PvP vs PvE Mounts Philosophy

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Eric Musco was really engaged in the community yesterday. Besides the Faction change post we wrote about earlier, he also updated the community about the PvP vs PvE Mounts Philosophy: Hey everyone, I know there has been a bit of frustration from our PvP community regarding a Rancor mount going into the Cartel Market. Although I had mentioned at the time that there would be Rancor mounts coming to both the CM and Operations, I thought it would be good to explain our philosophy on mounts. Especially around their exclusivity. For PvP mounts, such as Season rewards, what you are going to tend to find is that they are exclusive variations of a mount and not necessarily a completely exclusive model (not to say we would never do an exclusive model, that is always possible). For example, you will not find a Rancor that looks anything like Giradda’s Rancor, but you can find other Rancor mounts. Aside from the unique appearance, what sets this mount apart is exclusivity. That variation is not...

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Confirmed: Faction Change “very, very unlikely” to be Added

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  There have been a discussion regarding faction change on the official forums, and yesterday Eric Musco had an answer on this matter. Faction changes is “very, very unlikely” to be Added. Personally I I never thought the ability to change factions was something that was in the realm of realistic possibility. I can understand people wanting to change faction but as Eric pretty much states it’s likely never going to happen as the story options tied to each toon makes it impossible. Hey folks, This is a good question! We have been asked this a few times at some of our Cantina Tours as well but I wanted to make sure we had the answer here in the forums for folks to be able to find it. I am remiss to ever say the word never, but I can say that it is very, very unlikely that we would ever implement any type of Faction change. As some others have alluded to in this thread, a very many things are tied into your characters Faction, and the choices they have made...

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Summer of SWTOR Update

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Bruce MacleanFor just posted an updated Roadmap of what to expect in Star Wars: The old Republic this summer. The new release schedule, now that 2.8 (the end of the last roadmap) is approaching and looking very different than what was said in the last roadmap. Interesting they’re doing double fleet req/warzone comms but not valor. Not sure how I feel about this operation overhaul for 55 Operations, but if it gets more groups going to the end instead of stopping at the weeklies, more power to them. Unfortunately their decision to push back strongholds leaves us with a gap in terms of new content releases. Guess the name of the game now is patience. Check out the full forum post here, or our copy paste below: Hi again everyone! I’m here to provide an updated look at the upcoming Summer of SWTOR in light of our recent Galactic Strongholds announcements. The biggest changes to our Summer plans outside of Galactic Strongholds are Game Update 2.8. Here’s a look at the next four...

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Concealment / Scrapper Proposed Survivability Changes

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  The below 2 posts are posts by a developer, not suggestions by players.: Hey Folks, This is the list I’m looking at to put in, mostly based on the feedback y’all have given here (using Imperial names because that’s what I have in my notes, don’t hate!) Add an Interrupt to Jarring Strikes 50%/100% chance to activate (So you can interupt an active cast with Hidden Strike) Add 10%/20% DMG Reduction to Revitalizers to the duration of Stim Boost (this is IN ADDITION to the healing) Add 15%/30% AOE Damage Reduction to Shadow Op Elite Hit me with your feedback based on this list! Original Dev Post: Hey Gang, So something we want to do in 2.8 is see if we can’t add a bit of survivabilty into the Concealment/Scrapper trees, with possibly a focus on events happening as you exit stealth. We’ve got a couple ideas, but nothing concrete yet so we want to see what y’all would like. Things to keep in mind as we discuss: No Brand New Abilities: At this...

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Guardian Top 3 Questions – Answered

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Eric Musco Posted a new Top 3 Questions post on the official forums today. This one regards the Guardian. Here is the TL;DR version Can you up our PVP DPS Defense? Answer: No you greedy little fuck. Actually Nerf incoming. Happy? My AOE spec isn’t hitting really hard via single target. Buff please? Answer: You are seriously fucking stupid. There is a middle tree for exactly what you are asking. But hey, why not. Imma nerf you sustained damage tho. Cool? There are now too many options in the Middle tree. I’m incapable of reading and choosing things. Can we just standardize the tree so I just click everything and win? Answer: I guess we can do that. We wouldn’t want you accidently choosing a talent that doesn’t directly benefit the exact thing you are doing this instant. You can read the full post here, or our copy paste below: Guardian Top 3 Questions – Answered | 04.28.2014, 08:51 AM Hey folks, below you can find the top 3 questions, answered. I am going...

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