SWTOR Ranked third most popular MMORPG by the Xfire community in 2014

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  According to the Xfire community Star Wars: The Old Republic did very well on their final ranking for Digital Dozen. The scores were calculated by taking each weeks rank for the game and the games average ranking. If a game was not in the top 12 it did not end up on the list, giving it a score of zero. SWTOR ranked number 3 on the top 12. Its score in 2013 was 10.1 and rank was 3. The score for 2014 is 9.4 and the number of weeks that it was in the rankings is 52. The score for SWTOR did not drop nearly as much as its rival Guild Wars 2. SWTOR had an amazing strength during the last part of 2014 and took the number 2 spot away from GW2 in the last week of the year, after Bioware included new content, such as Shadow of Revan. However, it did show weakness in the financial area and decreased in revenue. Here is a Google spreadsheet were you can review the data for the last three years. 3. Star Wars: The Old Republic: 9.4 2013 Score: 10.1 2013 Rank: 3 2014 Weeks Ranked: 52 Year...

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SWTOR: Complete KEYBINDING Guide and UI Tips

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  Keyboard keybinding is very personal and every player should edit and adjust their abilities to their own taste. With that said, in the linked video Vulkk shows us his personal bindings for both keyboard and mouse as well as various tips, tricks and reasons why certain skills should be located in certain spots and what is the logic behind each and every bound ability. The video examples the Jedi Sentinel keybinds, but the guide is made to be valid for all advanced classes. The ideal system is when all keybinds are the same or very similar for all of our alts, which makes remembering key press combinations a lot easier and saves us...

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SWTOR Stays at the 14 most played PC game in December 2014

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It’s that time again to take a look at Raptr’s Top 20 Rankings and where our beloved SWTOR placed at the end of last year. According to the stats, Star Wars: The Old Republic close the year out as the 14th most played PC game. This isn’t the best ranking but it certainly beats out not being on the list at all. SWTOR released Shadow of Revan in December and the play time jumped by 33.35%. This is probably because of the release which gave Star Wars fans something new to be excited about! LoL closed off the year in the number one spot, no big surprise there! The play time for LoL jumped by 30.09% in December. Other notable games in the rankings are WoW which placed second, Dragon Age: Inquisition placed 6th and raised in the charts by 4 spots! Overall, SWTOR finished out the year of 2014 at a great spot and we are excited to see how it places in the New Year....

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Massively’s Prediction for SWTOR in 2015

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  Everyone listen up! We have found an awesome story by Massively and their predictions of the Star Wars: The Old Republic game that is said to be releasing sometime this year by BioWare. They have made five awesome predictions and we are crossing our fingers that they are true! If you love Star Wars, which you must if you are reading our post, you NEED to read this story. Here is an excerpt and a link at the bottom. Have fun! It’s that time again to make my educated guesses on what BioWare will attempt to accomplish in the coming year with Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the last Hyperspace Beacon, I gave my grade card for how I think 2014 went, but now I extinguish the Force ghost of Christmas past and get a visit from the blue-glowy of Christmas yet to come. I don’t always get everything right, but I like to make a guess anyway. When you’ve finished reading my predictions, let’s continue the discussion in the comments. I want to hear your thoughts as...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Take the Survey

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Jedi News has an interesting survey up right now about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It has some very simple questions and won’t take up a lot of your time. Best of all, you don’t have to do any pre-registering or jumping through hoops in order to participate. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s easy to have your say about SWTOR. They even give you a space to fill in your reasons for why you answered a certain way. Questions include: How likely is it that you would recommend STAR WARS: The Old Republic to a friend or family member who likes those types of games? How likely are you to discourage others from playing STAR WARS: The Old Republic? Some questions about what games you’ve played recently. Just check them off. It’s that easy! We love SWTOR and we encourage you to go over and tell them what you think about it as well. Surveys like this give a much more accurate representation of the actual community when they are give as fair a chance as...

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