SWTOR Housing Speculation- What Can We Expect?

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Some of us have been looking forward to SWTOR player housing since we first heard about SWTOR. Now that we know it will be coming soon, there is a lot of speculation about what we can expect to see in the actual final version of player housing. We know it’s coming this summer with the release of Galactic Strongholds but we don’t know a lot more about what this will bring. And since it’s coming soon, players have been doing a lot of speculation. We have learned to be cautious when it comes to news from Bioware about future features of the game but with one as highly anticipated as this, it’s hard not to be optimistic. We don’t want to get our hopes up and then bet let down but we are feeling good about some of the things we might see. We were told we would get “prestigious apartments” that we can decorate with hundreds of different options as we see fit. It’s suspected that this feature will be very popular with the roleplayers of SWTOR as well. Most players say they would like to...

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Why SWTOR Was a “Failure”

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We keep hearing it everywhere- “SWTOR was a failure” and with many new MMORPGs coming out, we hear the claim that it might end up being a failure “Just like SWTOR”. Why all this hatred for the game? First, let’s clear the air and say that we don’t think SWTOR is a failure. And with the numbers they are bringing in financially, the stats don’t say it’s a flop either. But we hear this far too much to just write it off as a handful of trolls. So for this reason, we’re going to entertain this opinion for just a bit and see why some people think the game failed. When we talk about why SWTOR is seen as a failure to some, we have to look at player expectations vs. how SWTOR was hyped. As a standalone game today, most people will agree it’s a pretty decent game, even most of the haters. Where some people had a problem is that we waited years and years for the game and in some ways SWTOR just didn’t have the things they promised us it would have- at least not at launch. Some players felt like...

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Does the Bolster System Need Fixing?

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A lot of SWTOR players are saying the bolster system is broken. Is it really? Let’s take a look at the topic.  First, bolster was believed to be a friend of the new PVPer but now that it’s out, many are questioning whether or not this feature is really a positive. While bolster was meant to bring a more even playing field to the PvP aspects of SWTOR, many players feel like it has succeeded only in bring more problems. Some players don’t believe it has leveled the playing field at all. So the idea behind Bolster is a good one- it’s intended introduce and level the playing field in PvP of SWTOR. It could also be a good way to introduce new players to this aspect of the game and its content. And some will say that level 10-54, Bolster is working as intended. But what happens at level 55? Players learn how to work the system and mod their characters out much like “twinking” in WoW BGs many years back. They would find a non-traditional way to skew the odds in their favor and own in PvP...

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Does What Your Toon Looks Like Matter in SWTOR?

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MMORPGs… there is a culture in this type of gaming that you just don’t find anywhere else. There are things that we just know and associate with certain types of games. That being said, we see many cool new things happening in the MMORPG world. But one thing that has grown over the gaming years and with the industry is the cosmetic side of things. Graphics have come a long, long way since the early days of RPGs and now with nearly every new game that comes out, we have even better aesthetic features. SWTOR is joining the ranks of many other MMORPGs and focusing on things that the players want as much as what they need. Player housing is a great example other this. Another great example is new orange gear. Some people will sit back and say, “Oh that’s dumb” and “Why are you worried about how you look?” But if we get real about it, most of us do care about what our characters look like and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. New sets of gear appeases the side of the player who...

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Will the Competition Be Held off By SWTOR’s 2014 Roadmap?

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The plan for the future of 2014 is out. So how will this affect the competition in the MMORPG market? If you ask around the SWTOR community, you will find that people are very split on how they feel about these changes and upcoming plans. Some players are really happy about it while others have their own ideas of how certain aspects of gameplay and other details should go. The diversity is one thing that makes the gaming community so unique and broad and we do know from experience that BioWare listens to what the players have to say about certain things like this. But when we look outside of the community, how can we expect these changes to affect the competition that SWTOR has now and in the future? Elite Monster has done a write-up on this that pretty much echoes my thoughts on the matter. The first point is content and some players seem happy with the content listed in the Road Map where others feel it’s just going to be lagging behind what other games might be offering. Then we...

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