A Surprising Episode VII Cameo Revealed

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Now that the actors playing most of the main characters in The Force Awakens have been revealed, we’re starting to get a little more information on the more minor players that we’ll get to see this Christmas. Don’t want to know who might be showing up in The Force Awakens? Read no further! Last year, there were rumors that Daniel Craig would show up somewhere in the movie, and The Daily Mail has quoted Simon Pegg as saying that Craig will play a stormtrooper. They also quote “an insider” who stated that “Fans will love trying to work out which covered up character is him”—though a cameo in a mask isn’t much of a cameo. Whether he’ll be a stormtrooper of any consequence or if we’ll see his face for a moment wasn’t discussed, but the fact that James Bond will be wearing the white armor is pretty cool! Although Pegg followed up his admission with “I shouldn’t have said that,” it’s hard to imagine...

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Designer Makes His Own BB-8 Star Wars Droid

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  You know how we love to bring you cool stuff made by fans. Here is a very talented designer who has created an awesome little BB-8 Star Wars droid. We had to share this with you because not only is it awesome, he tells you how to make it for yourself. Christian Poulsen is currently in the process of finishing his degree in Industrial Design at Brigham Young University and not only has created this cool little project, but is also telling us how to do it. And if you want to do it for yourself, he even posted it to MakeZine.com with full instructions so you too can have your own BB-8 Star Wars Droid. He’s an industrial designer who has taken his love of Star Wars and combined it with his talent to create something pretty awesome. Here he explains why he did it: As an industrial designer, I’ve been particularly fascinated by products that have personality and emotion. And I think the droids in Star Wars have always been really great at capturing a character without facial...

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SWTOR Celebration Cantina Live Stream Recap and Overview (Star Wars Celebration 2015)

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  This Saturday a special Panel aired live for ~52 minutes on Twitch. Bioware live streamed the SWTOR Community Cantina event from Celebration Anaheim 2015.The video linked below is Vulkk’s recap of the SWTOR Community Cantina Event from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015. Did Bioware drop the ball with lack of new information or we got the awesome news we were dreaming for? Alongside the event notes, you will hear also his personal opinion and overview of the event.  

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Some Character Speculation for The Force Awakens

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The rumors surrounding The Force Awakens are absolutely crazy. There are new ones every day; some of them are very clearly made up, others seem like they could be legitimate, and a select few get confirmed (or at least corroborated). I’ve sifted through quite a few of these rumors, and here are some of the most interesting things that I’ve heard so far. Warning: character-related and minor plot-related spoilers. The “main villain,” as reported by MovieWeb, is a cyborg Inquisitor who holds ties to the Sith. He’s reported to have red eyes to match his red lightsaber, and has machine parts throughout his body, similar to Vader, but with no mask (this is likely to be the cyborg-looking guy we saw in some earlier concept art). This could give us some interesting insights into the plot; although the Empire has taken a serious hit, the Sith seem to be fine . . . will The Force Awakens detail a second rising of the Sith? Is that what the title refers to? Another...

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The Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Books Available for Pre-Order

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We were pretty excited to hear that there were going to be at least 20 new Star Wars books, ranging from novels to sticker books, coming out this fall. And now they’re here—the first pre-orders are available! Not all of the books have been announced yet, but it’s clear that Disney is placing a heavy emphasis on filling fans in on what happened between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. In addition to the Marvel comic series we discussed earlier, Shattered Empire, we can now see a few more titles. Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath presents an intriguing cover, with “The war is not over” emblazoned on the cover. Looks like Disney’s rewriting the canon quite a bit (we had some idea that this was the case when we saw Stormtroopers in the trailer, but this lends even more credence to the idea). The book’s description also contains the line “And while the Rebel Alliance engages the fractured forces of the Empire, a lone Rebel scout uncovers a...

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