SWTOR: News on the Item Stack Resale Exploit

swtor News on the Item Stack Resale Exploit

Eric Musco has some updates from the  swtor devs over at Bioware,regarding the Item Stack exploit. Apparently  more than 500 accounts have being perm banned for now.  Make me wonder if you can sue BioWare for a banning? Anyways. Below are the news:   Item Stack Resale Exploit | 12.11.2015, 01:56 PM Hey folks, Here is another update on the exploit, and the action we have taken. We are continuing to investigate accounts and action is on-going. Here are the actions we have taken against accounts: Suspension time, up to and including a permanent ban (more than 500 accounts have been permanently banned so far) Removal of all Credits Removal of all Currencies Removal of all items which could be gotten from the exploit, including recurring Event Currencies and Companion gifts Resetting of all Companion Influence to 0 Resetting progress of all Alliance Commanders to 0 The nature of this exploit…

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SWTOR KotFE Chapter 1 free trial for former subs


The first chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire, is now for a limited time only, available as trial for former subscribers. This will go on until January 4, so here is your chance to heck out the new expansion, if you haven’t already done so.     LIMITED-TIME FREE TRIAL* FORMER SUBSCRIBERS – YOU’RE INVITED! OFFER ENDS JANUARY 4, 2016 (VALID FOR FORMER SUBSCRIBERS WHO OPT IN TO RECEIVING EMAIL) Step into your own Star Wars™ story in Chapter 1, “The Hunt” – ON US! Create your new Level 60 character now and jump right in! Experience a return to BioWare-style storytelling. Confront a powerful new enemy, The Eternal Emperor. Make choices that matter and recruit Companions into your Alliance. Subscribe at any time to continue your saga – Knights of the Fallen Empire is free for Subscribers! Source: Join the forum…

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SWTOR NiM Loot Issue / Update

SWTOR NiM Loot Issue  Update

Eric Musco took on the official forums, to report that Nightmare loot are not a guaranteed drop from nightmare operations.   NiM Loot Issue / Update | 12.07.2015, 05:21 PM Hey folks, I have a few updates to pass on regarding the current issues with Nightmare Loot Drops. First, we discovered there is a bug with the percentage chance of a 224 rated item dropping in any of our Nightmare Operations. We plan to address this when we release Chapter 10 (Game Update 4.1) scheduled in February. If we are able to address it sooner, I’ll pass along an update. Aside from that, we realized that we need to make a correction to our Operations and Flashpoints in Fallen Empire blog. Currently it states the following: Nightmare Mode will also be available for all the Operations that had it previously, and will reward the same as the highlighted Hard Mode, as well…

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Fourth Anniversary Rewards for SWTOR

Fourth Anniversary Rewards for SWTOR

BioWare just publiched the Rewards for SWTOR 4th anniversary MOVE INTO CORUSCANT OR DROMUND KAAS FOR ONLY FOUR CREDITS – PLUS NEW DECORATIONS! Help us celebrate the fourth anniversary of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! Beginning December 8th, you can use the “Emergency Fleet Pass” ability located in your ability bar to get the Republic or Imperial Fleet. Then, visit the “Strongholds and Crew Skills” area of the Fleet to get your rewards: Purchase your very own Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds from the Strongholds terminal for only FOUR CREDITS each. Plus, visit the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor to claim exciting in-game rewards including the HK-51 Commemorative Statue, Ebon Hawk Starship Wall Mount and the Ebon Hawk Rest and Recharge animation! Hurry – get your celebratory items by Sunday, January 3, 2016* to help us make this a year to remember! *The Fourth Anniversary promotion for Star Wars™: The Old Republic…

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Proposed Healing Changes in Game update 3.2.1 to be removed from SWTOR

My Shadow was very unamused

It is no secret that players on the official forums, have been furies about the upcoming healing changes, that was supposed to come with game update 3.2.1. Therefor BioWare be removing these changes, to revise them and maybe add in a later patch: 3.2.1 PTS Healing Changes Removal | 04.30.2015, 08:28 AM Hey all, We want to thank everyone who offered constructive feedback and contributed to discussions regarding improvements to the proposed changes. Your feedback is much appreciated as we move forward with future PTS updates. Following internal review, we’ve decided to remove all of the proposed healing changes from 3.2.1. The goal of this update was to increase the burst healing of healers while simultaneously balancing healing per second (HPS) values, and resource management for healers. We are not completely satisfied with the present state of the healing changes, and want to give the community more time to play…

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SWTOR Celebration Cantina Live Stream Recap and Overview (Star Wars Celebration 2015)

Cantina Annaheim 2015 Recap for swtorstrategies

  This Saturday a special Panel aired live for ~52 minutes on Twitch. Bioware live streamed the SWTOR Community Cantina event from Celebration Anaheim 2015.The video linked below is Vulkk’s recap of the SWTOR Community Cantina Event from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015. Did Bioware drop the ball with lack of new information or we got the awesome news we were dreaming for? Alongside the event notes, you will hear also his personal opinion and overview of the event.  

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Operation Victory Tournament Canceled Due to Bugs with New Operations

swtor Coratanni

BioWare is  canceling the SWTOR operation speedrun Tournament sponsored by ESL due to bugs in the Coratanni encounter. Operation Victory Tournament – *Cancelled* | 03.02.2015, 09:14 PM Hey folks, I will cut right to the chase, we are cancelling our ESL Operation Victory competition. Our reason revolves around the Coratanni encounter. I know many of you raised concerns about the issues related to the encounter, and we agree. We spent a lot of time this week testing bug fixes to see how viable the fixed version would be in a speed running environment. We have applied improvements to the Coratanni encounter as of tomorrow’s patch but there are still situations that could impact players focused on a timed run. We thank you for your feedback around the contest and should we decide to do something like this in the future, we will let you know. Also, let us know your feedback on…

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Exclusive new Black-Purple crystal for subscribers announced.

Choose your patch promotion

All subscribers of Star Wars: The old republic, that has a active membership onMarch 29, 2015 will received an exclusive Black-Purple Color Crystal. Here are the details: As part of the Choose Your Path promotion, we’re giving away an exclusive set of four Advanced Black-Purple Color Crystals to thank all of our Subscribers on March 31, 2015! Be a Subscriber as of March 29, 2015* and give your Lightsaber blades and blaster bolts a new dark purple color along with a +41 boost! Advanced Black-Purple Striated Eviscerating Crystal (+41 Critical) Advanced Black-Purple Striated Indestructible Crystal (+41 Endurance) Advanced Black-Purple Striated War Hero’s Crystal (+41 Expertise) Advanced Black-Purple Striated Hawkeye Crystal (+41 Power) * ACCOUNT MUST BE IN AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION STATUS ON MARCH 29, 2015 AT 11:59PM PDT / MARCH 30, 2015 AT 6:59AM GMT. ITEMS DELIVERED VIA IN-GAME MAIL ON OR AROUND MARCH 31, 2015.  

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SWTOR 3.1.1 PTS Shut Down

SWTOR Choose Your Path Video

  BioWare are posting down the SWTOR Public test servers for patch 3.1.1 At the same time, BioWare is teasing a new video for a new video for Star Wars: The old Republic named “Choose Your Path”. Below is the forum update on the PTS shutdown, and below that, the Teasing form Hey everyone, Thank you all so much for your feedback and participation in this round of PTS testing! We are going to be turning off the server today at 3:30PM CST, which in-game messaging starting at 3:15PM. We look forward to hearing from you during the next testing window for 3.1.2! -Tait Post by Star Wars: The Old Republic. Note: Word from swtor_potato is that this is for a subscriber promotion in March that reward you with a Black-Purple Striated color crystal (one of each stat) for each character.

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SWTOR Producer’s Road Map 2015

Is that spiderman

  SWTOR’s Senior Producer Bruce Maclean has released the teams Producer’s Road Map for 2015. If you ahve been following our blog, there ain’t much new info, as most of this stuff, as it is basically just a write down of the letter that was read at the last Cantina Event with no new details or teasers. Most of the community that is concerned about future content probably already knew all this but I guess this makes it “official”… Producer’s Road Map 2015 Hi everyone! For many, the start of the year is a time for setting goals and planning for the future. This is something we have been focused on here at BioWare Austin. 2014 was an amazing year for the team. We delivered two expansions, an overhaul to the class system, and regular story updates through Flashpoints. I’m proud of what the team has accomplished, and we would…

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