SWTOR: The Contraband Slot Machine issues

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  Eric posted an update on the official forums regarding The Contraband Slot Machine. Apparently there is no bugs with this item, but how it would effect the economy on some servers took BioWare by surprise. Check it out below: The Contraband Slot Machine | 01.16.2015, 09:41 AM Hey folks, We know that there have been many questions about the Contraband Slot Machine and its intent. Here are a few notes on it: The Contraband Slot Machine is not bugged. It is 100% not an exploit to use the Slot Machine. If you feel the desire to sell access to your Stronghold, that’s totally up to you. As a reminder, do not scam people as that is against ToS. We added the Slot Machine as a fun idea based on the positive feedback from the Nightlife event, so spend those credits to your heart’s content! With that being said, we do hear the concern from many of you around the effects of the Jawa Junk’s drop rate on the economy. We are going to take a look at it and make changes accordingly. I will let...

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BioWare responds to the current exploit “going around”

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  Eric Musco has taken on the forums, and explained that BioWare are aware of an exploit taking place in game,  and that they will be taking appropriate action against those who have abused it. It is BioWares current plan to implement a fix for this issue next Tuesday, January 13, 2015. The Current Exploit “Going Around” | 01.07.2015, 07:28 PM Hey folks, Normally when an exploit exists, it is our policy to remain quiet until the issue is fixed. The reasoning behind that policy is that if we talk about or acknowledge an exploit, it can create a situation where we draw more attention to it. This can include people who didn’t previously know about it and can unintentionally make the issue more widespread. Without being specific, there is an exploit which has been present for a couple of weeks, that unfortunately has become more widespread than we typically see. It is being openly discussed in-game as well as other channels. We have been receiving quite a few questions about it and...

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Goals for Addressing Server Concerns

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Eric took the forum earlier to share some insights on BioWares plans to address server concerns for next year. You can read the full post here, or below: Hey folks, At our fan event in Las Vegas, one of the things we stated is that we are working to address the concerns of things like queue times and uneven server populations and that we would provide an update before the end of the year. As you might expect we’re not ready to tell you exactly what we are working on yet, but we did want to go into what our goals are for next year. To address issues of queue times across all types of content, both PvP and PvE. To rethink how we approach “server separation.” Remain sensitive to things like character identity. The continued ability to define your chosen server playstyle, PvE, PvP, RP, RP-PvP. We also would love to use this opportunity to enhance/create social systems. It’s a big ole’ galaxy and we want it to feel that way. In the coming months we will be releasing more details. We...

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Interview with community manager Eric Musco

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  Twitch user Snave1208 had the chance to interview BioWares community manager for Star Wars: The old Republic, Eric Musco. It’s a pretty good interview, were Eric talks about what he do, and were SWTOR is heading. Snave1208 don’t let Musco off easy when he was trying to dodge answering some of the questions. But i do sound like the games PVP wont get much better in the future. Personally I am not surprised or remotely happy with the PvP answers but I partially understand where Musco is coming from. He has a rough job. Their “better than cross-server” is likely to be something like “Queue for 500 matches this month and get the rest of the Baron Deathmark gear!” This is the mentality that they have, and it’s harmful. Hopefully iy will change in the future...

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When Will SWTOR See New PvP Content?

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We have heard a lot of talk about SWTOR and the new content coming out recently. Fans are hyped up about all the good stuff coming with 3.0 but one player on the forums asked something that I was also thinking: Can we expect to see any PvP content or news any time soon. While SWTOR isn’t marketed as a PvP game, it does still have those elements to it and some players really like it so it would be great to see Bioware do a little more in this area to keep things fun and interesting. Community Manager Eric Musco had this to say in response on the forums: Hey Jaiyne, Good question, let me take a stab at this one. If you are asking specifically for news about new content, such as a Warzone or Arena map, then the answers is unfortunately no. There are no new maps, specific to PvP coming in the expansion. However, if you are asking about changes coming to PvP then the answer is a resounding yes. Disciplines by itself will entirely change the landscape of Classes in PvP in 3.0 and...

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