Star Wars Lore – THE RAKATA (Part 2)

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Greetings Star Wars lore junkies. I’m Vulkk and working on this video took me insane amount of time and effort. I am glad it is finished finally. If you enjoy it, that will be my biggest reward. Part 2 of the RAKATA History and Lore will tell us about their First encounter with the Je’daii, explain the reasons for the Empire’s Collapse and what happened to the Remnants of the once mighty Infinite Empire. The Rakata (also known as the Builders) were a technologically advanced race that developed early in galactic history, even developing some early hyperdrive technology. Long term use of the dark side of the Force corrupted their society and turned them into a race of merciless warriors. The Rakata used their potent Force-powered technologies to conquer and enslave every other species they came across throughout their known galaxy. During the reign of theirInfinite Empire, they were characterized by their cruelty, savagery, and arrogance. They were known to strip...

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KOTOR 3 Fan Game In Development

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KOTOR is still today one of the most popular Star Wars games ever made and the irony of it is that when it was first announced, many people questioned the fact that Star Wars would make an RPG and that it would be any good. Imagine the surprise once fans got to check out this amazing game?

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Star Wars Retro games: Yoda Stories

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They don’t make games like these anymore. It isn’t overly complicated or terribly pretty by today’s standards, but that’s the source of it’s charm. It is exactly now what it was then: a desktop game, a way to fill an hour or so between work projects or homework. The adventures are randomly generated, the dialogue is humorous, and the game itself brings an innocence and nostalgia back to a period that has otherwise largely lost it. For a Star Wars game, it captures the feel of the movies in a way that many modern games with the same license don’t. Why? Because the material, too, evokes a more innocent time, back before special editions or blu ray edits. It’s Star Wars as it used to be, as so many of us grew up with. As part of Lucasarts’ Desktop Adventure Series, players take control of Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker, as he completes various missions and tasks set forth by Master Yoda. The missions, which average “under an hour” as boasted by...

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Disney Lets Stars Wars 1313 Trademarks Expire

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Now that they have officially decided to cease production of Star Wars 1313, Disney has let the trademark expire. This is the final nail in the coffin and signifies the time to give up hope if you were thinking that maybe, just maybe, they might change their mind about producing this game. It’s official: trademark’s status on the US Patent and Trademark Office had changed to “Abandoned” as of the end of last year. Back in 2012 when the game was initial shown during E3, we were all excited. It was to be developed on a modified Unreal Engine 3 and you could play as Boba Fett. Fans were enamored. But sadly, the game was not meant to be. It’s really a shame that Disney let this one go because as recently as just last year, it seemed to have a lot of hope and promise. It’s not really clear why this game was abandoned but it seems when Disney shut down LucasArts, they just didn’t have the team left to focus on it. But a big company like Disney could have made it happen....

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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Announced – A Free-to-Play Space Shooter

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Disney is taking its next stab at the Star Wars license in video game form. Today, the company announced a brand new space combat title in the franchise’s already well-established catalogue. Developed by Area 52 Games, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is a free-to-play PC dogfighting game, which will feature 16-player combat and a plethora of familiar Star Wars spacecraft such as X-Wings and Tie-Fighters. Rumors surrounding Attack Squadrons began to bubble up shortly after Disney closed LucasArts, when the company was seen registering multiple domains seemingly related to the new game. It seems that Lucas-inspired gaming is alive and well: along with this new game, fans can already expect the new, DICE-developed Star Wars: Battlefront, which debuted at E3, to land in 2015. The announcement came alongside a site launch and the opening of beta registrations. You can try your hand at putting your name down for the beta, but, be warned: the system has been boogered since its...

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