SWTOR is 12th Most Played PC Game in October According to Raptr; Up from 15th in September

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As you can see from the chart, Wildstar and ESO are not even on the chart anymore and GW2 has dropped below SWTOR. TF2 is still in the top 20 but just barely, after dropping two ranks. We have two new entries on the list with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Another entry in the top five that I’ve personally decided to check out is ArchAge. Battlefield 4 and Minecraft are in the top 10. WoW really picked things up (with their new expansion out now, it’s no surprise) but they still didn’t come close to taking the lead from League of Legions, reigning the top spot with a playtime increase of 2.78% compared to September. WoW was, however, up 16.32% in October versus last month.

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Wookieepedia Issues Official Canon Policy

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Wookieepedia has posted their new canon policy for us to see. Most of this is not very surprising at all but it is very important to Star Wars fans and to anyone who uses the site as a resource. From the official policy page: Wookieepedia strives to be the Internet’s foremost comprehensive resource for Star Wars canon information. To this end, Wookieepedia adheres to the canon doctrines set forth by Lucasfilm Ltd. and its subsidiaries. On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm announced that all Expanded Universe material is now reorganized under the non-canon “Legends” banner to make way for the “new canon” to take place. The new canonbegan on screen with the Star Wars Rebels animated television series and in print with the novel A New Dawn. Under the direction of theLucasfilm Story Group, all elements of Star Wars canon now operate in a unified and collaborative storytelling setting. They go on to explain “new canon” which is the Lucasfilm Story Group connected...

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Get your own Lucky-77 Swoop Speeder for being a Subscriber!

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BioWare is in a good mood, and is giving away bonus stuff for it’s subscribers! If you are a subscriber on on March 18, 2014, you will be gifted a new mount. That’s right! BioWare is giving away the new Lucky-77 Swoop speeder with a unique gold and green color combination and a chance to pop a new animation that tosses holographic coins everywhere – if you are a subscriber that is. Check out the announcement below: Here is the announcement: Get your own Lucky-77 Swoop Speeder for being a Subscriber! 02.12.2014 We’re giving away the new Lucky-77 Swoop speeder to all of our Subscribers on March 18, 2014! With a unique gold and green color combination, the exclusive Lucky-77 has a chance to hit the jackpot when summoned, kicking off a fun animation that tosses holographic coins everywhere. Speed into the galaxy and be a Subscriber by March 17, 2014,* to take ownership of this exclusive speeder! For more details about this promotion, visit www.swtor.com/lucky77. To...

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Community Update on the Future of SWTOR

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If you’re wondering what’s going to happen with SWTOR in the future, we have an update from Bruce Maclean, Senior Producer today. It’s a roadmap for 2014, including everything we can except to be coming up this year.

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Second Anniversary Rewards Coming December 17th

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BioWare will be celebrating the second anniversary of Star Wars: The old republic on Tuesday December 17th. With this they will be rewarding all players with players with exclusive Scout Starfighter Paint Jobs and 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks. Pretty boring rewards if you ask me. I still have last years fireworks sitting in a cargo hold on 95%(+-5%) of my toons. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one here that still hve it. The paint job is kinda cool but it only applies to my least used ship. Am I mad about it? No. Disappointed? Sure. It’s hard to get mad about a freebie. Not so hard to be disappointed about feeling slightly under-appreciated as a customer. Below is the announcement: We are excited to celebrate two years of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! As our thanks to you, we’ll be rewarding all players with exclusive Scout Starfighter Paint Jobs and 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks on December 17, 2013. With the YR-02 Imperial and Republic Scout...

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