Former LucasArts President Joins Dungeon Defenders as CEO

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Independent developer Trendy Entertainment has hired former LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez as its new CEO. Trendy Entertainment, best known for its action-RPG Dungeon Defenders, is hoping the former LucasArts president will help lead their company to future success. Rodriguez tells Game Industry Biz: “When I first visited here I saw tremendous potential–both in Dungeon Defenders II and their cross platform backend and technology, Playverse, and needed to be a part of it. Working with talented, passionate people and putting them and customers first to help unlock Trendy Entertainment’s potential is why I’m here,” Rodriguez said. “I have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most talented and passionate people across various creative industries and at some of the most renowned companies in the world. I am equally impressed and blessed to work with the passion and skill that exist at Trendy.” He also discussed that Trendy Entertainment will have more than just Dungeon Defenders. While Dungeon Defenders 2 is currently in development, he says there is more to come from the label. “I can tell you we are certainly not a single game company. Dungeon Defenders is just the beginning,” he said, noting that other properties will be built on Playverse as well. At LucasArts, Rodriguez worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and the special re-release edition of Secret of Monkey Island. He also worked for EA on games like Medal of Honor and Command and Conquer....

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Footage from cancelled Star Wars game shows Darth Maul in action

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Video game developer Red Fly Studios and publisher LucasArts were working on a new Star Wars based Darth Maul video game experience in 2010, which was supposed to expand the gameplay mechanics that were introduced in The Force Unleashed. Footage of the game has emerged online and sources are saying that the game was designed to initially be launched only on the Wii U by the same team that handled the port for Star Wars: The Force Unleashes II. LucasArts was impressed with the initial development work done by Red Fly Studios and decided to also greenlight the title for the PC, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Prototypes were being created in late 2010 using Darth Maul and his unique double-sided lightsaber as the core feature, but it seems that George Lucas intervened in order to add a cooperative element to the title, with the inclusion of Darth Talon and her unique set of Force powers. LucasArts also considered outright buying the development studio in order to have more control over the project in the long term. All the work on the Star Wars Darth Maul title ended when LucasArts was acquired by Disney Interactive and announced that all internal development work was being stopped, including on the much-hyped Star Wars 1313 bounty hunter experience. Since then, Disney has explained that all future video games associated with the science fiction franchise will be created by publisher Electronic Arts, which has so far said that teams at Visceral Games, BioWare and DICE are working on new content. Presumably, the titles will be launched after the first of the new Star Wars trilogy is released in theaters. DICE is working on a Battlefront title that apparently will use the classic mechanics of the series, but with some modern twists and the team has said that it will use all the power of the Frostbite 3 engine to bring the universe to life. Recently, former Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig, who is a big fan of Star Wars, has announced that she was joining the team at Visceral to work on their project. Official information about the titles will probably be offered later during this year. Electronic Arts has said that at least one of the Star Wars titles it is currently working on will offer a similar transformation of the core material as the Batman video game series that was created by developer Rocksteady and publisher Warner...

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Star Wars Total Franchise Revenue and Stats

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Have you ever wondered just how much Star Wars really earns? Have you wondered about which parts of the franchise actually make the most money? Where is Lucasfilms reeling in the cash? Some newly releases statistics show us all this and more about the Star Wars franchise revenue and earnings. While the films themselves are big time earners (of course), there are also other areas of revenue, as shown by the charts below. This shows where the franchise has brought in money over the past 37 years. Statistic Verification Source: Forbes, Lucasfilms Research Date: 10.27.2012   Total Star Wars Franchise Revenue $27,000,000,000 Movies Revenue Star Wars : Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace $924,317,558 Star Wars : Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones $649,398,328 Star Wars : Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith $848,754,768 Star Wars : Episode 4 – A New Hope $775,398,007 Star Wars : Episode 5 – Empire Strikes Back $538,375,067 Star Wars : Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi $475,106,177 Star Wars : The Clone Wars $68,282,844 Total Box Office Revenue $4,277,000,000 DVD DVD Sales $2,900,000,000 DVD Rentals $875,000,000 Toys Kenner (1978-1985) 90 Figures / 300 Million Sold 3,850,000,000 Hasbro (1995-2011) 15 Collections 5,537,000,000 Other Collectables 2,720,000,000 Books 358 Published Titles / 76 Different Authors $1,820,000,000 Video Games 130 Games Released $2,900.000,000 Other Sources Licensing $625,000,000 Television / 4 Seasons of Clone Wars $4,500,000 Merchandise $675,000,000 Related Star Wars Statistics Data George Lucas’ Net Worth $3.6 Billion Random House sales from the first book release of Star Wars $200 Million Revenue last year from games and toys $1.5...

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How LucasArts Fell Apart – What Killed the Studio?

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Disney has laid off the staff of LucasArts and cancelled all current projects which leaves fans wondering what caused the fall of this popular studio and what could have been if they had stayed in business. The studio was once revered for its production and distribution of Star Wars video games but it is no more. Promised games were cancelled, staff was laid off or moved to other departments and Electronic Arts will be in charge of Star Wars when it comes to games. But all of this news left many fans stunned and wondering what happened? Kotaku tackled this topic recently and brought some additional info on the subject. Kotaku tells us: Over the last five months, I’ve talked to a dozen people connected to LucasArts, including ex-employees at the company’s highest levels, in an attempt to figure out just how the studio collapsed. Some spoke off the record; others spoke under condition of anonymity. They told me about the failed deals, the drastic shifts in direction, the cancelled projects with codenames likeSmuggler and Outpost. They told me the stories behind the fantastic-looking Star Wars 1313and the multi-tiered plans for a new Battlefront starting with the multiplayer game known asStar Wars: First Assault. All of these people helped paint a single picture: Even before Disney purchased LucasFilm, the parent company of LucasArts, in November of 2012, the studio faced serious issues. LucasArts was a company paralyzed by dysfunction, apathy, and indecision from executives at the highest levels. “The bay area is filled with people who have had their hearts broken by LucasFilm or LucasArts,” said one person connected to the studio. “The sad legacy of multiple presidents, multiple layoffs… there’s a lot of people out there who’ve been treated badly by the company.” They go on to tell us LucasFilm declined to comment on the story. No surprise. But how much is rumor and will we ever know the truth of what happened at Lucas Studios? Any time you have an entire department/branch get shut down and people losing their jobs on such a large scale, there’s going to be some bad blood. We may never know exactly what happened behind closed doors at...

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20 Canceled LucasArts Star Wars Titles Revealed

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The book Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts released in 2008 but recently has made news for the list of cancelled Star Wars games that were reported to be in development at LucasArts. The book contains logos for 20 Star Wars titles that were in development at LucasArts at that time. There are some interesting titles on the list. You will find a tie-in for Episode VII subtitled Shadows of the Sith and even a third Jedi Knight title which a lot of fans say they really wanted to see. It looks like maybe they expected to continue the Star Wars movie serious via games until the Disney contract came through. Now just because these 20 titles are written as “cancelled” by LucasArts, that doesn’t mean that these concepts will never become games at some time in the future. Which on the list would you most want to see? Book Description: In 1982, George Lucas saw potential in the fledgling videogame industry and created his own interactive-entertainment company. Twenty-five years and dozens of award-winning games later, LucasArts has earned a prestigious place in the industry and in the hearts of gamers everywhere. Rogue Leaders is the first substantive survey of a videogame companya deluxe compilation that traces its history through never-before-published interviews. In addition, more than 300 pieces of concept art, character development sketches, and storyboards have been lavishly reproduced to showcase the creative talent behind such videogame classics as The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, as well as games that were never publicly released. A thrill for millions of videogame and LucasArts fans around the...

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