SWTOR Season 4 Ranked PvP Rewards

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  BioWare just announced the complete SWTOR season 4 ranked PvP rewards. Season 4 will end on April 28, 2015. The culmination of Season 4 is fast approaching so batten down the hatches! The end of Season 4 will come with Game Update 3.2 and your rating, when the servers come down for the update, will determine which tier you are in and what rewards you receive. The higher your tier the more booty you will plunder! Just like in previous seasons, the Highest Earned rating that determines the tier you are in – not Current – so no need to feel like you are risking Rating by going after the next tier up! To see your Highest Earned Rating, check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI. Please note that the Rating displayed on the Leaderboards are the Current Ratings, not Highest Earned. Once Season 4 has come to an end and all Ratings have been reset, the Season 4 Leaderboards will be archived off so you can always reference who was tops in previous seasons.  ...

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Update on SWTOR Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4

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Yesterday Eric Musco addressed the PvP forums, and  updated  players on Bioware’s action towards win-traders and trolls in ranked PvP. Check it out below: Update on Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4 | 03.10.2015, 06:45 PM Hey folks, As promised, we want to keep you informed on what we are doing about those win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. Here is what is happening right now: Win-traders – We have been reviewing multiple sets of data, along with the private reports that many of you have been sending to the team. Any player who, through validating data, is win-trading is receiving will be receiving at a minimum, a warning. Not only are we warning these users to stop what they are doing, continued win-trading will lead to greater actions including resetting their ratings and suspension time. Griefer – Those players that seem to have that one singular purpose, to ruin the spirit of Ranked PvP. They refuse to participate, or they leave the match altogether. Those players will be...

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SWTOR Season 4 Reward Teaser Blog

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The SWTOR PvP Team has posted a teaser of the upcoming Season 4 PvP weapon rewards. Unfortunately The teaser only consist of a single pic. Check it out below: Ahoy PvPers! Season 4 is upon us and we hope everyone is ready for more intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark once again cordially invite you to dismember each other for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some unique rewards from their personal collection of antiques and prized possessions! Without further ado, here is one of the Tier 2 rewards that should give you a taste of what is in store for swashbucklers this season: This is just one of the rewards we are offering in Season 4. In addition to the above, Giradda will be offering decoration trophies, unique titles, a unique color crystal, a beaut of a mount and a Top 96 character reward. Stay tuned for more information on these rewards later in the Season. Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy Season 4! Happy Hunting! The PvP...

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SWTOR Win Trading in PvP Season 4 and Beyond

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  Eric Musco too on the forum today, enlightening the community what BioWare have in mind to to counter Win Trading in PvP Season 4 and Beyond: Win-Trading In Season 4 and Beyond | 02.03.2015, 08:07 PM Hey folks, Season 4 for PvP is about to start and we wanted everyone to understand the Rules of Engagement and how we plan to keep it fair and fun for everyone who participates in Ranked Warzones: In The Past Throughout the Season we would track data around games being played by each character. At the end of the Season we compare data to look for possible win-traders. Anyone whom we are 100% sure has win-traded received action against their account. The action we took was to completely reset their rating to zero. This would mean they would receive no end of season rewards and would have no credit for taking part in that season. What We Learned By doing a single large data review, it created a situation where someone could have partially win-traded may have been overlooked. Since...

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SWTOR as eSport – Can It Happen?

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  So this is not the first time this question has been proposed but we want to open it up for a bit of discussion here. Could SWTOR make it as an eSport? With the growing popularity and demand on esports, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to think about other games getting into the scene. But is SWTOR a good choice? What aspects of SWTOR could be made into an eSport? We’d clearly be looking at PvP options, right? There is a sect of players who love SWTOR solely for the PvP side, despite this not being what the game is specifically made for and branded to. There will always be players who love PvP and want to get specifically into that style of play. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what might work for SWTOR in an eSports environment. SWTOR PvP tournaments played out on Twitch? This is something I think fans would watch. If SWTOR wants to pursue the eSport arena, they definitely would need to focus their PvP options in a more organized way. I believe there would be players...

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