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Battlefront II Mod from Battlefront III Assets Coming to Open Beta


A mod for Battlefront II titled “Battlefront III Legacy” will go into an open beta soon. If you’re into Battlefront II, you might be interested in checking this out for yourself. This mod will allow you to get the Battlefront III feel to your game. You can learn more about this mod here: The mods made a post explaining it and stating that the Open Beta will be coming soon. Here’s part of that post: Now…something you all have been requesting since the beginning: A playable Beta. Me and Anakin decided to release an open beta containing a cut off of the current content in this mod. because it’s a beta we won’t release the entire work (yet). The beta will include two (or maybe three) playable game-modes, the full map to explore, Clone Wars only as well as only two, playable heroes/villains (at all). You will also be forced…

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Unreleased Battlefront 3 PC Footage


In another case of the Little Game That Never Would Be, Battlefront 3 is one that fans were excited about but that was cancelled back in 2008. It seemed it was never going to take off as a project and didn’t seem to get too far in development, like some other Star Wars games that were announced but cancelled. However, there has been some leaked footage that makes its way out over the years and we see some of that cropping up now and again. It gives you a glimpse into what the game might have been. There were a lot of fans who were disappointed that this game was cancelled. If you’ve never seen this footage before, you should check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Star Wars Battlefront 3: Training (Pt.1) Unfinished alpha version of the training mission. Gotta clarify that this was recorded…

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Obsidian Create Stunning Star Wars Environments


Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian have a soft spot for Star Wars, or at least some of their artists do, who – reportedly in their spare time – put their skills and the power of the Unreal 4 engine to use, creating some superb Star Wars environments, which aren’t matched details-wise by any of the movies or games of the Star Wars universe. Considering the level of detail and image quality achieved by some of Star Wars: Battlefront’s incarnations, that is quite a statement to make, but it holds true nonetheless. The said environments are rendered in real time and they can actually be downloaded and explored. Obviously though, one does need a powerful computer to do that. Also involved in the project – besides other members of the Obsidian development team – was senior environment artist Jason Lewis, who did not shy away from going into all sorts of…

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Amy Hennig Talks Upcoming Star Wars Game Development

Amy Hennig Talks Upcoming Star Wars Game Development

During  PAX West, Amy Hennig who is currently working at Visceral Games on a completely new Star Wars action-adventure game, gave some interesting insights into the development of Star Wars games. So we’re working really close, and I’ve been blessed to be working really close with the Lucasfilm story group and Doug Chang, who is their Art Director and Senior Creative Director over there, and that whole team, to say “what is Authentic Star Wars and how do we make more?” Because our project is an original story.” “You need guides, that have done it for a while and are also looking at everything else, because we’re part of the same sort of emerging track of properties that, like obviously seven, eight and nine, is evolving that story further, but films like Rogue One and the Han Solo one that is coming, even shows like Rebels and stuff like that… A lot…

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EA Tries to Schedule Star Wars Games Aligned with Upcoming Movies

EA Tries to Schedule Star Wars Games Aligned with Upcoming Games

EA says it will do its best to align some of its Star Wars games and content with the upcoming Star Wars movies. Honestly, is that really surprising to anyone anyway? It will definitely be in their benefit to do so as this will increase the popularity of the games and the number of people who sign on to play them. At this year’s Star Wars fan experience, Star Wars Celebration 2016, the Rogue One DLC for Star Wars Battlefront was announced. This DLC seems to be entwined with the release of the Rogue One movie. Again, not a surprise at all. This is just smart business. When something’s hot, you want to take full advantage of it from a business perspective. During the company’s most recent earnings call, Wilson was asked about the breadth of the platform and possible marketing opportunity: More broadly thinking about the Star Wars franchise,…

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EA Announces Next 4 Star Wars Games: 2018 and Beyond

star wars ea

What does the future look like for Star Wars games? Well, it seems it will be very, very bright. As predicted, we’re not going to see the end of Star Wars games any time soon. With movies plotted to release over the next number of years, we’re also going to see new games – four new Star Wars games, to be exact. EA has a plan and they’ve now released at least some information about that plan to us. As a part of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), we got short glimpses  at each one of these new games. The teases were part of the EA press conference and as we already know, EA has the publishing rights to Star Wars titles for the next 10 years. So what are they doing with it? Well, here’s what we know about the released titles so far: A Star Wars VR…

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EA Star Wars: A Look Ahead

EA Star Wars A Look Ahead

EA Star Wars has given us a new video that talks about what we can expect in the future from EA regarding the Star Wars franchise. In just about 3 1/2 minutes, we see some great highlights of what is to come, as well as the team behind these amazing games. You’ll hear from representatives of DICE, BioWare, Motive, Visceral Games, Capital Games, and Respawn Entertainment. There’s not really any footage into any of the games, although we do see some brief footage of the design process. We do hear story from people from these teams, what Star Wars means to them, and how they put that passion into the games they create for us, fellow fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video for yourself below, then take a minute and tell us what you think. Take a look at what’s going on with some of…

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EA GM Gives An Update on Upcoming Visceral and Motive ‘Star Wars’ Video Games

new star wars game

It’s been a busy year for EA and I can totally relate since it seems the months are rushing by for me. That said, it’s good to hear from EA about upcoming projects and games. We got an update this weekend from Jade Raymond, the Group General Manager of Motive Studios and Visceral Games. It sounds exciting: “With EA PLAY right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on the world of Motive™ Studios and Visceral Games™.  Let’s get right to the point: we have awesome projects underway at both Motive and Visceral, and we are looking for some more amazing people to join our teams. Last year, I wrote that the only limitation we have as game developers is the team’s imagination.  I have always believed that to be true.  But what’s really hit me since launching Motive last July and growing our…

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Could There Be a Star Wars RTS in the Works?

unannounced Star Wars RTS footage

When it comes to Star Wars games, we’ve had the really good, the really bad, and everything in between. It’s no surprise then that fans will be both excited and skeptical at the idea of a new Star Wars game. The rumor mill tells us we might be seeing a Star Wars RTS in the future. This is actually a very interesting idea. While there have been Star Wars RTS games in the past, there was never one done by EA so it will be interesting to see what the developer would do with this type of game. The rumor began around a video that was posted to Elise Baldwin’s Vimeo account. Baldwin was audio director for a number of games in the The Sims series. She claims she was audio director for the Star Wars RTS also, which is how she obtained the footage she shared. EA removed the…

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How Powerful Was Starkiller?

How Powerful Was Starkiller

This Star Wars Explained video tells us all about Starkiller, a very powerful Force user. Some will call  him one of the most powerful Force user around, but others will disagree. So which is it? What powers does he have? When do we first encounter Starkiller and what do we know about him? Well, this video is going to give you the breakdown in under 8 minutes. Some of this you might already know while other parts might be completely new. The thing about a great Star Wars character is that they need to have depth. You need to care about the character. You need to be able to relate to their struggle. You will be able to feel compassion. The stronger a character is written, the stronger you will feel about them. Even the “bad guys” or villains in a story need a relatable personality and some of the…

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