Tor TV: Spacedock: X-70B Phantom

X-70B Phantom

Spacedock looks at Star Wars: The Old Republic’s “X-70B Phantom” in this great video. This short (under 4 minute) video is going to give you a rundown of the X:70B Phantom. The starships of the Imperial Navy have a long and rich history. They come from centuries of military research and development and it definitely shows in the final product. The Empire designed its fleet to be able to destroy the Republic as quickly as possible. However, as many things will, the design strategies changed over the years, especially after the Great War. Imperial engineers played on what worked from the past, along with the new technologies and lessons learned, to create beautiful new starships. This new generation also brought us the X-70B Phantom. This was a beautiful, stealthy, high-tech, low profile starship. It could get in and get out, get the job done without any unnecessary hassle. It has…

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TOR TV: Wrath Remembers Darth Marr – Tribute

Darth Marr tribute

In memory of Marr . May your Empire rise again … Here is a lovely tribute to Darth Marr from DuduFilm. If you have not seen it yet, it’s just over 2 minutes long and it’s well worth the watch. He has a history of making great films like this and this short packs a big emotional punch, especially if you were a fan of Darth Marr. See for yourself: What do you think? As others have said before, Darth Marr seemed to be what the Empire really needed. He was one of the most respected Sith. A great warrior and leader, a master and a council member. He had conviction.  Many would call him the one true Emperor. It’s definitely safe to say he made his mark on the story and he has many fans. This was a most fitting tribute and it’s very well done, as all of DuDu’s…

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TOR TV: The Imperial Army 47th I.E.F. Recruitment Video

The Imperial Army 47th I.E.F. Recruitment Video

I just love when players get creative with videos surrounding the game. I also love it when players get creative with their recruiting techniques. I think one reason for this is that I have been in charge of recruiting in many games and communities in which I played a serious role. In my WoW guild, I handled recruiting, as well as when my WoW guild moved to SWTOR. I also handled recruiting in a ranked/leadership position for a TF2 community I was part of for some time. I know all about the unique challenges that can come with recruiting. I know how hard it is when you want to encourage recruiting without spam, how hard it is to find the right people suited to your community or guild, how challenging it can be to find new, creative ways of advertising that you are accepting members and showing the benefits of…

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The Academy: How to Make Your Character Look Cool in SWTOR


There are many reasons to love MMORPGs and SWTOR has all of these features packed into one great Star Wars themed game. Of these, character customization is an important one. Sure, there are many other important elements, such as those that affect gameplay, but when it comes down to it, looking cool is important to many players. When you’re rolling characters in a role playing game, there is usually a part of you that wants to get into the character you’re playing. You want your character to reflect parts of your personality or of the personality you are role playing. Now if you want to learn how to make your character in SWTOR look cool, this great video from SWTORista’s Academy series will help you. In the video they explain the outfit designer, which is a pretty cool feature. I remember when WoW first got a feature like this. It…

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TOR TV: Knights of the Fallen Empire Fan Trailer

Fallen Empire

Here’s another entry for the Build Your Alliance contest by BioWare and Nvidia that we really love. This is a fan trailer for Knights of the Fallen Empire and is just a little over 2 minutes long. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve embedded it below and it’s well worth the time. The attention to detail, the story element, all of the fine details are present in this one. It has the immersion element that gamers love and makes you feel like you want to jump in and start playing like NOW. It appeals to Star Wars fans who love being the hero and it pulls you in with your emotions as well as the intrigue. I’ve been looking at tons of these since the contest began but this one definitely stands out among the majority. It’s very well done, nearly professional-level quality. “A recreation of the Force Awakens…

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TOR TV: SWTOR: Knights of a Fallen Empire – Rise Fan Made Trailer

Knights of the Fallen Empire Face Your Destiny Launch Trailer

Here’s another fan film that was made for the #BuildYourAllianceContest and we think this is pretty good too. The music choice has a very classic Star Wars feel to it and builds that drama and momentum with the increase tempo of the music. When paired with the dramatic imagery, it’s a fantastic 2-minute trailer. If I had never seen SWTOR or KotFE before, I would want to play it after seeing this. I think that definitely means it did it’s job, right? With so many entries into this contest, I can bet it will be very difficult for them to choose a winner. In the meantime, we have some great shot films to check out. Also, if you have a friend you’ve been trying to get into SWTOR or the new expansion, some of these trailers might be just the way to go ahead and win them over to your…

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TOR TV: The World We Wrote – A Cinematic Tribute to Star Wars Galaxies

The World We Wrote A Cinematic Tribute to Star Wars Galaxies [Globus]

The World We Wrote: A Cinematic Tribute to Star Wars Galaxies [Globus] We love fan films. I loved SWG and since it was shut down in December of 2011, I have enjoyed seeing the various ways that other fans pay tribute to our beloved game. If you have not seen this video tribute to the game from Third Age Films, it’s really worth it. I feel a bit of nostalgia every time I go back and re-watch it. If you played SWG at all, you’re probably going to get some of the same warm and fuzzies when you watch this short film. It’s just over 5 minutes long so don’t feel like you have to give up a big portion of your evening to watch it. It’s hands-down one of the best SWG tribute videos ever. Check it out here: The MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, launched in 2003, was shut…

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TOR TV: I Roam – SWTOR Smuggler film


I Roam – SWTOR Smuggler film #BuildYourAllianceContest #ShareEveryWin KOTFE Did you enter the Build Your Alliance Contest from BioWare and Nvidia we told you about earlier this month? There’s still a little bit of time left and we have really enjoyed seeing all the great entries from fans. Here’s a little video that was made for the contest and in the spirit of #BuildYourAlliance. It’s a “Smuggler film” and plays very much like a cutscene/opening scene for a particular class or character. It’s just under 2 minutes long so it’s a very quick view if you haven’t seen it yet. Here we share with you “I Roam” from Crafted Crows. “With 6 days before the contest ends I decide to participate and I thought I would do something different than what other people did. For some reason Swtor has all those great cutscenes and I was inspired so I whipped out…

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TOR TV: Fett’s Vette (Original) featuring Mc Chris

Fett's Vette (Original) featuring Mc Chris

Hello Star Wars Galaxies fans. When it comes to great Star Wars games, you cannot get past how awesome SWG was. As excited as we were to see SWTOR nearing launch, it came with the bittersweet news that SWG was going to close up shop. Thanks to the fans who love it enough to want to keep it alive, the game is not only still alive, but experiencing a new height of popularity with certain crowds. This makes us really happy! So with that, we want to bring you a little oldie but goodie from the YouTube vault. If you somehow missed this from the earlier SWG days, check out Fett’s Vette. This is a classic! What does a bounty hunter like Boba Fett need to keep taking those jobs for? Well, to finance his vette, of course! Here it is! Fett’s Vette music video. Song by mc chris…

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TOR TV: SWTOR: Love & Lust – Imperial one-nighters

SWTOR Love & Lust - Imperial one-nighters

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Oh yeah, he went there. One big appeal to SWTOR is the story. You’ve heard it time and time again, you’ve probably said it yourself, we’ve said it here on the site. When a game has a good story, it has immersion. We you can lose yourself in the characters, in the plot and even in the passion, you have the makings of a very good game. One thing Bioware does well is story and one thing they’ve never been afraid of is adding love and sex to their games, when relevant. SWTOR is no exception. So here is a video that gives us a compilation of romance scenes throughout SWTOR. You’ll notice they really do love their “private time” here. You might recognize some of these scenes yourself. Maybe others are new. It’s an hour long so it’s not a…

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