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SWTOR GUIDE – Marauder Annihilation and Sentinel Watchman (Patch 3.2.1)

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Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen This is the 3rd Guide for Sith Marauder Annihilation and Jedi Sentinel Watchman Disciplines I make in a never-ending struggle to always cover the latest changes with my favourite class. We all know Patch 3.2.1 can easily be called “The Broken Marauder and Sentinel”, but in every evil and sadness, there’s goodness and positivity! In this over 35 minutes long video I have shared everything I could think of. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be added or maybe even corrected in the future if test results show better approach. I have structured it in 3 major parts:  – Overview of the Changes to the Advanced Class in Game Update 3.2.1 – Gearing and Stat Priority, Skill Priorities (rotation is a bad word :P) – Personal Opinion, Analysis, Suggestions, Tips and Tricks It is the longest video guide I have ever produced. Even though some of the basics…

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SWTOR Basics – How to Install PTS and Copy Your Character


Installing PTS is usually a very simple tutorial, but it would take you hours. Depending on your internet connection and the BW servers’ condition, it will take you between a couple hours to many, many hours. The live game is ~25GB, the Game with PTS is ~52GB. If you have the game already installed, you can add PTS on top of it. At this moment it is not possible (possible, but not easy or recommended) to install PTS on a separate Drive or Partition. To install and access PTS, follow these steps (or check the video linked below): 1. Download the game client from swtor.com and install it 2. Log in to the client and install the Live game 3. From the button in the bottom left corner open the settings window and make PTS available 4. Wait for the client to download and install PTS 5. Every time when you open…

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Stat Scaling for 2.0- Are Your Stats Lower on the PTS?


If you’ve logged into the PTS recently, you probably have already seen that the scaling is different from what is live in the game. Stats are usually around 50-70% of the character sheet value in live. Everyone on the PTS was aware that BioWare would be changing the scaling formula but we didn’t know exactly what that would be. Now with 2.0, you can tell what these changes are going to look like. One user on the forum has taken the time to work from the old formula and try to build new co-efficients that will govern the stat scaling (yes, lots of math involved but it’s really interesting.) Here are some of his breakdowns:   Defensive Defense Rating – Now scales roughly 118% slower Shield Rating – Now scales roughly 50% slower Absorb Rating – Now scales roughly 127% slower Armor – Now scales 2.5% slower, but remains on a linear progression HP –…

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Relics of Gree New Updates


Patch 1.7.0b was deployed this morning. This small patch was to correct an issue with several Return of the Gree missions that would allow players to skip steps by accepting shared missions from groupmates (so no more shortcuts, peeps!) The hotfix also corrected the following Legacy issue: In order to prevent players from running into an unresolved issue with Legacy unlocks for Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship from Global Unlocks > Other > Convenience, the ability to purchase them has been temporarily disabled until we find a permanent solution. These unlocks will be enabled again in a future patch, and players are still able to purchase and use the Legacy Character Perk for Priority Transport: Personal Starship. While many were disappointed the downtime didn’t correct some other (possibly more serious) issues and bugs, at least the servers were back up and running without too much delay. Via: Patch Notes Stay…

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SWTOR Game Update 1.7 – Return of the Gree Coming Soon

return of the gree

BioWare has announced the next game update today- date to be determined and like other game updates, it comes with a new event, new quests and new items. GET READY TO HELP THE GREE – YOUR PROWESS WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED! The new game update 1.7 is called “Return of the Glee” and will allow you to play with other Level 50 players or journey alone to assist the Gree in their continual pursuit of information. Rewards will be available to those “brave enough” to help the Gree. We also noticed there is cartel option to up your reputation gains in the upper right corner. It also looks like they cap your rep gain per week so you can’t grind it all out quickly. From SWTOR news regarding the new game update: NEW RECURRING EVENT: RELICS OF THE GREE Explore Ilum’s contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the…

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SWTOR Game Update 1.4 is Coming!


The time is almost here. Everyone has been waiting and waiting for SWTOR game update 1.4. Now the time is nearly here. The servers are going to be down for around six hours but the good news is there will be something great coming after those hours have passed. This means 1.4 is finally coming and with such a big update, it’s going to take a few hours to get the content loaded and ready to go. And of course, expect that you will see some bugs and problems from the first day or so that the new content is up. But let’s see more than BioWare has to say about it and the downtime. BioWare has this update to offer tonight: Hello everyone, we wanted to let you know that we will be performing scheduled maintenance for six hours on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 from 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM…

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Quality of Life Improvements in Game Update 1.4


With Game Update 1.4 on the way, many people have questions about how the game will change. BioWare has released some more information about specific changes coming in 1.4, this time, talking about things that will improve the quality of life in the game. On top of the major features the staff does to give the fans a fun gaming experience, they also try to work in the smaller features that really make a player want to stay with the game. These small improvements can greatly improve the quality of life for the players, which of course, makes players want to stay with the game (and refer it to friends). Here’s some of what the SWTOR blog had to say about these quality of life improvements coming soon: On top of the major features that we work on and deliver to the fans, we also try to work in smaller…

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Select Guilds Allowed Transfer to PTS for 1.4


1.4 is coming soon to SWTOR and players are excited to see it for themselves. Some are so excited, that they are hoping to get into the public test servers to check it out for themselves. The only problem? It seems some guilds are getting in while others are left waiting and wondering.   A user on the forums asked, “Can BW please advise if anyone is getting character copies to the PTS?”   Joveth Gonzalez, Online Community Manager for SWTOR offers this as an answer: Before PTS went live, we were in contact with a few of the guilds that have helped us test content in the past to see if they would be willing to test out our new content. Because our resources for character copying are very limited, we decided that it was best for us to work closely with these guilds than not have any high-end…

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New Unique Looking Mount on PTS


If you’re on the SWTOR public test servers for Game Update 1.3, you might have already seen that there is a really cool new mount for Kurtob alliance. It is rumored to be from referring a friend and having them subscribe for a month but we can’t 100% confirm that yet.   Dulfy got a great screenshot of it for us.   A lot of players are saying they’d start their own second account if you can really get this cool mount from referring a friend. Of course there are always some who don’t like it or make fun – it’s not for everyone- but I think it’s pretty cool.   And I know all of those gamers who love to collect all of something in a game (pets, mounts, etc) are going to find this fun.   So here’s just one more fun thing we are seeing from the…

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Class changes and balance in Game Update 1.3


There will be some class changes and game balance updates coming to SWTOR in Game Update 1.3. While there are bound to be some unhappy campers, for the most part, this is a welcomed change for SWTOR players. Here is an explanation of these changes from SWTOR official blog: Hello everyone. My name is Austin Peckenpaugh, and I’m a Senior Designer on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. My job here is to create, maintain, and balance class gameplay in The Old Republic. As such, I’m here to shed some light on the upcoming changes to classes in Game Update 1.3 to give you all a sense of what’s to come and why it’s coming. Like with any major patch, Game Update 1.3 will bring with it an array of class updates. Before I go into detail on any specific changes, I wanted to use this opportunity to share our philosophy…

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