Should SWTOR Be More Like WoW?

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Should SWTOR be more like WoW? If you ask the wrong person this question, you’re likely to get your head taken off. Seriously, some SWTOR fans are very anti-WoW. That being said, World of Warcraft has made it as long as it has in the industry because it is, in fact, doing something right. So maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to bash on the game. Are there things about World of Warcraft that SWTOR could use to improve? Possibly. While there are already similarities between SWTOR and WoW, it’s also very important to remember that SWTOR is SWTOR and WoW is WoW. If you want more WoW gameplay in SWTOR, then maybe you just need to go play WoW. That being said, there are some good points to be made about the success of WoW and how it could help Star Wars: The old Republic. Here are some things WoW allows that SWTOR has not yet adjusted to: Not being able to need on stuff you can’t actually use. This makes it too easy for ninjas to steal loot. Improved talent trees- Blizzard has...

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What Ideas Can Other MMOs take from SWTOR?

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SWTOR is a game that has sprung some controversial ideas over the years. It is a game that many called a failure but that actually has succeeded in many ways. For many reasons, there are things that other MMOs can learn from SWTOR and the game history so far. Other MMOs can learn from both the successes and the failures of SWTOR. In some ways, this game has paved the path for those that will come after, just like games before opened doors for SWTOR to be what it is today.   So let’s take a look at some of the ideas that other MMOs can take from SWTOR.   One very big point is the voice acting. The type of voice acting SWTOR had was unique. Never before has it been done in this way in a video game. All the live voice acting adds a different element and level of engagement to the game that is just not found in other games.   Engaging plot is another big selling point. There were some unique points about the plot in SWTOR. For example, each class has a different storyline....

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Are Double XP Weekends Helpful to SWTOR Community?

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So we talk about SWTOR Double XP weekends a lot here, for obvious reasons. But let’s consider for a moment if they are not really as good for the community as they may seem. Just for the sake of discussion, let’s look at it from another perspective. What happens during a double XP weekend? Generally, more players flock back to the game who never got around to leveling up alts. Some might bring their friends as well. Or you might even get some brand new players to the game who just want to take advantage of the opportunity to level up fast. Double XP from the event combined with any other Cartel Market boosters or guild bonuses and you can get level 20 before leaving the planet you’re on. You could get to max level in one solid weekend of playing, even if you just created the character. So this is a good thing, right? Well, it might be. For those who have already seen the content and storyline, boosting another toon through quickly means you’re not really missing anything. You’ve seen...

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SWTOR Housing Speculation- What Can We Expect?

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Some of us have been looking forward to SWTOR player housing since we first heard about SWTOR. Now that we know it will be coming soon, there is a lot of speculation about what we can expect to see in the actual final version of player housing. We know it’s coming this summer with the release of Galactic Strongholds but we don’t know a lot more about what this will bring. And since it’s coming soon, players have been doing a lot of speculation. We have learned to be cautious when it comes to news from Bioware about future features of the game but with one as highly anticipated as this, it’s hard not to be optimistic. We don’t want to get our hopes up and then bet let down but we are feeling good about some of the things we might see. We were told we would get “prestigious apartments” that we can decorate with hundreds of different options as we see fit. It’s suspected that this feature will be very popular with the roleplayers of SWTOR as well. Most players say they would like to...

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Why SWTOR Was a “Failure”

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We keep hearing it everywhere- “SWTOR was a failure” and with many new MMORPGs coming out, we hear the claim that it might end up being a failure “Just like SWTOR”. Why all this hatred for the game? First, let’s clear the air and say that we don’t think SWTOR is a failure. And with the numbers they are bringing in financially, the stats don’t say it’s a flop either. But we hear this far too much to just write it off as a handful of trolls. So for this reason, we’re going to entertain this opinion for just a bit and see why some people think the game failed. When we talk about why SWTOR is seen as a failure to some, we have to look at player expectations vs. how SWTOR was hyped. As a standalone game today, most people will agree it’s a pretty decent game, even most of the haters. Where some people had a problem is that we waited years and years for the game and in some ways SWTOR just didn’t have the things they promised us it would have- at least not at launch. Some players felt like...

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