TOR TV: The Incredible Exploits of Captain Jirk!

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The Daring Captain Jirk has been asked to investigate a Sith cult on the planet Athiss. This is when the fun really begins… This is an amazing silent film made from a SWTOR Flashpoint. You know how we feel about fan fiction and other projects but this is a unique one for sure. You remember those cool old silent movies from back in the day? Well, there’s a good chance you don’t actually remember them. I know they were before my time even. Still I know what they are and I’ve seen a couple myself. You’ve probably seen them on TV or in a movie theater preview if you’re too young to remember when they were actually the popular thing. This fun little SWTOR film was done in silent movie style from a flashpoint and we think it’s a lot of fun. Check it out for...

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TOR TV: “Wrath” – Sith Warrior Trailer

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OSWguild brings us an excellent video: “Wrath” – Sith Warrior Trailer. It’s a really dynamic, exciting trailer that will get you excited to want to see the entire series. Old fans of SWTOR might even feel inspired to come back and play again after watching this. OSWGuild say they are in this to have fun, so they want to make videos that are fun. We think they’ve more than hit the mark with this masterpiece. They say it took them about 15 hours total to create the trailer. They have many more videos on their channel so be sure to check it out after you watch the one below. The Empire has always been plagued with the Sith’s inability to work together, but the problem has been exacerbated since the disappearance of the Emperor. Tamarra will have to tread carefully as she works her way up the Sith ranks; although, her journey may take a wild turn along the way… To keep up-to-date with all of the latest news from OSWguild: Check out their Website:...

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TOR TV: The Five Rules of Sentinel

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Ever party up with a noob Sentinel? How frustrating is it to do a run with someone who doesn’t seem to know what they are doing in the game or with their class? It happens to all of us. You can get mad or rage, or you can get a good laugh out of it. Everyone’s gotta learn somehow, right? We love this video from Outbreak Guild and have to pass it on to you.   The next time you have a bad sentinel in your group, consider sending them this video: The Five Rules of Sentinel   Rule 1: Always engage boss fights before the tank. Rule 2: If you die, remember to blame the healer. It’s always their fault.   We don’t want to ruin it for you so check out the video for yourself with the rest of the rules. But let me tell you, that 3, 4, and 5 are well worth the time. You’ll be playing sentinel like a true pro. This video was inspired by Araenos’s “The 10 Rules of Marauders” (…) As we know, you can often meet some real...

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TOR TV: Opening 24x Club Vertica Nightlife Packs

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SWTOR Club Vertica Nightlife Packs released live on July 1st. If you have not had the chance to open any yet, then you might want to get to it. And even if you have, you will probably find this video interesting. It’s the opening of 24 Club Vertica Nightlife Packs. You could get color customizations, weapons, mounts, armor sets and emotes/regen items as follows. Emote: Tihaar Dance Emote: Faint Emote: Out of Breath Regen: Cube Roll Title: Club Vertica High Roller Some items are much more rare than others so if you’re going for one particular thing, you might have to go through a lot of packs to get what you want. If you like testing the odds, or if you’re open to whatever may come out of them, then go ahead and get some packs for yourself. Let’s take a look at this fun vid to see how luck treats him at opening these packs. It’s been only 3 weeks since the last cartel pack was released (3 weeks!) but still, Bioware has another set of goodies for you. Will...

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TOR TV: Short and Simple: Draxus 16 man Nightmare

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Are you looking for a great guide to help you beat Draxus 16 man on Nightmare mode? Well, this is probably not it but it’s darned funny to watch anyway. In just 1 minute and 36 seconds, you will learn all you need to know … sort of. Actually, we think all guides should be done exactly like this. “Dread Fortress 16 man Nightmare, Gate Commander Draxus guide. Did you get all...

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