An Update on The Furious Title

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Due to complaints on the official forums, BioWare will be changing the Furious PvP title from Season 3 ranked PvP to Fairly Furious Read the full update here or below: Hey folks! I wanted to tell you about a change coming to one of your titles, the Furious. As many of you pointed out, this title already existed in game prior to the end of Season 3 rewards. We really apologize for this happening, it was an unfortunate oversight on our part that it got through and we want to correct that oversight. As of 3.0.2 anyone who currently has The Furious from Season 3 will have it replaced by Fairly Furious. If you still want to have The Furious title, you can just jump on over to Makeb and defeat the Golden fury to earn it. Now, one thing we also know with Season 3, is that some of you weren’t the biggest fans of the titles. We are always looking to improve our PvP rewards, and titles are no different. So although we are only changing The Furious title, we know you would like to see...

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When Will SWTOR See New PvP Content?

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We have heard a lot of talk about SWTOR and the new content coming out recently. Fans are hyped up about all the good stuff coming with 3.0 but one player on the forums asked something that I was also thinking: Can we expect to see any PvP content or news any time soon. While SWTOR isn’t marketed as a PvP game, it does still have those elements to it and some players really like it so it would be great to see Bioware do a little more in this area to keep things fun and interesting. Community Manager Eric Musco had this to say in response on the forums: Hey Jaiyne, Good question, let me take a stab at this one. If you are asking specifically for news about new content, such as a Warzone or Arena map, then the answers is unfortunately no. There are no new maps, specific to PvP coming in the expansion. However, if you are asking about changes coming to PvP then the answer is a resounding yes. Disciplines by itself will entirely change the landscape of Classes in PvP in 3.0 and...

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Ranked PvP Season 2 Rewards Announced – Dev’s response to criticism

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Ranked PvP Season 2 Rewards Announced, and the player base is outraged. Basically we will be getting the stuff we saw in on the public test servers – even after everyone said they were horrible.  The rewards you will be getting: Tier Rewards (Based on your tier at the end of Season 2) Tier 3 – Rating < 1275 Unique Season 2, Tier 3 Title (Professional) Bronze Trophy Decoration (Stronghold) Tier 2 – Rating 1275-1599 Unique Season 2, Tier 2 Title (Champion) Silver Trophy Decoration (Stronghold) Holo-Replica of Giradda the Hutt’s Pleasure Barge Decoration (Stronghold) Tier 1 – Rating 1600+ Unique Season 2 Tier 1 Title (All-Star) Gold Trophy Decoration (Stronghold) Holo-Replica of Giradda the Hutt’s Pleasure Barge Decoration (Stronghold) Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet (adaptive armor)   These rewards  has coursed a shitstorm on the official forums, were players are calling it the worst reward in frogdog history. Personally I believe Bioware is dicked no...

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4v4 Ranked Warzone Guide

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Ready for some 4v4 ranked Warzones? Before you head into a ranked match, you need to know something about what you’re doing. Most people take these ranked warzones more seriously and you don’t want to waste yours or anyone else’s time by not coming into it prepared. While nothing beats good, old-fashioned practice, taking the time to learn a little by reading and watching videos can help you get a jump start on the whole thing. Man1ac89x has a great video to help you learn more about 4×4 Warzones. Scroll down to see the video for yourself. You should also check out this (recently updated) sticky on the forums: PvP 101: HOW TO BECOME A CONTENDER This thread is THE ultimate guide to PvP. Check out the full Table of Contents to see what it contains:   1) Daillies, Commendations, and Valor Commendation Management 2) Gearing up for Warzones a. Level 1: PvE and Bolster b. Level 2: Obroan c. Level 3: Brutalizer 3) Expertise: What is it and what does it do?...

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Have an idea for a Warzone? Share it with a Dev!

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The developers over at BioWare are asking for player input for upcoming warzones.  The idea is awesome, and I love the fact that the dev’s want player input for these kinds of things. I still have the feeling that we came up with the huttball idea back in the days, and it will be interesting to see what other creative ideas the player community can come up with. Personally I’d love to see warzones along the size and scope of Isle of Conquest or Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft. Something that combines node capture with destructible barriers or NPCs to fight would add some nice variety. You have any ideas for a cool warzone? Let us know in the comments. Below are the official forum posts:   Post #1 AlexModny Have an idea for a Warzone? Share it with a Dev! | 03.31.2014, 02:11 PM Hello Warzone Aficionados! We are starting our pre-production (ideation stage, if you are into buzzwords) for the next Warzone and we want to get your ideas for a new Warzone! We have a few...

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