How non-paying players can positively impact a game’s success

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Since Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR) changed its subscription model to Free-to-Play  (F2P), a lot of opinions were raised about whether it was the right thing to do or not. Some quickly labeled SWToR as a failure that didn’t live up to the hype , while others saw this as a necesary change that helps the game’s long-term growth. Whether this change was successful or not remains to be seen, however first indications as reported by James Ohlen and the recent EA investor’s call are positive. Free-to-play might not be such a bad thing after all! A new article over at, argues that non-paying players, actually help the growth of such games. The author of the article cites three major reasons for opening up a game to freeloaders. Among other things F2P players help bring in other new players that eventually will turn into subscribers,  they show their appreciation in ways that help promote the game and they serve as good target audience for advertising. You can read Gamasutra’s extensive analysis on the...

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Electronic Arts launches new cross-game pet promotion!

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In an effort to draw more attention to other Free-to-play (F2P) titles, Electronic Arts (EA) recently started a new cross-game pet promotion for Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR). EA’s catalogue of free games is quite extensive and using a popular game like SWToR certainly makes sense. To get these pets, all you need to do is register with the games listed below by April 1st and you will receive an in-game pet. The mini-droid pet you get for Battlefield It’s worth noting that this listing is incomplete since only the following games have been confirmed. This doesn’t mean that other EA F2P titles aren’t eligible. (In parenthesis is the name of the pet) Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances (2C-TA Commander) Battlefield Heroes (J9-BH Mercenary) Battlefield Play4Free (BF-4F Warrior) Need for Speed World (N4-SW Runner) Lord of Ultima (LU-20 Builder) Does this mean that SWToR’s conversion to F2P is yielding the expected for EA results? If that’s the case – does this mean that the Redwood City based company is trying to leverage SWToR’s popularity to draw some attention to other free titles? We”ll have to wait and...

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5 Reasons You Should Be a SWTOR Subscriber

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If you’re still holding back on the decision to become a SWTOR subscriber, it might be a good time to go ahead and take the plunge. When you look at all the benefits that come with a sub, you just might ask yourself why you didn’t do it earlier. Honestly, if you’re really into the game and play on a regular basis, it just makes sense to subscribe. Here are five reasons you should be a SWTOR subscriber: Subscriber Benefits in the Cartel Market: Another reason you should be a subscriber is for the Cartel Market benefits. You get access to all 6 quick bars, a minimum of 500 Cartel Coins per month to spend, 10 additional character slots per server, unlimited access to all warzones, flashpoints, space combat and operations, earlier access to sprint and speeder piloting, ability to queue your crafting items and much more. You Get 50% off the Expansions- As we told you previously, RotHC will be 50% off for subscribers so we can expect that the same will be true for future expansions as well. You can sub now and get the expansion for only $9.99 along with all the bonuses that come with preordering. Revive, Quick Travel, Fleet Pass and more- Gain access to all of these helpful features without limitations and without having to buy uses in the Cartel Market. By the time you buy all the features in the game, you could have bought your subscription a couple times over.  It just makes sense to sub. Rest Experience- You can gain rest experience points as a subscriber, allowing you to gain levels faster. May not be a big deal to some but for anyone looking to level fast or to level up multiple characters, the rest experience is really going to come in handy. Future Benefits- I know, I know, why pay for something that might happen in the future? But, it’s a lot like insurance. BioWare has already said they are listening to user complaints and they are considering upping the amount of monthly Cartel Coins subscribers get along with other benefits so if you hope on the bandwagon early, you’ll be there to get all the perks as they become available. For $15, you open up everything in the game for one month. So to test if it’s worth it for you, go to the Cartel Market and list the things you would want to buy and how many Cartel Coins it would cost you. Now see how much it costs to buy those Cartel Coins. If it’s more than $15, then you now you benefit by just subbing. You can easily enjoy the 1-50 storylines of the game with free-to-play account status but if you really want to explore all that the game has to offer and enjoy all the perks and bonuses, a subscription is the best way to do it. And honestly, you can just subscribe for the months you’re going to be heavily playing. If you decide to skip a month because you know you won’t be playing a lot, your account and your characters will still be there when you...

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Free-to-Play Preview Episode 3

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  In a new video from BioWare, Cory Butler delivers an overview of Star Wars: The old republic’s free to play preferred status program.  In the video he explains details regarding “Preferred” status, and highlights several options available for players a the Cartel Market. At the end of the video he briefly speaks about the limited time Life Day items available. We’re always listening to player feedback and we’ve already made some substantial changes,” Butler says before going on to mention an increase in the number of available hotbars and character slots. View the vid...

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The Importance of Player Feedback with the New Free-to-Play Option

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Jeff Hickman posted a news update yesterday regarding Free to Play restrictions. Looking at the Feedback BioWare got from the community with the New Free-to-Play Option, BioWare are making changes  starting yesterday: Starting today, Preferred Status Players will see an increase to their default Quickbars from two (2) to four (4). If you’ve already purchased additional Quickbars, don’t worry: we will be refunding your Cartel Coins for any Quickbar-related purchase. Additionally, in an upcoming patch (no exact date yet, but players won’t have to wait long), Preferred Status Players will be given four (4) additional character slots, which means that they will have a total of six character slots. As always, Free-to-Play Players can reach Preferred Status simply by purchasing anything from our online store or purchasing a physical copy of the game. Last but not least, I wanted to share the news that the 50 character limit on Global Active Characters for Subscribers will be removed and increased substantially in the same, aforementioned patch. If you wanted to, you can truly create your own army of Troopers or a legion of Sith Warriors. Your feedback is critical to the success of TOR, and of special interest to us. Please, keep posting on the forums, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Even if we can’t respond to every post, know that we’re listening and looking to enhance The Old Republic gameplay experience based on player feedback. Read the full post over at the official announcement...

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