Patch 2.6

Patch 2.6 Info

Community manager for Star Wars: The old Republic, Eric Musco took on the forums yesterday and delivered a preview of the game’s next major patch. The 2.6 update will come with a unlock to the Galactic Starfighter expansion for players playing the game for free, as well as introduce a new gunship variant and two new bomber variants. Since the 14th is “early access”, I am assuming 2.6 hits then. That fits with their normal schedule too, especially considering 2.5 was really light on non-GSF content. The new rakghoul event is coming very soon too, it’s unclear whether it’s all in the game yet, but there is quite a bit of it there, so it’s possible it will hit before 2.6.   EricMusco any info on 2.6? | 01.02.2014, 01:53 PM Quote: Originally Posted by amona when will it be released,? 2.5 was early december so 6 weeks is mid january….

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