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Game Update 4.1: Anarchy in Paradise Patch Notes

Anarchy in Paradise Patch Notes

Tomorrow guys. Tomorrow the new game update for Star Wars: The old Republic goes live. Check out the patch notes below: Game Update 4.1: Anarchy in Paradise Patch Notes Highlights Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise! Continue the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline with a new Chapter featuring the infamous mercenary Firebrand! Players who were subscribed on February 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other subscribers on Thursday, February 11th. New Alliance Alert: Arma Rasa! Players who were subscribed on January 11th will find a new Alliance Alert on February 9th which will enable them to acquire the recently-restored HK-55! New Alliance Alert: Little Boss! Help Blizz and his new crew defeat a rival gang to bring him into your Alliance! Crafting Update! With the release of 4.0 we made a pass at focusing and streamlining Crew Skills and with 4.1…

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SWTOR Patch 4.0.3 Patch Notes

swtor patch notes 4_0_3

Here are the patch notes for today’s game update 4.0.3.  Khem Val no longer invites his friends to hang out at Sith Inquisitor Strongholds, and many Companions have considerably reduced their nudist tendencies within Strongholds. I love BioWare Check it out in full below: Highlights December Event Schedule! There is a whole host of events going on in the galaxy this December! All events start and end at 4AM PST (12PM GMT): Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree Dec 8 – Jan 5: Star Wars™: The Old Republic 4th Anniversary Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP Event Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week General It is no longer possible to cause the Character Select UI to disappear while deleting characters. Guild Set Rank and the Guild Set Rank Description…

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SWTOR Patch Notes 4.0.2a

clash of lightsabers

Below are hte Patch Notes for patch 4.0.2a General Players who had items in their Legacy Bank beyond the first tab that were not properly updated in 4.0 can now log in. The galaxy is no longer littered with the corpses of those who have fallen in battle, but there may still be occasional instances of the issue occurring. Missions + NPCs Companion healing, damage, and base stats have been increased. Character Level and Companion Influence Level will determine the exact amount: Companion healing has been increased by approximately 48%. Companion damage has been increased by approximately 15%. Companion base stats have been increased by approximately 15%. Players are now able to start Class-specific Missions on Rishi. The order you speak to NPCs in Chapter IX can no longer stop progression. Join the forum discussion on this post

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Game Update 4.0.2 Additional Patch Notes

swtor Additional Patch Notes 4_0_2

    While the official swtor website is up, but the game servers are still down. Apparently there with client patching. Therfor BioWaer have put out a  PSA: don’t try and patch yet! ” We recommend not attempting to patch the game while we are investigating the ongoing issues. If you are already in a stuck state, we will update you later on what needs to be done to resolve your issue.”   Along with this message comes some additional patch notes also. Check it out below:   General It is no longer possible to use the Guild Flagship to summon guild members to the Maintenance Shaft section of the Gav Daragon in the Republic Fleet. Missions + NPCs Players are no longer able to speak to C2-N2 or 2V-R8 on Odessen until they have completed Chapter VIII.   Source

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SWTOR Game Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes

I guess there is more to Nico's hat

Patch notes for tomorrows game Update 4.0.2 is now here: General Missing Matrix Shards have been returned to their rightful owners. Vendor Map Icons now display correctly when in a phase. All planet and companion names and descriptions now appear in the French and German clients. Companions now correctly follow players on Guild Flagships. The Blaster’s Path Cantina Quick Travel location on Rishi now persists after log out. Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their Companions react more specifically to their relationship status. Imperial Agents are now granted the Red Blade codex entry during the Mission “Nothing is Ever Easy” on Hutta. The Achievement “Alderaan Civil War: Punching Bag” is now awarded properly. Fixed an issue that was causing certain areas to appear extremely foggy when using Very Low graphics settings. Fixed typos in the Alliance and Companion & Contacts tutorial windows. Fixed…

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SWTOR Patch Notes – 4.0.1

SWTOR Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for tomorrows update: Highlights Knights of the Fallen Empire is now live! The latest evolution of storytelling in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is now available for free to all Subscribers! Cartel Market Artifact items purchased from the Cartel Market no longer require Artifact Authorization. Classes + Combat Jedi Consular Jedi Shadow Utility Motion Control now properly reduces the movement speed of targets affected by Force Slow by an additional 20%. Trooper Commando Medical Probe has been returned! Commandos will need to visit a Trainer in order to relearn the ability. Items + Economy The following items have had their stats corrected: Outlander Med-Tech’s Belt MK-6 Outlander Mender’s Belt MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Belt MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Robe MK-6 Outlander Mender’s Jacket MK-6 Outlander Med-Tech’s Body Armor MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Headgear MK-6 Outlander Med-Tech’s Helmet MK-6 Outlander Mender’s Headgear MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Boots MK-6 Outlander Med-Tech’s…

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SWTOR Patch Notes 4.0a

swtor wild nerf

Here are the patch notes from today’s Maintenance. General Players who have completed Chapters I-IX now have the complete Galaxy Map available to them. Players who do not have Knights of the Fallen Empire can no longer access Knights of the Fallen Empire areas and Chapters. The highly sought C2-N2 has been restored to players. Players who were on a Class Mission with a Companion as a guest now have the correct version of that companion. Companion equipment that was not returned to players with the release of Game Update 4.0 has been properly returned. Additionally, all players have been given the new starting gear for Companions that they unlocked prior to Game Update 4.0. Cartel Market Start At 60 Tokens are now available on the Cartel Market*! These Tokens can be purchased on the Cartel Market and used or sold on the Galactic Trade Network. Subscribers who begin Characters…

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SWTOR Patch 3.3.1 Notes

Never Get Lost on Hoth

Here are the patch notes for today’s maintenance.  As we mentioned yesterday, the Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins August 18th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends August 25th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT. General Previously unusable Small hooks in the Tatooine Homestead are now useable. The Waspback Gizka pet now grants the appropriate decoration when used. The Rark K-133T can now be placed as a Decoration within Strongholds. The Yavin 4 Stronghold Cinematic no longer plays every time the Stronghold is traveled to. The Yavin 4 Stronghold is now connected to Yavin 4 chat, and no longer lists your location as “Space.” Placed a missing hook in the Main Temple Room of the Yavin 4 Stronghold. Removed an excess hook from the first Sanctuary Temple in the Yavin 4 Stronghold. The Sanctuary 1 and Sanctuary 2 maps in the Yavin 4 Stronghold have…

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Game Update 3.3: Grand Togruta Celebration

Game Update 3_3 Grand Togruta Celebration

SWTOR Patch 3.3 maintenance will be happening from July 21 to July 22 in the same time slot as before. Below are the patch notes: Game Update 3.3: Grand Togruta Celebration Highlights Ranked Arena Season 6 begins! Season 5 has come to a glorious conclusion and Season 6 with a revamped Reward system is underway! See the “Warzones” section below for full details. Season 5 rewards have been delivered to eligible characters’ in-game mail. New Unlockable Species: Togruta! You can now roam the galaxy as a member of the Togruta Species! Togruta can be purchased via the Cartel Market or directly through the Appearance Designer Kiosk. New Galactic Stronghold: Yavin IV! Claim your own Yavin IV Temple Stronghold by visiting the Stronghold Directory located on Yavin IV or on either Fleet. Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins July 22nd at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends…

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