SWTOR: PvP Interview with Eric Musco [video]

SWTOR PvP Interview with Eric Musco

If you’re looking to catch up on the state of PvP in SWTOR, then you will want to check out this interview with Eric Musco. Snave and Musco get together and talk PvP and while it’s a long watch (or listen), it’s worth it to see Snave pick Musco’s brain for a bit. As always, PvP is a hot topic in SWTOR (isn’t it in any MMORPG?) so there are going to be a lot of varying opinions on this. Does Musco really give any new info or is it doing the typical dance of answering-without-really-answering? I’d say he’s probably paid for the latter but there are still some tidbits you can pick up from it and some people like to read between the lines and speculate on this or that. As usual, we want to know what you think. Here you can see it for yourself: From Snave: “My second interview with…

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MMORPG Interview with James Ohlen

It has been an amazing year for Star Wars fans. With the new movie release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens arriving late this year and the new Star Wars: Battlefront game launching around the same time, it couldn’t get any better. Also, the latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire, will open on October 27th. Once the expansion launches, players will have nine new chapters of new episodic content to dig their teeth into and even more updates are planned after the holiday season. Gareth Harmer from, caught up with James Ohlen, the Game Director on SWTOR over on Gamescom, to talk about more information on the new expansion. But, before we dig into that information, let’s talk about what has already been discovered. During the event in Cologne, he was shown content from Chapter 3, and this includes the Carbonite defrosting…

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EA’s Fallen Empire Preview with Creative Director Jesse Sky

SWTOR EA Fallen Empire Preview with Jesse Sky 1

  EA posted a snippet on the official EA site, of a preview with Creative Director  on Star Wars: The old Republic Jesse Sky, on the upcoming Fallen Empire expansion coming in October. BioWare goes back to its roots for: Knights of the Fallen Empire What goes into crafting the new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire? Creative director Jesse Sky takes things back to the beginning. Back to basics Last year, I decided to re-watch The Empire Strikes Back® and write down everything that shocked the audience back in its original theatrical run. It’s a very long list. That film packs a real emotional punch—it’s full of twists, betrayals and revelations the entire way through. I’ve wanted to tell a Star Wars™ story like that ever since the first time I saw it.     When we began conceptualizing Knights of the Fallen…

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BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

swtor Gay Romances

BioWare’s lead writer and developer for Mass Effect and Dragon Age, David Gaider, has decided to address the popular topic of sexual diversity in video games. Gaider is a 16-year veteran of the RPG studio and he recently wrote for Dragon Age: Inquisition. He began his interview by going over his reaction after he learned that BioWare’s 2005 RPG Jade Empire would allow gamers to have gay romances. “I remember hearing about when they made that decision to put it in and I was floored,” Gaider told Video Game Sophistry. “I mean, I’m gay myself, so I felt it kind of odd when I heard about it, how shocked I was because I just never thought that part of my life had a role to play in work. Like I said, it just wasn’t done. I didn’t even really consider the idea, so when they made that decision it was…

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Interview with BioWare’s Manager of Analytics – Stats and Game Design Decisions

Stats and Game Design Decisions

Every now and then we get the privilege of hearing from representatives of BioWare quote player engagement stats in order to back up their game design. However, we have never been lucky enough to delve into the deep insight concerning their usage. If you have been curious or just flat out frustrated, Alex Tremblay from BioWare has all the answers you need in a recent interview. Olib: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Alex: Hi, my name is Alex Tremblay. I’m the Manager of Analytics here at BioWare Austin. I’ve been working on SWTOR since well before the launch of the game. This is the first time I’ve been asked to talk about the game and I have to say, I’m excited. Through data, I feel very, very connected to both our game and players, but rarely do I get to directly interact. Read the full interview here….

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Interview with community manager Eric Musco

  Twitch user Snave1208 had the chance to interview BioWares community manager for Star Wars: The old Republic, Eric Musco. It’s a pretty good interview, were Eric talks about what he do, and were SWTOR is heading. Snave1208 don’t let Musco off easy when he was trying to dodge answering some of the questions. But i do sound like the games PVP wont get much better in the future. Personally I am not surprised or remotely happy with the PvP answers but I partially understand where Musco is coming from. He has a rough job. Their “better than cross-server” is likely to be something like “Queue for 500 matches this month and get the rest of the Baron Deathmark gear!” This is the mentality that they have, and it’s harmful. Hopefully iy will change in the future though!

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Boston Cantina Tour and Jack Wood Interview had the chance to interview Producer Jack Wood, at the BioWare cantina tour in Boston earlier this month. The full interview can be read here, but Reddit user bstr413 made A summary of the Q&A not relating to strongholds: Why is there a sabacc table on The Esseles when there isn’t any sabacc? “Good question.” (No mention of adding sabacc to the game.) Why was Op/Scoundrel knockdown now a root?: That and the assassin skills would keep the player stunned for 1 second if they used a stun breaker due to the animation. More Same Gender Romance: Yes in future content. No in past content due to it breaking a lot of things. In retrospect, they should have made it possible to add it to all romanceable characters. EA/BioWare will not remove any Same Gender Romance in the game and romance opportunities in the future will be Bisexual. Moraband vs Korriban:…

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MMORPG – Interview w/ Jeff Hickman & Bruce Maclean

MMORPG.Com had the chance to interview Jeff Hickman & Bruce Maclean from BioWare, about Star Wars: The old republic. The article contains lots of new great info, and here is the most imortant information from the article put together by Thrives: *Both warzones and GSF will see updates, GSF in the form of new maps, new ship roles, and new ships, new Huttball arena (Quesh), will be a more vertical/three dimensional space to maneuver through. *Class combat team is very busy. *They offered the interview because of her previous article, the slightly negative F2P review posted here a few weeks ago. They disagreed, responses from player with no prior SWTOR experience were characterized as ‘generally super positive’, they have metrics to support this statement. Subscribers are their priority but they’re always looking for opportunities to improve the F2P experience. *Interviewer thought the tour stops weren’t a huge opportunity to ‘drop some…

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TORWars Interviews Jeff Hickman

The guys and girls over at TORWars got an Exclusive Interview with Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s, Jeff Hickman. In the interview mr. Hickman answers questions from the readers of TORWars and while he do dodge a few questions, he also answers some questions so well, that it get’s me very confident in the future of the game we all love so much. TW: The studio has seen some staffing changes over the past year. Do you feel you are at a good staffing level now? JH: Absolutely. The core of what makes the game and studio great are still here; quality in our game and in our workplace, people that are passionate about both, a camaraderie with each other that helps us support one another, and people who continue to help us carry the banner of BioWare and who are dedicated to help evolve and improve…

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Corellian Run Radio Interviews Rob Hinkle

The good people over at Corellian Run Radio had the chance to interview Senior Systems Designer, Rob Hinkle.  In the interview  Mr. Hinkle answers questions regarding upcoming and current mechanics in PVP. What struck me the most about his answers to the questions, regarding gear.  He personally felt gear had mattered too much up to this point. He spoke of having progression without having such a large gear gap, i.e. tightening up the gear gap. This seems like a good way to go. Here is a snip: Question 4: Are there any plans to ever change from the vertical progression of PvP gear to horizontal, especially with free-to-play? (i.e. will gear in the future still be a large factor in performance?) Rob:  As we move forward, we want to tighten up the minimal gear level and maximum gear level power gap while inside PvP.  ToR is an MMORPG, so we feel that players need some…

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