When Game Bugs become Permanent Features

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It’s happened before… a bug exists in a game and people like it so much, it becomes an intended feature. Such is not always the case with SWTOR. Remember way back when you could message someone on their main and when they logged an alt, continued messages would go to their alts? A lot of people loved the feature but others worried it never allowed you to “hide” when playing the game. Bioware later removed it, stating it was a bug but many players wished they would bring it back with a toggle feature so if you didn’t want it, it wasn’t forced on you but those who liked it could use it. Another bug discovered just a couple weeks ago that was popular was the character select screen bug. In this bug, it allowed a different view from the character select screen- one that showed the character from about the knees up and with a more detailed background.  While confirmed as unintentional, people liked it so much and spoke out on Reddit and the official...

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SWTOR Easter Egg? The secret of kolto

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The Fanatical Swordsman has found something really cool that we had to share with you as well. It’s a really great SWTOR Easter Egg. From the author of the post: Recently, I saw a screenshot from the new Manaan content in the SWTOR patch coming up (thanks to Baffle on Twitter). If you’re still unsure of what you’re looking at, it’s lucky for us he is a chemist because he was able to realize: Kolto is caffeine! Ok gaming nerds, how awesome is that? Tell us, have you seen this before? Know of any other great Easter...

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What’s New for Returning Players?

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We like to do one of these posts every so often because we know many players come back to the game after not playing SWTOR for some time. Some even come back after not playing since beta or early launch and we all know the game has changed considerably since then. So if you’re a returning player, or thinking about returning once again to SWTOR, let’s take a look at a few things that might be new or different since the last time you played.

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World First Nightmare Dread Palace Speed Run

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<Zorz> Claims another world first! This is a really cool story about the first ever Nightmare Dread Palace speed run. Check out the image for proof and the stream/video is also available if you want to see exactly how they did it. If you or your guild is interested in the fights or in progressing yourself, you really should watch their videos. They are organized and have the technique down well enough to be able to pull of record-breaking feats like this. There’s definitely something for all to learn from them. That being said, they also had invested time on the PTS, seeing and practicing a lot of the content long before others ever got around to seeing it so that’s a clear advantage as well. So who is Zorz, anyway? From their website: Who Are We We are a group of like-minded players on The Harbinger who strive to play this game at a level only a certain few can. We are dedicated and understand what it is like to raid in a competitive capacity. Our player base have...

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Drew Karpyshyn’s Revan as a Fan Film – Kickstarter Campaign

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Project Revan is the combined efforts of a group of serious and talented young adults, creating the (unofficial) Star Wars independent film based off the book, Star Wars – The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn.

We have a really exciting Kickstarter campaign to share with you. Project Revan is a fan film based on the science fiction novel, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Revan by Drew Karpyshyn. This is produced by diehard fans of Revan. It’s a live adaptation and you can help make it happen and even be a part of it if you wish to donate to their campaign. You can see videos and full details on the campaign itself of the project and also how you can be involved.

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