Is SWTOR Still Relevant?

Eternal Championship Decos wish they were not holo versions.

With all the new Star Wars hype out there today, after the new movie released and the others in the works, is Star Wars The Old Republic still relevant? As most of our readers probably know already, the game launched in December of 2011. Since then, we’ve seen five expansions which added more content, with the latest coming in October of 2015. How popular has the game been since? While it’s had ups and downs, there have been over 57 million characters created, 17 million of them Jedi. The game has over 104 hours of voiced cinematics. Players have played more than 645 million hours playing this game. That sounds pretty successful if  you ask me. Still, Forbes contributor, Neil Herndon, wanted to ask the question, “Is SWTOR still relevant?” In this piece, he explores the topic and while his answer is a “yes”, there’s a lot more to it…

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SWTOR PvP Hacking – Serious Issue?


Whenever there is a game to be beat, there will be someone who wants to cheat or hack their way through it. Video games are no exception. I still remember growing up as a girl in the 90s when “cheat codes” were a big thing for console games. Fast-forward to online games today and we seen new ways for people to cheat, hack , or exploit games. While the old fashioned “cheat codes” of a single player game or other console game were less harmless (especially in single player mode – who is it really hurting?) the hacks that exist in multi-player gaming environments today can be brutal. They can completely destroy the integrity of the game and ruin the experience for everyone involved. Counter-Strike is a great example of that. So what happens now that hackers are taking SWTOR PvP by storm? There are hacks that can make you fly which…

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Did SWTOR Miss an Important Opportunity?

Odessen Proving Grounds

Recently, over three weekends (26-27th February, 4-5th March, 11-12th March), Bioware organised playtesting sessions, on the PTS, for players to test the new Warzone, and the new Arena, Rishi Cove. This is typical of when they want to test new zones and other areas of the game. However, some players believe they may have missed out on a valuable opportunity when it comes to playtesting this time around. BioWare announced the times for the play sessions on the forums and also played along with players incognito, but they never did anyting else to advertise the PTS or to try to get more players to join so they could test these new areas. Xam Xam is one of these players and she explains what she sees as a missed opportunity for BioWare on her blog: The three weekends of playtesting sessions were inadequate to test the new Warzone. There were too few…

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Does Episodic Content Belong in an MMORPG?

Does Episodic Content Belong in an MMORPG

So Den of Geek asks an interesting question in a recent post on their site: Does Episodic Content Belong in an MMORPG? If you’ve played a lot of games, one thing you will know to be true is that episodic content is not a new concept. There are many games across many genres that use this. Basically it’s chapter-based content that is staggered throughout the game and while it’s been around a long time, it’s gaining in popularity today due to certain hit games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead (a favorite of mine) and Life is Strange.  But Den of Geek looks at a genre of gaming that has not seen a a lot of episodic content – the MMORPG. So it definitely makes a lot of sense for certain types of games. The story-driven content will keep players coming back for more and waiting to see what happens next. But does it make sense…

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Player Harassment in SWTOR – Inaction and Consequences

Player Harassment in SWTOR – Inaction and Consequences

We’ve talked about player harassment here before. It’s an issue in SWTOR. It’s an issue in MMORPGs. It’s an issue in video games. It’s an issue on the Internet. But what can be done about it? Now that is a question that has a lot of different answers. When we look at all the different ways in which harassment can occur, it becomes and even more complicated issue. So let’s look at SWTOR alone for the sake of this post. How can player harassment in SWTOR be handled better? There are some players who will say the current system in place is working as intended and that you just need to get used to it and move on if you encounter problems while playing the game. Then there are others who will disagree and say that more needs to be done about player harassment in the game. Xam Xam has…

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An Open Letter to the Creators of the SWTOR Cartel Packs

swtor cartel market rant

Hyperspace Beacon has a few things to say to BioWare. Actually, they have a bit of a bone to pick with the SWTOR team. And he’s not alone in this one. There are many people out there who agree, as the comment section will show and I have to say that while I am a fan of the game and have been since the beginning, he makes very valid points on this one. There are some seriously annoying flaws with Cartel Packs and while this isn’t the first time it’s been said, the points are presented rather well. So what’s the beef? Well, here’s part of it: “I am disappointed by the execution of the latest cartel packs on many, many levels. It was difficult enough for me to accept these lottery boxes in the first place. It concerns me that the best looking and most desired items in the…

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Will We See Another Star Wars MMORPG?

Star Wars MMORPG

People love Star Wars. The recent stats of the latest film show us this without question. The popularity of the franchise is one that has crossed generations. People will likely continue to love and follow Star Wars. We also know that fans love Star Wars games. It’s something we talk about every day here on the site. Sometimes we struggle, as fans, to find decent Star Wars games. To find those iconic games that still with you for many years. The types of games that truly shape your life. It’s no surprise that Star Wars fans like MMOs with a Star Wars theme. Who wouldn’t want to be put right in the driver/pilot seat of their favorite thing? This is why Star Wars Galaxies was so popular. Then we have SWTOR. But will this be the end of the road for Star Wars MMORPGs? As we see the new films coming to…

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This guys talks about why he can’t get into SWTOR’s housing. ( Discussion)

SWTORs housing

  Not all MMO’s are made the same, as we all definitely know. However, most of the time we really get into the housing that goes along with them, all of the upgrades and house drops that you redeem after a battle drive us to want to keep our pad looking cool. However, Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to be hard to get into as far as housing goes for some fans. Here is a list of the reasons why. There is no convenient “go to my house” button the screen. Now this is all about laziness but many gamers want convenience when it comes to games, so why the heck could they not make it more efficient? Players have to open up a menu and then click another button in order to teleport to their house. In LOTRO, RIFT, and WildStar, the house warp button is always on…

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Massivelyop: swtors upcoming expansion builds on the legacy of KOTOR

swtor big bad monster

  Recently, Massivelyop.com sat down with BioWare at E3 to talk about the new Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. They were also lucky enough to see some of it in action. So, what is Fallen Empire you might ask? It’s much more than just an expansion, it’s a return to BioWare’s amazing storytelling adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. The best part of all is that Knights of the Fallen Empire is only the very beginning. The new expansion is called a season because there are more seasons on the way. In Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will see that every choice and decision you make, matters. There have been many choices in SWTOR but they didn’t really have much of an effect. When your character makes a choice in Knights of the Fallen Empire, it has immediate consequences and long-term ones as well. One choice that they…

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GGW Part 1 for swtorstrategies

  This is a Part 1 of a 3 episodes miniseries by Vulkk, explaining everything there is to know about The Great Galactic War, one of the most significant events in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The war is seriously embedded also into Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). For the narrations Jason or as everyone knows him Teo from OotiniCast has made yet another appearance on a Lore video by Vulkk to do the narrations. Here’s the intro in a written form. The rest you can hear and see in the video, attached in the bottom. The Great Galactic War, known as the Great War during the conflict and in the years afterward, was a war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic between 3681 BBY and 3653 BBY, lasting for a total of 28 years. Also known as the Republic–Sith War, the conflict was ultimately the culmination of…

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