SWTOR Basics – F2P vs Preferred vs Subscriber vs Expansion Purchase Explained in Details

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  This video will explain to you the most important differences in the different models for SWTOR. What the limitations of F2p are, how you change form one mode to another. What is included in Subscription, in Expansions, deals and bundles. How referral links work, what do players win when using it. And much more.

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If EA Created a New Star Wars Game

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We love Star Wars games around here and most of you will know that there has been no shortage of ideas for them but very few that make it to completion and then stick around for any period of time for people to actually enjoy them. This can be very frustrating for the Star Wars gamer fan. How many games in the past couple of years have we seen scrapped? (Stop it already developers!) So here is a question to ponder: If EA was to create a new Star Wars game that isn’t part of an existing series (like Battlefront, Rogue Squadron, etc.) what would you want it to be about? If you could write the plot and script for a new Star Wars game, what would your game be about? Would you be looking for something with more of a Star Wars Galaxies feel to it or would you go in a completely different direction? Looking for a first person, action RPG style? Looking for something with a lot of side-quests and major story plots? Something with more of a simplistic WoW-questing feel? A mixture of...

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Origin users reporting unauthorized purchases appearing on their accounts

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Origin users are reporting unauthorized game purchases on their accounts, pointing to EA’s platform falling victim to a hack. The reports first surfaced on Reddit and it is unclear as to how widespread this issue is. It could be that just a handful of users had poor passwords and had their accounts hacked, but another major and possible scenario is that Origin itself got hacked as a whole and that the hackers are now using their financial details to make unauthorized purchases. Some are looking at the November hacking of Origin, which was made by group DerpTrolling. They reported to have stolen information from over 1.7 million Origin accounts, but nobody really took this threat seriously. Maybe the group actually did get some valuable information, and after seeing the success of Lizard Squad and their hacking of Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE, have decided to take the next step. The good news is that EA customer support appears to be handling the situation well, although...

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EA Opens new Star Wars Website

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Leland Chee (Manager of the Holocron over at Lucasfilm Story Group), posted an interesting tweet Yesterday. Unknown to most people, Electronic arts, have now started a website for all thing related to upcoming Star Wars video games in development by EA. Over a year ago, EA and our partners at Lucasfilm and Disney reached a multi-year, multi-title exclusive licensing agreement for the creation of new Star Warsgames aimed at core gamers across consoles, PC, mobile and tablets. Today, we’re excited to be launching a new Web Site for EA’s Star Wars games. StarWars.ea.com is a singular destination for Star Wars fans to learn more about the exciting new games in development at EA. Right now, you can find new videos and the latest on Star Wars™ Battlefront™ from DICE, and Star War™: The Old Republic™ from BioWare. This will be pretty interesting to follow for now on. You can check it out your self...

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EA Should Use These Star Wars Games as Inspiration

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We all know that EA is a big leader in Star Wars video games. With the new canon, we know that they can also do pretty much anything they want in terms of story and put a Star Wars spin on it. But is this really the best way to do it? Are we steering too far away from what made us all fans in the first place- the original story and movies? What if new Star Wars games complemented the new movies coming out? cinelinx tells us what they think EA should use as inspiration for future Star Wars games: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Star Wars Starfighter for the PS2 Star Wars Republic Commando Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (no complaints from us on this one) They go on in their article to explain why they think these games are the best representation of “EA could even be creative and use the incoming VR headsets to do something entirely new…. let US be the Jedi. Put the game in first person and give us a lightsaber, then add in Mirrors Edge style gameplay....

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