Star Wars: The Old Republic: Take the Survey

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Jedi News has an interesting survey up right now about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It has some very simple questions and won’t take up a lot of your time. Best of all, you don’t have to do any pre-registering or jumping through hoops in order to participate. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s easy to have your say about SWTOR. They even give you a space to fill in your reasons for why you answered a certain way. Questions include: How likely is it that you would recommend STAR WARS: The Old Republic to a friend or family member who likes those types of games? How likely are you to discourage others from playing STAR WARS: The Old Republic? Some questions about what games you’ve played recently. Just check them off. It’s that easy! We love SWTOR and we encourage you to go over and tell them what you think about it as well. Surveys like this give a much more accurate representation of the actual community when they are give as fair a chance as...

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SWTOR Players- What Keeps You Coming Back?

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  SWTOR has been out for awhile now and like many games today, it has had its changes since the early days. Not only has the payment model changed from subs to free-to-play, there have been many content updates and expansions and even graphical changes to keep the game fresh and new. But, as with any game that has been out awhile, some people get tired of it. It is not usual at all to find fans who quit for periods of time (months, even) and then return. So this brings up the question: what keeps you coming back? As most of us who have been gaming for a long time know, even an excellent game can get tiring or boring. Even if we love it and we play it every day, we are not immune to burn out. Some players realize that it helps to plan ahead for game fatigue and do some things to keep it interesting. For example, if you rotate what and how you play, the game stays fresh. I did this with other MMORPGs I played for many years (like WoW and Conquer Online). You have PvE, PvP,...

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When Game Bugs become Permanent Features

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It’s happened before… a bug exists in a game and people like it so much, it becomes an intended feature. Such is not always the case with SWTOR. Remember way back when you could message someone on their main and when they logged an alt, continued messages would go to their alts? A lot of people loved the feature but others worried it never allowed you to “hide” when playing the game. Bioware later removed it, stating it was a bug but many players wished they would bring it back with a toggle feature so if you didn’t want it, it wasn’t forced on you but those who liked it could use it. Another bug discovered just a couple weeks ago that was popular was the character select screen bug. In this bug, it allowed a different view from the character select screen- one that showed the character from about the knees up and with a more detailed background.  While confirmed as unintentional, people liked it so much and spoke out on Reddit and the official...

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SWTOR Easter Egg? The secret of kolto

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The Fanatical Swordsman has found something really cool that we had to share with you as well. It’s a really great SWTOR Easter Egg. From the author of the post: Recently, I saw a screenshot from the new Manaan content in the SWTOR patch coming up (thanks to Baffle on Twitter). If you’re still unsure of what you’re looking at, it’s lucky for us he is a chemist because he was able to realize: Kolto is caffeine! Ok gaming nerds, how awesome is that? Tell us, have you seen this before? Know of any other great Easter...

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What’s New for Returning Players?

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We like to do one of these posts every so often because we know many players come back to the game after not playing SWTOR for some time. Some even come back after not playing since beta or early launch and we all know the game has changed considerably since then. So if you’re a returning player, or thinking about returning once again to SWTOR, let’s take a look at a few things that might be new or different since the last time you played.

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