BIoWare is doing voice recording for upcoming content

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Charles Boyd made an interesting tweet yesterday regarding voice recording for upcoming content swtor content. If you don’t know who Charles Boyd is, I can tell you he is credited as the lead writer for the trooper class on IMDB. We don’t know what the new content is yet, but it’s properly for the upcoming expansion, or maybe something coming down later down the pipeline. Another interesting thing about all this, is  Charles Boyd’s twitter description is ” Lead Writer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Trooper lover, and historical arms-and-armor nerd. All opinions expressed are my own! “ Personally I was not aware that had become lead writer, but apparently BioWare got a few for the game, since Hall Hood also uses this title. LA-bound to sit in on voice recording for upcoming #SWTOR releases. Always awesome to see such talented actors at work in the booth! — Charles Boyd (@Charles_Boyd) October 13, 2013 The question I wonder is, would the players...

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James Ohlen at Game Developers Conference 2013: TOR is one of the largest micro-transaction money-makers for EA

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Following our recent post about Bioware’s Creative Director James Ohlen and his speech on the Game Developer’s  Conference (GDC), additional details have emerged over at Massively. Bioware’s Creative Director James Ohlen  The site has posted a detailed account of Ohlen’s presentation at the event where the latter covered the challenges Bioware faced during launch, its conversion to Free to Play (F2P) and the concerns the Austin-based developer had about Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Panderia. He also went into details about what the studio went through when the game started losing subscribers and how they managed to turn it around with F2P. You can read more about Ohlen’s presentation at GDC...

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Making of Rise of the Hutt Cartel: Part 2

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With the big announcement  today that Rise of The Hutt Cartel digital expansion will be available on April 14, Bioware also released an interesting video providing more details on the expansion. Among other things, Bioware developers gave out additional information on the continuation of your personal story line as it relates to Karraga the Hutt and the new planet on the expansion called Makeb. The video also provides hints on villains we will face on the new planet and their impact on our game play.

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Stat Scaling for 2.0- Are Your Stats Lower on the PTS?

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If you’ve logged into the PTS recently, you probably have already seen that the scaling is different from what is live in the game. Stats are usually around 50-70% of the character sheet value in live. Everyone on the PTS was aware that BioWare would be changing the scaling formula but we didn’t know exactly what that would be. Now with 2.0, you can tell what these changes are going to look like. One user on the forum has taken the time to work from the old formula and try to build new co-efficients that will govern the stat scaling (yes, lots of math involved but it’s really interesting.) Here are some of his breakdowns:   Defensive Defense Rating - Now scales roughly 118% slower Shield Rating - Now scales roughly 50% slower Absorb Rating - Now scales roughly 127% slower Armor - Now scales 2.5% slower, but remains on a linear progression HP - Buffed significantly at level 55 (base health is 4000, vs 2500 at 50 on live) Offensive Crit % (from crit) - Now scales roughly 122%...

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Free Quick Travel to Your Ship Every Hour, Until They Patch It

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Whenever there is a game update, there is the chance that things will go wrong. Sometimes those little bugs work in our favor, even if only for a little while until they get patched. This happened with the most recent update nad you can now get a free quick travel to your ship every hour until it is patched. As Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez says in the forums: Hi everyone, With Game Update 1.7, we introduced the new Legacy Character Perk, Priority Transport: Personal Starship. This allows players to quickly shuttle to their personal starships. This ability normally has a 24 hr cooldown, and players have the option to purchase Legacy Global Unlocks to reduce this cooldown. Unfortunately, with Game Update 1.7, there is a bug which automatically unlocks the three levels of Legacy Global Unlocks for any players that is level 20 or above. This is not intended and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. What this means is that, for those of you who have unlocked the Personal...

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