL+Right-click…

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SWTOR Dev Blog: The Eternal Championship

SWTOR Dev Blog The Eternal Championship

The SWTOR team has published a blog post regarding the  upcoming Eternal Championship comming in Game update 4.4.: Welcome to the Eternal Championship, a new daily experience that will pit players against some of the galaxy’s most notorious fighters. Below Zakuul’s sparkling exterior lies The Arena Grand, a decadent venue where citizens of the old world indulge their basest desires as spectators of brutal gladiatorial events. One such event is Mayhem, where beginning with Game Update 4.4 “Profit and Plunder” players may compete to earn the title of Eternal Champion. The Eternal Championship is a solo-able PvE experience that will be available to all players who have played up through Chapter IX “The Alliance” of Knights of the Fallen Empire. By traveling to the Platform 6 Cantina on Zakuul and speaking with fight master Dominaire, players may enter Mayhem at the Arena Grand. There they will fight through multiple rounds of increasingly…

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Introducing the Alliance System in SWTOR


BioWaer Designer Matt Pucevich posted a detailed blog on the alliance system within Star Wars: The old Republic, Knights of the fallen Empire. Check it out: 10.20.2015 Introducing the Alliance System Be it the cheeky Astromech Droid, the stalwart Wookiee partner-in-crime, the ambitious upstart apprentice that is yours alone to mold, or any of the other 40-odd characters found in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ to-date; we all know and love our Companions (especially the chronically under-appreciated ship droids!). Companion characters have always been a big part of our personal stories, and with the upcoming release of the new Digital Expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, comes an even deeper focus on characters and storytelling. For this reason it only makes sense that we would seek to include our beloved friends (especially the ship droids!!) in that experience. Knights of the Fallen Empire has given us an excellent opportunity to take stock of…

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Developer Blog: Fallen Empire Core World Changes

BioWare posted a bew blog post detailing the changes to core worlds with the Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out: Drawing inspiration from the success of last year’s 12x XP boost and the more recent Epic Story XP Boost, in Fallen Empire we’ve altered the core leveling experience from 1-60 for all players, making it quicker and more story-centric. Our goal is to create a tighter leveling experience that alleviates the fatigue associated with having to complete dozens of Missions per planet and that allows players to focus on the core storylines of their characters and companions amid the backdrop of the Great Galactic War. To accomplish this we’ve established a new critical path, reducing the number of Missions players are required to complete in order to progress along with an adjusted experience curve. Additionally we’ve made a number of changes to Heroic Missions and re-classified Missions not considered…

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New SWTOR Story dev blog: Brothers

new story blog. Brothers

BioWare published a new story blog on the swtor website details Thexan and Arcann. These a the two guys from the Fallen Empire trailer. Check it out below: Brothers Today, I watched my face burn. The skin cracked and curled as fire seared away the moisture. Charred flesh retreated from the heat and shriveled into a huddled black mass. One blue eye, identical to my own, held me in place–made me watch. In an instant, it was the face of a stranger. And we were no longer twins. The memory tugged at my hand, pulled it to my cheek. I was startled by the smoothness that met the pads of my fingertips. My brother’s phantom grip still clutched my arm. I felt the bones beneath his skin reach out, try to escape the pain, and fail. Arcann had writhed for hours before sleep granted him mercy. My own bed remained empty….

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SWTOR Dev Blog – Vacation


BioWare posted a new short story called Vacation and features the upcoming companion Nico Okarr: Vacation Even by Outer Rim standards, the Sarlacc and Loaded cantina was considered the end of the line. Smoke sullied by the stench of bodily fluids and putrid food assaulted the nostrils. Except for a flickering sign above the bar, it was dark and muggy. Sand carpeted the floors and seats. Customers didn’t frequent the Sarlacc–only regulars–the same five sorry slobs who sat in the same chairs, drinking the same drinks, and mumbling the same woes day in and day out. Under normal circumstances, a man like Seamus Kaldo wouldn’t send his servants to such an establishment, much less visit himself. But the trail had led him here and Seamus was in too deep to stop now. No one had looked up when they entered. Unless provoked, the Sarlacc’s finest were content to keep their faces…

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SWTOR Developer Blog – The Epic Story XP Boost

The Epic Story XP Boost

Community Manager for Star Wars: The old Republic Eric Musco, posted a developer blog about the new The Epic Story XP Boost. This XP boost is a subscriber only bonus, that will let you run through level 1-50 doing only your class quests. Check it out:   Hello everyone, let’s talk about the Epic Story XP Boost and how it’s an improvement over our 12x boost that we gave prior to Shadow of Revan. Our Epic Story XP Boost allows all subscribers to level from 1-50 by playing only their Class Missions and from 50-55 on Makeb by playing only the Rise of the Hutt Cartel main storyline. This Boost does not affect Shadow of Revan as it was already designed to be a more streamlined leveling experience. If you have never played the original 8 Class stories, there has never been a better time to dive in! With the…

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New SWTOR Story blog: The Sixth Line: Part One

SWTOR The sixth line

BioWare just posted a new  SWTOR story blog. This one is focusing on the Sixth Line of Jedi and their leader Master Surro The Sixth Line: Part One The once-ripe fields of Balmorra lay barren, pockmarked by heavy artillery. The defaced bedrock was the handiwork of not only the Sith Empire but the Balmorran Resistance. One would hope each side might be more careful with the object they were fighting for. The desperate do not possess gentle hands… and these were truly desperate times. Master Surro stared across the open land from the relative safety of her makeshift mountain encampment. Her eyes were sharp, catching even the faintest movement of charred grass in the afternoon breeze. The air was dry and warm. A sheen of sweat covered Surro’s skin beneath her heavy armor. Three Jedi waited with Surro on the overlook. Garault, her second in command, was tall and broad…

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Developer Blog: One Night in the Dealer’s Den

Theron Shan

BioWare posted a new roplaying developer post at the official website. In case you are wondering who Jonas Balkar is,  he is from the Trooper’s class story. This is the SIS agent that Havok Squad teams up with a lot. Below is a thoroughly entertaining read. I love the idea of Balkar being this annoyance that Theron can’t get rid of. Check it out: Theron Shan sat shackled to a jukebox in one of the backrooms of the Dealer’s Den. The air was stuffy, smelling of body odor and spilled drinks. His lip was swollen from the first punch of the evening and he counted at least two broken ribs. In retrospect, all of this was inevitable. He could blame the Twi’lek who had falsely accused him of cheating at sabacc, or even his Houk captor, but they were merely side effects, a consequence of a larger mistake. No, there was only…

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SWTOR Story update: The Price of Power

swtor The Price of Power

BioWare posted a new role play update ion the official SWTOR Website. Not sure who wrote it yet, but it is definitely worth a read. Check it out below: The Imperial Guard stood at attention as Darth Lachris strode down the hall to the Dark Council Chamber. Red sand clung to her hair and robes, the color an intense contrast to the sterile walls of the Academy. She did not presume to know why her master had summoned her. Assumptions were dangerous, an acolyte’s move that she had long outgrown. The door opened with a hiss. Darth Marr sat alone, still as the statues of dead Sith carved into Korriban’s bedrock. Upon reaching the middle of the room, Darth Lachris kneeled. Sweat ran down her back despite the cool air inside the chamber. “Master,” she whispered. The cords and spikes of the armor encasing Darth Marr’s body gleamed in the chamber’s…

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