1.2.7b Patch Notes 19-6-2012

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Servers was down for a short maintenance today,  and as always BioWare took the time to patch the game. Today is more a tweak then a real patch though, as BioWare only decreased  the maximum number of simultaneous players on the Imperial and Republic Fleets. This is a pretty good move if you ask me as I notice my framerate drop from ~50fps to ~19fps while on fleet with 250+ people.  I hope this just implies more instances though.  Coming from having 4 people on my fleet at peak times,  100 people+  seem like a party! And if there were 6 instances of 100, thats 6 parties! Below are the patch notes: 1.2.7b Patch Notes 6/19/2012 General In order to improve overall performance, the maximum number of simultaneous players on the Imperial and Republic Fleets has been decreased...

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1.2.6 Patch Notes – 6/4/2012

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BioWare took today’s server downtime to apply a small patch. Compared to the info given to us at yesterdays E3 warm up, this patch doesn’t include any game breaking updates. Check it out below: Companion Characters General Companion Characters no longer appear headless when wearing certain headgear. Flashpoints and Operations Operations Explosive Conflict The optional chest before the minefield encounter can now be looted again. Missions and NPCs General Class mission items now drop from appropriate enemies even if a groupmate deals the killing blow. Audio for cinematics no longer begins before the cinematic starts. The UI is now hidden before a conversation begins (instead of after it starts). Missions Voss The mission “Primary Target” will be automatically completed for players who finished The Dark Hollow without completing Primary Target first. Turning in The Dark Hollow first could make Primary Target impossible to complete. It is no longer possible to...

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1.2.5 Patch Notes – 5/30/2012

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  BioWare have taken the servers down for scheduled maintenance. The servers are still not up, and the maintenance have been extended a few times already. Do I smell patch 1.3 coming up on the public test servers? General Optimizations have been implemented that decrease instances of crashing to desktop. Any players required to change a character’s name due to Customer Support request must now make all name changes before logging in with any characters on a server. Classes and Combat General “Heroic Moment” abilities no longer persist after players log out or transition areas. Companion Characters General Corrected an issue that could cause Companion Characters to appear without a head when wearing certain headgear. Flashpoints and Operations General Boss encounters no longer drop rewards until the entire encounter has been cleared of enemies. Flashpoints Corrected an issue that could prevent Flashpoint mission steps from updating properly if players were...

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1.2.4 Patch Notes — 5/15/2012

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  It’s the time again were BioWare takes down the servers for maintenance and patch some updates.  Once again we get a pretty big patch, and you can now use your full columi Xalek, and after 2 months they FINALLY fixed the rebreather mask glitch as well as alot of other things. Check out out below:   Classes and Combat General The Guard ability can now be reapplied if the player dies with it activated. Previously, players sometimes received an error indicating that their target was already guarded. Sith Inquisitor General Lightsaber Charge’s audio effects no longer loop indefinitely. Companion Characters Xalek Xalek now receives the correct amount of Shield Absorption from equipped gear. Crew Skills Crafting Skills French and German tooltips now indicate the percentage chance for reverse engineering. Flashpoints and Operations General Players who advance from level 49 to 50 while near an Operation phase gate now see the gate color change to indicate their...

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1.2.3a Patch Notes – 5/10/2012

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BioWare did some emergency patching today, fixing the issue with Matrix Cubes disappearing. Funny thing is the patch is about 50 mb, so I guess that the weight of A Matrix Cube 😉 General An issue that caused some mission items (such as Matrix Cubes) to disappear from player inventories has been corrected. Players that were affected by this issue will find their Matrix Cubes restored. The restored Matrix Cubes can be re-equipped from the Mission Inventory (Press “I” and then select the “Mission Items” tab at the bottom of the window).

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