EA Opens new Star Wars Website

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Leland Chee (Manager of the Holocron over at Lucasfilm Story Group), posted an interesting tweet Yesterday. Unknown to most people, Electronic arts, have now started a website for all thing related to upcoming Star Wars video games in development by EA. Over a year ago, EA and our partners at Lucasfilm and Disney reached a multi-year, multi-title exclusive licensing agreement for the creation of new Star Warsgames aimed at core gamers across consoles, PC, mobile and tablets. Today, we’re excited to be launching a new Web Site for EA’s Star Wars games. StarWars.ea.com is a singular destination for Star Wars fans to learn more about the exciting new games in development at EA. Right now, you can find new videos and the latest on Star Wars™ Battlefront™ from DICE, and Star War™: The Old Republic™ from BioWare. This will be pretty interesting to follow for now on. You can check it out your self...

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EA Should Use These Star Wars Games as Inspiration

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We all know that EA is a big leader in Star Wars video games. With the new canon, we know that they can also do pretty much anything they want in terms of story and put a Star Wars spin on it. But is this really the best way to do it? Are we steering too far away from what made us all fans in the first place- the original story and movies? What if new Star Wars games complemented the new movies coming out? cinelinx tells us what they think EA should use as inspiration for future Star Wars games: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Star Wars Starfighter for the PS2 Star Wars Republic Commando Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (no complaints from us on this one) They go on in their article to explain why they think these games are the best representation of “EA could even be creative and use the incoming VR headsets to do something entirely new…. let US be the Jedi. Put the game in first person and give us a lightsaber, then add in Mirrors Edge style gameplay....

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50 EA Titles to be Taken Offline Next Month Including Star Wars: Battlefront

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  Big news from EA this week about online service updates coming as soon as June 30th. EA will be pulling more than 50 titles with online multiplayer components and it could affect some games you still play. This can be frustrating news to those of us who still play some of these titles. There are several games that I still play with friends or family and several that are really only fun in multiplayer format so it’s a real let-down that they are pulling them offline. I can respect and understand that an online game will have a lifespan and that it is not reasonable to expect them to be supported forever but it’s still sad to hear this news. Check out the list of 50 titles yourself and see if any of your favorite games are on there. Take note of the following Star Wars games on the list: – Star Wars: Battlefront for PC and PlayStation 2 – Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC and PlayStation 2 From the announcement: The online multiplayer components of 50 EA...

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Electronic Arts Names Amy Hennig Creative Director For ‘Star Wars’ Project

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Steve Papoutsis, the Vice President and General Manager at Visceral Games had some important news to share recently. Amy Hennig was named creative director for their upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Project. Here is some of what he had to say about the announcement:

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EA Won’t Be ‘Worst Company in America’ for the 3rd Year in a Row

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Remember when we told you it looked like EA might take home the prize of  ‘Worst Company in America’ for the 3rd year in a row? Well, it looks like good news for them that they fell out of the running in round one. While they may have made some mistakes this year, it looks like there are some other companies who have people upset enough to bump them up in the rankings, sparing EA this year. In the first round, Time Warner Cable beat EA with a 51.2% vs. 48.8% margin. It was a close one but as a TWC customer, I can’t say I am surprised. In past years, I was a huge TWC fan but recent months have told a different story and now their impeding merge with Comcast just pushes them more negative territory. As Consumerist explains: In the narrowest margin of victory since 2011, when BP beat Bank of America for the WCIA by less than one percent, Time Warner Cable upset EA’s attempt at a three-peat by eking out 51.2% of the vote. So it looks like EA squeaked by just barely and...

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