Upcoming PvP Changes comming to SWTOR

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The bad feeling podcast had the chance to sit down with Alex Modny and discuss PCP changes comming with game update 3.3 I encourage you to listen to the podcast, as it includes more stuff then in the notes below.  There are some discussions on how new warzone maps get designed from start to finish for example. Podcast link to listen (1hr long) Notes are taken from Emeraldon on reddit: General Alex Modny (Systems Designer) and Eric Musco are present from Bioware Most of these changes will be coming with Game Update 3.3. No new PvP maps coming anytime soon. GSF is not dead, they might be doing some balance changes in the future but no plans for new game modes or new maps. They are changing AoE in warzones – they can no longer interrupt captures. No more force storms, Death from Above, Death Field etc. AoE CC still work to interrupt captures. This change is subjected to testing on PTS and if players don’t like it they will remove it. PvP Gearing Reduction in PVP set gear costs: Exhumed...

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New Dev Post – Update on Win-Trading in Season 5

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  Eric Musco just posted on the official SWTOR forums regarding Season 5 PvP Win Trading. Apparently this practice  saw a 90% decrease in win trading activity and 50% decrease in trolls. Update on Win-Trading in Season 5 | 05.21.2015, 07:22 PM Hey folks, I am here to give an update on win-trading and ranked “trolls” for Season 5. As of earlier this week we sent out another round of warnings and action against players who were participating in win-trading or being trolly in ranked play. I did want to provide some additional information besides just letting you know timing of action going out. Many of you requested that we be more up front about the action we were taking against players, and you were right in asking for that! Our aggressive action against these players along with being up front and transparent about has led to a fairly substantial change, let me give you some numbers: Since we started communicating about win-trading and the actions we were going to take, nearly...

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Season 5 Reward Teaser Blog

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BioWare have posted a new developer blog. This one is teasing the season 5 rewards for PVP. Top ranking PvPers in Season 5 can expect a Gladiatorial Nexu mount as one of the rewards. Glorious PvPers! Season 5 is upon us and we hope everyone is enjoying the intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark cordially invite you to dismember each other for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some exceptional prizes from their personal collection of antiques and cherished goods! Without further ado, here is the concept for the Tier 1 reward. This should give you a taste of what is in store for gladiators of the arenas this season: This mount is just one of the rewards available in Season 5. In addition to this Nexu mount, Giradda will be offering unique Decorations, Titles, Color Crystals, as well as a unique Gladiatorial weapon set. Additionally there is a Top 96 character reward and, of course, the Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox (the seasonal crystal...

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SWTOR Update: Win-trading and “Trolls” in Ranked PvP

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Eric Musco rleases two statements today, regarding Season 5 PvP rewards and BioWares stance on win trading and trolling in PvP: Season 5 Update | 04.30.2015, 09:11 AM Hello PvPers! Season 4 has come to a glorious conclusion and Season 5 is underway! We hope y’all enjoyed the action and are looking forward to a new season to test your mettle. I have a quick note to share with y’all about the Season 5 Reward Teaser. Unfortunately the teaser for Season 5 will not be posted this week. We strive to have the teaser come out at the start of the season but right now with everything that is going on this Spring we are in a bit of a log jam and unfortunately the teaser blog will be coming out later in May. Featured in the blog is concept art of a reward that we feel is the best we’ve ever released and a reward that y’all have been suggesting ever since Ranked started. We will keep you in the loop of when to expect it and we hope y’all agree about its awesomeness when it comes out! We are...

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Clarification on SWTOR Season 4 Weapon Rewards

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  SWTOR developer Alex Modny responded to some questions regarding the upcoming season 4 PvP weapon rewards. Season 4 Weapon Rewards | 04.16.2015, 01:58 PM Originally Posted by Jinre_the_Jedi Two questions: 1)Will the weapons have particle effects like the S3 ones? 2) Will we get off hands too? Specifically vibroknives and generator/shields? 1) There aren’t any fire-esque visual effects on the Swashbuckling weapons but they do have visual effects that adjust to the color crystal attached. In the teaser blog you can see the circle/gears on the side of the blasters, those rotate and glow pretty fantastically. On the lightsabers the crystal glows at the base of the hilt and right above the guard. More extravagant visual effects are great and something we want to do more of for season rewards but creating ones that fit into the lore and aesthetic of the game is a delicate process. We would love to hear your ideas on visual effects and share with us what you would like to see in...

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