Star Wars Battlefront: Space to Ground Combat Confirmed?

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Moviepilot has come to the conclusion that Star Wars: Battelfront will have Space to Ground Combat. The reason for this, is a game play trailer for the upcoming indie game: “No Man’s Sky” witch is developed by the same game engine. Check out the full article over at Star Wars: Battlefront has yet to receive a release date for 2015, but we’re sure it’ll be hitting the Xbox One, PC and PS4 during the Holiday season of next year. A Star Wars christmas is all that we could ask for (oh wait…we got that film and it was horrendous…)! There is certainly a great deal that we expect from the Battlefront series, and from a Star Wars NextGen game made by DICE and EA. Each player is going to carry their own preferences and expectations for the title, but there’s certainly one thing that we all desire: Space to Ground combat. And I really feel like a little game we’ve all seen bits of has confirmed its presence. The idea of space to ground combat has been a desire...

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Star Wars: Battlefront – How Does it Tie to Star Wars 7?

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  After fans got to see the trailer for the upcoming “Star Wars 7”, various questions have popped up regarding the future of the franchise – but one in particular has been quite prominent on most discussion boards. Many fans are wondering to what extent the events from the new film will be related to the upcoming “Star Wars: Battlefront”, and whether there will be any special reason to go see the film if one is primarily interested in playing the game. So far, it’s known for sure that the new game will be official part of the canon. This has been exciting news for fans, as it means that the “Star Wars” universe is about to be expanded significantly, on one hand with the new storyline in the seventh movie, and on the other, with the game. One of the problems that the developers from DICE are facing is that they don’t have any immediate access to the filming locations, although it’s been reported that information is being shared with them to a satisfying level. Still, sources...

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Star Wars Battlefront: Lessons from Star Wars 1313

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We have talked at length here about Star Wars games- those in the past, current games and games of the future. Looking back at 2012 (it seems like just yesterday) we can recollect on several Star Wars games, including the much-anticipated Star Wars 1313 that would never become a reality. Remember the trailers? Remember E3 and the gameplay footage that got us all excited? Then it was all ripped away from us as we were told that we would not be seeing this game after all. Movie Pilot has some theories that 1313 will live on in a way by potentially influencing Star Wars Battlefront. “But what about Star Wars 1313? Can it leave behind any information for us? A lasting legacy? Can it show us what sort of gameplay we could expect from Star Wars Battlefront 3? Maybe, or maybe not, either way, I just want to look at Star Wars 1313 again and see what could have come our way.” What does the one game even have to do with the other? The author goes on to explain: But how can such a...

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Star Wars Battlefront Releases Holiday 2015

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The big news is here! Star Wars Battlefront will release for Holiday 2015. Electronic Arts has announced the launch window finally. While we don’t have an exact date just yet, we know that it’s coming in the holiday season of 2015. May the Force be with you: Star Wars Battlefront will release for Holiday 2015. — Electronic Arts (@EA) October 28, 2014 This means it will release at the same time as J.J. Abrams’Star Wars: Episode VII, which hits theaters on December 18, 2015. in fact, it’s very likely that this was planned deliberately to coincide with the movie release. This fun fact was mentioned in a conference call between EA boss Andrew Wilson and investors and then later confirmed with the tweet above. While the time frame is still vague, it at least gives some direction on how the game is developing and when we can expect to see more about it. Here’s the teaser trailer for Star Wars Battlefront from E3 2013: And from...

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Battlefront 3 Footage Available?

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  Well…yes and no…you see, apparently, well before DICE got the fate of one of the world’s most anticipated titles in gaming to fall into their laps, another crew had a run at Battlefront, and they actually put together a nearly-finished product, which – due to a set of unfortunate circumstances – never really got the see the light of day, or rather that of the screens of computer/console users world-wide. The company behind the effort was Free Radical, and according to some, they were about 99% finished with the project when they were forced into administration and when they finally closed for good in December 2008. Later, Crytek picked up the enterprise and transferred the team to various other projects, as Battlefront was cancelled, up until DICE came into the picture earlier this year to step up to the plate. Now then, why exactly is this bit of the game’s well-known troubled history interesting at this point in time? Well, with the game 99% done, there was obviously some...

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