Scheduled Maintenance: May 20th, 2014 – Patch 2.7.2

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On May 20th, all game servers,, and the launcher will be unavailable while BioWare perform scheduled maintenance. Game Update 2.7.2 will be implemented during this downtime. Details are as follows: Date: Tuesday May 20th, 2014 Duration: 5 hours Time: 3AM PST (10AM GMT) – 8AM PST (3PM GMT) During maintenance, all updates and additional information will be posted on the official Twitter account. Below are the patch notes: 2.7.2 Patch Notes General Preferred players no longer have Chat restriction, as intended. Cartel Market Emotes and Moods can now be unlocked in Collections. Jori Daragon’s Loincloth no longer causes missing textures on the wearer’s legs. Flashpoints + Operations Corrected an issue which unintentionally granted Energy Spheres immunity to Challenging Call and Threatening Scream during the Dread Master Brontes encounter in Dread Fortress. Warzones The Lingering Sludge affect from the Toxic Sludge Pipes in the Quesh Huttball Pit is now applied to afflicted players immediately. The ability “Throw The Huttball” is now granted when first entering any Huttball match instead of when first touching the...

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Patch Notes – 4/29/2014 – 2.7.1 Patch Notes

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Patch notes for tomorrows maintenance is up. BioWare is pushing a pretty solid set of fixes, some longstanding issues have finally been resolved. I am curious for additional detail on the shadows fix. I have noticed a lot of jaggy shadows when I am running everything near max. Check it out below: Highlights Ranked Warzone Season 2 has started! Season Two has opened for combatants! Giradda the Hutt summons you to join the Ranked Warzone Arena queue and compete for glorious rewards (to be announced later). Ratings have been reset for this occasion and, in the mighty words of Baron Deathmark, “Get in there and go berserk!” Season 2 Leaderboards Now Live! The Ranked Warzone Arena Leaderboards have been updated for Season Two! Season One has been archived and is still able to be viewed. Ranked Warzone Missions! Ranked Warzone Arena Daily and Weekly Missions are now available from the PvP Mission Terminal. These quests offer increased Credit and Ranked Commendation rewards. Pick them up today and honor Giradda the Hutt! Double XP Weekend returns! From May 2nd at 18:00 GMT until May 5th at 07:00 GMT, gain twice the experience while fighting for the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic! Bounty Contract Week is back! Starting May 13th at 12:00 GMT and going until May 20th at 12:00 GMT! Cartel Market The Cavern Varactyl creature mount is now available in the Cartel Market! Cost: 2400 Cartel Coins. The Exterminator’s Armor Set is now available for preview in Collections. The Humble Hero Armor Set is now available for preview in Collections. The Corsec Electrobaton is now available in Collections. Pieces of Mira’s Armor Set are no longer invisible when worn. The tooltip for the Deep Red/Deep Yellow Dye Module now correctly identifies its colors. The Cartel Market version of “Title: Conscript” can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network. The version of this title granted as an in-game Mail reward remains untradeable on the GTN. Corrected a typo in the description of the Deep Pink/White Dye Module which indicated the primary color was Deep Purple. The Marka Ragnos Armor Set now unlocks in Collections if pieces were purchased from the Interplanetary Component Exchange (I.C.E.) vendor. The Collections interface now navigates correctly when clicking into another category if you are above Page 10 on your current category. General Addressed an issue that could cause a crash in certain Flashpoints, such as Esseles, Black Talon, Boarding Party, and The Foundry. The Bolsterizer has been added to the training area of the Ziost Shadow (Imperial Fleet) and the Gav Daragon (Republic Fleet). Using this console bolsters the character as if he or she had entered a Warzone. Increased the rendering quality of Lightsabers in the Preview Window. The Taxis on Coruscant no longer flicker while in flight. Fixed an issue that could result in permanent disconnection from the chat server. Quick Ground Target Activation of Ground Target Area of Effect abilities no longer results in improper character animations when using the ability on your character. Added a background image to the Nightmare Dread Fortress and Nightmare Dread Palace Achievement pages. The “Species: Gran” Codex Entry can now be obtained by Imperial players on Balmorra. The Codex Entry “The Red Engine” is now correctly restricted to Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior. Corrected an issue where the Cormium Crystal Shard, commonly known as the “blue museum crystal,” could not be picked up by players, rendering the 10 Datacron on the Imperial and Republic fleets impossible to attain. The ears on Male Twi’lek Body Types 2, 3, and 4 are now visibly humanoid and no longer appear smooth. Flashpoints + Operations The French and German voiceovers in Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion are now better timed with conversation animations. The Achievement for defeating the Cartel Warlords in Scum and Villainy now grants after finishing the encounter instead of on each individual boss. Fixed an exploit in Assault on Tython where players could avoid most of Major Travik’s/Major Imos’s abilities by standing behind a pillar. Fixed an exploit in Korriban Incursion where players could avoid most of Darth Saverus’s/Commander Jensyn’s abilities by standing on a computer terminal. Fixed an issue where the Reprogrammed Heavy Turrets were not spawning for Republic players in the Starship Assembly scenario of Kuat Drive Yards. The elevator after the Lord Renning/Master Riilna encounter in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint now has appropriate collision. Dread Guard Bulwarks now deal the correct amount of damage in 16-Player Nightmare Dread Fortress. Dreadmaster Tyrans no longer places Marked for Death on players affected by Simplification in the Story and Hard Modes of Dread Palace. On the Mission step “Speak with Sergeant Tarsten” in Korriban Incursion, the map note now correctly displays Sergeant Tarsten. Missing and incorrect Mission Log entries in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint have been updated and corrected. Missing and incorrect Mission Log entries in the Assault on Tython Flashpoint have been updated and corrected. Major Imos and Major Travik in the Assault on Tython Flashpoint now correctly reset if pulled too far off of the main platform. Dread Master Brontes now properly destroys any Energy Spheres spawned while using the ability Supremacy. Increased the range and rate at which the Hands of Brontes apply their shield in the final phase of the Dread Master Brontes encounter in Dread Fortress. Changed the name of two of the versions of Mass Affliction that the Dread Guard Corrupters in 16-Player Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress cast to more clearly show it is three separate abilities being cast: Mass Affliction, Total Affliction, and Absolute Affliction. Items + Economy Fixed an issue that would cause certain pieces of gear (such as the Dancer gear sets) to cause texture issues on the character wearing the item. Rakghoul DNA Canisters are now Bound to Legacy. Gray Helix Components are now Bound to Legacy. Completed Bounty Contracts can now be traded on the Galactic Trade Network. Reputation rewards from the Bounty Broker’s Association are now purchased exclusively with Completed Bounty Contracts instead of Credits. Recovered Relics...

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PvP Fixes for 2.7.1

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Many players have experienced issues with warzones since game update 2.7 hit the servers. These bugs will be fixed with patch 2.7.1 Alex Modny have more on this: Post #1 Source AlexModny PVP Mission Terminals In Warzones | 04.10.2014, 11:22 AM Hey everyone, we will be adding the “turn-in” terminals next to all the current Mission terminals in the Warzones for 2.7.1. (Actually I’m adding them right now while I chomp on a delicious sammich for lunch!) Thanks for the feedback! Post #2 Source AlexModny Post-Match Scoreboard Still Bugged, post 2.7… | 04.10.2014, 07:19 AM The highlights on the scoreboard will be fixed in 2.7.1. I apologize it slipped...

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SWTOR Consolidated Bugs List

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A new major game updates means lot’s of new bugs. Here is a consolidated Bugs List off all the known bugs in the game right now. If you found any bugs not on this list, make sure to report them over at the official forums. Post #1 Source TaitWatson Female character texture is still messed up. | 04.08.2014, 08:24 AM Hey all! I wanted to update you on the status of this: While it’s not 100% yet, we are looking to fix this with 2.7.1. This is, of course, subject to change. I’ll let you know if it gets pushed! -tw Post #2 Source TaitWatson Enforcer’s Eyeguard voice modulation | 04.08.2014, 09:00 AM Quote: Originally Posted by Kylanna So as of this patch, the note was, “Many head slot items that were missing voice modulation have been given voice modulation.” That’s great! Now… can we take it off of the EYEPATCH, please? I don’t think my character’s voice is going to be altered by her eye being covered. Just sayin’. I’ll pass it along, thanks! Post #3 Source TaitWatson Steadied Aim Typo | 04.08.2014, 09:12 AM Quote: Originally Posted by Rasen In the Gunnery tree for Commandos the Steady Aim skill tooltip has a typo. At the end it says …and Concussive Round and by 70%. I assume you meant …and Concussive Round by 70%. Yeaaah, you’re probably right! I’ll let them know, thanks! Post #4 Source TaitWatson Tython FP Republic side bug | 04.08.2014, 11:20 AM Quote: Originally Posted by Elfa One of the turrets isn’t accessible to destroy and has halted our progress. We put a ticket in but we are waiting. I’ll pass this along! Are you able to take a screenshot of what’s happening so I can include that? Post #5 Source TaitWatson Why does Bioware even bother to have test servers? | 04.08.2014, 12:06 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Xcontentia The platform on Dromund Kass that you fall through was reported X times. If they even can’t fix this when reported why bother…It seems there like 1 dude left on their team and thats make the whole company seem unprofessional. Welcome the fanboys for this one! Hey there, This issue was actually fixed on PTS, but unfortunately it was still present in this build and we were unable to fix it before the update went live. I posted about it in the Bug Report forums to try to give players a heads up. It is something we are aware of and are going to get fixed ASAP. Please let us know in the Bug Report forums if you encounter any other issues. -tw Post #6 Source TaitWatson DP 16SM Tyrans – simplification is killing every person that gets it with 2.7 | 04.08.2014, 12:27 PM Quote: Originally Posted by azurecrayon trying to do a dp run on Harbinger this morning after 2.7 and tyrans has a new special mechanic! when he puts simplification on someone, after the tile falls the person is killed by the simplification. the death message is: Defeated by [Charactername] with Simplification (0 damage) pretty hard to kill him when you lose someone every time they get simplification Thanks for your reports! We’re looking into this now, and I’ll let you know when I hear something! -tw Post #7 Source TaitWatson Mira’s Gauntlets and Utility Belt invisible… | 04.08.2014, 03:43 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Hilberian Hello, just updated to 2.7., logging in on my main to test the new FPs, just to suddenly notice her gloves and belt gone. Specifically Mira’s Gauntlets and Utlity Belt seem to have become invisible… this is really annoying, as I use the full set on most of my chars… Unless there is a new toggle is missed in the chat notes… Thanks for letting me know! The team is now aware of the problem. Post #8 Source TaitWatson Laser/Lightning Effects’ Graphic Glitch | 04.08.2014, 03:48 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Lurtzello This issue has already been discussed in other threads, but since one of them is possibly in the wrong section while the other one has an incorrect title, and since it seems to occour more often since 2.7 came out, I’m starting this thread. Detailed information about the glitch can be found in the pages linked above. In short: it appears that (with some AMD video cards?) certain visual effects such as (1) the lightning of some Inquisitor’s abilities (in particular the streams of lightning that go all the way from the player to the target), (2) the pillars of light above dead enemies that indicate loot on them, (3) the laser effects of Galactic Starfighter blaster bolts and (4) the repair drones’ green healing laser are often either invisible or less bright. Thank you in advance for the eventual acknowledgement of this issue. Thanks for your post! I’ve passed this along to be looked into. Post #9 Source TaitWatson (BUG)(ITEM) Series 512 Cybernetic Torso Color Bugged | 04.08.2014, 03:53 PM Quote: Originally Posted by UnknownDeceased The secondary color of the Series 512 Cybernetic Torso is bugged since patch. It’s now blueish grey instead of Black like the rest of the Set. PLZ FIX! Thanks for the post! We’ll take a look at it. Post #10 Source TaitWatson Obroan relics don’t proc in PVE after 2.7 | 04.08.2014, 04:02 PM Quote: Originally Posted by LydMekk Bought the reduced Obroan relics for normal wz comms today on a char on the Progenitor EU, SW Jugg veng. Both the SA and the main stat Version don’t proc and activate at all running 5 times the New FPs. Just equipped, no augments on them. I’ll pass it along for testing to make sure everything is working as it should! Post #10 Response Source TaitWatson Obroan relics don’t proc in PVE after 2.7 | 04.09.2014, 10:34 AM Hey folks! We looked into this and, as many of you in the thread have said, the Relics are properly working in PvE. Post #11 Source TaitWatson Head slot items missing voice modulation | 04.08.2014, 03:51 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Millardkillmoore The patch...

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Patch Notes – 2.7.0 Invasion

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Patch notes are up for gameupdate 2.7. The net update opens tomorrow with a new storyline, Quesh Huttball Warzone, Starfighter Battle Zone and more. What are YOU most excited about?. Highlights New Story Arc: Forged Alliances! Start this story arc by speaking to a droid on the Fleet near the new Outbound Mission Hangar. New Flashpoints! Beginning the next major storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Korriban Incursion and Assault on Tython Tactical Flashpoints are now available to players at level 55. Nightmare Mode is now available for the Dread Fortress! Even greater horrors await those who wish to challenge the bastion of the Dread Masters, and the Operation provides even greater rewards in the form of new Dread Master equipment! Ranked Warzone Season 1 has ended! Characters that had a qualifying rating have been mailed their rewards. We are currently in Pre-Season 2 and Season 2 will begin with 2.7.1! Giradda congratulates the winners and looks forward to the bloodshed in Season 2! Ranked Arenas are still active for teams to prepare for the next season. Quesh Huttball Pit, a new Warzone, is available for play! Baron Deathmark hosts the latest Huttball match on the toxic planet Quesh. Join the Warzone Queue and Go Berserk! New Galactic Starfighter Domination Map: Denon Exosphere! An ongoing space battle featuring massive capital ships is ongoing in the exosphere of the ecumenopolis Denon. Wreckage from the battle is scattered around the area as forces fight to control a strategic space station. This map features two permanent spawn points for each team, adding more strategic spawning and attack possibilities. Bounty Contract Week is back! The In-Game event runs from April 8th to April 15th, starting and ending at 12:00PM GMT. General New options are available for the Ground Target Area of Effect reticle: Sticky Ground Target Reticule – When active, this option makes it so your Ground Target Reticule doesn’t disappear if the target location is out of range or the ability otherwise fails. Example: Bounty Hunter attempts to activate Death From Above, but their target location is out of range. With this option active, the GTAoE reticule will persist and allow the player to instantly attempt to use the ability again. If this option isn’t active, then the reticule will disappear and the player will have to click again. Quick Ground Target Activation – When active, pressing a hotkey that belongs to a GTAoE twice will use the ability at the feet of the Player’s target. Example: The Player has the Pass the Huttball ability saved to Hotkey #3. The Player targets an ally and then presses 3 two times. The Huttball Pass will be activated at the feet of the targeted ally. If this option is turned off, then there are no changes to the existing behavior. All equippable gear pieces have their Item Rating displayed in the tooltip. Weapons and armor have not changed. In the equipment tooltips, mods/enhancements now display their Item Rating in parentheses instead of their Item Level. While unequipped, mods/enhancements display their Item Rating in their tooltip. The “Species: Weequay” Codex Entry can be obtained via a Lore Object on Nar Shaddaa. The “Species: Trandoshan” Codex Entry can be obtained by killing a Trandoshan on Belsavis. Cartel Market New Starfighter Pack: The Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack! The Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack items can now be previewed in Collections. The Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack will be available on May 6th. Cost: 320 Cartel Coins Hypercrates containing 24 Hotshot’s Starfighter Packs will be available on May 6th. Discounted by 10% for a limited amount of time! Cost: 6912 Cartel Coins. New bundles of Imperial and Republic Galactic Starfighter cosmetic items are available in the Cartel Market. Discounted by 30% for a limited amount of time! Cost: 2037 Cartel Coins The new “Data Entry” Rest and Recharge item can now be previewed in Collections. Many items that were previously missing temporary bind timers have had them added. After an extensive summit meeting, a council of Dark Side elders has decreed that silent theatrical mediums are no longer considered “inherently not dark” and players with Dark Side alignment can now use “Emote: Mime.” The M8-3R Astromech Droid and Model FT-6 Pike now have entries in the Promotional Items category of Collections. The Weekly Pass: Operations is now a level 15 item. This allows non-subscribing players below level 50 to use the Weekly Pass to gain access to appropriately-leveled Operations during Events that feature them. Level restrictions on Operations still apply. The description of the item in its tooltip and on the Cartel Market has been updated to reflect this change. The Charcoal Dewback can now be unlocked through Collections. Classes +Combat Jedi Knight General Force Sweep now requires a primary target to activate. Guardian Focused Defense has been redesigned: It now empowers the user with 10 charges of Focused Defense, lasting up to 30 seconds. Whenever the user takes damage, a charge of Focused Defense is consumed to heal the user for a moderate amount. This ability can be used while stunned or otherwise controlled but cannot be used while above 70% health. Cooldown increased from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Enure now has a 60 second cooldown (down from 90 seconds). Challenging Call now immediately reduces threat by a moderated amount while not in Soresu Form. Vigilance Commanding Awe now applies its 7%/15% damage resistance while Enure is active (instead of Focused Defense). Focus (Guardian) Through Peace reduces the cooldown of Focused Defense by 15/30 seconds. The bonuses from Felling Blow and Singularity now only apply to players if they are the primary target of Force Sweep. Non-player targets are always affected if they are inside the Force Sweep radius. Sentinel Focus (Sentinel) The bonuses from Felling Blow and Singularity now only apply to players if they are the primary target of Force Sweep. Non-player targets are always affected if they are inside the Force Sweep radius. Sith Warrior General Smash now requires a primary target to activate. Juggernaut Enraged Defense has been redesigned: It now empowers...

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