Star Wars Battlefront

Welcome to the Death Star


Dice posted an article describing the maps, weapons, Star Cards, and other stuff coming in the Star Wars: Battelfront – Death Star update: The Death Star Expansion Pack takes the battle to space with a new game mode! The Death Star Expansion Pack takes the battle to space with a new game mode! “That’s no moon!” One of the deadliest weapons in the galaxy makes its debut in the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Death Star digital expansion. Take your starfighters to space in an all-new game mode, and hop into the cockpits of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 or Luke Skywalker’s Red Five X-wing. If the Force™ is strong with you, attempt a trench run to take down the Empire’s ultimate weapon. New Locations 5 new multiplayer maps for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ will take you to space and to the ultimate battle station itself, the Death Star. Imperial Blockade Defense Sector…

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Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Launch Trailer


Dice just released the launch trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront – Death Star. This is all in game footage you are about to watch: Coming in September, Season Pass holders will receive our third digital expansion pack, *Star Wars* Battlefront: Death Star. Players will experience five new maps – on ground and in space – new weapons and Star Cards and two new heroes, the fearsome bounty hunter Bossk and everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca. Board the Death Star and blast foes with the new K-16 Bryar Pistol or TL-50t Heavy Repeater. Take your Starfighters to space in an all-new game mode and even hop into the cockpits of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced or Luke Skywalker’s Red Five X-Wing. If the Force is strong with you, attempt a trench run to take down the Empire’s ultimate weapon. *Star Wars*™ Battlefront™ is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Purchase the…

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Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star DLC: What we know so far


Here is a rundown of all the information gathered about the upcoming DLC for Star Wars: Battelfront named Death Star. NEW CHARACTERS – VEHICLES Chewbacca His bowcaster behaves differently to the starcard (more powerful) Furious Firing Trait: each trait level gives his bowcaster an additional bolt (up to 4) Multi-Bolts ability: doubles the amount of bolts fired for a brief moment, allows to modify its damage output and area of effect. It has to be charged like Lando’s power blast. Mighty Roar: Gives nearby allies level 3 berserker effect and armor for a limited time. Chewy gains armor and damage too. Friendly heroes only gain armor not damage. Ground Slam ability: damages all enemies in a large area. Gives him extra reach and area of effectiveness. Has more health than most heroes and a small amount of armor (rebel tank) Slower than rebel heroes Bossk His Relby-v10 does a bit…

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Battlefield 1 Beta Numbers Outshine Star Wars: Battlefront


If beta player numbers are anything to go by – and by all accounts, they probably are – DICE’s Battlefield 1, a title currently under public testing, is set to handily soar by both Battlefield Hardline and Star Wars: Battlefront in regards to eventual sales and player numbers. What exactly are we talking about though? Here’s the low-down: it is estimated that currently there are some 681k people from around the globe playing the beta version of Battlefield 1. 43% of these people are playing on PS4, 34% on Xbox One and 23% on PC. By comparison, the beta of Star Wars: Battlefront drew some 374k players at its peak. During its first 6 months, the game then proceeded to sell some 14 million copies, which means that for every beta player, 37 actual players picked up the game when its full version became available. By extrapolation, that means that…

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Star Wars: Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission is Awesome


Virtual reality Star Wars? How awesome would that be? It sounds like a dream come true for most Star Wars fans but it might actually be a reality thanks to PlayStation’s VR experiment. While it’s not officially released yet, some lucky people have had the chance to play it already and there are quite a few reviews and for the most part, they seem very positive. In fact, some people are calling it the most amazing thing ever made by a human. It’s a short mission with a long name but it looks really cool, especially if you’re into VR games. Many of us thought it would be a long time before we ever saw Star Wars in virtual reality but here it is and it definitely looks awesome. If the E3 trailer got you excited then you will also get pumped up about the early reviews from those who…

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Lando Unchained: A Star Wars Battlefront Cinematic (Director’s Cut)

Lando Unchained

If you’re a regular reader, I probably don’t have to tell you how we like the fan films here. There are so many creative, fun fan creations on YouTube that it’d be easy to get lost there all day looking at video after video. Since you probably don’t have time for that, we’ll highlight some of our favorites here, like the one below. Lando Unchained is a fun Star Wars Battlefront Cinematic. It’s fun, it’s creative and it’s still short enough you can check it out on a quick break. It comes in under 7 minutes long. I really don’t want to reveal any of the plot by talking about it too much so you just have to watch it for yourself to see what we mean. See for yourself here: So what do you think? Do you have a favorite part? Seen any great Star Wars videos we haven’t…

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More Battlefront Death Star Details Revealed

More Battlefront Death Star Details Revealed

As the release of Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star expansion draws near, more and more exciting details surface about the coming content. While we have known about what Death Star will deliver by and large for about a month now, few specifics were available. For instance, we knew about the coming of Chewbacca and Bossk as the hero-villain pair of the expansion, but thus far we knew little about how they would be wreaking havoc on their opponents. Chewbacca will apparently carry a supercharged bowcaster, and he will also be able to just smash those unfortunate enough to get near him. He also has an additional ability: the wookie’s roar will disorient nearby enemies. Bossk on the other hand will be able to drop grenades close to himself without taking damage and his blaster is equipped with infrared sights. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will square off in the expansion…

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Death Star DLC Devs Talk Ships, Costumes And Chewbacca’s Hero Ability

Star Wars Battlefront' Death Star DLC

“Star Wars Battlefront” Death Star DLC ship, costume and hero details have arrived thanks to the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, as transcribed by sources on Reddit. If  you want to know what to expect from the latest downloadable content. So first, we know that the Death Star is going to take us into space. What will we experience there? Ships are going to be a big part of the experience. You can also expect to see both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as part of the battle, along with their iconic ships. “If you’re flying your own TIE fighter within the vicinity of the Dark Lord your damage capability increases,” said DICE designer Dennis Brännvall. He added that “Luke’s ship is pretty similar to a normal X-wing, except R2-D2 is on board – he gives Luke the ability to repair the starfighter whenever it takes damage.” This is…

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GameSoundCon Adds ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Composer as Guest

Gordy Haab - Horde Fight Theme Star Wars Battlefront

If you were looking for a reason to visit or follow GameSoundCon, this is it. GameSoundCon, the annual conference for video game music and sound design in Los Angeles, has added multi-award winning film, game, and television composer Gordy Haab to its ‘all-star lineup’ of notable speakers. He has produced music for Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Walking Dead, Kinect Star Wars, and many others, including his most recent score for Star Wars: Battlefront.  This became one of the best-selling ever, received seven nominations and four wins at the 2016 G.A.N.G. Awards – earning, “Music Of The Year”, “Best Interactive Score”, “Best Audio Mix” and “Sound Design Of The Year”. Haab is amazing at what he does and is known for his ability to mix contemporary and traditional styles and create powerful, moving, memorable scores, as displayed in Battlefront. Even if you’re not a fan of the game, you will likely enjoy the great music. It’s…

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Star Wars Battlefront: New Death Star Details

Star Wars Battlefront New Death Star Details

As the release date of Star Wars: Battlefront‘s new Death Star DLC approaches, more and more details are revealed about the new content we’ll be treated to this time around, and it does indeed look better and better the closer we get to the end of summer. Among the latest details, we have a new game-mode called Battle Station – a fitting addition indeed, considering that the Death Star is a planet-size weapon/battle station and that the add-on revolves around it. The new game-mode is structured into three-phase missions, each phase of which is focused on a different objective. The first phase is perhaps the most intriguing of them all, because it has players flying A-wings and X-wings against enemy TIE interceptors and TIE fighters, marking the first time ever that Battlefront has in essence ventured into space – a rather surprising fact in and of itself, considering the pedigree…

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