Bioware need your feedback on Strike Fighters

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Alex Modny took on the official forums, asking for feedback on Galactic Strikefighter expansion, beginning with the Strike Fighter class: Let’s talk about Strike Fighters | 05.28.2015, 08:36 PM Howdy Flygirls and Flyboys! I’ll be blunt. Strike Fighters need lots of love. The original design is that they are the Jack-of-All and Master-of-None but they have filled out this role too well and because of it are rarely a compelling option. We want to talk about how Strike Fighters can be made into a good option to bring in any match, by any skill level. We have some ideas of what we want to do with them but because this community is always very impressive with communication and feedback we want to get your thoughts on what you think is the best course of action. We know there are some fantastic threads and posts aplenty that already covered this information but we want to consolidate and create a focused discussion. We want to set expectations though. This is just about gathering feedback...

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GSF Changes in 3.0: Requisition Gain Increases; No New Maps or Ships

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BioWare posted an update on the official forums today, letting us know, that there will be no new maps or ships coming with Shadow of Revan. Personally I’m not that surprised about this, as this game update came between major game expansions. I also feel space PVP have enough maps that the lack of new ones isn’t a big deal. What Galactic starfighter nees are some new game modes. There’s so many cool things they could do, it’s such a waste of potential to only have node capture and deathmatch. Anyways. Check out the new here, or below: Howdy Space Jockeys! I wanted to pop in and let y’all know that there aren’t going to be any new maps or ships for GSF in 3.0. However, we are making a change to the Requisition curve in that all the Requisition rewards are getting a permanent boost. Remember though (because Musco would kill me if I didn’t say this) that this change is subject to testing and not final in any way. Here is a list of the changes for the...

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Watch Galactic Starfighter Spotlight: The Scout & Strike Fighter

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BioWare posted a new trailer, on how you can take control of the frontline with the fast and evasive Scout or the powerful and agile Strike Fighter in intense space PvP battles. Your not missing out on much but here it is: Watch the latest trailer and see how you can take control of the frontline with the fast and evasive Scout or the powerful and agile Strike Fighter in intense space PvP battles in the new Free-to-Play Digital Expansion, Galactic Starfighter! Also discover now the new Starfighter variants including the “Scout: Spearpoint” and the “Strike Fighter: FT-3C Imperium” coming in Game Update 2.7 Invasion this April! Jump into Galactic Starfighter today and receive two Pilot Suits! No minimum character level...

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SWTOR Leveling a Toon Entirely Through Galactic Starfighter!

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  If you have ever wondered if it is possible to level from 1-55 entirely through the Galactic Starfighter, then your answer is here. It can be done and someone has done it and told us all about it. According to this post on the official SWTOR forums: “I logged in at level 1 and immediately queued – flying the Star Guard for a while to earn my Flashfire. 1-8 were done standing next to the shuttle on Ord Mantell, and then I rode it over to the fleet, where I remained until level 15. Returning to Ord Mantell, I did the class questline up to the point where Corso joins you as a guest, in order to use him as my co-pilot. I hopped the shuttle back to the Republic Fleet, and have been there ever since – I’ve become somewhat of a fixture on the Ebon Hawk’s fleet – at any given time you’ll find me standing in the exact same spot on the railing in the combat section, near the pvp terminal. I got hooked on the Flashfire, and suddenly realized I was...

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SWTOR Galactic Starfighter: Engine Components Comparisons Guide

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Understanding the different engine components will help you understand your ship’s engines better. The more you know about the engines, the better you can prepare for battle because you know what your ship is capable of doing. This guide is designed to give you a basic idea of what each of the Galactic Starfighter Ships engines are capable of, to help you decide which ones suit your gaming style the best. It focuses on the default engine components. Engine Maneuvers               Engines have different abilities that determine which maneuvers they’re capable of performing. In this section, you’ll learn which maneuvers each ship has and what it does along with the upgrade options for each one. The Rycer & Starguard, the Sting & Flashfire, the Ocula & Skybolt and the Gladiator & Enforcer all have Koiogran Turn as the default maneuver. This maneuver allows you to make a vertical 180-degree turn, it increases evasion 30 percent for 3 seconds and when activated, it evades...

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