swtor patch notes

SWTOR : 5.3 Patch Notes

Here are the SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.3. Highlights Manaan Stronghold: Kick back and relax in your own personal Manaan Retreat, complete with expansive ocean views, underwater chambers, and sleek styling that can be furnished and decorated to suit your personal style! Operation Boss Battle: Aivela and Esne: Gather your most elite friends and allies to face these twin superweapons in the second encounter of the Gods from the Machine Operation! Customizable Companions – Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena: Your trusty allies can now take full advantage of the galaxy’s many fashionable items! General Visual improvements have been made to loot indicators on fallen enemies. The cooldown of Rocket Boots will now be triggered if it is selected when using the Random Mount ability. Improved Speeder Piloting 4 and 5 now works for all mounts. When creating a Cathar, the fur color 3 option will now be consistent regardless of what…

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