SWTOR Basics – Gearing for Leveling, Basic Comms Usage, Fleet Vendors

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SWTOR Basics guide for newer players. How to use the Basic Commendatinos, Gearing tips for leveling, Fleet Vendors location and contents, 12x vs Normal Leveling plus many more Tips and Tricks to help and guide you through your journey. Since this is a “Basics” video most of the things you will see and hear may be familiar to the veteran players. However, if you have a few minutes, stay around, watch and listen. You may discover a fact or trick you didn’t know or perhaps add to the information I shared. Some of the bullet-points covered in the video are: ♦ Location of the Basic Comms vendors on both fleets ♦ Vendor names and changes in Patch 3.2 ♦ How to best use basic comms for gearing with and without 12x ♦ Difference between orange shells and normal gear. How and what to use ♦ Crafted gear vs vewndor mods ♦ Leveling after Corelia A Special Note: I worked for quite some time on this. Not because it is the most special of my videos, but because I made a special...

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SWTOR Ziost Ending and the 2 New Boss Encounters

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Today after a little bit of a delay Bioware launched the 12x Epic XP Boost. A bit earlier the remaining Story content on Ziost became available for players to explore and complere. Players now have access to: ♦ A couple of new  Cinematic Cutscenes showing the end of the Patch 3.2 Ziost Story Arc and a daily area on the new planet with a few quests; ♦ New World Boss called Worldbreaker Monolith; ♦ New Operation Boss called Colossal Monolith with Story and Hard Modes available for both 8 and 16 players. In the videos below you will see the updates through the eyes of Vulkk (Sentinel, Republic Light Side).   Ziost Republic Story ENDING Apocalypse on Ziost. The Emperor Vitiate is determined to eraze every creature or plant standing on his way. This epic conclusion of the Ziost Story Arc builds up the tension and prepares us for the greatest danger the World has ever seen.   New Ziost World Boss New World Boss Worldbreaker Monolith , located in the new area of the new planet...

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SWTOR 12X Event 2015 – How to Best Use It (Tips and Suggestions)

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On May 4th 2015 the 12x Class Mission Experience Boost is returning to SWTOR. To fully and best benefit from it, you need to know a few simple and not so basic things. How to gear up your character – at which level to visit the vendors for upgrades, which classes fair better if you want a speed leveling or rather slow and careful playthrough. Who is best suited. How much is this event beneficial for new players and what are the possibilities of it being helpful or harmful to the personal experience with the game. Having gone through the first 12x XP Class Boost event in late 2014 helps a lot to prepare for the upcoming Summer Leveling Madness. Watch and hear what Vulkk has to share. Hopefully, you will find the ideas, suggestions and tips useful. If you have something more to add, don’t hesitate to leave a...

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So you hit level 50….now what? Gearing up at level 50 (Part 2)

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Guide was written by Fantine of the Alpha Strike Force SWToR Guild – Part One can be found here Rolling into Rakata The step above Columi is known as Rakata and when the game was released was the highest level of gear.  This level of gear requires a player earn the appropriate tokens.  It’s nearly identical to the Columi system above, however, you must take on a higher level of challenge to earn them. Rakata tokens are mostly earned from Operations.  The one exception to this rule of the chest token which is dropped from the final boss of the only Tier 2 hard mode flashpoint, Lost Island.  The link at the bottom shows the specific drops by boss, but in general you’ll need to complete hard mode tier one operations (Eternity Vault and Kagara’s Palace) and / or story mode tier two operations (Explosive Content and Terror from Beyond).  Rakata’s gear has a rating of 58.   Trooper in Black Hole Gear  Black Hole or Bust With the expansion into more...

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Relics of the Gree: World Event Guide

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If you’re excited about the Relics of Gree world event or still trying to work your way through the quests, you’re in luck because there are guides available to help you see it through to completion. I’m all about writing guides for SWTOR but for this world event, Dulfy beat me to the punch and there are no better guides than Dulfy’s. She spends so much time in the game and test servers that her guides are thorough and complete. So with that said, rather than type up my own Relics of Gree world event guide, I’m going to point you in the direction of hers. You can find it on her website: Dulfy.net Here is her navigation, complete with links to take you to each section of the guide to allow you to jump forward or backward as needed. Navigation How do I get there? Gaining Reputation Missions World Bosses Xenoanalyst II (separate page) Lore Objects/Codex entries Rewards Dulfy’s Relics of Gree world event guide is complete with charts, graphs, screenshots, calculations and thorough...

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