So you hit level 50….now what? Gearing up at level 50 (Part 2)

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Guide was written by Fantine of the Alpha Strike Force SWToR Guild – Part One can be found here Rolling into Rakata The step above Columi is known as Rakata and when the game was released was the highest level of gear.  This level of gear requires a player earn the appropriate tokens.  It’s nearly identical to the Columi system above, however, you must take on a higher level of challenge to earn them. Rakata tokens are mostly earned from Operations.  The one exception to this rule of the chest token which is dropped from the final boss of the only Tier 2 hard mode flashpoint, Lost Island.  The link at the bottom shows the specific drops by boss, but in general you’ll need to complete hard mode tier one operations (Eternity Vault and Kagara’s Palace) and / or story mode tier two operations (Explosive Content and Terror from Beyond).  Rakata’s gear has a rating of 58.   Trooper in Black Hole Gear  Black Hole or Bust With the expansion into more...

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Relics of the Gree: World Event Guide

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If you’re excited about the Relics of Gree world event or still trying to work your way through the quests, you’re in luck because there are guides available to help you see it through to completion. I’m all about writing guides for SWTOR but for this world event, Dulfy beat me to the punch and there are no better guides than Dulfy’s. She spends so much time in the game and test servers that her guides are thorough and complete. So with that said, rather than type up my own Relics of Gree world event guide, I’m going to point you in the direction of hers. You can find it on her website: Here is her navigation, complete with links to take you to each section of the guide to allow you to jump forward or backward as needed. Navigation How do I get there? Gaining Reputation Missions World Bosses Xenoanalyst II (separate page) Lore Objects/Codex entries Rewards Dulfy’s Relics of Gree world event guide is complete with charts, graphs, screenshots, calculations and thorough...

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Flashpoint Guide: The Streets of Cademimu

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Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic The Streets of Cademimu Flashpoint takes place in the city of Cademimu and it’s for level 29 players or higher. Some of the NPCs in the area are not aggressive so you can just bypass them but you’ll notice that a lot of them are fighting each other. For this reason, you’ll need to move fast and tag them first so you can get your XP points and the loot. You will go up against 3 bosses but to reach the first one, you’ll need to go down the elevator until you reach a green marker. When the elevator stops, the first thing you’ll see is a group of NPCs fighting. You’ll need to run into them to get the instance to update the objective. When you look on your map, you’ll notice that you now need to move farther north than where you were first located. For the new objective, you’ll need to go north and make your way past a police blockade. On your way there, you’ll encounter a bunch of mobs so be ready...

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Flashpoint Guide: Battle of Ilum

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Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic A Sith Lord has taken control over a very powerful Imperial Battle Station, moved it to the planet Ilum and declared himself the Emperor of a new, improved empire. He has attacked both the Imperial and Republic forces to claim the famous crystals found on this planet. He intends to use them to help wipe out the Republic and Empire from the galaxy. Your job is to infiltrate the base, find the Battle Station and put an end to his plan. The Battle of Ilum is open to both Factions as they join forces to stop this Sith Lord from taking over. Players need to be at least a level 50 to take part in this flashpoint and you’ll face 3 bosses and two mini-bosses. Mini-Boss: Gark the Indomitable Shortly after you begin the flashpoint, you’ll encounter the mini-boss Gark the Indomitable. He won’t be hard to kill but he will call in help from some adds called Grunts and they will go after the healer right...

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SWTOR Augment Slot Guide

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One thing that most Star Wars: The Old Republic players have in common is a desire to have the very best gear possible. Building up your character is part of the fun and there are several items available to help you reach your goal. You have the option of modifying gear by using Augments but before you can use them, your gear must have Augment Slots. This Augment Slot guide will show you how to acquire Augmentation Kits, so you can upgrade your character’s gear. Understanding Augments Augments increase the stats of your character to maximize your gear. You can get Augments by using the “slicing crew skill” or you can buy them at the Galactic Trade Network. The type of Augment you use will determine which stats are increased. Here are some examples: Defense – redoubt augments Aim – Reflex augments Strength – might augments Endurance – fortitude augments Other Augments are available, some of which can even increase more than one stat. When SWTOR was first...

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