SWTOR Personal Armies

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We’re noticing a trend in many SWTOR players these days – building “armies” in their strongholds. While it might seem a little bit like an epeen contest, if you have actually seen some of the things that are being created, you will likely be a bit impressed, too. Reddit user Baianai, for example, created an awesome 7th Assault Armor Battalion of the Imperial Army. In short, it’s pretty freaking awesome. There are a variety of ways that players are getting these armies. In the one pictured below, the player made use of the GTN and clever skills at playing the market to build up their battalion. However, this is not absolutely required to make your own personal army since there are many ways to do it and part of the fun is seeing all the ways players are finding to get creative with it. Here’s another personal army by Reddit user, Derzelaz. 50 Imperial Troopers for 10,000 warzone comms and you can now answer the question, “You and what army?” Sariella’s Armor Battalion Do you have a personal army or would you every build something like this into your stronghold? We think it’s a lot of fun, especially to see the different creative ways players are making it work. If you’ve got some, we want to see your pictures...

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“How I Blew 100M Credits in SWTOR”

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    If you’re looking for a cool way to blow a ton of credits, check out one player’s personal project: Jidiaderriphan’s Imperial Sanctuary You can see from Jidiaderriphan’s Imperial Sanctuary that there are many customizations that can take place in the game if you have the credits, dedication and willingness to invest the time to such a project. You know how we love seeing cool stuff from fans and this is one awesome stronghold! Could you do the same thing on a budget? Mostly likely so if you were looking to craft things on your own and save some credits, and if you were not in a rush to build. Either way, we think it’s awesome and if you’ve done something similar, we want to see it too! Breakdown of costs (from the creator) These are estimates of where I’m getting my costs: x50 imperial standard flags: (80k each) -4M x50 imperial banner(large): (80k each) –4M x5 Imperial dignitaries rug: (300k each) 1.5M x1 Command Throne: 4M x50 Imperial guard (80k each): 4M Planetary Holo Map illum: 2.5m x5 computer desk (imperial): (150k each) – 750k x4 ship computer imperial base (imperial): (80k each)- 320k Ship computer imperial (full)- 2.5m x50 basic imperial chair- (70k each) 3.5m x3 server monitor (1m each) – 3m x2 Anti Air Turret (8m each) -16m Imperial transport shuttle- 2.1m Fury Class interceptor- 2.1m x5 Starship: Imperial Striker: (2m each)- 10m x4 Starship: Imperial Scout : (450k each)- 900k x3 Imperial Gunship: (2m each)- 6m x4 Medical droid (imperial): 400k each-1.6M x5 Emergency Red light: (500k each) 2.5M x2 Diagnotic Console (medical): (100k each) 200k x4 Dianostic Monitor (medical): 700k each- 2.8M x12 Anti personel defense turret: (100k each) 1.2m x2 Manned Blaster Turret: (1M each) 2M x3 Battle worn imperial placard: (166k each)- 500k x3 rocket propelled missiles: (100k each) -300k Propaganda Imperial striker: 200k x4 imperial power transformer: (50k each) 200k x5 imperial supply locker (150k each) -750k x5 imperial crate pallet: (250k each) -1.25M Imperial voss embassy sign: 500k x14 rifle rack: (60k each)-840k Alright there is 83.14M + 9.5m to unlock is 92.64M. That is not all the decorations but all the extra little stuff will take forever to list, hope you can just take my word for it, as these are estimates and I may have paid a little more or a little less for each item and in the end I know I spent over 100m. (I was keeping track as I spent of a total, not on the amount I was spending on individual items, but I got a few requests so I decided to try to list them). edit: Ahh just realized I left out the x50 imperial grenadiers, they were around 5-10M. (100k-200k each). let’s call it 7.4M and that brings the total to...

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Voss Shrine Sculpture to be available in SWTOR Game update 3.3

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The decoration that has been missing since the release of Star Wars: The old Republic: strongholds –  the Voss Shrine Sculpturewill be available in patch 3.3 from the reputation vendor: “Voss Shrine Sculpture” is it in game? | 06.05.2015, 03:23 PM Originally Posted by Ulytau This item is seen on decors list as an achievement reward so i searched all achievements i can see in the game but i was able to see this particular piece as a reward for any of them. Will there be an hint on how to get it? Hey Ulytau, I got some information on this from the team, and here are the details… The Voss Shrine Sculpture is incorrectly listed as coming from an achievement currently in the game. Here is the plan on where you can find it and how to get it: The Voss Shrine Sculpture will be available on the Voss Reputation vendor. The Sculpture will require Champion status to purchase. It will cost two Universal Prefabs to purchase. This is likely to go into the game in Game Update 3.3 (I can confirm when we get closer). Thank you for bringing this to our attention!...

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Show Us Your Crib- Guildship Decorating

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Guildships are here and many players have been spending their time collecting items and decorating their pads. In fact, for some players it is so much fun, it’s almost become like a game inside the game. You can be as unique and creative as you desire when it comes to decorating your guildship. A lot of people choose to make it themed to their guild, or to roleplay as their characters. Some players just get silly or random with it. And here from Dulfy you can find a list of SWTOR Galactic Stronghold Decorations and how to obtain them. So with that said, we invite you to show us your guildships. If you share screenshots with us, we’d also love to hear the story behind it, what you decorated with or where you came up with your ideas for decorating. Here are some images from one really awesome guildship belonging to...

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Galactic Strongholds – Gathering vs Crafting Prices Spreadsheet

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Are you curious what it will cost for gathering and crafting supplies for Galactic Strongholds? You are not alone and as usual, a member of the community has looked for a way to create a tool to help with this. The Gathering vs Crafting Prices Spreadsheet was created with data from just one server at one point in time so it is of course, subject to change, but it gives you a good baseline idea. In time, if it’s worked on a bit more, it could be a very good tool. You can also take the spreadsheet as is and then update it for your server and your own needs so you always have an up to date tool to help you reference costs. The spreadsheet lists the server of the GTN prices being marked, the date and time and detailed info about the item and how much it costs. There is also a section for notes which includes things like “low supply”. You can use the notes section for whatever you need to help you keep track of certain items. From the creator: Hi all, Don’t know how useful anyone will find this, but I created a spreadsheet in Google Docs to highlight the costs of materials and crafting items used in GSH. Obvious uses are highlighting what you should gather, what you should craft and what you should buy off GTN. Here is a link to my post explaining the spreadsheet: http://www.someonewhotried.com/game-guides/gsh-gathering-crafting-prices-spreadsheet/ And here is a link to the sheet itself:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kCftje3vbVYeE0DJuuQ527EYkWNEPgmEZ8yNM6iGGw8/edit?usp=sharing All my prices are for the Red Eclipse, but on my site I’ve written instructions in case you want to update it yourself. If you do, it would be great if you could share it...

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