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I got in contact with an insider who got to play EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront, and we got some nice or not so nice info from his play session. I couldn’t get a screenshot or an unreleased asset from the game to back this leak, so take it however you want. Keep in mind that things might drastically change nearing release as these pieces of info are coming from a really early build of the game. It was said that a closed alpha test was done directly after the game’s second reveal at the Star Wars Celebration. This close alpha test was only done for a few EA employees and it ran for a week. This makes one believe that there will be a public alpha test held in Q3 2015 if they did decide to have one, and also a public beta test about a month before the game officially releases. The latest trailer for the game shows the Forest Moon of Endor and this is the same map that was played. The server held 40 testers, which was 20 players vs another 20 players during a new gaming mode...

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Star Wars: Battlefront does not have classes or squads

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The new Star Wars: Battlefront game will be leaving out a few typical features that you find in most multiplayer shooter games. It will not have any squads or classes. During a recent interviews that was published in OXM and was reported by Gamesradar, the design director Niklas Fegraeus states that players will be able to choose the equipment they would like to use instead of only given a few choices. New gear is guarded by XP, but you will be able to share what you unlock with your Partner. What this enables is two friends always purchasing different unlocks in order to put together their resources. Also, a higher-level player could give a new player access to their top-choice weapons in order to help the partnership. Partners will be replacing Squads, giving you only one person to help you along the way. Star Wars: Battlefront just might be a great change to the typical multiplayer shooter, giving players a new way to play. Star Wars: Battlefront will be released on November 17th...

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Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay Debuts at E3, New Multiplayer Mode Revealed

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For those of you that feel like you have ants in your pants for more information about Star Wars: Battlefront, we have some great news. June 15th is the official date that developer DICE will be releasing the very first gameplay footage to the public. It will be done through publisher Electronic Arts’ briefing that will be happening at E3 in Los Angeles. The designer for Star Wars: Battlefront, Niklas Fegraeus, announced this news on the games website and he also teased about DICE having “great plans for E3” overall. During the Star Wars Celebration in April, DICE showed a demo for Star Wars: Battlefront in a private area. E3 will be showing the gameplay footage to the open public as long as there are no leaks before then. The only thing that has been shown to the public is a CG trailer. While this trailer did impress us, there was no actual gameplay shown. Fegraeus has also revealed that a new Battlefront mode, named Squadron Fighter, will be on the game. During this mode the player...

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The Millennium Falcon Will Be Playable In Star Wars Battlefront

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We have another Star Wars Battlefront update and this one is the answer to a big question from many friends. Will the Millennium Falcon be playable? With the game releasing on November 17th, and with all the hype about its release up to this point, it’s really no surprise that so many people are asking questions. And who wouldn’t want the chance to pilot one of the most iconic ships in Star Wars history and lore? If you ever dreamed of riding along with Han Solo and Chewy (or of being Solo – or Chewy) then this is going to be news you may enjoy. covers the scoop: Fans are looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront for many reasons, not least of which is the ability to pilot some of the vehicles from the Star Wars universe. In a Q&A session on Reddit, the game’s developers revealed that players will be able to jump in the cockpit of the film’s most iconic ship of all. In addition to X-Wings and Tie Fighter, certain missions will allow players to...

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SWTOR Basics – Gearing for Leveling, Basic Comms Usage, Fleet Vendors

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SWTOR Basics guide for newer players. How to use the Basic Commendatinos, Gearing tips for leveling, Fleet Vendors location and contents, 12x vs Normal Leveling plus many more Tips and Tricks to help and guide you through your journey. Since this is a “Basics” video most of the things you will see and hear may be familiar to the veteran players. However, if you have a few minutes, stay around, watch and listen. You may discover a fact or trick you didn’t know or perhaps add to the information I shared. Some of the bullet-points covered in the video are: ♦ Location of the Basic Comms vendors on both fleets ♦ Vendor names and changes in Patch 3.2 ♦ How to best use basic comms for gearing with and without 12x ♦ Difference between orange shells and normal gear. How and what to use ♦ Crafted gear vs vewndor mods ♦ Leveling after Corelia A Special Note: I worked for quite some time on this. Not because it is the most special of my videos, but because I made a special...

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