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Star Wars: Battlefront – Bespin – New Weapons & Star Cards

Bespin - New Weapons & Star Cards

The Bespin digital expansion is on its way and we now have news about what you can expect. Namely, new weapons and star cards. So how about we take a look at just what you can get? If you don’t already own the game, the price just dropped for the XboX and PS4 version on Amazon. As the official website explains:   X-8 Night Sniper The X-8 Night Sniper is a blaster pistol with decent damage, cooling power, and range. It stands out due to its enhanced scope with heat thermal vision, capable of revealing humanoids in most weather and different times of day.  The X-8 Night Sniper was the first blaster we agreed on building for Bespin, since it was wielded by Lando Calrissian in Star Wars™ Rebels™ and provided us with unique game play opportunities. It has a slick look, befitting for the clean and shiny polished levels…

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Star Wars: Battlefront – Bespin – New Hero Deep Dive

bounty hunter Dengar

Dice and EA posted an updated regarding the new heroes that comes with the Bespin DLC. Lando Calrissian and bounty hunter Dengar is nothing to mess with I tell you. Check out what they have to say below. If you don’t already own the game, the price just dropped for the XboX and PS4 version on Amazon. Dengar Defining Dengar was similar to our work on Greedo. Since his appearance in Star Wars™: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back™ is limited, we took references from both Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™ and one of the latest Marvel comic book arcs “Vol 2. Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon”. He is a very strong and tough fighter who can take on even the biggest foes. We wanted to reflect those combat skills in the character and made Dengar a villain that thrives on being in a fight. Dengar has wielded different weapons…

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Battlefront and VR – a Match Made in Heaven?

Battlefront and VR - a Match Made in Heaven

According to DICE, Star Wars: Battlefront has been made with a keen eye for detail and authenticity. Indeed, the game is possibly the most good- and authentic-looking Star Wars game ever, from the complexity of the locations and various mechanical war-machines, right down to the way individual weapons look and behave when fired. Now, another layer of realism is in the works, or rather, another – thus far only dreamt-about – way of experiencing the game’s authenticity is in the works and set to come about later this year completely free for PS4 owners. What we’re talking about is the Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, which Criterion Games and DICE are currently working on and which is set to come to PlayStation VR exclusively. Criterion have racked up quite a bit of experience in vehicle gaming, and this will be a sort of crowning piece for their work. Piloting…

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Introducing Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission

Introducing Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission

This year is all about the virtual reality (VR). I went to an electronic and gaming convention in NYC late last year and there was a lot of focus on VR. We’ve also been hearing about it more in the gaming community, for obvious reasons. Now not everyone I know is on the VR hype train. A lot of fans feel like it’s not all its cracked up to be and better time could be spent on making more games with better content. Regardless of how you personally feel on the matter, the industry dictates where it wants to be and right now, VR is hot. You’re likely only going to see more and more of it as other companies try to keep up. With that in mind, let’s talk about Star Wars games and virtual reality. Now we just got news about Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission from Jame…

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Star Wars: Battlefront’s Next DLC launches June 21

Star Wars Battlefront's Next DLC launches June 21

Star Wars Battlefront‘s second round of premium DLC, Bespin, launches June 21, Electronic Arts has announced. This release date is for the people who hold season pass subscriptions. It will go on sale for everyone else two weeks later. So now that we know when we are getting it, what can we expect from this update? Bespin is set in and around Cloud City, a tibanna gas mining operation you might remember from The Empire Strikes Back. With this, we’re going to see the ever-popular Lando Carrissian. This will actually be his first non-Lego console video game appearance since 2002 with Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast (who remembers that game?). Fans of Lando are pretty pumped up about this and I can see why. So who’s the bad guy in this new content launch? You can play as Dengar, the bounty hunter. And of course, there will be new weapons. The X-8 Night Sniper and the…

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Some Points to Ponder About Bespin, Battlefront’s Upcoming DLC

Some Points to Ponder About Bespin, Battlefront's Upcoming DLC

In January, EA DICE have set up a roadmap for their Star Wars: Battlefront DLC strategy, a roadmap through which they aimed to deliver new and exciting content to the game oft-criticized for its shallowness, in a way that would keep existing players engaged while hopefully drawing in new crowds. The first DLC, Outer Rim, has already landed, and if the way it was delivered is any indication – and it most probably should be – the second DLC, Bespin, will see a two-stage release as well. Outer Rim landed for season pass holders on March 22, while everyone else could pick it up on April 5. Now then, with Bespin, we do not yet know of any specific release date(s), but there’s plenty of speculation out there, and the devs have dropped a number of clues in this respect too. Season pass holders will obviously get a fortnight of…

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Fan Remake Coming to Steam

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Fan Remake Coming to Steam

For years fans of the Star Wars: Battlefront series have been bummed that the third installment was cancelled. However, in true fan fashion, someone has come along and decided to make it anyway. Mod team turned full-fledged developer Frontwire Studios is creating their own version of the game and fans couldn’t be happier.  They say Valve is prepared to distribute it for free on Steam, which makes me, an avid Steam user and Star Wars game fan, very happy.   Galaxy in Turmoil began as a CryEngine mod from a group of dedicated fans and now it’s been turned into a full-fledged game using Unreal Engine 3. This group of fans that started as a mod team have now built their own virtual development studio with more than 50 people and their making a mobile game as well. They are also working on another unannounced AAA title. From what I have…

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How to Make Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Better?

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Dice’s Star Wars: Battlefront was by no means a bust, despite all the criticism it received from the community on account of its shallowness, most of which could be attributed to its lack of a single-player campaign. In fact, the title was as far from a bust as possible, especially from a commercial perspective. Millions upon millions of fans picked it up and played it, and even its first DLC (Outer Rim) turned out to be quite successful, as for all its shortcomings, in regards to authenticity, the title delivered like no other ever. The graphics are superb and the developers efforts to stick to canon and to convey authenticity in every possible way, didn’t go unnoticed. While most wrote it down as style over substance, this complex authenticity was arguably the main selling point of the game. Now, with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 confirmed, EA have come out swinging,…

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EA Explains Why Star Wars: Battlefront Had No Single Player Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront Releasing In 2015 On PS4

Here is a big question many have been asking: why didn’t Star Wars Battlefront have a single player campaign? There certainly seems to be the desire for one from the community. During the Q&A Session of Electronic Arts’ Investor Day, Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter asked the publisher’s executive team this very question. Actually, he hit them hard stating they had “blown it” with the NBA brand and saying they didn’t really make a very high rated Star Wars game either. EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund provided an answer on behalf of the company, briefly addressing the NBA brand and focusing on why Battlefront didn’t have a single player campaign: “So, I would agree with you on NBA, that is something that we struggled with as an organization and so we have a different plan in play right now, but we hope to rectify that. Overall, if you look at…

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Battlefront: YouTuber goes 159 and 0 as Greedo

159 killstreak zero deaths Greedo gameplay on Endor Star wars Battlefront (80 kills in 5 minutes)

Have you ever seen a 159-0 kill streak as Greedo in Star Wars: Battlefront? If not, then you’re going to want to watch this video because a YouTuber not only did it, but did it and recorded it. This is pretty awesome, actually. He gets 80 kills in 5 minutes. It’s a 159 killstreak caught on film. Not only is it cool that he went 159-0, but he also avoided taking even a single point of damage for more than seven minutes in the video. It would appear that he is quite overpowered when compared to his enemies. He one-shots most of them before they even get a chance to do any damage to him. From the uploader: “New personal best. Could have gotten more had I not flanked during the first phase and messed around in the Ewok village in second phase.” While some people think it’s cool, others…

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