Do You Save Your Game Boxes?

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A player posted this on Imgur and got me thinking about something:   Do you still have your original SWTOR case? I very clearly remember the countdown for the game. Some of you will know already that we spent years here writing about SWTOR even before the launch so it was a very exciting time to finally have the game coming out. Looking back on that game box image makes me think of those early days and the anticipation, combined with our excitement to finally be playing the game. It also brings up some thoughts about game boxes in general. The topic of SWTOR game cases/boxes reminds me of a conversation I was having with a good friend recently. We were reminiscing on how we always saved our video game boxes back in the day. I had Collector’s Editions of everything I played when it was offered and I often kept the boxes on a shelf in my office along with the items that came with it. You would often get an in-game item along with a figurine, cards or posters, or some other real life items that showed you had purchased the CE. And it was cool! Sure, you had to pay more but you got something awesome with it and you could prove what a true fan you were. Hardcore collectors might have years’ worth of cases, boxes, and memorabilia of their favorite games. You could easily create an awesome “gamer cave” room full of your favorite stuff. I now have over 300 games on my Steam account and I do admit that I love the ease with which we can get games these days. I also like that digital downloads are cheaper, there are often awesome sales and I can buy complete editions or series’ without much hassle or cost. That said, I still often miss the old-school appeal of boxes, especially Collector’s Editions, and having the feel of something tangible in your hands. I still have some of my old collector’s boxes but not nearly what I would have if this trend was still as popular and digital downloads had not taken over the industry. So what about you? Still have your SWTOR box? Do you collect game cases and boxes or other...

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SWTOR and Windows 10

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  Most of us know that the new Windows 10 upgrade is now available and many are anxious to see what it’s like and if it has any problems. Recently, Vulkk from installed Windows 10 and upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro. Here are the steps he took and why. Step 1: The first part of the upgrade is downloading the ISO and upgrade from inside Windows. He chose to keep all of his preferences, settings, and programs he already had installed. Windows registers each PC by their ID when they either purchase a new computer or download a new version of Windows. So, if you change too much hardware the copy of Windows 10 will become obsolete and you will then lost the product key for the same PC and then you will have to install the 7/8 version again and upgrade. After he downloaded the new version, his LAN card did not work. He had to go to Intel’s website and download the latest driver. Step 2: Next, you have to format the main drive or the partition and install it fresh. In his scenario, he had the OCZ Vertex 4 120 GB and he upgraded 30GB free after he upgraded to Windows 10 and then he had 100GB free. After having 2 years’ worth of upgrades on his system, it left its mark. It clogged the computer up and filled it with many odd files and leftovers from old Windows updates and they kept installing every time the system asked him to. A brand new installation of Windows 10 is around 20GB total. After the install he had no problems with any of the modules or hardware. The only tiny issue was with the Nvidia experience. For an unknown reason it kept telling him that he had the latest Driver but it was not showing up on his Control Panel. Step 3: Install all of the software again. He did not have any problems with the many programs and tools he uses. Windows 10 brings the newly redesigned start menu and he did not need to reinstall it again. SWTOR is performing exactly the way it was before. There may be a small improvement but this is probably because of the clean installation, rather than the new OS. He has the same high FPS and the usual FPS drops and has issues in the same spots. The game itself is not any better or worse since the upgrade. Overall, he says he is happy with the new Windows 10 and would do it all again. Via Vulkk [image...

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SWTOR Rewards for Buying Battlefront

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Here we have an overview of Hoth-Inspired Rewards from the SWTOR and Battlefront Teams! If you purchase Battlefront, you can gain access to some neat rewards for SWTOR. In fact, you may have noticed these items already on the Cartel Market. Here’s an overview. “Thank you for purchasing Star Wars™: Battlefront and for being part of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic community! To celebrate the launch of Star Wars™: Battlefront, you have received the Ashfall Tauntaun and Thermal Retention Suit, available for use at Level 10. From the icy planet of Hoth to the sands of Tatooine, battle your way through the galaxy in style with this Hoth-inspired mount and suit! You can claim your in-game rewards by right clicking on the items below to accept it into your inventory.” Ashfall Tauntaun Thermal Retention Suit Thermal Retention Jacket   Thermal Retention Goggles   Thermal Retention Leggings   Thermal Retention Gloves   Thermal Retention Boots   Thermal Retention Belt   Thermal Retention Bracers Have you seen them yet? Gotten them for yourself? Tell us what you think in the...

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Improve SWTOR Performance by Installing DirectX 9

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Installing the old DirectX 9 on Windows 10 may sound weird at first, but let’s see what the reason is, shall we? It will very likely help Improving a lot your SWTOR Performance and FPS. Windows 10 comes packed with the newest edition of DirectX 12. Our favorite game SWTOR is created and still used only Directx 9. In order for it to display its beauty, the system needs to emulate al the DirectX 9 effects, which may slow it down and result in a poor performance. By installing the DirectX 9 package manually, we stop that process of simulation and allow our PC to use the original files the game is designed for, thus, in theory at least, speeding the process up. This installation wont make SWTOR run smooth and flawlessly, but it will likely boost it at least a bit. I have done this since the game’s launch in 2011 on multiple versions of Windows – Windows 7, Windows 8 + 8.1 and now Windows 10. By doing that, you DO NOT remove the DirectX 12, no, it just installs extra libraries and gives the game you play an option which ones to use. If the game can benefit from DirectX 11 or 12, it WILL use those. There is no overriding or replacing, the installation just adds another layer. One last note. Installing DirectX 9 does not hurt your system, it will not break anything. The link provided below is from Micro$oft’s official website. You can download the old DirectX 9 from here: If you have any troubles, leave a comment and let me know of YOUR experience. Did DirectX 9 improve the performance of the game for you or it feels and acts exactly the same as...

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“How I Blew 100M Credits in SWTOR”

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    If you’re looking for a cool way to blow a ton of credits, check out one player’s personal project: Jidiaderriphan’s Imperial Sanctuary You can see from Jidiaderriphan’s Imperial Sanctuary that there are many customizations that can take place in the game if you have the credits, dedication and willingness to invest the time to such a project. You know how we love seeing cool stuff from fans and this is one awesome stronghold! Could you do the same thing on a budget? Mostly likely so if you were looking to craft things on your own and save some credits, and if you were not in a rush to build. Either way, we think it’s awesome and if you’ve done something similar, we want to see it too! Breakdown of costs (from the creator) These are estimates of where I’m getting my costs: x50 imperial standard flags: (80k each) -4M x50 imperial banner(large): (80k each) –4M x5 Imperial dignitaries rug: (300k each) 1.5M x1 Command Throne: 4M x50 Imperial guard (80k each): 4M Planetary Holo Map illum: 2.5m x5 computer desk (imperial): (150k each) – 750k x4 ship computer imperial base (imperial): (80k each)- 320k Ship computer imperial (full)- 2.5m x50 basic imperial chair- (70k each) 3.5m x3 server monitor (1m each) – 3m x2 Anti Air Turret (8m each) -16m Imperial transport shuttle- 2.1m Fury Class interceptor- 2.1m x5 Starship: Imperial Striker: (2m each)- 10m x4 Starship: Imperial Scout : (450k each)- 900k x3 Imperial Gunship: (2m each)- 6m x4 Medical droid (imperial): 400k each-1.6M x5 Emergency Red light: (500k each) 2.5M x2 Diagnotic Console (medical): (100k each) 200k x4 Dianostic Monitor (medical): 700k each- 2.8M x12 Anti personel defense turret: (100k each) 1.2m x2 Manned Blaster Turret: (1M each) 2M x3 Battle worn imperial placard: (166k each)- 500k x3 rocket propelled missiles: (100k each) -300k Propaganda Imperial striker: 200k x4 imperial power transformer: (50k each) 200k x5 imperial supply locker (150k each) -750k x5 imperial crate pallet: (250k each) -1.25M Imperial voss embassy sign: 500k x14 rifle rack: (60k each)-840k Alright there is 83.14M + 9.5m to unlock is 92.64M. That is not all the decorations but all the extra little stuff will take forever to list, hope you can just take my word for it, as these are estimates and I may have paid a little more or a little less for each item and in the end I know I spent over 100m. (I was keeping track as I spent of a total, not on the amount I was spending on individual items, but I got a few requests so I decided to try to list them). edit: Ahh just realized I left out the x50 imperial grenadiers, they were around 5-10M. (100k-200k each). let’s call it 7.4M and that brings the total to...

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