SWTOR 2.10.1c Patch Notes

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  Servers are back up after today’s maintenance. This maintenance only addresses an update to BitRaider and the Launcher. The client update addresses compatibility with the new BitRaider. Below are the patch notes:   2.10.1c Patch Notes Launcher Updated BitRaider to improve streaming performance. Updated the Launcher to support Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan. Please note that the Launcher will restart twice during this update. Future updates will act as normal. General Introduced Client changes to support the new BitRaider version.   If you don’t know what BitRaider is, bstr413 has a pretty good explernation: BitRaider is a program designed by a different company than EA for easily patching a game. It also allows you to play part of the game while streaming the rest of the patch. It also allows for easy repair of a corrupted program. BioWare uses this technology so that new players can download half the game and start playing it. It also helps players...

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Patch Notes – 9/30/2014 – 2.10.1 Patch Notes

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The SWTOR servers are coming down tomorrow ad BioWare will be preforming some scheduled Maintenance. Game Update 2.10.1 will be implemented during this downtime. Below are the patch notes: Highlights Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins October 14th at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT and ends October 21st at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT. General An in-game message sent to Jedi Knights no longer references a character who could be dead. There is now an Achievement and a Title associated with Conquering CZ-198. The Achievement “Master of the Ancients” now properly tracks Legacy of the Rakata completions. All Rancor mounts now make a sound when activated. Cartel Market New items are now able to be previewed in Collections. Several Decorations have had their Bind rules adjusted. Flashpoints + Operations It is now possible to interact with the shuttle at the end of the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint. Reduced the health of CZ-8X Eradicator Droid and...

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Patch Notes – 9/9/2014 – Game Update 2.10: Forged Alliances Patch Notes

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  Servers will be updated with the new game update 2.10 2.10: Forged Alliances today.  This new game update includes a new Flashpoint named “legacy of the Rakata. Bounty Contract week will also return, and Ranked Warzone arena Season 3 begins. Check out the full patch notes below. If you have any problems running the game after patching it, follow the five steps given here, stopping after each step to see if the problem is fixed. Highlights New Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata! The Forged Alliances storyline culminates on the remote, tropical world of Rakata Prime in this thrilling Level 55 Tactical Flashpoint. Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins September 9th at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT and ends September 19th at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT Welcome to Ranked Warzone Arena Season 3! Join the brutality in the Ranked Warzone Arena queue as we begin our third season of carnage. The Leaderboards have been updated for Season 3, and...

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Patch Notes – 9/4/2014 – 2.9d Patch Notes

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As Elrik wrote earlier today, BioWare had to deploy a patch to fix some of the servers performance issues, players in Star Wars: The old republic have experienced lately. S Elrik wrote, it’s encouraging that Bioware was quick to take action to fix them. Below are the patch notes: There will be no download associated with today’s maintenance. General Applied multiple fixes in order to address server stability issues. Resolved an issue that would cause a guild to lose ownership of a conquered planet after a server restart. Ensured that the historical ownership of conquered planets is...

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Patch Notes – 8/29/2014 – 2.9c Patch Notes

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  BioWare is adding a new patch today, that will fix the Conquest Flashpoints exploit, tha tsome players are using. Flashpoint Conquest Objectives are intended to be one-time only, not infinitely repeatable. The only Flashpoint Objectives that can be repeated are the Group Finder ones – and those can only be done when you have the Daily Mission for the Group Finder available. Below are the patch notes: General Flashpoint Conquest Objectives are now non-repeatable as intended. The Galactic Starfighter Invasion Bonus for Ilum now applies properly. I really don’t understand the point of this. PvP/GSF grinders are doing stuff and getting points all day long. This week we’re not getting easy points for the five-minute heroics AND they’re taking the Esseles/BT runs away? Might as well rename it “PvP conquest”. Image...

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