5 Fantastic Star Wars board games

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For Star Wars fans there is nothing like the feeling of playing your favorite Star Wars game or watching your favorite Star Wars movies, but did you know there are some epic Star Wars board games out there? If not, here is a list of tabletop Star Wars games that you should check out, you can thank us later. Star Wars: Armada Want to plan your own spaceships course? Look no further than Star Wars: Armada. It takes some time to become a pro at this game, but true Star Wars fans will love it! Armada might seem a bit overwhelming (and a bit too geeky) at first. You use a plastic stick with a series of joints to plot the course of your ships. There are shields to consider on each side of your big ships, with dials to turn as you take damage. Do you want to use an action to transfer shields from starboard to the bow? Is it time to brace and minimize damage from a frontal attack? Should you use your special action token to improve your yaw for one turn? It’s a lot to take in, but it will...

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Star Wars 1313 isn’t dead yet

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A large-scale 3rd person style action game named Star Wars 1313 became cancelled after Disney took over Lucasfilm, however this games remains could be fuel for The Force Awakens. Currently, there are three Star Wars games in the works for PC and console gaming systems and the three development companies are Visceral Games, DICE, and BioWare. They all belong to the EA Games Company. BioWare delivered us the RPG game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic during 2003 and DICE is scheduled to release Star Wars: Battlefront close to the end of 2015. Visceral and EA recently gave an announcement that Amy Hennig would be responsible for the story line for the new Star Wars game. She will also be working with Todd Stashwik and they both are known for their work on Uncharted 4. When comparing Uncharted 4 and the trailer for Star Wars 1313 you can see how similar they are too each other. This helps us to understand why Stashwick and Hennig are working on a game that is so similar to...

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If EA Created a New Star Wars Game

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We love Star Wars games around here and most of you will know that there has been no shortage of ideas for them but very few that make it to completion and then stick around for any period of time for people to actually enjoy them. This can be very frustrating for the Star Wars gamer fan. How many games in the past couple of years have we seen scrapped? (Stop it already developers!) So here is a question to ponder: If EA was to create a new Star Wars game that isn’t part of an existing series (like Battlefront, Rogue Squadron, etc.) what would you want it to be about? If you could write the plot and script for a new Star Wars game, what would your game be about? Would you be looking for something with more of a Star Wars Galaxies feel to it or would you go in a completely different direction? Looking for a first person, action RPG style? Looking for something with a lot of side-quests and major story plots? Something with more of a simplistic WoW-questing feel? A mixture of...

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Star Wars Commander Gets Major New Update

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  Last Thursday, Lucasfilm and Disney both let everyone know about the newest update for Star Wars: Commander, the mobile game, which has a new storyline and different elements that can be used during gameplay. The popular mobile game was originally released in August of 2014 and since then it’s been a favorite among many, having 15 million downloads so far. This new campaign is called “Secret Alliances”, and the main goal is players fighting to keep the fate of the planet Er’Kit secure. Some of the new gameplay elements that are included are contraband, traps, and Starships. The new update is available today and if you don’t already have the mobile game, you can download it for free from Google Play or iTunes. Find out about more of the new additions here.  Disney and Lucasfilm on Thursday announced the latest update for mobile game Star Wars: Commander, introducing a new storyline and gameplay elements. The game launched in August and has already climbed the charts, with...

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Star Wars Humble Bundle Blows Clean Past $1 Million Mark

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..and it does it in less than 24 hours. Indeed, a Humble Bundle of games tossed onto the market in cooperation with Unicef, has raised some $1.3 million in less than 24 hours. The bundle is made up of a number of Star Wars-themed games, depending on how much money the buyer is paying for the deal. More than 134,000 sales of the bundle were registered within the first 24 hours of the Humble Bundle’s availability, and the package is slated to be kept available for an additional 13 days. The excellent performance logged by the Star Wars bundle put it right into second place on the all-time best selling Humble Bundles list, second only to the Sid Meier Humble Bundle, which managed to accrue more than $1.7 million over its first 2 days. How exactly does this Humble Bundle deal work though? Players interested in picking up the game bundled up according to theme obviously, can essentially choose the amount of money they’re willing to shell out for it. In the case of the above...

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