James Ohlen at Game Developers Conference 2013: TOR is one of the largest micro-transaction money-makers for EA

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Following our recent post about Bioware’s Creative Director James Ohlen and his speech on the Game Developer’s  Conference (GDC), additional details have emerged over at Massively. Bioware’s Creative Director James Ohlen  The site has posted a detailed account of Ohlen’s presentation at the event where the latter covered the challenges Bioware faced during launch, its conversion to Free to Play (F2P) and the concerns the Austin-based developer had about Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Panderia. He also went into details about what the studio went through when the game started losing subscribers and how they managed to turn it around with F2P. You can read more about Ohlen’s presentation at GDC...

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How non-paying players can positively impact a game’s success

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Since Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR) changed its subscription model to Free-to-Play  (F2P), a lot of opinions were raised about whether it was the right thing to do or not. Some quickly labeled SWToR as a failure that didn’t live up to the hype , while others saw this as a necesary change that helps the game’s long-term growth. Whether this change was successful or not remains to be seen, however first indications as reported by James Ohlen and the recent EA investor’s call are positive. Free-to-play might not be such a bad thing after all! A new article over at Gamasutra.com, argues that non-paying players, actually help the growth of such games. The author of the article cites three major reasons for opening up a game to freeloaders. Among other things F2P players help bring in other new players that eventually will turn into subscribers,  they show their appreciation in ways that help promote the game and they serve as good target audience for advertising. You can read Gamasutra’s extensive analysis on the...

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Occupy SWTOR- Angry F2P Gamers Protest F2P Limitations

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Something is asunder in SWTOR, at least that’s what one user who took this screenshot would have us to think. They protested by blocking GTN mailboxes and sending out this message “Occupying GTN mailbox for 2 more quick bars for free to play players!” One major downfall to their plan? All you’re doing is irritating your fellow players. This is not the way to get your way with BioWare but it might be a decent way to get a ban- temporary at very least. Players used to do this in WoW all the time until Blizz started banning for it and putting it more mailboxes all over the major cities so it hardly matters if one idiot wants to get on a huge mount, drink a firewater and sit on the mailbox. But what we can admire from these SWTOR “riots” is their determination and willingness to stand up for something. But are they doing it the right way? This isn’t the first time gamers staged a “riot” in a Star Wars game in order to protest something they felt was unfair. Déjà vu? This reminds us of another similar uprising in Star Wars Galaxy over Wookiee armor. When the game first launched (for those who didn’t play or don’t remember), Wookiees could not wear armor and in the weeks and months that followed, players continued to complain in the forums to no avail. So they ramped it up a notch and staged protests in front of Theed palace on every server at the exact same time, sort of like an in-game flash mob. But all this did was lead to some catastrophic lag on the server, forcing SOE to issue bans to players who refused to disperse. The Real Story We heard the rumor going around SWTOR forums and Reddit so we had to investigate and find out what really happened. Apparently, Reddit got trolled hard this time (see the sweet irony in that?) and this speeders-on-the-mailbox incident really had nothing to do with angry F2P gamers. It was actually a virtual nose-thumbing at one guy, “Ewenn” who had some gamer-rage over a couple of people blocking the mailboxes and didn’t know how to ask nicely. The Alpha Guild posts the image and the actual story to their Facebook page: “Want to get to the GTN mailbox? Ask nicely. The whole fleet responds when Ewenn, the rude one, yells at TheLastDon to move his throne instead of asking nicely. Then confused people like Flashthunder takes a screenshot as he thinks it’s a riot. Juandonde, an Alpha Republic and subber, trolls redditers hard.” And then chaos and confusion reigns. But we definitely got a good giggle out of the whole fiasco as did the guys at The Alpha Guild. Be the 1%! Now that we’ve all had a good laugh over it, the fun continues as “the 1%” jokes around over the made-up protest. Are you the 1% who subs and gets all the goodies? Want to rub it in to the F2Pers faces that you get #5 and #6 quickbars to place all your pets and novelty items? Next time they block those mailboxes, just summon your mail droid next to your on-ship...

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XFire Charts Show SWTOR on the Rise

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We assume that since BioWare won’t really tell us population info and other stats,  that those statistics are likely based on xfire user info gained from the xfire chat client. It would only represent xfire users that play SWTOR, so it’s a very small sample. However, from this we can see that SWTOR saw a jump when it went free to play and if it stays this way for the next few days and even weeks, then that is a good sign that the game is gaining momentum. If you’re not new to SWTOR and you’ve been around since the beginning (or at least for some time now), this still benefits you. More players means more people to do things with and it also means more money and resources being put into making the game great. So seeing that graph climb more and more over the next few days and weeks will give us some indication that the new free to play model did create a burst in the game. While there was already a slight climb before the 16th, we definitely see that the f2p release correlated with a huge climb in the charts. What do you think- will the increase continue for SWTOR?   Source:...

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SWTOR Goes Free to Play November 15th!

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The time has finally arrived- time for SWTOR to go free to play. Tomorrow is the big day and those who have been waiting for the F2P options to return to the game or to check it out for the first time will not have to wait any longer. While we await the free to play model of the game, the developers have been busy ramping things up for the new update- 1.5. This isn’t just a game switch to free to play; they also have new content, new zones and missions and loads more story. So if you’re just now getting into the game, there’s no better time. To try SWTOR for yourself for free, just visit the official website: SWTOR.com They currently have free to play preview videos, news and updates, info about game update 1.5 and information about cartel coins and what is being awarded to those who had previous subscriptions. So even if you played the game before and quit, you can come back and claim your rewards and check out the game again. If you’re not sure if you want to try SWTOR, check out our piece on 6 Reasons You Should Try  SWTOR Free to Play. Here’s a review from someone who’s been playing for 10 months. And here’s some info from Damion Schubert about the new free to play option. If you browse our site, we have loads of guides, tips, info and other news about SWTOR to help you get started and we invite you to drop by our forums and talk all things Star Wars and SWTOR. We want this to be a place for players to jump in, participate and share information, opinions and ideas about the game so don’t be...

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