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SWTOR Patch 4.1 Maintenance Delayed due to External Networks

BioWare are having trubles with SWTOR Patch 4.1. SO far the maintenance has been delayed due to external network issue. There is currently no ETA on when the servers will come online.   Maintenance: 9 February 2016 | 02.09.2016, 05:28 PM Hey folks, We are nearing my “best case scenario” of one hour. We are not ready to bring the servers live yet, but we are still looking good. We are continuing to push the update out across our live servers, where we will then test these changes again. Assuming at that point, that everything looks good, we will bring the servers online. I am being told that it is possible that all of this can be complete within an hour. So, another best case ETA of one hour from the time of this post, or 6:30 PM CT. Thanks everyone. -eric Maintenance: 9 February 2016 | 02.09.2016, 04:33 PM…

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Unlimited Free Trial and 1.3 Patch Info Released

SWTOR game update 1.3 is coming. Are you ready? The latest patch will hit the test servers very soon and lead designer Daniel Erickson and technical design director Emmanuel Lusinchi have some info for us to help us get prepared. The peeps over at ZAM have a really great article and interview that tells us many of the things we can look forward to such as unlimited free trial (for certain levels) and a new weekly world boss with missions coming in 1.3. Here’s more: Game Update 1.3 – Allies – introduces a strong blend of tools intended to make forming groups much easier, along with even more ways to customize how we play. Currently undergoing internal testing, the update should be available on the public test server soon and live later this summer.   Here are some things the update will have:   Game Update 1.3 includes a group…

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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 1.3 Patch Revealed

We finally have some more details about the next SWTOR game update. Patch 1.3 is coming this summer (soon) and we have a bit of information to get us started regarding what we can expect from the game. IGN has an interview with BioWare lead game designer Daniel Erickson that gives us some more detail about 1.3 and what it has coming with it. Here is a snippet of that interview: IGN: The recent Rakghoul Plague Outbreak was the first world event in The Old Republic. How did you expect players to react, and how did that compare with the actual reaction? What are your plans for future world events? Daniel Erickson: We were hoping for three things: to surprise the players, to create community interaction, and encourage open world PvP on the PvP servers. All three were far more successful than we had any right to hope for. The…

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