TOR TV: REVAN (History & Lore before SWTOR 3.0)

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Vulkk have uploaded an excellent video about on History, Lore & Facts about one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars Universe – REVAN. The video also includes Biographies of Theron & Lana prior to SWTOR 3.0. In this video he got Teo from Ootinicast to do the narrations. He did an outstanding job and I hope you will enjoy watching this vide as much as I did. Check it out: Hey, everyone! After hours of hard work, research and gathering somewhat (!) good pictures, I present you my History & Lore video about REVAN – one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. It deals mostly with the events in his life prior to SWTOR. For this episode I have asked Teo from Ootinicast to do the narrations. He did an outstanding job and I hope you will fully enjoy his readings. The last few mins are for the 2 new characters we will see again in 3.0 – Theron Shan and Lana Beniko. Please, if you enjoy the video, share it with friends. And leave me a...

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TOR TV: SWTOR FUN – Goofs & Spoofs

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From Divine Retribution, a Republic Guild, we have some SWTOR fun. This 8-minute video of goofs and spoofs reminds us all what it’s really all about- having a good time. It starts off with How Pros Tank EC HM and we get to experience the leader’s pep talk. Then we’ve got some Trooper DPS, DR style. On and on it goes- a compilation of clips that remind you of why the game is so much fun and why being part of a fun guild adds so much more to the game experience. Find out about the cute, the ugly and the dead and why “he went too far”. After you check out the video, we want you to share with us some of your favorite and fun memories from SWTOR. Leave us a comment tell us about it and if you happen to have a video, even better! “Collection of Fun moments, jokes, fails and trolls from our raiding events. A little laugh with SWTOR taste and style...

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Tor TV: The Legend Of The Tatooine West

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  So it’s less than a minute in length but it tells such a fabulous story. It is the Legend of the Tatooine West and here we have Zombie Kaiden. This is a great little short that we just had to share with you because we really appreciate this kind of stuff. User-generated videos and art are especially high on our list of favorites here. It really just shows how much the community cares about the game, the story and the experience. So remember, if you ever have something like this to share, let us know here or on Facebook.   SWTOR | The Legend Of The Tatooine West | Zombie...

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TOR TV: Opening 24x Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Packs

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The first in a series of Galactic Stronghold cartel packs have arrived… with more items AND they’re even cheaper than they used to be. With decorations now included in these packs, can Charlie find something worth keeping? We love these videos and articles where people open their packs for us and show us what they get. It’s a lot of fun getting caught up in the opening, hoping they will find something rare or at very least, some cool and useful stuff so the purchase is not unfounded. In addition to being fun to watch (although he’s slow), there is also a chance to win some packs for yourself so check it out and find out how. The verdict from this and prior experiences? Don’t open packs if you are looking for something specific unless you are planning to open 50+ of them. So we have the opening of 24 new Gatekeeper’s Stronghold packs. Check it out for yourself:   Video from KranitokoGames Thanks to Ian for helping make the intro. This was...

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TOR TV: SWTOR Warzone Commendation Decorations

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SWTORrista posted a bunch of youtube videos showing all the new Star Wars: The old Republic: Galactic Stronghold decorations obtainable from Warzone Commendation. So instead of the one video we normally posted in this segment, we have the pleasure of posting 9. All of them cost 200 Warzone Commendations, except for the Hypergate Ring which is 1,000. Decorations are shared along your whole legacy, so you can buy Imperial decorations on your imperial toon and see/use them with your Republic character on Coruscant! Just don’t let the senators see your Imperial banners from your giant bay windows… The guards are not intractable....

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