Powertech Top 3 Answers

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Eric Musco posted an update on the forums that Bounty hunters will like. Here is the summary of the post Changes coming: Game Update 2.8: Rapid Venting changed from alacrity to critical chance increase. Shield Tech/Specialist skills will be able to proc from misses and resists instead of just shielding attacks, except for Heat/Power Screens. DPS Boost for DOTs for Pyrotech/Assault Specialist to increase DPS. (Unknown timeframe) Ways to make pure tanks more viable in PvP: Developers are asking for input on how to do this Other info: Powertech/Vanguard tanks have the best Ranked Arenas PvP win ratio, even though they have the least amount of stuns. And here is the post in full: 3 Questions for PT. Lets DO IT! | 03.25.2014, 01:07 PM Hey folks! Here are your top 3 questions, answered: Question 1 – PvE DPS This question is plain and simple. Both specs for Powertech DPS are currently parsing on average 10-15% lower than the top classes in PvE and it is a general school of thought...

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Frequently Asked PvP Questions

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Eric Musco and PvP Designer Alex Modny will be on Twitch later today, playing Warzones on Prophecy of the Five at 1:30PM PDT. As with most of the BioWare streams, they get quite a few questions which are commonly asked by PvPers. Therefor Eric talked with the combat team about many of our questions and got answers to many of the commonly asked questions. Below you will find those questions/answers. Will we ever be able to choose a specific Warzone to queue for? From the design side, we do like the idea of allowing our players to be able to impact which Warzone they want to queue for, but it is not as simple as letting everyone select which Warzone they want and call it a day. Because of a few reasons (queue population, preventing ‘de facto’ best Warzone, making sure all Warzones are being played, etc.) it would require a fully-fledged design around that new queuing system in order to make sure the system was sustainable (in queue times, etc.). There are no current plans for the near...

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Galactic Strongholds forums updates

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With the announcement of the new upcoming Star Wars: The old Republic expansion, it was only expected that the official forums would go nuts. So many questions needs answering, and Eric Musco is trying to keep up. Here is a rundown of all the yellow posts on the official forum: Post #1 Source EricMusco Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer | 03.19.2014, 10:01 AM Quote: Originally Posted by ninjonxb Woo! So if Subscribers are getting early access on June 24th can we assume that this will not be the focus of 2.8? 2.8 was originally said to come on June 10th and “is going to be the biggest update up to this point”http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20140203 Good catch Ninjonxb, Subscriber Early Access to Galactic Strongholds is coming as a part of 2.8. As you can see the decision has been made to move the 2.8 date out two weeks from its original target. We wanted some more time to work on that sweet, sweet player stronghold content. -eric Post #2 Source...

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Eric Musco Addresses Double XP Weekend Bugs

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If you tried to play SWTOR this weekend for the double XP event, you may have encountered some bugs and not gotten your double experience like you should have. Don’t worry- you are not alone and Bioware is aware of the issue. Eric Musco addresses it in the forums: I know that there was definitely some unhappiness that came out of this past double XP weekend and I wanted to address a little bit about what happened, and we are doing about it. There are two main issues which plagued the weekend: In certain group compositions, no experience is granted during a Flashpoint. The Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint was awarding only normal experience for NPC kills, it was not being doubled. Understandably, many players look to Flashpoints to level during our double XP weekends and so there is quite a bit of frustration that these bugs were present. Let’s take them one at a time. The first bug, where no XP is being granted at all is something that we are aware of, and it will actually be fixed...

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Ranked PvP Rating Requires Minimum 10 Matches to Count for Rewards

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Following the last few days debate regarding end Season 1 Rewards, Eric Musco updated the community about am issue with the game. Currently, it is possible that your name can show up on the leaderboards with a rating, even if you have technically not yet earned one. Below is the announcement: Announcing End Season 1 Rewards | 02.20.2014, 11:44 AM Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know of an issue I just learned of. Currently, it is possible that your name can show up on the leaderboards with a rating, even if you have technically not yet earned one. The rules that determine you having a rating are fairly simple but I want to make sure I spell them out so that we don’t have a situation where someone is expecting a reward and does not receive one. In order to earn a rating, you must: Have played 10 games in the Ranked queue. That means 10 solo queue or 10 group queue respectively. Be able to see what your current rank is on the in-game ranked tab. As long as you meet those...

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