SWTOR Patch Notes – 3.0.2a – 1/21/15

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Here are the patch notes from today’s maintenance. General Item rarity outlines no longer disappear when an item placed in a Cargo Hold. Cartel Market The Contraband Slot Machine’s Jawa Junk drop rate has been reduced and Faction-specific Walker mounts have been added to the potential rewards. Flashpoints + Operations It is no longer possible to become unable to progress due to a stuck party member if someone is defeated during the Jos and Valk Beroya encounter in Blood Hunt. The Underlurker in Temple of Sacrifice will no long rush extremely quickly back to his target after using his Leap ability. Malaphar the Savage has a new “Frustrated Roar” ability, and now deals damage to all players participating in his Temple of Sacrifice encounter if he reaches 80% health and is unable to reach a target. [Image...

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SWTOR PTS 3.1 Patch Notes – Update 2

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  Here are the SWTOR 3.1 PTS patch notes for the second round of game testing. If you didn’t catch the first patch notes, we have them for you here Check them out below:   TaitWatson Game Update 3.1 PTS Update 2 | 01.15.2015, 10:48 AM Hey everyone! Below are the Patch Notes for the second patch to the PTS. They will also be merged into the “main” notes. -Tait Highlights Two new Hard Mode Flashpoints! Hard Mode Battle of Rishi and Hard Mode Blood Hunt are now available. General The Improved Mounting Legacy Unlock now applies Legacy-wide. Classes + Combat Jedi Knight Guardian Defense Reduced the Blade Storm damage increase from Dust Storm to 40% (down from 50%). Lunge now takes Riposte off the GCD while in Soresu Form and reduces the rage cost of Riposte by 1 (instead of making it free). The 50% critical chance boost to Riposte has been removed and the Soresu Form damage penalty has returned. Sith Warrior Juggernaut Immortal Reduced the Force Scream damage...

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Game Update 3.0.2 Patch Notes

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Here are tomorrows Patch Notes for patch 3.0.2. This patch has many great fixes indeed. Check it out below: Game Update 3.0.2 Patch Notes Long-forgotten Sith spirits have awakened on Yavin 4. This convergence of dark side energies could give rise to a powerful and ancient threat within the moon’s already-treacherous jungles… Highlights New Guild Flagship Destinations! Rishi and Yavin 4 have been added as Guild Flagship destinations, and Flagship Orbital Support and Transport are now available for those locations. New Conquest Event! The “Revenge of the Revanites” Conquest Event has been added to the Conquest rotation. Improved Weekly Reward! Companion Outfit Lockboxes are now awarded for completing the Mission “[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation.” Each lockbox contains a full set of rating 192 armor for its specified companion. General It is no longer possible to loot or complete the Weekly Mission for the final boss of The Ravagers without completing the Operation. Made...

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Game Update 3.1 PTS Patch Notes

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BioWare have updated the Public test servers with game update 3.1. All content and features on the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Below are the patch notes:   Game Update 3.1 Last Updated: January 8, 2015   Highlights New Legacy Perk – Improved Mounting! With this perk, you may summon any vehicle or creature mount while moving. Classes + Combat Jedi Knight Guardian General Single Saber Mastery now increases the threat generated by Slash and Riposte by 15% while in Soresu Form, but the increased threat generation it grants to Force Sweep and Cyclone Slash has been reduced to 15% as well (down from 30%). Defense In addition to its current usage, Stasis Mastery now also increases the damage dealt and threat generated by Force Stasis by 100%. Beacon of Might no longer reduces the cooldown of Riposte and now only increases the damage dealt by Guardian Slash and Hilt Bash by 30% (down from 40%). Dust Storm now increases Blade Storm damage by 50%....

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Game Update 3.0.1 Patch Notes

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Tomorrows patch notes are now available. Check them out below: Game Update 3.0.1 Patch Notes Highlights Life Day is upon us once again! Celebrate the occasion from December 16th 2014 until January 6th, 2015 at 4AM PST (12 Noon GMT). General Updated the population limits for Rishi, Yavin 4, and the SOLO-Mode Flashpoints in order to address performance issues. The Master of Ceremonies vendor is now available on both Fleets, and sells the following items: Life Day Snowball Bomb Ability Blue-Purple Life Day Holo-tree Decoration Gold Life Day Holo-tree Decoration Sleigh I Vehicle Cyan Sphere Vehicle Life Day Tree Fireworks Anniversary Personnel has been assigned to either Fleet to distribute free Third Anniversary Stronghold Decorations! They will be available until Game Update 3.0.2, and have the following Decorations: 3rd Anniversary Fireworks Launcher 3rd Anniversary Galactic Memorial Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Coruscant Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Dromund Kaas Art: 3rd...

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